Jordan Chariton Fired

So Jordan Chariton from TYT was recently accused of sexual assault. And then very closely after fired.

Reddit link of a video of Tim Black talking to the accuser. I'd direct link it but a few of the comments offer a pretty good synopsis of the video which might be preferable than listening to it for an hour.

Jordan's response on medium

Didn't see a thread in the catalogue. Maybe that's just mods being faggots as usual though. From how I've read the situation it seems that the "sexual assault" allegation is one of those fucked and regretted it type deals but apparently that's enough to end a career.

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sorry I forgot that we must self obsess over whatever Holla Forums is up to as evidenced by the thread analyzing the "soy boy" phenomena.
Personally I thought it was unfortunate that the climate is such that even the most ridiculous of accusations can ruin a career. Especially of someone I respect for his work with reporting on the flint story.

Chariton and Dore are literally the only salvageable things about TYT. I would say hopefully this shows normies that TYT is a first a capitalist company and second a 'progressive' network and they leave TYT in search for more honest and more left wing youtubers, but that's being too optimist.

I wish luck to Chariton. His reporting on the native american protests and the election cycle were greatly appreciated.

So, is any site keeping track of all the people getting outed as sex offenders? Or at the very least the male ally ones? I distinctly recall that back at the start of that Mewtwo thing, Anthony fucking Burch skedaddled from Twitter.
apparently he's going to sue TYT and The Intercept

Don't get black out drunk with coworkers and then climb into bed naked with them. It makes Christchan sad.

It's crazy that all this shit is happening. Not to discount legit cases of assault, but this seems to share some characteristics with a moral panic/witch hunt.

What about Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk? Even though he's on a pointless quest to take over the Democrats he's a close tie with Dore for me.

JC was really the only person TYT had that was doing actual journalism. The rest of them just yap about whatever stories are trending.

This #metoo horseshit has long since jumped the shark. It's now just a moral panic and a witch hunt. Fuck TYT for fanning the flames of that crap every day now, and fuck them for firing their only actual source of original journalism.

Jimmy Dore should finally leave TYT join with Jordan to start their own thing. Let TYT spend all day whining about Russia and "sexual misconduct" paranoia. They're hopeless at this point.

This wouldn't have happened if they weren't shit-eating sexhavers.

Every person involved, minus the accuser, has said it was consensual.

That's not how consent works.

The biggest scumbag here honestly seems like the other girl.

Cenk's statement on this actually provides a solid justification. Jordan's accuser is not just a co-worker; Jordan was her boss and also owns the media company she worked for. Even Jordan's own account, inviting her over for drinks in a hot tub and propositioning her afterwards, paints him as petite bourgeois sex pest.

Everybody and their dogs are being accused of sexual assault now.

Why can't these guys just get married and settle down?

On the main TYT Show, Cenk said that Jordan illegally funneled money from his TYT gig to his group, Truth Againt The Machine, and used that to bring women both to his hotel room, pay for that hotel room, and hire women into his group for the purpose of sexual relations.
Cenk also pointed out Jordan claimed TATM was for transparency, but failed to be transparent with his own group, and on his Medium post, lied about TYT not actually investigating him.

Is he going to provide evidence because those are serious allegations.
statement by Cenk. Seems bullshit to me lol
pretty good writeup

Unlike usual accusations this one has a third party (another woman) who was involved in the sex and also has said it was consensual for all parties.

guy who wrote the original article accusing Jordan of rape

what was she thinking

there was 2 men and 2 women in that room. Three of them said it was consensual. Remember that these were all leftist journalists who would presumably give more of a shit about consent and not just do rape parties together. What more do you fucking need to prove consent???

I'm so fucking jealous he was banging this 11/10 every day

That's still not how consent works.

how does it work then because I dont know how a girl who agrees to a fucking orgy can take it back and call it rape.

what do more do you need, video evidence of her happily bobbing up and down on cocks?
even then she'd find some way of saying "oh but I changed my mind just a minute later and the cock was still in my vagina so it was rape" because that's apparently how consent works now

Holy shit, they aren't saying that three consented and one didn't, they are saying three say that ALL parties consented, and only one seems to believe this wasn't the case. What are you going to do, arrest them because one says it wasn't the case?

Lets hold up for a moment

There was a second female confirming that she gave consent

there are also supposed facebook conversations where she seems positive about the orgy and plans on future meet ups with Jordan. Honestly I don't mind TYT firing him for being a sex pervert. I do mind that they do it in a way to imply that he is a rapist and now because of this retarded fucking crab culture of looking for any possible way to tear people down he is probably without a job.

I don't mind that tyt doesn't want to deal with this drama but fuck em for painting it as an assault

Cenk's statement is pure bullshit and ass covering. The accuser was not a paid employee. Just someone who voluntarily worked on the project Jordan runs.

And even if she was an employee, she's not an employee of TYT or Cenk. Am i really supposed to believe that Cenk would have fired someone like Jordan because he had consensual sex with an employee at a different company that - even according to Cenk - has nothing to do with TYT? Please.

Cenk doesn't say he "illegally funnelled" anything or showed how. He makes some vague claim that he used TYT money in some way related to TATM. This could be as little as paying for a hotel room while he's there doing TYT work and inviting TATM people to come to the room for drinks. This again is pure bullshit and deflection.

Cenk fired him over a bogus sex accusation because he wants to cover TYT's ass and not cause any problems for their effort to push the sex assault frenzy in their vids every day. They spend part of every day now moralizing over sex accusations and how everyone should be fired or disappear whenever they're accused of anything involving sex. Having an employee accused complicates their ability to do that.

He's throwing Jordan under the bus because of the sex assault accusation. No other reason. That looks like a pretty shitty thing to do to a valuable employee that's contributed so much to the show for so long, so Cenk is lying to cover his ass.

Unfortunately for Cenk, I doubt Jordan will be the last TYT personality accused of some kind of sex misconduct. Now that everyone sees blood in the water and knows how to take down TYT people whenever they want, there will be more. Possibly even Cenk himself at some point.

Kuklinski, Dore, and Chariton were the only good things to ever come out of TYT. They should leave that shithole.

Kill me now.

Can't wait to see Jimmy Dore turn on a friend.

Jordan was every bit as based and principled as Jimmy. I wish it was Cenk going down the drain instead.

Do you think corporations ever hire guns to do shit like this intentionally to discredit their critics? I know General Motors once tapped Ralph Nader's phone to look for dirt and hired prostitutes to try and seduce him.

Honestly what is with liberals and sexual hedonism?

She was working for free because she was promised a paid position when the company raised enough money in donations. That's not any better, and it's a scummy practice on its own.

I don't pretend to know Cenk's true motives. His decision happens to align with the interests of the other TYT workers, and that's all that matters.

Not possible.

Ah yes, the ever fuzzy and ever moving boundaries of "consent", where New Rules are made on the fly, and multiply by the day. Everyone's an adult, everyone says yes, but there's a "power imbalance" so it's not "consent".

None of this matters anyway, because Cenk is lying to cover his ass and we're being misdirected into arguing over something irrelevant.

I wouldn't go as far as the other guy, but having sex with an employee can be viewed as an abuse of power. Especially if there was some expectation of paid work thereafter. Or it could have been totally consensual - who knows. I hate tyt but I don't really care for Jordan either. Who cares?

I agree but I don't think that should be automatically applied to every case. There's room for nuance here.
He's done some great work reporting on Standing Rock and other issues, Jordan's basically the only actual journalists at TYT.

Do we have confirmation that 3/4 of the others all say all parties consented? Is there a response to this, and what is it? How do the accusers account for this?

the problem is that you can never REALLY know (until musk and zuckerberg team up and invent a thought scanner) and that's why avoiding fucking your employees should be a rule
especially when it's an unpaid employee that is working for you on a promise you're gonna get her a paying position later
if there was a textbook on this shit, this would be a textbook situation in which you don't try to fuck her

You scoff, but absolutely. If there's one thing we all learned over the past month, it's that we need to do more to support and believe women that come forward with these accusations because of how ingrained all of this is in our culture. Something has to be done to deter it.

Porky shouldn't be allowed to pressure employees into sex.


What evidence?


Yeah dude let's side with porky. What's the worst that could happen?

He forgot to get the consent of the most important party.


lmao yeah its extremely funny with Nader, he was such a fucking volcel that he was immune to all that shit

obviously it has happened, and happens a lot in all sorts of contexts

however in this case you'd need pretty good money to push someone into doing this publically, I doubt it has happened here

However Jordan has made lots of enemies, digging up dirt about water crises all across America, doing stuff about the DaPl, being confrontative against the Hilary Clinton machine, there would be theoretical motive in this case

One should never underestimate how low the bourgeois oligarchy can sink to protect their status or just to be petty assholes

Liberals are so fucking gross.

He didnt. Jordan was on the bed sleeping when the accuser and another women came in kissing.

She didn't think it was "rape" until the husband she cucked with Jordan later convinced her that was what happened lmao


you can

journalism is literally nothing

What a shock.

wait okay so from this thread I've come to understand that

a) the act in question was a threesome and the third party is saying they were all very much into it

b) the accusation was only made after her husband learned he was cheated on

any sources for these?

Foursome. All the sources have been posted in the thread.

Why do incels and feminists get so mad when people have sex?


Incels and feminists should really pair off, they were practically made for each other.

Just cause someone “powerful” was accused of something doesn’t make it true. From what u can tell the guy wasnt a capitalist he was just a journalist. Their bosses would pay them in feces if it was legal



Women are so fucking disgusting.

All this proves is that being a degenerate chad who sleeps around rightly does not pay off. I say good riddance. Let the normie chads learn that its either banging a Stacy every night and getting fired from their corporate jobs years later because the womyn has a hateboner and accuses you of rape, or you date someone and be very careful to make sure they're not going to spite you and steal your money, kids, and get you fired by claiming you did things to them.

Jacking off to dank anime porn is highly underrated tbqh. Would save a lot of careers and would be almost as enjoyable as real sex.

You know, i think sooner or later there will be a backlash to this sex assault accusation stuff. People will get numb to it at some point and will stop caring when someone cries raep (wolf) in the media.

Also, i think it's only a matter of time before someone accuses Cenk and others at TYT. And I will have a smile a mile wide when they do, because they've been fanning the flames of this stuff so much and have so painted themselves into a corner that they would be unable to do anything in response but implode.

go forth and multiply is one of god's commandments, christchan

THIS. Jordan is a sleezeball but he isn't a rapist. This foolish young woman cheated on her husband, went with jodran to new york and fucked him two more times, then retroactively decided it was 'rape' once her husband found out.

TLDR: two bit whore cheats on husband and refuses to take any responsibility.

I don't even think it makes him a sleezeball. She wanted to fuck him and he fucked her a couple times. Then she got mad at him because he didn't want to be her bf, and then her husband found out she cheated. So she retroactively turned her cheating into an "assault" and herself into a "victim" so she could harm Jordan and evade responsibility for her choice to cheat on her husband.

Unless you're some puritan nimrod who's paranoid about sex, the only sleezeball here is her.

Ans this is based on his account of the story?

She has an hour long interview linked in the op where you can draw your own conclusions. If that is too much work to watch then please do not comment here

I honestly don't give a fuck if he was a rapist or not, I agreed with basically every political position he held and thought he was a great journalist. It's the same shit with Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, I don't care if they're a rapist, I only care if their movies are good. I really hope Chariton starts his own Youtube channel or something, he was the only guy at TYT that I ever watched.


I don't watch Tim Black videos as a principle.

Not to derail this thread, but those of us who've been redpilled about American age of consent hysteria have been saying this shit for years. Why is it only now that so many media figures are going down for fake sexual assault claims that Americans are finally starting to listen to us? Why can't we ever just solve problems before they happen? Why are there so many people so eager to slander others?

Jordon is literally a prole
Was Marx porky because he was journalist?

Does Chariton have any good Youtube videos right now? I used to be subbed to TYTPolitics just for his videos, but since he got fired I unsubbed from the channel.

This should be a pretty basic boundary for any lefty.

That "power imbalance" (between a capitalist and their workers) is the basis of Marxist theory.

He's petite bourgeois. He owns the media company he works for (Truth Against the Machine) and employs several others. Most of their money seems to come from donations, and most of the actual workers seem to have been tricked into working for free with the promise of a paid position once donations are high enough.


Tell that to my professor.

If a man can't pressure his young female employees into sex then what kind of world do we live in?

maybe I should be glad for my natural apathy since this is so fucking retarded I would honestly cry at how little hope there is for things to get better
I don't get it. If you get accused of rape you are supposed to not offer any defense?

If you have employees you are porky.
Pic unrelated.

listen and believe user. Anything less is literally rape culture.

Isn't Michael Tracey at TYT now?

so people at charities are porkies? People working freelance for the local zine are porkies? I read some marx before but I guess I didn't get an updated version

Yeah pretty much. If you hold those positions you have enough disposable income that you are either young and supported by porky parents, or are well off yourself and just do freelance work for fun. Just because someone is nice, or does 'good' acts of charity doesn't mean they aren't porkies.

Do you think all the women who helped Weinstein get laid should serve just as much jail time as him. He’s couldn’t have done it without him, I think they should.
Do you think women that offer sex to men for anything in exchange should be considered rapists too, even if the man consented? Let’s say the man is ugly or struggles to get laid for some reason. Wouldn’t that be a power imbalance that the woman is being used against the man since she’s using the mans sex drive against himself. I personally think it should be considered rape since it’s manipulating someone’s sexuality to get get something out of them, and that’s not possible without a power imbalance.

I hate to make such sweeping generalizations like this but this seems to be the pattern at least for the cases social media is interested in.

Charities are porky as fuck tbh.

see I was under the impression we were referring to the MoP but I guess it's some nebulous LOL MONEY BAD type of deal so w/e

He was one of TYT's "good ones" too.

I personally think this sexual assault shit is overblown and nutty. Like, they come out with more and more, and I can't be bothered to give a shit because you literally have no idea if it is true or not. And people will call you a rapist for even daring doubt the media. Like, wtf is up lately damn