New videogame thread because nuke

New videogame thread because nuke

Currently playing everlasting summer
a fun storydriven adventure with a lot of references to soviet union
date a schoolgirl simulation with russian characteristics
Who ever makes these lists, delete this game from the next version

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Playing Mount and Blade: Warband makes me hopeful we can actually have a good society/economics simulation experience. This game is basically a bunch of wars that happen because its a video game and its fun. It would take =MASSIVE= work into it, but i belive that it would be worth. Imagine having little societies take mold due to their material and ideological conditions that surround them/are invented by them. Then you, the player, do the M&B thing

Appreciate you reposting my OC, however you'll note that I rated Everlasting Summer a 4/10 for themes (below average), because there is some pro USSR stuff in there but as you say it's mostly just a generic dating sim. I want to make an exhaustive list not just the best games, since then it's kind of an archiving resource. Being on the list alone doesn't constitute a reccomendation, for example I think Republic: The Revolution is dogshit but it's on there with a low score for information purposes.

Sounds pretty dank, though it might be a little weird to have communism in a feudal setting.

PS I'm banned for the next few days due to shit modding of a totally innocuous post so they've made my decision on whether to move to leftpol for me. Appreciate it.

Truly the terrorists have won.

Honestly tho, has it occured to you that there's another cuck mod dealing unfair bans to further drive people away? I got a 7 day ban for bragging about being right about the D&C and posted a pic of anti-fascist juggalo, and the reason for the ban was "disrespecting the dark carnival".


Stay there bitch

Been playing Wargame Red Dragon these past few days, great fucking game

It's not Marxist but Half-Life 2 has you fighting against a fascist police state alongside underground resistance fighters.
I mentioned this in the previous thread but Beyond Good and Evil is like that too.

So I seen none has talked about Tyranny yet. I think it can be a great addition to the list (and maybe a potential candidate for a Marxist Media video)
It is set in a fantasy bronze age world, where the secret of iron are a valuable asset of the overlord controlling the world. You play as a lackey of the tyrant's secret police. No pretense of moralism or forced liberal ideology. You are the cop protecting the overlord possessions. You are tasked with the pacification of a recently conquered region, stomping down rebels and investigating potential rebellious tendencies within the overlord's armies.

As a game it is very structurally similar to its big brother Pillars of Eternity, thought contrary to this one it is much shorter (15-20 hours top for a run), with however a lot of divergence in the storyline (you can side with the army, the rebels, go solo, etc.). Its worldbuilding is also a lot more focused and clean, without the massive lore dumps Pillars required. Its characters as well are a lot deeper and meaningful (i cannot honestly recall a single PoE companion, but i distinctly remember all Tyranny ones as well as the main antagonists). It does however suffer some of the same problems, mainly the awkward combat.

Ok that's enough of a WoT. Just give it a chance, it was the first RPG I enjoyed playing for quite a while.

Shadowrun Dragonfall ironically enough has dragons as immortal bourgs who divided world into corporate spheres of influence

also main antagonist was woke as fuck and was ready to sacrifice Berlin to get rid of the dragons
the sheer apathy he displays when you ruin it all
now nothing could stop them, you doomed humanity to the role of the pawns
good job

The Stanley Parable has a kind of cog in the machine asserting your radical freedom kind of feel to it

More like a "no matter what you choose you can't escape the predefined paths the devs laid out for you because obviously they control every aspect of their creation" kind of feel

I tried playing SimIsle again and it has not aged well. Clunky interface and I don't get what Maxis was thinking with the agent system where you interacted with the island through managers working for you, as it is just keeping track of who has the skill to do what.
Getting unskilled labour by training villages how to farm is not a realistic way of how modernity enters undeveloped lands, realistically they should just be absorbed into the labour market as you encroach on them. Also unlike Tropico the locals are just a resource in SimIsle, they can't do anything to you as if you are some imperial governor yet I don't think Maxis was going for that implication.

Maybe stop disrespecting the dark carnival in future then, my ninja.

Does anyone find that the biggest problem with Stellaris is that it is so damn slow?
I love the massive galaxy wide scale of it but I get board of the early game. I have the same problem with Civ 5 but with Civ 5 you can start later in the game.

The early game is more fun than the late game when there's literally nothing to do besides mash two space empires together to see which has more production cap.

I bought three things today for under 2.75 bucks because I'm a nerd and because this is the only time I could actually afford any of this

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse but now that the plot of Half Life 3 was released we can officially quit hoping they'll release another installment, right?

Yeah I didn't buy them for the hopes of Half Life 3. This was more-so a buy for Gmod textures AND because I never felt the meaning behind why people are so passionate about these games

Mostly from the atmosphere, they're okay shooters, but the music and the look of the hellworld, especially in Half-Life 2, is really really nice, at least to me.
t. played Half Life 2 for the first time in 2013

Well good to know. :3

got into danganronpa like a month ago but completed the first 2 games in 2 weeks (and they have a pretty long playtime)
I'm probably addicted
while I enjoy the games, I don't think there's a leftist message to find in it

my nigger

Playin New Vegas right now. Sided with the Powder Gangers against the NCR's forced labor regime. Their troops are spooked as hell with this democracy shit. Hopefully i can lead a 1917 French Army style mutiny with the troops on the front line and get them to defect to the Vegas commune.

my shwag from the sale just now

£11.50 not too bad

played all but omikron before but would be interested to do so again without torrent instability (especially urban empire, that torrent was abysmal and broke the whole commercial sector of the game essentially so my city was just residential and industrial)

It's a "seinfeld's not funny" sort of thing, especially half-life 1. You have to figure that it came out only 5 years after doom, and 2 years after quake, yet feels vastly more like a modern experience then either of those games or its contemporaries. But on the other hand, quake and doom now feel like their own unique fresh thing in retrospective, while half-life just feels like a sub-par modern game since everything that has come since then has improved on the formula it introduced.

Half life 2 also innovated in certain aspects that were then immediately copied and worn to death so that they're no longer special either, although it wasn't nearly such a radical leap as 1 was. The biggest innovation of HL2 was the source engine it came on, which, besides being very impressive in its own right, led to a MASSIVE amount of creativity and modding. But now it's seriously out of date and not impressive at all anymore.

I triggered Holla Forums on cuckchan originally with all this, but I don't really think the "plot reveal" makes sense when compared to the plot throughout the other Half-Life games. It's just so absurdly out of line in relation to them, based on the information given in all of the games. If you pay enough attention to the game, you can basically just BTFO the "plot reveal" with shit you're told.

In HL2, you blow up the citadel. It's revealed in EP2 that these are portal storms much like there had been during HL1, but caused by the citadels destruction rather than a Resonance Cascade, and that a portal is being re-opened to let the Combine back through, but while it's closed the Combine have no reinforcements – hence why they're trying to re-open it. In HL2 it's told they only have traditional means of transportation once they tunneled through to a universe, such as helicopters or APC's or whatever and are basically in the same boat as humanity.

When you launch the rocket into the portal in EP2, it knocks the re-connection out for the time being so as to restrict them from coming back fast, and buying the resistance more time to get them blocked out from teleportation to Earth anymore completely. Mossman finds data related to what could restrict the Combine, by finding part of the Combines portal code. It's sent as an encrypted video, and is collected by Gordon and Alyx after they find it after it was intercepted by the Combine to avoid it falling into rebel hands.

In the "plot reveal" it talks about how the Combine would somehow just come back anyways, even though the actual game gives reasons why they wouldn't if the resistances objectives were reached, and how they'd do it. The lore in EP2 and EP1 give you all that. In the plot reveal it implies the Combine can just come right back, but the point throughout the whole of the games is that they can only come through universal teleportation, and don't have spaceships or anything of that variety in their possession, and so if they can receive the data necessary they should be able to restrict the Combine from re-opening portals to Earth.

Mossman says in Eli's lab: “We're closing in on a reliable local teleport technology, something the Combine still hasn't mastered. Eli thinks their portals are string-based, similar to our Calabi-Yau model, but they've failed to factor in Dark Energy equations. They can tunnel through from their universe, but once they're here they're dependent on local transportation… We've figured out how to use Xen as an unexpressed axis, effectively a dimensional slingshot, so we can swing around the borderworld and come back in local space without having to pass through.”

The fact they can't teleport locally and can't travel through space completely knocks out the possibility of a Dyson sphere, which is mentioned in the plot reveal. The Combine can only teleport universe to universe, and lack the ability to teleport locally and in space. The Combine want the Borealis to try and re-connect with their overworld for reinforcements, and to have large-scale short-range teleportation.

In Half-Life 1, the portal storm leads the Nihilanth's race and the vortigaunts to attempt to invade Earth to flee the Combine. The vortigaunts originally fled to the Xen to escape the combine, and ended up being followed. The portal storms allowed the combine to slip into Earth as well however, as the vortigaunts and the other species attempted to leave the Xen to avoid the Combine.

Eli in EP2 says, “I can hardly believe it. It's the Combine. They're trying to open another gateway" and "this will definitely send a clear message to the Combine. We're not free of them yet… but if we can acquire a signature from the data you brought back, we might be able to shut them out for good.”

The "plot reveal" just makes very little sense at all, when put up next to the rest of the series lore. If the "plot reveal" actually matches up to what it was intended to be, I really do hope it never gets released that way because it's trash and is full of holes.

It was EP3 not HL3.

Follows of the Apocalypse are /ourguys/

Endwar was a pretty shitty game. One of the few I sold back.

Totally wrong. No one has done what HL1 did except in particular aspects like FEAR or STALKER. I've not played anything like it except maybe in mods.

I will admit there are a lot of games that do what HL2 did though. But still not with its level of execution.

I don't know why this disappeared. It looked tight af.

I'm sure you can still get a DL, it's like the most popular mod, try asking on the Paradox subreddit maybe?

With HOI4, the only modern day mod is made by a liberal sjw and a fascist (who for some reason are collaborating) . Maybe we should make an alternative modern day mod.

Tell me Holla Forums, is she, dare I say it, /ourgal/?

That's an edit IIRC.

Its real, it think its on the fourth chapter.

Is Reccetear a subtle breadpill?

It's actually real. You find it in one of the Time Rifts in Chapter 3.

Dwarf fortress adventure mode if you aren't a pussy.

I recently played about 3 hours of Red Faction and man, I was just disappointed as fuck. The gameplay isn't bad, just not good compared to modern FPSes, but the real shitter was the story. I was expecting some great cinematic rebellion like HF2, and instead it's just me alone, fighting endless guards, while some voice gives me endless instructions.

Are there any other games that have that similar cinematic revolution feeling like HF2?

Can you buy a good guy in Tyranny or can you just be different flavors of gendarme?

What are yall favorite lefty steam games?

You can twist the law enough to "support" the rebels. Essentially turning all the remaining rebel factions in your personal army. That's the best you can do really. Don't feel bad though, there aren't a lot of good people you will regret killing.

You could try red faction guerilla. It's been awhile since I played it but I remember it giving more of a proper revolutionary feel then the original. Still not a great story or anything, but you're actually radicalizing the people instead of going on a rambo rampage (although you radicalize the people mainly by going on a rambo rampage).

What genre are you interested in?

I know it's kind of a mess and a babby tier RTS but I like the setting and the voice command gimmick works and is fun. I like playing as Europe and kicking the asses of the US and Russia to establish a new world order.

Yeah idk I may have overrated it, there is a lot left to the imagination. It would be great if it were more like that one Revolution game where you save the US from commies.

What games do y'all play that aren't necessarily /leftygames/? I mostly play R6 Siege and PUBG.
Also looking forward to LiS: BtS ep. 3 pls no bully
Should we play some video games sometime, comrades? we have a steam group with like 500 members or something, but we never do anything with it.

I've been into Overwatch lately, I know I know. Maybe we should try making group posts in that group? We could all play Red Orchestra or something.

I dunno about Red Orchestra, but I think we should just use this thread to ask people whether they wanna play or not. Nobody ever says anything in the steam group.

Should add that my PC turns off every 5 minutes, so I won't be able to play anyway until I get that fixed.

Ehh I enjoyed it as well. It had some good ideas and the design was still competent enough to work.

Anything really, right now I'm into Starcraft II but that's probably just because it's free to play

We should play rising storm 2 and remove gi

b u m p t b q h w y f


Someone sent me this weeb game as a gift. Not really into weeb shit so I'm kinda "eh" about it, anyone hear about it, they just said "You'd probably like it" when they sent it to me and said not to google it since there's crap tons of spoilers on google.

It's less about some theoretical stuff, and more about real life experience/nostalgia of the Soviet Union. You probably need to belong to this culture to understand it. Although I'm not feelslet enough to play dating sims, I saw and felt the cultural impact of it, which is quite significant in runet.

If anyone wants a crap mobile game I got one that's post Nuclear war soviet aesthetic

I want to start a game studio to make foss games, but that seems more complicated that it needs to be.

It's as easy as learning how to do it, doing it and then giving your hard work away for free. For extra style points, do it all anonymously.

Never played it but as far as I know
it turns into a psychological horror.

Fortunately there are good options today:

-Twine is a very simple JS framekword to build interactive fiction and simple turn based games. It's open source and built in a custom language (twinescript) that allows even someone completely new to programming to get shit done. It's a great place to start if you're easily discouraged like me and want to see tangible progress from day 1.

-Godot Engine: it's a open source MIT licensed engine on the level of Unity as complexity but far lighter and more versatile (and you own everything you write on it, unlike with Unity and UE4). It has its own language, GDscript, which is a derivative of python (but you can use c++. And c# as well in the upcoming 3.0 version). It's easy to learn and understand. The only issue with Godot is that compared to Unity there aren't a lot of tutorials and premade assets.

Love2D is also pretty nice

Engines are not an issue my issues is how can people contribute to the development without the game becoming a mess, like how can the project avoid feature creep or how can artists contribute graphics and sound without art style clashes or the artists themselves feeling scammed since multi media open source is such a novel concept.

foss does not mean absence of direction. It may be guided through a democratic process rather than focus group study, but it's still there.
Plan everything. Take a course or read a book about project management. Plan features, plan for unexpected problems, plan for unforseen but necessary additions.
Be perfectly open since day 1, have a precise plan and style as early as possible.

Of course it won't be easy, it would have been already done if it was, but it's possible. If anything every day we have more and more examples of great foss content reaching the internet.

Tell me everything you know about project management and how to run a foss project.
Tell me about books and resources, I want to take this.

Oh I'm not an expert. A couple of years ago I had a course of project management in uni. We used this book: "Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme". It provides a very detailed and effective framework to organize a complex project (foss or not).

This book: is more specifically on foss and while more technical and down to the details of actually creating a project, it's pretty much a a book for programmers by programmers, rather than being a comprehensive guide. Still it's a great asset and a good companion to the other book.

I'll see if I can find the PDF for the first book.

I still have it actually.

But even after reading these books starting a studio to make foss games will still be hard but it is something the world of video games needs right now

Anyone know how you can get Labour in Power in HOI4?

Why doesn't Holla Forums realize a lot of the problems with the gaming world right now is because of capitalism? Loot crates, Micro-transactions, the death of expansion packs, devs being actively prevented from releasing any modding tools or alternatively trying to monetize and strangle the life out of modding communities. Its total bullshit.

Addictive practices, insane brand loyalty, red scare.
Videogames have proven to be an excellent way to escape late capitalism mentally, none wants to be reminded what they are fleeing from during their escapist session, so none is willing to bring or accept political discussion around videogames.

They're also victim of its success, it is extremely young as an industry (not even 40 years really) and yet it already surpassed in size all other media industries. This meteoric rise considerably shortened the time required for the rate of profit to get dangerously low, which means the industry is forced to cram in more and more bullshit to keep the boat going. We should remember it already crashed once, it will happen again in the near future.
Who knows maybe it will be videogames the one to ignite the next great depression. It surely has the economic mass to be that spark.

I still can't wrap my head around this
Internet was supposed to kill videogame industry, not fucking help it thrive
people buy what they can get for free, a final nail in the coffin of a rational economic agent


might want to bring it to the attention of the mods if nobody has. Wouldn't want another socialist community to be undermined by shit moderation.

The game's coming out in a day, as one might expect from the name it simulates struggle between uprisings and enforcement.
It's going to have a campaign based around historical events such as somewhat recent revolts in Greece back to even the Arab Spring, then there's also Spain and Italy.

Aside from that it's going to be customizable which will allow for some replayability due community contribution in regards to creating new scenarios.

Wonder if it'll spark even slightest of a revolutionary spirit in players..

Finally a game to satisfy my inner LARPer!
jokes aside it seems pretty cool. Might take a look at it.

I think it's pretty cool that it includes real life scenarios and imagery.

Been waiting for this since 2013, glad it's finally coming out. I'll have to see if it's any good, I also had a dream of making like a leftist revolt campaign or something.

literally communist revolution: the game
best turn based strategy… ever

I wanna make an anprim game thats like minecraft but actually teaches people how to survive on their own, and rewards strategy rather than the amount of work like minimg for hours

Just to remind people that >>>/leftyv/ is a thing

We already have /gamesx/ and /svidya/ don't botter

Godspeed greenanon, wanted to say something about making sure the core mechanics are enjoyable and devoid of grind, but then I recalled what you've said already so best of luck instead!
Perhaps make sure to have a strategical approach to development itself just as well.

gotta admit, a realistic survival game teaching realistic survival tactics would be great and instructive

Hello, me and another leftypol gamer are looking for people to play Overwatch (PC) with, anyone interested? Preferably on Competitive, we both started at about 2200 but I'm now at 1950, due to in my opinion shitty teams. I think we're both pretty good so I hope that with a better team our luck would improve. So with that said, anybody interested?

Video games are bourgeois.

Anyone want to build utopian space communism in EVE Online together?

get better taste

like what

Fuck you

Unreal Tournament

1257 and Medieval Conquests have peasant revolts. They also let you kill other lords.

Is Redworld good (mod for hoi4), I hear it's a pretty "meh" mod which is a leftist version of Millennium dawn

Is it even possible within the game structure?

which one cuz i only really enjoyed ut2003 and ut2004.

Either or
But I generally stick with ut99

Saving the thread from oblivion

Video games are right wing. Literature and music are the left wing mediums

t. Reddit


Based Wobbly.

I can't do much to help you though I wish you well, don't take it out on my topic comrade. Good luck.

dank u

Yeah, google "Eve communism"

You mean Dummy Dummy "Lit xD" club?
It's a meme game the average normal fag likes, it's really shit though, it's just a dating sim that was a lot of gore and glitch art to seem scary.

Also it's free so it's not even a gift.

Just come to >>>/leftyweebpol/

Saving the thread again. What did Company of Heroes 2 do?

Thanks good chum

The best (worst) part is the developers themselves antagonizing him for pointing out the AntiCom bullshit in their game. I paid like ten bucks for the complete package, and I still feel ripped off.

How's Men of War by comparison?

I thought it was decent, though I'm not much of an RTS gamer so don't take my opinion to be worth that much. I prefer the Cold War period personally.

Oh, "freedom" fighter?
It's quite obvious how one suces they are on the Soviets. Just murdering the working class just cause, then having to revive the wounded reds to tribu them to your side. It's fucking retarded, but I do like the general atmosphere of the game.

I'm a WWII buff, but the WARGAME series gave me an appreciation for the Cold War. Sadly most other games tend to abstract warfare till it's completely divorced from reality, so nowadays I just stick to writing and roleplaying.

Also, how's Ladykiller in a Bind? I played her previous game (Analog: A Hate Story) and enjoyed it a lot, but figured she was just another run-of-the-mill red liberal.

I adore everything about that image. Got one with Marx?

I haven't played it but I know Marxism is involved somehow, as i can't rate it that's why I left it at ??. I also loved Hate and Hate Plus, but it's hard to say if Love is a red liberal or some kind of r/soc ☭TANKIE☭, I'd have to look into it if I ever tackled the subject.

I really like Wargame too, even though I suck at it, and if you like that formula you could try it out Eugen's WW2 game RUSE. It's not exactly the same but it has some of the same features.

I remember playing that as a kid. I never understood what the fuck I was doing.

What do you mean by good? In terms of gameplay or political representation of leftism?
The mod is fairly meemy; you can have Bernie go full pol pot and Putin become Tsar; It's a fun mod (ignoring the shitty MD features) but don't take it too seriously.

The UI on SimIsle is horrible and the mechanics are crude. Even the first Tropico does pretty much everything better. The only thing Tropico didn't do better was the resource chain where in SimIsle you needed lumber to build anything and heavy industry to build heavy equipment for larger stuff like mines yet SimIsle handles it in a very clunky way, like needing to build a heavy industrial factory just to import heavy machinery.

H1Z1 rant:

This game's performance is a ♥♥♥♥ing joke
I have a GTX1070 and I still get lag when turning around even when I turn all settings to low. How the ♥♥♥♥ do you even make a game this unplayable?

I can't believe Humble Monthly is charging me for♥♥♥♥♥♥like this, I might unsubscribe just because of this game.

I don't see how it could be anything other than the game, nothing else I play comes close to running this badly. I just got to the last 15 (because I never saw anybody) and I couldn't drive away from the gas because I was getting less than 1 FPS going through the city.


nah, it's more of an ayylum stalinzone

My computer almost shit itself when a virus attached itself to a downloaded torrent I had to literally wipe everything from the past week to get it removed

Sorry to hear that man, what you trying to download?

utorrent. Not even trying to download the game, was simply trying to download the torrent. Literally for no fucking reason after downloading it, on the same day (like an hour later) my computer started to chug then it blue screened within 5 minutes. The system report literally wiped everything from the past week I downloaded because it identified a virus somewhere and wanted to get rid of it.
To crash report then

Utorrent is basically fucking malware now, use Deluge instead. As for anything else that could have caused it I don't know, sorry.

Get a good antivirus. Avast works like a charm for me, i'm torrenting shit non stop and so far never had any issues.

It's fine. At least my computer isn't chugging anymore, although I'm sad I lost most of my lewds from that special someone.

Thinking about the chugging. Maybe randsomeware attached itself to utorrent's site

Like I say utorrent is sketch as fuck now, they even mess with your registry and shit to stop you disabling the ads or stopping updates and so on. Just say no.

Revolution Under Siege.

Really complicated and more for the hard wargamer crowd. Takes place during the Russian civil war and can also do the Finnish civil war, and the Soviet-Polish war.

Actually a ton of grognard / war / sim games will work. One of my favorite games growing up was Close Combat III: The Russian Front.

Combat Mission: Afghanistan also takes place during the Soviet-Afghan war. You generally play as the Soviets.

Operational Art of War IV also came out recently. Very complex but good. Lots of user-made scenarios, though, allowing you to play as FAPLA & Cubans in Angola, Mao during the Chinese civil war, etc. etc. etc.

Weird I thought I added that. Thanks though.

I'm not sure how I feel about the other games seeing as I've already got plenty of WW2 titles, the Afghan war wasn't exactly a high point for the USSR, and the fourth one seems super obscure, but then again there's reasons to include them too so idk. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.


it's called unreal world and its a 25 year old game made by some fin but he still is working on it.

get the download from his website its free steam charges but its free from him


So anyone recognize himself in pic related? It's not only me right?

name a GSG that has you irl as a method of victory

Yeah this is one of my problems with eg. Stellaris. The only win condition is be a giant blob, or join other giant blobs to form a superblob, or perform some other kind of military feat. Isn't this supposed to be a simulation game? Why is the only difference between slave society and FALC a couple of stats? You can't even win by science or economy like you can in GalCiv. How about a 'utopia' win condition or something.

Though, I kinda take the middle road in that I make the most leftist/liberal empire possible and try to create a utopia, but inevitably get pulled into wars and then ruthlessly crush my opponents and absorb them. Or if I can justify starting a war on anti-slavery/etc grounds.

this is my favorite HOI video:

watch til the end and don't read the comments

You mean in UK?

Factorio is the only marxist game.

I'm pretty sure Tooth and Tail is trying to depict Jacobin rebels, not Marxist one's.

Everlasting Summer is the only good game on that list, don't remove it just because some burgers are too culturally illiterate to appreciate it.

There's probably elements of both but I disagree based on the fact that there's a Tsarina, that the red faction is primarily made up of the very poor (not the middle class), and the secret police faction is a clear expy for the Ohkrana. Also, the level of technology is pretty much dead on for the Russian Revolution.



You don't, they have no election events. IRL they extended the parliament during 1940-1944

Saving the thread!

However prior to world war 2, isn't it possible to get leaders that aren't Churchill

No, the earlier scenario begins on January 1, 1936. Last UK election was on November 14, 1935, and Stanley Baldwin won.

Unless you mean by using your political points to get a Communist or Fascist supporter.

Then yeah, you can get Oswald Mosley, who may decide to hand over power to Edward VIII. Or Rajani Palme Dutt for commies. If you have Together For Victory, non-democratic Britain will lock most of the Commonwealth out of the non-independence decision trees.

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star
Operation Hooper DLC
Angolan Civil War

it's just a little fantasy story with a pioneer camp as setting. with beautiful artwork and nice bg music. that's all.
what i also got from the story is how russia now creates alienated social outcasts that'd profit from just being thrown into such a camp.
maybe if you've never been anywhere in the former eastern bloc and been to a camp than you couldn't relate but it's actually really well made and immersive. that's all.

on a different note
maybe put Arma 2 (/arma 3 as well) in this. in Arma 2 there is a communist faction "Chernarussian Movement Of The Red Star"
it also is a sandbox that allows for all kinds of modding in factions, stories and missions however you want.

The atmosphere is still really nice though, especially in Half Life 2

Is there an option to play as Cuba?

Steamworld Heist is Anarchist

I wonder if I should start working on the anti-capitalist games list, since my video making seems to have stalled. I guess I just need to stop being lazy either way. I wish I didn't have to work and could just focus on videos, it sucks balls. Makes me kinda mad how some people who put in 10x less effort are getting rich off YT, but there we go, I guess that's capitalism for you.


why tho

Half the retardation of reactionary gamers, half the retardation of hysterical anti-gamer SJWs.

Playing Stalker atm, it's the closest thing to an Ancapistan simulator there is. Ancapistan is fun when you're emotionally detached from it and it's a video game.

STALKER is fucking great. I don't think I ever played a game with such a great atmosphere. The Metro games are great, but even they do not get close despite being far more visually appealing. I would suggest trying the Misery mod for CoP once you played them all, I find it fulfills my inner masochist very well.

Also if you want ancap simulator 2017, go to /hgg/ and get Free Cities. A friend told me.

not as much as theyd like you to think. they just have backup from the mods. if that werent the case theyd feel useless pretty fast.

Still waiting on Paradox to buff Soviet Union in HOI4.

What? It's a joke to do a world conquest if you're playing as the USSR.

teach him

Play Darkest Hour

Used to play HOI3, would it be hard to go back to Darkest Hour? (mind it's been a while since I played HOI3).

Also how's the original Kaiserreich mod?

I didnt know they had made a misery mod for CoP, only knew about SoC. Ill try it out once im done with Clear Sky, Ive already done SoC and Pripyat

I know, but I actually want some historical accuracy, instead spending years just to get rifles for 2 million troops.

I bought EU4 recently (well not really bought, but it was on my steam wishlist and someone gifted it to me since it was there for the longest time). And it's kinda weird how far my politics changed since I first put the game on my wishlist then kinda forgot about it, so I'm just going to be frank and ask if there's any interesting mods for the game that I could use since I can't send the gift back because that would be a massive dick move (plus I just finished the tutorial)

No idea about mods, but you can always play it as a progression to capitalist liberalism, that's dialectical after all.

No darkest hour is just all around nicer then HOI3 and if you can play any paradox game you can play DH fine

the original kaiserreich mod is almost identical to the HOI4 mod in fact they are just now doing new stuff everything so far in just directly ported (in fact kaiserreich mod includes the mod "all the russias" from HOI2/DH and thats why Russia tends to get OP)

try meiou and taxes for EU4 it allows for a much larger range of policies with regard to liberties keep in mind the historical dialect as well as how slowly real economic change came to an early Renaissance kingdom

I hope you're seeding, Holla Forums.

I've wanted to try these Graviteam games.

Always been a Combat Mission player myself but the Graviteam fans swear by them.

I will never – I repeat never – play an HOI game other than Darkest Hour. The rest of the world can put me under international gamer sanctions and turn me into a rogue gamer state, I don't care.


Monster Hunter is literally the only game I play nowadays. How can the hunting experience be socialised, comrades?

I find HOI games boring, there ain't much else to do except hoarding doomstacks and painting the map.

So I've been playing dragon age lately (played origins a couple years ago and just started 2) and I was wondering what leftists think of the whole templar/mage situation.

I feel like the obvious left position would be to side with mage freedom/self-regulation, but I've actually found myself leaning towards the templarist side.

The circle is prison-like and abuse by the templar guards is nigh-inevitable as in any prison. But the history of Tevinter seems to demonstrate that given enough time the mage minority will always overpower the majority and establish itself as an absolute ruling class. In other words, oppression of the minority may be necessary to prevent enslavement of the majority. But unlike with an economic class, mages are a status-group that will always exist and pose a threat to the majority, and therefore there couldn't be a withering away of authoritarian templarist institutions. And this isn't even mentioning demons.

What do other people think? Could a fully libertarian society ever be possible in a world where mages/espers/whatever existed?

The game is too hard on my computer. Almost all multiplayer games make my computer want to die

I got Kaiserreich recently and in my game I did a playthrough as Internationalist Soviet Republic. On the whole it was a success: the entire world except Axis, South America, China, and a few minors went socialist. But then late in the game you start getting events about how the Soviet people are sick of endless revolutionary war, and then I thought about how millions of people had died in seven years of overlapping wars, countless countries devastated, for a liberation that they didn't necessarily want. And then I felt bad and ended the game there instead of conquering everywhere. Except that I did start another war to depose the Iron

Daily reminder that Stardew Valley is required green-anarchism material.
Grow food and veg fellas

Does Kaiserreich allow you to spread ideology?

That is a good question, although I do think that a sort of socialist state would still work in the world of Dragon Age despite mages. Most of their power still comes from material possession that they accumulate easier because they have more personal power than the average individual.

A commune of mages and non-mages would surely be a tricky beast to create but not impossible.

I'm waiting for co-operative mode to play with friends of mine, but it looks fun.

Yes; through conquest but not with the base game mechanics of boosting party popularity.

perfect europe

What is up with those massive thing coming out of France?

Night in the Woods is great. Made by a Democratic Cops of America member, heavy on anti-capitalist and pro-Union themes, story basically centers around the miserable life of down and outs in the American rust belt.

Cute animal characters and really great writing too. It really affected me, the interactions and friendships of these depressed animal kids are super compelling.

The glorious forces of proletarian liberation ofc comrade!

btw, the Crisis in the Kremlin devs are releasing a new game about the GDR called Ostalgie.

crisis in the kremlin is great, I ended the game 1996 with an income of 96 min. 118 max. hundred million per turn. It's really not that hard of a game, though most people are led to believe it is.

that fucken owns

edit: i mean this fucken owns

The game is hard, it is just there are easy roots: going full hypertankie is easy as piss but what is the point? Actually trying to do what Gorby did (democratic reforms while keeping a planned economy) is nigh-impossible. I've won one by starting a planned nuclear war: Posadism for all comrades!

You can play as a Leninist in Divinity II

Might be too late but I suggest getting Call of Misery for CoC instead. The problem with Misery for CoP is that it slows progression in a small game world, so you quickly end up under-supplied for the things you have to tackle. On top of that, last I knew it had horrendous issues with the stronger mutants being nigh invincible and shrugging off grenades and shitloads of bullets.

Call of Misery basically blends Misery's changes into CoC so you just have a big open game world. IMO this is way better than either the CoC or Misery Mods by themselves, as the somewhat slowed progression and greater variety of items and so forth makes the sandbox of CoC less boring. In vanilla you can easily get top of the line gear a few hours in, whereas in CoM you still progress at a decent pace but getting stuff like a high quality gun, a decent outfit and so forth actually feels significant.

On top of this for a combination of two mods CoM is remarkably stable, never had any issues with it.

Currently playing Barkley, Shut Up and Jam Gaiden

Usually prefer strategy games though, any recommendations?

Divinity 2 Ego Draconis or Divinity Original Sin 2?
On the topic Larian Studio games are good, try them.

Paradox's Swedish bias is showing.

you've never seen the other ending? Dragons being immortal bourg's is infinitely better than the alternative.


Is this darkest hour?

The only solutions are keeping the mages in thrall to the common interest through a sort of coercive system like the Cirlce, or accepting rule by mages. They're just way more powerful than any normal being; the literal master race. Why wouldn't they rule when they have literally every possible advantage over normal people? It's like expecting Porky not to use his tremendous wealth and power just because it'd be wrong to do so. Hell, mages would soon enough be born into aristocratic families and inherit their wealth without a circle system, so they could even combine both personal and institutional power without much issue within like one or two generations.
But this is Bioware, so the outcome will undoubtedly be that everyone was just being a mageophobe for oppressing mages and that everyone can get along fine and sing kumbaya without any issue.

uh sorry sweety

Also, if magic isn't trash it should be able to deal with that easily. In DnD, Protection from Normal Missiles should do the trick.

NITW is one of the worst games I've ever played due the sheer fact of how toxic and repellent Mae is, calling it a leftist game is like calling poison a refreshing drink.

I'm sorry I downloaded the Torrent in the first place because of a friend's suggestion.

some fantasy games have guns in them, and even then silencers and anti mages always exist.

Why even live.

The question is, can you roleplay a templarist non-hypocritical Hawke? Probably not, from what I've seen so far playing the first act. I guess I could always just rp as a hypocrite.

Anyone ever seen the Nipponese cartoon Shin Sekai Yori? It has a pretty similar situation and seeing it makes me lean more against the mages.

Your comment also reminds me of something that's annoyed me since thinking back on Mass Effect from a leftist view. Bioware creates settings that have a lot of *potential* for interesting political themes, but they often fail to engage them in an interesting way. Mass Effect, for example, could have explored the political implications of a necessary state of exception, the politics of the different species, whatever. But the actual political story it tells is one of militarism, and the message is that politics should be lead by a "good military autocrat" like paragon!Shep or Anderson. With really egregious stuff like the councilor choice at the end of the first game, where you choose between the conniving, two-faced representation of civilian politics and the honest, "apolitical" general.

The fact is that basically no AAA video game to my knowledge has ever dealt with politics in a subversive and mature way with a real message relevant to today. I don't mean that all media has to be political, but this is something that sets video games, the world's most profitable medium, apart from every other. Obviously a lot of this has to do with the fact that these games are under the stranglehold of corporations and targeted to middle-class males (especially RPGs and the like). But I wonder if it also has to do with how games, especially these epic RPGs, tend to focus on an omnipotent hero-figure who makes all the decisions, something which is inherently ideological and authoritarian.


Patrician taste, fam.

Also I don't think they're that close between them. In Shin Sekai Yori the (I don't actually remember how they are called, psykers? Neo humans) the humans with powers can pretty much slaughter a virtually unlimited number of people in a matter of seconds, all they require is line of sight and the action is essentially effortless. They were able to conquer the world despite being less than a statistical error within the overall population of the planet.

In Dragon Age instead the mages are not nearly as powerful on average. Yes a mage can destroy an entire village, but it will take some time and effort and it is possible to eliminate him with rather mundane methods. The anti mage forces are conventionally equipped, it follows that they are capable of dealing with the average mage on a regular basis without too much trouble outside powerful opponents that require more specialized troops like templars or seekers and even they are just standard troops with extra training.

You are not wrong. In fact I agree with you on Bioware games. This is one of the reasons i always enjoyed Obsidian games much more than the Bioware ones. Games like New Vegas especially have a lot of political discussion and decision making (well a lot for videogame standards). Even Tyranny has a lot of surprisingly political themes (I am the same guy shilling it ITT if you're wondering). Ironically I think that the best DA game is DA2 (as far as politics go, DAO is best and DAI is shit) as there is actual discussion (as shallow as it is) and the player rather than being in charge of one side is just one of the big players.

I think the main issue comes down to empowering the player. Most games, RPGs especially, are power fantasies and as such they are meant to make the player feel powerful and in charge. If you dilute that power with actual political discussion or internal struggle in the player's own faction you are taking away from the experience. It's also why existential evils are so common, they do not need a social background to work and are immediately recognizable as a threat for everyone, which gives an excuse to "unite" the land under the player's thumb.



I still don't know why the Knuckles model in that game looks so fucked up.

Also thanks for the bump

Anyone else played dos2 yet? Am I the only one who got spooked at a lot of the racialist undertones for the first half of the game?

Tyranny is really cool, I still prefer PoE though and I'm waiting for it's sequel this year.


Dishonored is a marxist video game.

Don't you fight to restore the monarchy in that game?

it's good at showing what unrestrained capitalism in the industrial revolution was like but you also restore the monarchy and the only time unionization is mentioned its a plot by one company to sabotage the other.

What's the best character to play as in dos2? I think Beast because he was an anti-monarchy rebel, but Sebille is a former slave iirc. Which one is more left-wing in their views?

Don't forget to watch TLJ to triggers to chuds, communism will win when you buy enough Holdo funkopops.

Playing it and really enjoying it. Also racist themes are less of an issue in a fantasy world where races are literally separated biologically as well as culturally.

I'd say beast. To be further left you'd need a custom char and in any case the main story is not about social struggle per se.

If aliens existed and were as humanlike as orcs, kobolds, elves etc they should absolutely deserve human rights and not be discriminated against. Humans are biologically distinct too, not quite so nearly as according to their race but still. Let the Kobolds guard the [city name] museum of shiny historical things (have their supervisor wear a dragon fursuit if it makes them more comfortable) and the elves run around replanting farmland, everyone has their place. Full all species communism now!

What I was trying to say is that you cannot really speak of racism if you are literally of distinct races. And of course I agree with you, but in the divinity universe the non-humans do not think of themselves as humans.

I still don't agree, the human races are, as a generality, distinct from each other biologically (not by much but then again humans also share 90% of their DNA with bananas), racism is racial hatred not generic statements of fact about the races (black hair is, by and large, different from white hair).

Also, even if they don't see themselves as human they should still have human equivalent rights, it doesn't require them to give up their identity. But I'm aware I'm splitting hairs at this point, I haven't played the game anyway.

I may steal this idea

this sounds like a great Doom wad in the making

Play Offworld Trading Company :^)

It's not good, but I really do like it.

Well I don't know about that

But I have wanted to make socialist vidya

Gets too boring after a few games, every game is the same and there's not enough flavour.

Godspeed user. Imagine if leftypol could make a game, it would be sweet even if it were just a short but sweet VN with Alunya and friends

Thank you user but I'm probably too much of a mess to make games

I will never be able to make a game for Holla Forums :(

Ehi if halfchan could make Katawa Shoujo we can do something too!

I don't know, how did the Ebolachan game went so far?

Pfft always so pessimistic.

There are a bunch of Russian games where you do exactly this.


We already made a sorta-VN communism explainer with Alunya, I wonder what that user is up to now. Not sure where a link to it is though.

Anyone play Death Road to Canada?

Spec Ops: The Line is the most leftist, anti-imperialist, marxist videogame to have ever been created.

actually, it's shit.

What a shitty critique lmao the author even cites Modern Warfare and DEFCON as games that have a more interesting narrative which is just retarded.

Read the rest of the article fucknut.

No way. I bought the Metro games because i was under the impression that they were better than Stalker. Looks like i need to keep my eye out for a sale then (or just pirate them)

They are better in many things compared to the STALKERs, in particular gunplay is much more fluid and consistent also on a technical standpoint they are pretty much bug free where the STALKERs make Bethesda blush.



nice try fbi


Don't worry, they would have butchered it anyway and made the Soviets the evil empire.

Videogames are a distraction

been playing The Age of Decadence lately and fuck if it isn't the best RPG ever made
I'm having a fucking blast, it is actually nails the post apocalypse better than fallout in my view, I almost creamed my pants when I first saw power armor in action, fucking stargate flashbacks instantly
well maybe not better than fallout 1, you just can't beat the Glow in sheer atmosphere, but it sure as hell better than fallout 2 imho

anyway, so from a histmat perspective it takes place sometime between slave and feudal society, late roman empire, colonat and all that
Aurelians represent slave society and Crassus is an embryo of a feudal one
so should I support House Crassus in this situation? I really liked playing for imperial guards siding with Crassus and becoming a knight Templar, it has a nice synergy with my power armor just like BoS has a nice synergy with a militant religious order in fallout 1
or should I support merchants? could merchant republic theoretically skip the feudal phase?
I remember reading some paper which entertained possibility of capitalism developing out of slave society in the roman empire

Nah paradox are Swedish: they aren't spooked by cold war propaganda (Sweden was never in NATO, and they did quite a few deals with the USSR like Finland).


I've heard reports that some/many of the paradox devs are basically fashies which makes sense based on the most obsessive GS players

Tbf, I doubt DDR Jake is a fash. Also their playthrough of communist France was pretty LARPy. I imagine they draw as many ☭TANKIE☭s as fashies: such is the way of GSG.

That's fair, I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if it were both but Paradox's blending of capitalism with democracy in Stellaris and Communists being pro-slavery in Victoria II kinda made me suspicious

Eh the Vic II thing is because the political system is shit. In Stellaris it was cutting corners.

Maaayybeee. The anti-imperialism route as the US in HOI4 was pretty interesting, and supposedly you could get Trotsky in power in the USSR, never managed it though.

You do the trotskyist coup path and then you have to fight a random general, don't know why it wouldn't be Stalin v. Trotsky but whatever

I did try that but I got all the way to WW2 without it happening, to be fair this was a release day torrent so it was probably just broken on one side or another.

It doesn't really matter anyway though, I enjoy the idea of Grand Strategy but the actual military aspect of it bores me to tears. My dream game is a combination of Democracy, East vs West (to modern/near future era), and Wargame. While we're dreaming might as well add Simcity to it too.

wait wait wait hold on

why the FUCK did nobody tell me there was gonna be a mechwarrior 5 mercenaries? 4 is only one of my favourite games of all time. I was even considering making a stream or something of it with me just playing it on HOTAS and talking shit with people. please don't fuck this up…

Playing a Soviet dynamic campaign in Steel Panthers WW2 (it's free, Google it, massive time sink though) and Jesus Christ this fucking sucks. In '41 morale is so bad your squads usually rout as soon as they come under artillery fire or take a single casualty from an MG42 800 meters away, and then there's their atrocious accuracy with every single weapon system they can muster until morale goes up in like 1943 (MG42 at 600m can consistently get up to a 50% chance to hit and wreck a squad in a turn; the DP and even the fucking Maxim only ever seem to get up to 30%, and even then it's rare you get it that high by firing repeated shots at a target without them being destroyed by return fire).

I think I'm gonna can it and start another one as Republican Spain in '36 or something.

Because in that path Stalin is assassinated via ice axe

You just have to not do the Purge until ~1939 and the Fourth International event fires.

Can you play as Konev?

This would be such a good idea. Grand strategy + city building. Playing as the USSR would be a nightmare though, you would have to manually build up hundreds of cities

Haha. I was picturing it more like you would build up the capital (a compressed version of course) and it would be like a way to get some feedback on how life is in your country. Like is it tin roof slums, high tech apartments, or both in the same city. Or somewhere in between. Would people be driving foreign cars, how much military presence would there be, is there advertising, are the people happily lazing in the parks or grimly trying to carry on despite the situation. All the four modes would feed into each other, a great victory in the battlefield would lead to the map front line moving forward which would lead to political capital to be used to build a huge weapons complex on the outskirts of the capital, which leads to a new tank on the battlefield, and so on.

I would go more Transport Tycoon with A.I. city growth thus you do is connect connect industries and cities so can get resources.

No. Faction picking is Spanish thing only.

What's to stop you from saving and loading up as them

I play Ironman only. :^)

Otherwise, "tag" and go nuts. You'll be given a generic focus tree, though.

I don't play HoI4 at all ;^)

Mainly because my computer overheats :^(

What's the deepest shit you've gotten into as USSR?

Savinkov is NAZBOL

Just for funsies, in my Socialist Brazil game I used cheats to make the UK and France go fashie while the US went communist. My original aim was to ally Germany with the USSR and form the Berlin-Moscow Axis, but then Hitler decided to be a retard and form the European Group with Italy.

This time, World War II broke out between the Comintern and the (fascist) Allies when the USSR invaded Poland. Fucking France of all nations up and launched a full-scale amphibious invasion of Poland to meet the USSR, and once their forces were whittled down, Germany finished "War with the USSR" and stormed the borders with panzers. The Russians held them off at the territorial bottleneck between Hungary and Lithuania, and the lines moved back and forth at a glacial pace throughout the war.

Meanwhile, the US had a bitchfit and erupted into a second civil war between the commies and the loyalists. I'd imagine it was here that the AI started losing its advanced subroutines; despite holding all the factory and infrastructure-rich northern states, the revolutionaries couldn't even beat the twelve divisions that remained loyal to the old regime. Though on the bright side, we did see epic naval battles in the Atlantic, with CSS Yorktown and Enterprise facing off against USS Lexington off the course of Georgia.

Things started going tits-up when Japan joined the Allies. Despite the growing worldwide sympathy for communism and the desperate alliances forged by liberal democratic powers with the Comintern, their combined fleets gave the Allies complete naval supremacy for the rest of the war. Again, this led to interesting scenarios like the Japanese cruiser Takao squaring off against Brazilian and Argentinean dreadnoughts in the seas between Africa and South America.

Among other things: Persia and Portugal joined the Allies, the USSR invaded Afghanistan to aid a revolution in India, Greece and Turkey set aside their differences and joined the Comintern in the face of an Italian-German invasion, and the French ate a big ol' chunk of southern China. Throughout the game, the US AI was unfortunately totally retarded; sending entire armies across the ocean in unescorted transports, and needing the help of the console just to conquer Canada. It was around this time I hopped on Cuba and left the game running while I slept.

Now the year's 1946, and the world is still embroiled in the largest conflict in human history. Chile turned fascist and invaded Argentina, while British/French amphibious invasions drove a giant dagger through the heart of Brazil. The USSR is gone, as are the states that desperately allied with them in the face of an impending onslaught. Their remaining troops (close to thirty divisions) have been integrated into the command structure of the Communist States of America, the final bulwark of the worker's revolution in this timeline.

Personally, I blame the AI for being so goddamn passive all the time. Due to some sort of glitch, the US didn't even leave its northwestern borders defended, yet all Canada did was stand on the other side of the border for like a year and a half.

Sure I can relate.

Is that just pure 3 inf 1 art divisions?

Got greedy trying to annex Sweden, while Allies and Axis were fighting, and had Allies declare war on me. Axis declared war on me too. Oops.

Also, I am never lucky in annexing all of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I once tried to do a test run of hoi4 on my computer. It nearly shat itself and i had to get a refund opting for EU4 instead which shockingly is much better on my computer which would be normally unexpected given the long time frame of the game.

So Holla Forums let's be the ideasguy for a moment and conjure up a videogame concept. I had this idea in my head for a while now:

You guide the exploitation of a foreign planet inhabited by a species not yet capable of interstellar travel. The mission is to generate profit for the corporation sponsoring the expedition, by any mean necessary. Now it would make little sense for a company to exploit the natural resources of a planet when you have access to asteroids, sow hat we are looking for are organic compounds and genetic wealth to create gene mods and pets. The indigenous population itself could be an asset, to be sold as slaves. Even food production can be a possibility if the planet is compatible with human life or with sufficient technology.

Funds can be then used to bring forward the scientific understanding of the planet, so unlocking new types of exploitation or perfecting the unlocked ones as well as giving ways to deal with the local population, you may have sci-fi weaponry but you can't govern a planet with just guns. This is the other half of the game would take place: infiltrating native governments, buying political power, manipulating wars, selling weapons to loyal countries, direct invasion, puppet states, rebellions, political activists from back home putting bad ideas into the locals.

The expedition can fail for numerous reasons: uplifting of the population (either by sheer intelligence of the natives, rogue agents or simply by accident) and so escalation of the conflict beyond what can be handled by the player (which is not military, just a corporate expedition). Unprofitability of the mission, that forces the company to shut down operations. Rebellion by the mission crew. Sabotage by other corporations or foreign nations or political groups that condemn planetary exploitation.

So more or less reverse Xcom with a sprinkle of Evil Genius and Crusader Kings.

Heyy, did you steal that from my 'peaceful first contact' idea?

… I cannot confirm or deny it

Well information wants to be free I guess :^)

But seriously it'd be cool to roll both games into one anyway, they'd mostly work off the same systems, just your goals in one mode would be the opposite of your goals in another. Fate of The World which I mostly based the idea off works this way too, the game is a greenie simulator where you try to stop climate change and protect humanity as much as possible, but it also includes a 'doctor apocalypse' mode where you have to try and kill as many people and endangered species as you can while raising the sea level.

I've replayed CoD recently, and it's fucking McCarthyist. The very first level you play as a Soviet soldier, you have to listen to how communism is gulags for the first ten minutes of it. All the Soviet characters' motivation to fight against the fucking Nazis is so that they wouldn't get sent to gulag. You could take dialogue out of the game and insert it into a satire of anticom stories without change. It should be put right next to CoH2.

I think it's pro-com enough that it doesn't do completely retarded things such as burning down a house with your own citizens inside because reasons

Look it up. The first Soviet level starts with a cut scene of the PC crossing a river in a barge with other soldiers… while being surrounded by commissars pointing their weapons at you the whole time. And neither you nor any other soldier has any weapons, too, because of course then the immediate response would be to shoot the commissar because human nature. No, really, it's just as bad as all the later titles in the series, just not specifically racist.

What did you expect from the discount beer of gaming.

Considering it's a direct reference to Enemy at the Gate which besides historical documents is the only real movie about Stalingrad which isn't a documentary (and even then the pre-90s documentaries about the Eastern front often were "sympathetic" to the Nazis be toning down their atrocities)

And before mods ban me for imperialism I know that enemy at the gates is a shit movie, and I simply don't like it.

Watch The World at war


The list is in alphabetical order, and as stated the Soviet levels are basically a reference to the notable movies of the genre, it's an exaggeration yes but it is to some extent a good portrayal of the brutality of the Eastern Front, of course it's nothing like a real historical document but it's entertaining, and in WaW you fight through into Berlin and eventually seize the Reichstag. I mean come on, that's got to make the list.

Is there any way to force Germany to sign the "unholy alliance" with USSR via cheats or event modifications?

Did you know that the writer of the game is a Nazi? As in, "having an emotional breakdown over there being any Caucasians who still live and seriously contemplating whether he should just grab a knife and go on a murder spree against them, starting with women and children" kind of Nazi. Well, now you know.
But of course, since he's a Slav who dropped in a couple words about the SU, that automatically makes him enlightened, and I'm just lying because I haven't been blessed to be born in Russia or something. You people are fucking hopeless.

Just modify the ai_will_do chance of refusing to zero in the according event.

Let me guess, he whines endlessly about how he tried to slaughter a whole camp of enemy soldiers who have vehicle and artillery support with just three people instead of doing what the game told him to do and then says that that broke his immersion?
Protip: if at that point you tried to attack the camp head on, then you're a stupid retard idiot cretin who actively went out of his way to avoid getting immersed in the game, and are now trying to justify deliberately locking your retarded self out of enjoying a great narrative by ranting about how it wasn't all that great anyway.

What's the leftypol approved country to play in EU4?


originality is a spook.

zoroastrian zealots

Mother 3 has you literally going against porky

Make my alien contact game then :^) hell I'd even help write it and shit if anyone was actually interested.

Anyone have good offline games that won't make my computer shit itself since I want to play a game and not eat away at my data

For a brick specs PC, try Liberal Crime Squad

Thank you user

I said I had no original ideas, not that I had no ideas at all >:^(

What kind of game you enjoy user?

Just cause 2 was very impressive when it first came out. Even before I was a leftist I gravitated to the reapers, and immediately targeted the ancap faction

With the Dark Souls remaster announced, I might as well. A thing has been on my mind for years now and I just want to vent a bit.

First off, I have to thank hbomberguy for calling out matt and people who can't deal with multiple enemies. Dealing with a group was one of the things from the very first trailer (which is also an interesting subject since that was before the director change) that remained and had been a part of every demo. Forcing players to learn crowd control and using the environment instead of just relying on aggro (which somehow isn't immersion breaking for them) is great. I too found the central story to be interesting. His explanation of the fortune teller is enlightening and Vendrick's reveal is definitely one of the series' highest points. Getting to be in a war instead of just being told about one is also fantastic. His other points can be a stretch but hey, they're only opinions and he did say he's being contrarian in some parts which didn't seem to register to certain snowflakes.

I freely admit that Dark Souls 2 is a mess. Watch Enjonaut's video about its rushed development. He's more critical of it but also views it in a certain romantic sense, like me. With the first trailer and interview with the original director at Dec 2012 and the alpha gameplay with Yui Tanimura as the replacement at April 2013, the original game had to have been scrapped in between those dates. What's more is that the deadline of March 2014 was not changed. So they had about just over 1 year to patch up whatever assets they had while also creating new things. Despite all that, I do think it's an enjoyable mess with new mechanics and stuff to mess around with (RIP powerstance) and the DLCs were well recieved which should speak of the potential that it has. The engine, the mechanics, the designs and the developers' approach to things.

Really, if one wants to see what DS2 is capable of then just watch the alpha gameplay. I still think it looks better than 3. The untouched textures and lighting just gives off an incredible atmosphere and has "dungeon crawler" written all over esp. indoors which I didn't really get from watching 3. But I don't think it's just graphics, you know? The slower, more methodical approach to gameplay work well with that atmosphere and I think more focus should be put in having players deal with multiple enemies because souls is piss-easy otherwise esp. with summons. There's plenty of unique areas and concepts even in the final build that weren't developed to their fullest. Imagine a whole game without last gen's limitations and with actual development time to expand and polish it. I guess that's why I keep holding on to it. Not only to see what could've been but also what can be. The way DS2 did things differently show promise and I'm more interested in refining that rather than the direction 3 went. Yet another poison swamp, From? I'll keep waiting then.

I'd only assume they're into anything. But who knows

Hey lefties. Holla Forums here. We don't typically agree on much, but something big may be happening that concerns all of us. Is this, how you say, "late-stage capitalism?"

It's being censored most places it's posted. If it's a LARP, it's a fucking dedicated one.

Pretty much. The transition to pure profit extraction/rent seeking is classic LSC.

My favorites are the ones where they talk about targeting ovulating women and depressed people based on their difference in tonal inflection because they make poor spending decisions. Really top notch work.


I am SO fucking glad the Kinect went down in flames, jesus christ

The videogame industry is a textbook example of falling rate of profits. The industry has grown like none other, the market has terribly expanded in both global reach and cultural acceptance, there are more videogames being done now than ever before.

And yet the rate of profits is threatening the industry, so we see big business trying to cram as much microtransactions as possible in everything and the indie scene outsourcing risk on crowdfunding.

Beholder let's you play as a state appointed land lord in something that is looks like the USSR. You spy on the people living there, making moral choices about who you turn in and how you manage the money.
It's written by left wing anarchists, has cute graphics and is generally entertaining.

The movie industry is hosed too. If you look at the data the MPAA puts out, ALL of the industry growth for 2016 came from China. It's the same for the anime industry as well. I haven't seen the data for 2017 yet, but I imagine it tells a similar story.

90% of the film industry's revenue comes from 17% of its customers, the people that go to see movies in a theater more than once a month. Aside from marginal markets, there are no other sizable consumer populations left to expand into. You can see the effect this is having as major US media companies pander increasingly to the Chinese market to try and increase revenue. This is the video game equivalent as companies try to figure out new schemes to wring more money out of a tiny sliver of the population.

I haven't looked at industry data for video games but I would assume that they're in a similar situation, but without the benefit of a huge Chinese market to expand into for various reasons (the primacy of PC gaming over console, competing with native options and "knockoffs," Chinese government opposition, etc).

Which means that they have to turn the screws on the captives customers that they already have, which is going to mean DLC up your butthole from here on out, and its only going to get worse.

Oddly enough, the costs of actually developing video games has decreased in the last half decade. The profits would have risen REGARDLESS of microtransactions or no microtransactions.

The issue is that the publishers, which enjoyed success regardless of what morally reprehensible decisions they made due to their oligopolic influence on the video game market, were emboldened by the profitability of microtransactions.

Basically, no one really attempted to oppose them, and so they assumed that they can squeeze customers for money. (And, it worked when it came to casual games for Maddenfags and mobilefags.)

Regardless, they are raking in record profits and video game development is cheaper than ever.

Indies were always starved for cash and the market is over-saturated now, so Kickstarter naturally is used to overcome the risk.

Videogames are increasingly more expensive to make, not cheaper. Of course you have plenty of free tools, but that's the least of your problems in an industry where virtually 100% of the costs are wages.
Not to mention as you said the market is saturated so the already climbing cost of development is increased by the marketing costs necessary to exist in a saturated market.
That's not what the rate of profit is. Absolute profits may be an all time high, but the return per invested dollar is quite low, especially in this moment of extreme competitiveness in the industry.
That's really what's driving microtransactions, the big gusy are trying to transition from products to service, because their profits wold not only increase, but be much safer in the long run and almost guaranteed to return a profit to begin with (which is really what's important for the shareholders).

Also can we avoid all this redditspacing please?

Video games are dirt ass cheap to make. Always has been.

They want you to think it's expensive to trick you into buying them or funding them.

The cost of a videogame is not what you can put together in Unity by buying a couple of assets. There are dozens of programmers that need to be paid for years, together with artists, sound engineers, QA testers and marketing. The cost of such endeavour is not simply the raw materials you need to work with.
I mean a really small team of a programmer, a designer, musician and two artists working for a year and a half (which is a really small time window) is easily a million dollars just for their wages. Now consider a AAA team of ~100 devs trying not to make a decent game but to make a big fucking game that will bring home tens if not hundred of millions in revenue, how much more do you have to invest in order to beat the competition?
Witcher 3 (fucking masterpiece, play it) cost 81 million burger sheckles (which relatively cheap thanks to slav magic). SWTOR $200 and GTAV $250. These are not small numbers and you have to consider the massive risk involved in investing this kind of money into a relatively young industry that has already crashed once in its brief career.

Yes, really.

If I have free time and effort, even I, me, one person can make a game better than Witcher 3 with RPG maker.

Everything is already there, vidya making is literally about having efforts.

The myth of Hollywood vidya is actually the cancer killing vidya. Really weird to see a fucking communist shilling for that shit, or even see it as necessary.

Are you for fucking real? Is this really the level of intelligence of the average Holla Forumsyp?
I am the first to say that the cost of a videogame does not translate in quality. AAA gaming is shit and is destined to be so because of capitalism, not because there's a big conspiracy against gamers. As I said the tendency of the rate of profit to fall is killing the industry and it's doing so fast because the industry is growing so fast.
And stop with the fucking redditspacing please, look at how much fucking space your post is taking!

I play RPGmaker games that are greater than the Witcher 3 all the times.

I wonder if this is the intelligence of a communist, to find Witcher 3 to be some kind of great games.

Yet you think vidya requires much money to be made, such a contradiction.
There's a big conspiracy against gamers by bringing marxism into it, if vidya is shit because of capitalism, why were vidya great in the 80s and 90s when there's less marxism and the Cold war was still present?
The industry is dying, it's actually exploding, nowadays people buy all kind of games, no matter the quality or the brand names.


Peasant or revolutionary republics.
That or you could just make your own custom commie nations with El Dorito.

10/10 grammar.
You do understand the differnece between making a good product and making a profitable product, right? Most of the games I love are commercial failures, but if the industry was made up only of commercial failures there would not be an industry to begin with.
Are you serious? Marxism is an analysis of an economical system, not a conspiracy theory and that analysis tells us that the industry is getting into deep shit.
As i said, it's not absolute profits what matter, nor the size of the industry. I do remind you that there was already a big fucking crash in the industry a few decades ago, What changed since then exactly?

Deserving for such an intelligence.
That has nothing to do with the cost of making vidya games, at all. You said vidya requires much money to be made, that's simply wrong.
Who cares?
The industry wouldn't be made up only of commercial failures, cheap games sell also, in fact, cheap games sell a lot and make profit easier.
Marxism can be my fucking butthole and it's being brought into gaming, for some fucking reasons.
Profits-wise, guy with cheap ass scheme games have been absolutely buttload money, much, much more than Hollywood games.
I don't think you understand why that crash happened.
Stable vendor that gives endless supply, piracy and reviews that make people know what they are buying.

Do you include all animals in that? If not, then why? Would you have rats in your commune? Or do you decide by intelligence? if so would you kick out retards from your commune?
Communism is for humans, not for aliens, cats or orcs.

That's species-ism comrade, species-ism is a spook.

There's no BIG difference between a rat and a human.

Videogames require bigger investments compared to the past to make a decent return. Again we are not discussing of "good" games, but the industry and the industry is made sustained by profitable games, not critically acclaimed titles.
Yeah pulling data out of my ass is fun I know. The thing is that what you say may be true for a small time window, but inevitably as profits are perceived by the market investments will reach the industry and the more expensive game will be able as a general rule to overcome the cheaper game. The end result is that high investment games will hog most of the market leaving some limited space to indie games.
I have not mentioned anything about games themselves, only the industry, which is an economic being and as such can be analyzed regardless o fits content.
Oh really? Pic related.
Aren't those the things that your friends in GamerGate are against and consider the cancer that is killing the industry?

As long as they are intelligent enough to engage with the commune and are willing to do so.

Shit, you are right, of feel sick now, I'm sorry for being a species-ismist.

Again, they don't, cheap ass games make more profits than AAA games. And what the fuck does that have to do with the cost of making games?
Puzzle and Dragon, Player Unknown Battleground, these examples will ring true, and truer in the first place.
From the general trend, nope, indie games are breeding faster than AAA games, no matter the qualities. Just look at Steam, the current biggest game market.
You mention the cost of making games, and refuse to accept yourself of being wrong, and somehow bringing in Marxism will fix gaming.
Search Steam for the best sellers, notice how many are the AAA titles you are clamoring.
Everything is the cancer killing the industry, but the industry will not crash, it will just get bloated and more bloated. It will die when something else hooks the attention of the population.

This is the nature of a communist, to accept everyone and everything.

Competition requires bigger and bigger investments to win the adversary. It's the workings of the free market.
Mobile gaming is a whole other beast. And those games are not cheap to sell, they require untold millions to market the thing well enough to create a self sustaining community to begin with, not to mention the constant crew of designers that need to expand the game to maintain that community. Finally bringing a mobile game into this discussion is the purest form of survivor bias, how many hundreds of mobile games are released and declared dead each day? How many reach fame and profitability?
PUBG is another example of the same bias. How many shooters are released each day? How many even make it to the Steam frontpage? You cannot rely on these abysmal chances of success if you have the intention of betting your money on a game. How many Diablo clones made as much money as the main series? How many MOBA made as much money as Dota or LoL? How many MMORPGs made as much money as WoW?
If you are an investor you will look for guaranteed profitability, for the highest chance of success, for the long term winner. Not the 1 in a million chance of success.
And how many of them can compete in sale numbers with AA or AAA games?
That was not my point but ok.


Different dude but, Holla Forums approved noob country in eu4…Aka the ones that don't get you curbstomped or annexed within 50 years of the start.

Any of the big guys can do that for you. France can easily become unstoppable, the same can be said for Austria, Spain and England. If you want a more interesting start you can go with Venice which is small but relatively powerful or the Teutonic order with which you can form Prussia and their space marines.

But…I'm polish…and Prussia is faggy

Then why are you asking? Poland can easily become unstoppable. You start big and get almost immediately Lithuania under a PU. From there you can start kicking Russia's ass and from there take Europe. The only real risk with it is that you'll often have to fight on multiple fronts.
And I agree Prussia is faggy.

Well I'll see if I can go Poland. I've tried time and time again with Castile and every single time France curbstomps me. I also have a grudge against using the Ottomans, but that's because of a Turk who was the biggest shithead I ever met in my life being a friend of mine (till he turned reactionary and so on and so on)

Remove kebab by saving Byzantium and PUing it.

The Ottomans are fairly easy as there is no real threat for the first 100 years of the game.

That's a very simplistic way of looking at things.

And why shouldn't I include animals? Rights should be afforded based on sapience. I think rats are cute and while they can't be allowed to run wild obviously they should be contained and relocated as kindly as possible. The severely mentally handicapped do have less rights than the able even now, often they aren't allowed to make decisions about their own lives because they simply lack the understanding to.

I don't really see the moral issue with this, ayy lmaos are comrades, and furries, and robots, and uplifts. Yeah it's hardly an urgent issue since none of them are known to exist right now but one day we'll encounter/create one or more of them.

What was the most socially progressive country at the start of EU4 (1444)?

Except you don't have to win in the market, all you need to do is to make profits.
It's the same fucking shit actually, and their "millions" are still nothing compared to the budget of AAA games, and yet these games make profits, unlike AAA games.
And how many AAA games are released each day, champ? And how many reaches even fucking profits or dividend?
Except if you bet smaller, you lose smaller. Ubisoft for example has bet hundred millions on an AAA and see if fail off the Earth in matter of weeks or even days.
I'm not an investor, I play vidya games, and my experiences tell me one man can make a vidya cheaply and still make buttload of money, not needing any investment.
They make profits, unlike the average AAA games.
It's what you said yourself:
This is simply not fucking true.

Well, it is the truth.

Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen Dithmarschen

No, it really isn't.

You are seriously so fucking stupid.

Yes, yes, it is.

Do you want examples?

How and why?

In my experience playing as Trotsky increases difficulty as in the game the Trots will actually go to war with NATO meaning you have to be more far careful with the defcon level. I also haven't found a way to make the Technocrats dominant so I don't know how they would effect events if they actually held real power. Also doing reforms is a hard mostly because the UI is horrendous, once I rebuilt the economy as Romanov and reduced the work hours to 4 yet got no feedback (other then loyalty in the USSR republics had gone up that I had to check myself). I hope Ostalgie gives the player better feedback.

Holy shit I had no idea this even existed, thanks

Any tips for not getting rekt by Lubeck in the first couple years?

from the wiki

Dithmarschen starts in a difficult position with few expansion opportunities. Its neighbor to the north, Denmark, is far too strong to expand into early on. Other attractive expansion targets such as Hamburg or Lubeck quickly become free cities (protected by the emperor) or part of a trade league. Expansion is further hampered by increased aggressive expansion within the HRE, and as such will have to be slow and deliberate. Additionally, unless an alliance with the emperor is secured, demands for unlawful territory are likely and may lead to an attack by the emperor.

An ideal first target is East Frisia, which is the only small country nearby that can be attacked and that is not in the empire (thus no unlawful territory). Taking it will allow fabricating on more countries in the area as well. Saxe-Lauenburg may also be feasible, depending on alliance situations. It is important to note that speed of attack and military access play very important roles in the early game - the player may easily defeat two countries on their own, if they can overpower the first target without the second target being able to intervene in time.

Developing provinces (with the Common Sense.png DLC) may be beneficial to both strengthen the economy and trade power, and to spawn institutions if needed.

Initial alliances should be based on the player's rivals, and an alliance and high relations with the emperor (likely Austria) should be sought as soon as possible to avoid demands for unlawful territory and/or being declared war upon with the Imperial Liberation casus belli. As a republic, Dithmarschen is unable to form royal marriages, which makes it a little more difficult to build and keep alliances with bigger nations. It may also be beneficial to join a trade league in the beginning for defensive purposes.

Once Dithmarschen has grown into a regional power, it should be time to take on Denmark, ideally with the help of their rivals (likely to include England, Poland or Muscovy). It is also beneficial to support the independence of Sweden in order to both weaken Denmark significantly and to allow controlling Sweden's growth (in case the player is going for the "Lessons of Hemmingstedt" achievement). Further expansion should be in northern Germany and further to the south and east if feasible, and may even include Dutch territories - however, the player needs to be aware of the Dutch revolts happening between 1550 and 1650 with large and recurring rebel armies. This can be avoided by changing the culture of conquered Dutch provinces before 1550, or waiting with conquering until after 1650.

The player may form Westphalia; this requires becoming an elector, a prerequisite for which is being a monarchy, thus having to abandon the unique Peasant's Republic.

Due to its position in one of the richest trade nodes in the world, taking Trade ideas can be very beneficial.
Diplomatic ideas or Influence ideas can help manage aggressive expansion in the HRE
Military ideas such as Defensive ideas or Quality ideas stack well with Dithmarschen's national ideas
Humanist ideas can help with religious intolerance once the reformation hits.
Economic ideas can help to further boost national income

There are plenty of examples of you being a retarded cockhead. I don't need any more, thanks.

What are the best expansion packs for EU4?

What I don't like about the base game is there's no way to improve the quality of life for your people. All you can do is increase their tax burden, and increase the rate at which your serfs collect resources.

I regret bringing up eu4 any further

Well if you want to " improve the quality of life" for your citizens I suppose you could get 'Common Sense' which allows you to build on your development.
Other than that I recommend 'Art of War' for the vital war mechanics as a must.
El Dorito, The Cossacks and Rights of Man are also a lot of fun.
If you like the religion aspect of the game then you might need to get the appropriate DLC for each of the religions you want to play.
The DLC is expensive if you are a poor prole so only really buy that shit if it is on offer.

Or just torrent it, I'm pretty sure the money monster that is Paradox doesn't need any more of your cash for adding stuff that should have been in the base game.

Also, if you're trying to make your people's lives better you should probably be playing simcity or something instead, grand strategy games are mainly just for autistic armchair generals. There's barely any simulation of domestic issues.


if you really want to improve the life of your people with way more things such as surf vs free and city rights and such the best thing you can get is the mod MEIOU and TAXES its one of the best mods for the game and it adds A LOT of new stuff

If you want to improve your people's lives play Vic2 and not EU4.

big RTS and Grand Strategy fan here

like most of us. I'm modeling some new buildings for a hoi4 mod right now, not much comrades in the community there :(

So basically, no argument.

OK, I take that as a win.

you guys don't even know what a good game is when it slaps its dick in your face

but there's 2 comments on PUBG
without even mentioning that it started out as a mod for Arma 2
Arma exists since 2001 and it keeps getting better, and the DLC model they came up with for Arma 3 isn't even half bad

Bohemia Interactive hasn't fixed issues that has existed since Operation Flashpoint, like you said the stupid context menu system yet also you need mods to get a 3D editor and to have a quick and easy interface for editing. For example doing something as simple as including items on a unit or chest is far too complex through the stock editor since there isn't a drop down menu and ammo isn't linked.

Eden editor is out for quite a while now and i don't know what you mean, the Arsenal is really easy to handle and edit units and their gear, creating and saving loadouts for repeated use?

Eden came out long after modded editors did the same thing.

tbh a game having imperfect mod support is not the worst thing you can ask for nowadays, at least bohemia haven't seemed to have gone crazy with piecemeal DLC and microtransactions.

With that said let's move on, so, as of right now, whataya playan?

Welcome to the rice fields, motherfuckers.

Seconding this, especially since it's currently just $10 on Humble Bundle. Y'all should totes get it. :3

The remake of Crisis in the Kremlin. I do find the remake has horrible UI to the point the 1991 original in some regards is superior for example the 1991 handled policy far better, making it not only easy to understand but the 1991 game forces you into the policy screen each year so player won't miss their starting policy and how their policy changed over the year. Also the 1991 original showed you in graphs how you were doing over time.
I do wonder why there is any footage of the dlc The Accident on Youtube, everyone that posted gameplay footage of the remake of Crisis in the Kremlin sticks with the stock game.

that's just not true though, the Eden Editor is working way smoother and on top of that is essentially a real time mission creator tool when utilized as Zeus. there was no such thing before.
of course they could've developed something like this earlier, yet they still delivered and did so for free. so the point still stands. that's like saying "no need for environment sound improvements because there's JSRS"


Legit, nowhere near as cancerous as I expected from 4chan.

just about what i expected

I beg to differ.

What should I call advisor Happy Russian?

The author is a monarchist so it is badly written and designed

You are docked five labor vouchers and will be moved to a Class-8 residence. Glory to Arstotzka.

It's like you hate crushing the capitalists.
How is this game never mentioned here?

This was on the last thread before the autistic nuke happened

I have literally nothing to show yet since I just started twenty minutes ago, but I'm going to make a complete overhaul mod of GTA IV. It is already perfect gopnik simulator, all it needs is more communism. I'm quite familiar with OpenIV and GTA modding, so this should be quite fun. Dunno why I only started today, as I've wanted to do this for years, buttfuckit, today is the day, comrades.

Laughing Slav

It's hardly sympathetic to socialism is it, it's a decent game that doesn't really fit in the hysterical propaganda section either so yeah I left it off.

That sounds… difficult, good luck to you though.

So I started Warframe two days ago. What am I in for?


Counterpoint: No, but the Daud DLC is

I don't think that applies to Warframe from what I've heard.


awesome, I didn't like the leaked plot to hl3, and now I can finally articulate why

good lore knowledge, user

Seconding Godot, I've been messing around with the 2d parts of it, and its golden

user, excalibur is a male

that's fine too


If you're going to include games that inspire a feeling of solidarity, you could probably include some dating sims on that list.

Reminder that you should try to get a pre 4.0 switch if you want to pirate cardboard for free.
A post 4.0 way to softmod will probably be found anyways.

Why is no good communism life sim, tovarisch? Have many game of KGB and war, of growing potato with click and building mighty DPR, but is havings no good life sims of livings in glorious communisms! Can we fix, tovarisch?

Like this?

Play any dating sim, where characters seem financially secure and actually have time to develop relationship important to them.

I want something more… anarcho primitivist.

Dating sim is flat, you go nowhere and do nothing but read text, play Bejeweled and look at anime tiddies. Is boring, want more simulation, more exploration. Want to watch glorious army tank drive by, want to go turn in labor voucher for pierogi and kompot, want to go see what new artchitecture good friend Vladivostok has designed today, with many hopings that community approve new modern style and is not being like babushka.

But I like anime tiddies.

Imagine wanting to play video games after Matt destroyed Virgil in the gaming debate and proved gaming is bad. Put down your controllers and be free.

Stop playing video games.

Gaming is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the new opium of the people.

How undialectical! You need capital to gain social capital, currently unemployed and unemployable. The choices are suicide or keep looking for work and playing games until the bourgeoisie grace me with servitude and meager income then I can have a social life…in my limited free time somehow!

Try actually listening to the podcast I linked.

Video games are the output of a society broken by capitalist alienation and subvert any revolutionary drive that someone might have since it creates a false feedback loop or simulation of social cues and incentives that they cant get in real life because of capitalism. Anime Is even worse in this regard.

try not being a faggot, mister neolib

The Comecon made video games and odds are it would have continued to make games if it continued to exist. The fact simulators like Euro Truck are popular shows that people turn to games for something fundamentally missing in capitalist society and people turn to gaming to get a facsimile of what they are missing. It is deeper then a feedback loop though they such tactics are used. For example take a look at VRChat.and notice how it is basically VR role playing yet people still entertain themselves with such minimalist mechanics.

Gamers dont have a future in leftist politics. Gaming is simply the most effective form of the spectacle. gaming simply has the most effective anti-revolutionary tools out of all pop culture. It encapsulates you in a completely solitary environment where your own self growth is stunted.

The entire point of multi-player is to interact with other gamers, user created content also is users interacting with each other. Look at a public Minecraft server and notice how people interact.

Are you me? Because this has been my habit for rom-com anime for the longest time.

Be the change you want in the world, comrade.

I am, I'm the guy making the GTA IV Communism mod. Once I track down a few pesky files I'll have a few screenshots and maybe even a webm to show.

Oh boy this gonna be good

You sound exactly like the 50s reactionary ☭TANKIE☭s re: the bourgeois decadence of homosexuality. At least gamers are actually doing /something/, there's some user input, unlike those who sit back and just jerk off to their podcast deities.

Matt already addressed this in the podcast I linked. Being online with other people inside an artificial world that is designed to make you complacent is not the same as actually interacting in person and truly connecting with people. I really can’t wait until the debate recording is released and you guys get BTFO again.

Designed by who? Are you suggesting a conspiracy among all the content creators in Gmod? There has been a trend of the means of devloping becoming more accessible.

why a GTA IV mod? just what are you trying to mod to make it somehow commie?
your skill would be much more appreciated to create a GDR border unit mod for Arma with unique map and buildings (wall, fence, minefields), uniform, weapons and vehicles. shooting up dirty imperialist saboteurs and defectors that you hunt down with your comrades in TvT or TvE sessions

This is your brain on eceleb worship

Nobody cares about your performative woke bullshit.

How the fuck is Metal Gear Solid left leaning? You spend half of the series killing soviets.

it's supposed to be a bad thing that you're doing so

Orwell would be proud.

Yeah, and the game gives you prizes for not killing.

Is that sarcasm?
Never played so…

Also, you spend the rest of the series killing Americans and their puppets, which is unusual for a mainstream series to say the least…

Also you never kill Soviets when Stalin was leader, you only kill Soviets from Khrushchev onwards, Kojima is anti-revisionist

Big boss is pretty clearly modeled after Che Guevara.

Which part? The game really gives you prizes for playing without killing anyone



Comrade Kojima.

You can't do anything but state Matt has a critique that is argument from authority.

Ive been paraphrasing him throughout this thread and have yet to meet a real argument. Out of all mediums "video games" have a tremendously large alienating effect that separates you from the real world in way that wouldn't have happened if you didn't surround yourself in games and the simulation they provide.

It doesn't matter "who" designed it. Video Games developed out of the spectacle that keeps capitalist society running.

Yes it does matter, Capitalists making games effects the art greatly from the proletariat making it.

People are already alienated, it is not like if one simply doesn't engage in gaming that they are not longer alienated. The popularity of multi-player comes from people trying to have some facility of human interaction in this late capitalist period where alienation is predominant in normal capitalist interactions.

Except your supposed to be using that sense of alienation to reach class consciousness and organize instead of just being content in your room with your video game. In gaming you can truly dive into delve into a truly isolated world, this is uniquely technological and uniquely dangerous. Technology is liberatory to the degree to which there is a collective endevour to channel its energy and powers. What gaming is, is an individualized fantasy, a coping where the alienation of capital is, instead of being confronted is turned into a soporific for the individual.

But the gaming world is not really isolated, you jump into a Gmod server there are people and the world and mechanics are created by fellow gamers. Thus it doesn't have to be a individualized fantasy and to a extent it is not as you are playing on content of the community (that you can contribute to) with people in the community. Now this doesn't really do anything for class consciousness unless you have you have class consciousness content creators moving the community in that direction.

Too bad gaming as a medium is inherently reactionary and alienating as fuck.

Says who? Does that include games produced in the Comecon? You want to explain how Tetris in reactionary?




Your 'critique' of 'playing video games all day means you aren't organising with your fellows' can literally be applied to any activity that isn't leftist organising. Therefore videogames are no more or less reactionary than anything else even if we accept your absurd premise, you twat. I shouldn't have to explain this to you.

it is tbh


Those comments tho

I know that coh2 is full of propaganda, cherry picking and flatout lying about the red army, but it's multiplayer is so goddamn addicting.
10/10 would play it in the gulag

Why are you not playing Assault Squad 2 instead?

I used to have some interest in agile/scrum and translating ideas from that into how lefty meetings are run (like an idea about giving people cards they use in meetings to structure discussion for declaring estimates about how long tasks will take etc), then spoke to a programmer about it, and he basically told me that this is extremely annoying voodoo bullshit by managers to screw you over. He isn't even hard left, he occasionally talks positively about self-help books and so on. So…

According to what I recall from Holla Forums, Night in the Woods is barely a game, just a few dumb puzzles and shitty platforming. So, it all comes down to how much you like the dialogue and characters.

I actually do interact with my managers who are real people belonging to the same species as I, as hard as that is to believe sometimes, in my full-time job. What does it mean to "truly connect" with someone who is a coked out train wreck and yet somehow makes ten times your income? Did you even think about what you wrote? Oh, to truly connect, that sounds deep like in my animus. True Connections(TM) can only be had working to the rhythm dictated by the conveyor belt while shitty pop music blasts over your head ten hours a day, you guys. Have a free hot take: At the core of most of what passes for "left" criticism of gaming and other man-cave activities is just the old calvinist classcuck ethic in trendy new clothing: outrage over the plebs having free time.

I am, well i used to. Continuous days of seeding trashed my 1TB HDD.
So many weeks worth of altruism and this is how the powers that be repay me. Fuck me.

I own the first assault squad myself, but I've already poured thousands of hours into coh 2.

Mow:AS is more of a single player experience for me, I love modding it, but I personaly dislike the multiplayer. I don't like the balance, the tanks don't fell satisfying and are extremely weak, I don't like the way infantry is managed.
I prefer the more traditional rts approach taken in coh, with fast paced macro intensive gameplay and resource management.

It's more of a personal thing though, coh and mow are to different to be compared.

Some of them are positive though, so I'll take that as a win given how right-wing and astroturfed YT comment sections tend to be.

Does anybody know the name of that Stellaris mod that lets you play a bunch of different leftist governments?

As an aside, has anyone else noticed the recent upsurge in leftist/materialist YouTube comments? You'll never find them in the popular videos (likely because they're not worth commenting on), but they've been surprisingly prevalent on historical documentaries and even niches like anime clips and certain vidya.

Gaming is based purely on consumption. Stop trying to defend it.

You can say the same about books.

You seriously need to listen to more Matt Christman. Stop watching anime too.

Not just that, it is more fitting to say that about books, TV, comics than gaming.

I fucking love that game. Absolutely great terrorist simulator. A shame that that was the first and last of its kind.

Since I owned EU4 prior to my radicalization and was also a fan of Fallout as well, I found myself some old fun with these two and downloaded the Fallout Universalis mod which is surprisingly detailed.
And considering my new politics since i originally got the game, I decided to go with the only non-liberal, non-fascist, non-monarchist, and non-theocratic countries in the entire mod.
The Followers of the Apocalypse (NCR vassal in the mod), and the Chinese Remnant.
And hooly fuck they are some of the hardest countries to play as in the entire mod.
Here's my analysis of each country in the mod.
This post details the Chinese and my experience over 5 games which lasted an hour in total.
In the game the Chinese Remnant have a unique government type called "commune" which give you some pretty okay perks. You also get the "ghoul" religion making most countries in the are hate you. The only other Ghoul country in the area only the option to rival you (along with two others) so alliance with them is impossible.
The communal government also has the added Benefit of disabling diplomatic ties (replacement for royal marriages from the base game) so the only hope in the game for allying with anyone is to find a rival of your rival and use the "rival of my rival" perk to attempt an alliance with the added requirement of improving relations with that country. These types of alliances almost always turn into defensive ones as only one country will ever like to join you in a war because it's against their rival. Now you get 4 choices for expansion, either colonizing a province which will almost certainly bankrupt you, or attacking the 3 countries around you, only 2 of which you can even win a war with.
You border "The Brotherhood Outcasts" and 2 other minor countries, the Outcasts lucky for you get a debuff of getting an "outcast" modifier against all brotherhood of steel chapters as well as a heathen religion rebuff against all other countries making it difficult for them to ally anyone close. But, the added bebuff (for you) of requiring 15 troops to even lay siege to their province, and oh boy does the game love to give you insta claims to kill the outcasts because they have less troops than you.
That leaves only two other choices of expansion where Lady Luck can decide your fate on victory or defeat against these two neighbors. But unless you're lucky and get an insta-kill claim it's likely that they'll just ally someone before you can get acclaim making you have to search for allies to keep your enemy's allies occupied long enough to siege and annex the capital. And word of advice is try not to colonize even if the game lets you, especially if it's before you conquer two of your neighbors.
Overall from my experience I'd say it's a game where you have to think fast and hope early game is kind to you and allows an insta death of one of your two winnable rivals before they can get a rival.
Next reply is for Followers of the Apocalypse.

Followers of the Apocalypse Experience
The followers are a completely different story, the two games I've had with them lasted about an hour each since I had time to kill, and it takes about half an hour for each to decide if that run is worth saving or worth a reset because it relies completely on NCR and Caesar's Legion fighting.
In that run it's probably best to just have speed 5 on the entire time. In both games the NCR dominated against Caesar by getting more puppets to do their dirty work. Even with everyone joining an alliance of independence, after that first victory against Caesar's Legion the entire run is an instant bust unless you're lucky enough to have a white peace, because after the NCR takes any territory, Caesar's Legion (your only chance to have the NCR army beaten down a bunch) is unable to ever recover. Usually from my understanding The Legion can beat the NCR if they attack early otherwise the NCR will have enough puppets to use them to bully the Legion into submission while the main army cleans up the scraps.
From timelaspes of the mod this is always the case for New Reno (another NCR vassal) becoming independent, when the NCR loses territory (and assumably most of their army). Your best hope is that The Legion ONLY takes territory and doesn't demand that vassalage be given up as the defeat will make every other NCR vassal's liberty desire jump up (and you won't have a peace treaty with the NCR) allowing you to kick the NCR while it's down with all its former vassals in an alliance with each other.
But as I said, both took an hour at speed 5 and it will take about half an hour on each to see if the run is a bust. Oh and keep improving relations with all those other vassals and try to get New Reno in the alliance for independence first and foremost otherwise all other vassals will be unlikely to join the alliance, since without a pre-existing alliance almost everyone is hesitant to attack the NCR (as well as NCR sending gifts a lot to keep those subjects in check).
Due to being a OPM Vassal always being more disadvantageous compared to a free OPM it's very difficult to play (not to mention you can't make a claim against anyone but the NCR), but because the odd saving grace in this being all the vassals the NCR has, allowing you to all ally each other having a combined force strong enough to kill a kicked down NCR.
Another word of advice, if the conditions are right it's best to save before declaring war and start building a regiment before declaring war, raise war taxes at the very start of the war, and make sure your fleet comes home because there's no chance, no matter how much you try, to beat the NCR navy.
If you win or mostly occupy the NCR, get the entire "Boneyard" state for yourself (plus try and force the NCR to get exclaves) give at least one bordering province (preferably within their "state") to all of your allies, and start trying to ally either Caesar's Legion or New Vegas (who has assumably consolidated all power in his area) as both will be good regional allies since your alliance created only works well against the NCR and could fall apart fast should anyone else attack it's always best to have an ally that doesn't like the NCR but is close by. Since Necropolis is probably going to be your next target (unless you want to bully the NCR more since all these former vassals will definitely want to gain land from the NCR and will in all likelyhood join another NCR war because you gave them land).
With each passing NCR war make sure the NCR revokes cores in your land (best not to worry about allies since you can throw them under the bus when the time comes and NCR rebels could work well undermining them). Whoever is going to be the underdog to your east (either new vegas or Legion as Caesar's Legion's military deteriorates as time passes) is best to ally so you can bully the big guy (assuming your New gained lands allow the both of you to take down the bigger threat).

Once you've won with one or the other and can afford to start colonizing east/west look out for whoever consoladated in the Capital Wasteland/West Coast, in Boston, and of course the ever expanding Enclave (try to kill them quickly since they can snowball a lot) who will no doubt want to kill you. And if you get the bullshit luck I got of an institution forming in an isolated tribe it's best to make your way to them and annex them as fast as possible (since ideas don't spread accross uncolonized land and that debuff on tech costs can slowly make everyone go to a standstill in tech).

cultural overhaul?

The mod sounds actually pretty fun. I'll have to give it a try some day. Followers of course unless you can go anarchist New Vegas.
A the good old times where the followers were forced to die because of faulty programming.

In the mod anarchist vegas ending doesn't exist, Mr. House in the game is a permanent leader of New Vegas (unless you assassinate him). The mod takes place assuming you were Mr. House's jockey right after the battle of Hoover dam (in my recent Ronto run after I got too frustrated with the other two, I found Mr. House still leading new Vegas)

absolutely undialectical

sounds like a fun mod though.

Save the thread!

thanks. sorry I've had the flu. Been playing Subnautica, it's pretty fun

Half-Life 2 is the next-level shit, nothing to do with commie crap
In fact it portrays action that's beyond politics as you know it

How will "leftyv" ever recover?

ugghh do i really want to listen to 2 hrs of the chapo intellectual masturbation weird twitter house argue? not really

tell you what, you tell me what the best bit is, say 5-10 mins, and I'll listen to that

The Comecon had arcades, I doubt anyone seriously thinks they played any meaningful role in the political economy of the Comecon and if you were to have this debate in 1988 in the Comecon everyone would think you are daft for talking about gaming that way as the Communist parties of the Comecon didn't view gaming any different then sports like archery. To the Comcon it trained the masses hand eye coordination and to do what they are told (thus why the military got into the arcade biz), the game says you get points sinking these ships, and your agency doesn't matter as you are being scored on what the game wants. I would say this very idea is dominant in current games, most triple A games now do the same thing militaries wanted them to do in the 1980's where the player has no real agency as it follows a script, which is what Spec Ops: The Line tried to but Metal Gear Solid already did better much earlier. So the arguments against games in the link your provided is barking up the wrong tree due to treated all games the same, the idea that both Call of Duty and Minecraft equally gives the user agency is laughable.

Most communist vidya


again. So I've maxed all my starter weapons and it's become clear that I can't have all the mods I want maxed with only 30 capacity. How do I get stronger at this point? Since the other dmg mods deal in percentages, is it the idea that I should focus most on the basic +%dmg (to max?) and fusing other mods come second? Or are the Mk-1 weapons that bad?

That Matt guy sounds like a Larper

it's kulak af

What do you mean noob? People train their accounts to get the most gold from item drops, prices of the most expensive items are in the billions. the currency is literally gold. Ironman mode would be commie if it weren't completely solo. Aka complete individualism, not communism which requires everybody relying on everyone else


Loved this shit, the sound design was a treat and it presents capitalism's flaws in very personal ways.

i relate to mae on a personal level, I feel attacked

Hey guys, it's ya boy MM, I've made a Steam group for my game recommendations and also for us to potentially play together, since the leftypol group is not at all active. Please join and subscribe to the curator list if you're into that sort of thing. Thanks!


I have/had intense disassociation, i was a violent child, i have a hard time empathizing, i grew up in a shitty small town that crumbled away like possum springs, i view(ed) myself as the center of my social group, dropped out of college (twice!) and the arguments between mae and her mom might as well have been direct quotes.

Does FF7 count as a leftist game?

Man I hope somebody joins this group else the time reviewing games is gonna be sorta wasted.

Anywho, Cortex Command is free today on Steam, get it now before it goes back to normal price, you don't even have to play it, just click install.

We've got something interesting coming up.
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

It has you covered from multiple sides, recruit, organize and equip your revolutionary forces into assault using economic assets and resources earlier secured, then set your plans in motion whilist directly partaking in the offense, seeing thought and effort come to life.

It's appears solid even in it's early state.
A healthy hybrid of genres if I do say so myself, using their particular mechanics not for the sake of diversity but a coherent and enjoyable experiance.

We're speaking:
Strategy with unit deployment, resource menagement, order of battle.
RPG with comrade development and equipment menagement, making fellow revolutionaries not expendable like the soviet human wave doctrine, but essential part of the struggle.
And of course FPS for some action, having everything unfold before your very own eyes and taking part in the effort itself is more believable, engaging and enjoyable than just sitting behind your desk, looking at pawns topple over.

I'm not just hopepful, it's fairly promising instead. Time will tell.
Available in early acces on steam and already cracked on skidrowreloaded and the likes.

On a sidenote, wonder if Riot Civil Unrest will get it's shit together.



Checks out

Every battle is so much running.. Very slow game. Any way to speed up movement?

why waste money on niche games when you can get a sandbox to do everything of it and more?

a good shooter will make you walk a lot, it's a huge part of the battle
gettin formations right and using the right one adapted to the situation, ranging from terrain to direction of anticipated contact, and have all members in it check their security sector instead of having everyone stare into the same direction
avoiding contact and getting the upper hand by taking good firing positions
splitting up into covering and advancing team
traveling and bounding overwatch…
god it's so much fun to just "walk", and there is so much you can do with it
i pity the casuals that can't into tactical and milsim aspects of games, you are missing out on so much

True that.

sadly i only know about how to play and not one bit about creating missions in Arma but i think this could easily be done taking elements from existing missions/modes
there is the RPG "Life" mode (usually called after the map-name + life, ie "Altis Life") where you play as Civilian (legal work or criminal doing either drug runs or robberies), BLUFOR (either cops and/or military) and sometimes either part of the civilian faction via "license" you buy to get access to the gear or as a seperate RP faction, OPFOR, the "terrorists".

then there's Insurgency, where you advance through the map taking sector after sector. enemies can take them back if you do not react and defend against their advances. you also get points you can invest into supplies (usually CAS or armored vehicles, since usually you play as NATO but that can be changed).
combine that by liberating the island, say Altis, from the regimes regular Army, the AAF, and create missions where you have to access weapon staches, or create camps of your own… that too is part of insurgency and something you can invest points into, but make that into a small one in the woods rather than an FOB…
it'd be pretty cool i think

Is this the only choice?


Is Saints Row leftist? I've been playing the 2nd one and you fight an evil corporation at the end. Not to mention that the Ronin are pretty much Bourgeois (Shogo is a rich kid and his dad's a business man). Also, I think it was made by the same people who did Red Faction.

Nahhhh… It takes more than an evil corporation to make a game leftist. It could be anti-capitalist, but imo that's overshadowed by the other classcucky aspects.

I have sad news.

My computer is kill. I must go and get another job to afford a new one. Such is life in Capitalist America.

Steel Meridian and Red Veil.

its getting bogged down under its own lore but the crux of mgs is anti war, anti imperialism, anti capitalism and MGS2 is like all about being controlled and alienated by external political forces you cant even comprehend.

Any fantasy series that are explicitly left leaning? I feel like morrowind gets close but its not a focus.

FGW is fucking magnificent and should be supported. A trio of really cool people went and made a game that is for all practical purposes, Vaguely Slavic Innawoods Simulator 2018, putting out about an update a day since release.


Not on purpose, I honestly have no title to give you.

Got back into MGS V just to suffer again, you guys think Konami will port MGS 2-PW to PC or are doomed to be trapped to emulators

I doubt it highly, Konami doesn't even want to make games anymore.

Sorry, I'm not a Jerpg fan.

Well fantasy doesn't lend itself well to leftist themes considering they are often about aristocracy vs bourgeoisie.

I've been told Arcanum is a good leftist fantasy game

I feel like playing Hong Kong 97 just so I can murder Deng's stupid fucking floating head

Hong Kong 97 is living proof that communism will always eventually win, it's just the dialectic kiddo

Okay, the curator list is all done with reviews of all the games on the current revision of the list, still only 1 follower though, please join!

Did you even read the bizarre story in the game?
I hope you were being ironically bad.

My point is there's infinite fuckin ugly reds and you literally cannot win the game, the west will always be eventually crushed by the red tide no matter how long they resist

Anyone playing Path of Exile? I mean in general not the current league specifically.

Played Napoleonic Wars with the name Orwell_Was_A_Socialist and had some Varg-lite "we wuz germans, we btfo romans and shit" primitivist get all autistic in the chat. What exactly is it about historical games that attracts Holla Forums types?

muh ancestors. That's literally fucking it

I have just the picture…

Oh my fucking god

Ok lads, other than CoD: WaW, what are some good games where you can play as the Red Army?

Red Orchestra (preferably with the Darkest Hour mod; Soviets aren't the focus but they're there. Base game is all Soviets vs. Germans but it's dead unless you speak Russian) and Red Orchestra 2
Forgotten Hope mod for BF1942 (might be dead, haven't played for ages)
Forgotten Hope 2 mod for BF2 (just torrent it honestly)

Graviteam Tactics games (Operation Star, Mius Front)
Combat Mission: Red Thunder
Wargame series (post WW2 though)
Windows Steel Panthers WW2 (hex-based turn-based wargame, not everyone's cup of tea but it's free)

I'll look into some of those, thanks, I've never actually played the first RO, played RO 2 and RS 2 tho