Socialists/Communists hate modern Capitalism

Hmmmm, really makes you think…

What is progress?

read Bordiga

A brainlet concept stemming from brainlet enlightenment thinkers.

Wow that really made me think, OP

Read Marx

You don't know what Traditionalism means lol


Traditionalists don't support Nazism or fascism lol

That wasn't what I was implying. Only that you believe in ghosts.

behold, the power of brainlets.

le stirner


Yes. Now read it.

I'm guessing you mean Burkean Conservautism or something, or a marrying Christian values and the state. The former, asinine and blockheaded; the latter, asinine (read Nietzsche, specifically Genealogy of Morals) and impossible under Capitalism.
Do you desire a return to feudalism? Because I've read quite extensively on European feudalism and it was a profoundly stupid system and required backward superstition to maintain order (specifically the Lord, Serf relationship and the relationship between the Lords and Nobility/Clergy). I could go on about feudalism but I have a itching feeling you don't know what it is. I know a bit about Japanese feudalism but not as much.

Please, enlighten us on what Traditionalism is.

*marrying of' Christian…

Gee, I would have never guessed.

The status quo is shit, but the past was even more shit and feudalism was incredibly shit.

But go ahead, explain to us how busting you ass all day in the fields, being ruled by an insular, incestuous clique of landlords and dying at the ripe old age of 30 was the good old days.

It's not like Marx hated capitalism despite openly declaring that it was still the best thing ever.


Tankies defend Fuedalism with communist characteristics in every North Korea thread


Read /dprk/ before spouting off faggot

Haven't seen you liberals faggots make any argument in their general.

Gee, I wonder who's behind this post.

Is this the power of liberals

is this the power of the isolation of the russian revolution

all ☭TANKIE☭s can do is spam pictures of the nice areas of North Korean cities, as if that's representative of the entire country, or even the entire cities.

Then it should be easy to btfo them with arguments, yet I see none of you do anything other than throw accusations without backing them up.

Communists hate capitalism for what it fails to be, not for what it has done. Traditionalism takes all the failure and none of the achievements.


Choose two

Where is the proof? You are purposefully misrepresenting leftist opinion as liberal pap. If you put any social issue before a socialist, you will get a well reasoned argument that in no way relies on le current year.
You have nothing but strawmen, go back to complaining about white woman not wanting to fuck your pale skinnyfat ass.

Capitalism IS a form of slavery.

My point in North Korea threads is always threefold
1. North Korea deliberately misinforms foreign journalists and obsfucates the true state of the country (especially rural areas)
2. It is naive to trust anything the DPRK says about the conditions of their country.
3. It's functionally a monarchy.

I don't know what life is like in North Korea. But neither does that insufferable Tanky with a folder full of pictures of North Korean city centers. The flow of information out of North Korea is controlled. Foreign journalists are assigned 'minders' to ensure they only stick to areas that appear relatively functional. When foreign journalists get a rare opportunity to roam freely, they take pictures like the one I posted earlier.

Also it is nearly canonical on Holla Forums that all North Korean defectors are lying about conditions within North Korea. I think this is laughable, and comparable to Holla Forums's denial of the holocaust.

No, Burke is a brainlet's idea of Traditionalism.

This thread was completely derailed by bullshit sectarianism.

Go on…

OP here.

None of you know what Traditionalism means and think it means 'reactionary' as in returning to the past.

Why do you criticise that which you have never studied?


Read my posts you smelly nigger

What use do we have for your silly traditions? What use do we have for your needless and, yes, reactionary application of your personal morals to every other person?

So what does it mean?

Type perennial philosophy and traditionalist school into Google, friend.

t. Guy who grew up with a single mother and bears no connection to his people or land

You could've been right, but you're not. In fact I've worked in forestry for >4 years now. And I grew up in a nice comfy leftist nuclear-family.

Nuclear families aren't traditional, brainlet. They're a capitalist invention.

The families of the past had a dozen children, not two or three.

What sare you trying to say?

t. every single non tribal or isolationist traditionalist ever.

That's not what nuclear family means. It doesn't matter how many children you have, nuclear family is about the mother father children as the basic organizing unit of society in stead of clans, extended families, and so on.

I am a traditionalist because of some time I spent living in a religious commune.

They are good spooks desu. They make people happy.

Yes I've read the Aldous Huxley book. Whoop-de-doo.



D&C shill spotted.

So mysticism, basically? What does that have to do with anything?

Good, good
Welp, way to miss the point

People didn't die at 30, you're pretty dumb if you think they did, infant deaths brought down life expectancy massively but if you made it past child hood you generally made it to old age, dying with dignity in your early 70s instead of being kept alive artificially into your 90s, going senile and your only reason for existing being a cash crop for pharmaceutical companies and specialist HMOs.

Not a single intelligent argument in this thread. The socialist argues with pretension not in earnest.

If traffic picked up there I would leave

To be fair, people who argue on the internet are basically the gutter trash of humanity.


You only reply with one sentence replies, and intentionally refuse to define "traditionalism" as you see it.

I see nothing beyond feels>reals from the right ITT.

so you're a gay ass buddhist hippie? Burke looks down on you.

how many worthless shitposts are you gonna make before you start giving us something to work with?

Read Moldbug leftycuck


Moldburg is a liberal.

you sure showed us

Moldbug is trash, his historical analysis is trash and his theory is even worse. The only good thing to come out of his shit is Land's take on him, and even that was not great. The Cathedral is basically the Spectacle except reactionary and more conspiracy based.

Go back to reddit you fucking retard. You obviously don't read his sources or try and understand his arguments in good faith, because he's constantly addressing the exact shitty half-baked arguments you made. Like the other user said, if you had any confidence and will in your arguments, you'd be on /dprk/, but instead you're here whining like a little bitch because you can't handle the heat. Clearly you're just trying to justify your liberal position on North Korea rather than attempting to understand the situation.


Whats wrong with this pic? Nicely painted rural house.