Is this the final boss of the hegemonic liberal-bourgeois university Ideological State Apparatus...

Is this the final boss of the hegemonic liberal-bourgeois university Ideological State Apparatus? The average liberal non-marxist professors, who exists to negotiate discourse to absorb class struggle, and produce consent to late-capitalism?

Do we have to overthrow universities before they can dish out proletarian hegemony?

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I have no idea who this is.

Literally who

I think OP was talking about the archetype, not the specific person in the pic.

No such thing.(Four posts and all of them are bait.)


Now that you mention it, universities in America really are counterproductive to socialism, aren't they? STEM churns out reactionaries and euphoric centrists, and Humanities are an assembly line of SJWs.

What would Pol Pot do?


marxist profs are near extinct

all academia will be purged come revolution

Academia? More like a bourgeois re-education camp amirite

Sociology and gender studies isn’t Marxism, Holla Forums. Besides, most of Holla Forums isn’t going to be choosing those majors when they get to university, so how is it evidence of brainwashing?

I can understand Humanities, but how does STEM churn out reactionaries.

STEMfag here, everyone in my department is either a ☭TANKIE☭, or some sort of leftist. The center-right people got beaten up a few years ago and no longer exist.
Being an anti-science leftist is the number one sign you are a fucking idiot.

scientism - their knowledge is only to serve the interests of authority/profit/power. anything in the way of profit/power/authority they deem incorrect.

STEM majors are basically the technicians that happily keep capitalism running.

Humanities students have embraced the stereotype created by STEM/reactionaries of being retarded pothead liberals. No one takes us seriously animore (not that it has been much better in the whole past century) unless you are an economist. I really hope the likes of can bring some relevance to leftism again.


There's a certain dialectic to it, doesn't it? Agrarian societies with small towns mean people interact with about the same amount of people our wild ancestors did, while the hive effect of a city no doubt affects us in a way we can't even study yet.

My personal experience and general feeling I get from teh interwebs. A handful, the ones with clear people skills or just plain psychopathy signs, are the future silicon Porkies, and the rest are on the way to be anal-retentive petty-bougies who brag about working 80-hour weeks and whose number 1 electoral concern is muh taxes.

Did you graduate from Leningrad U, because I wish my colleagues were like that. But then again, it's where I met the only person I was ever able to talk about politics with in real life and he was a gommie too.

Economists still have influence in that they're the modern equivalent of shamans and priests, not out of any intellectual or technical skill. But yeah, Humanities aren't what they used to be. Hard to believe Lenin, always impeccably dressed and behaved (unless challenged), aced the bar exam after studying all by himself. Compare that to the stereotype you mentioned.

How do you find out someone else is a socialist? Can Holla Forums formulate a test for ID that isn't A.) autistic or B.) outing the questioner as a communist? We need the best science here.

That's not entirely true, depends on the discipline. Things like math and engineering churn out reactionaries because economics is a big part of engineering.
Sciences like bio instead churn out liberals who are generally more progressive than a standard liberal, so IME they are more open to leftism than other STEM majors.
Not really, I get paid by the government to do research, and I publish my research in journals for the world to use. And icing on the cake is I have to PAY to publish that research, I don't get paid for it. What I publish is picked up by pharma usually so yea it could be argued I am propping them up, but that's the nature of the beast until we overthrow capitalism, and I gotta eat.

You pick up people's opinions when you spend time with them, and for the vast majority of my colleagues I did hear crap that most definitely put them on the right side.

That is very time intensive, but is certainly a tried and true method. I thing it stings the most when you find out someone "cool" has really shitty opinions.

No, but I am in Europe.

What the fuck are you talking about. What. The. Fuck.
You think that science, the greatest endeavor of the human mind is inherently reactionary? Do I need to remind you where Marx and Engels got their ideas form? That the first scientist, like Democritus where also the first serious materialist philosophers?
Your knowledge of science and the scientific method is not based anywhere in reality.
The first thing one learns when studying in STEM is there IS no authority. Fucking Newton got BTFO'd by Einstein and even Einstein got BTFO'd by quantum mechanics, THERE IS NO AUTHORITY. Seriously, read the fuck up and stop being an idiot.

Here is a great article by one of the previous century's most influential physicists, start here:

I feel like if I punched him, my fist would be absorbed through his face like Po from Kung Fu Panda.

Instrumental rationality is reactionary under latecapitalism. Reason and god are buried in the same grave as the Real, comrade

University makes you pretty dumb though.



Wow some pretty big words you're using there, maybe you should accompany them with some actual arguments. What do you think of nuclear power, it;s productive and destructive capabilities are huge- BUT! It's totally not "real" because "ThE ReAl iS dEaD".
Next time you're sick don't take medicine, it's FUCKING REACTIONARY.
How about effective agriculture? Doesn't work, it's reactionary, since it uses logic and reason, humanity can live of worms and tree roots.

Do I seriously need to point out that you are literally deluded if you think reason is dead? And because I'm kind of wondering if your stance on the subject matter is because of your complete lack of knowledge and understanding on the subject of science, is it?

If you can't differentiate the exponential function, your opinion in science is invalid.

Maybe read Horckheimer for the first part and then Lacan but moreso Baudrillard on the Real whhen u come across it capitalized. Also be careful with your technological determinism.

Universities are places to work out your garbage ideas. They are not indoctrination centers.

Imagine saying this with a straight face. This is why we will likely never win another election.

Everything under capitalism is actually an indoctrination center, at least to a certain extent

There's absolutely nothing remotely unreasonable about what he said. Peterson is openly transphobic and borderline white nationalist

who gives a shit
Dubious claim but even if that's true it's still a far cry from Hitler

Are you aware trans and nb people still get murdered for being who they are? Peterson is de facto promoting harassment of NB folks

my fucking dad harasses trans folks he aint hitler lmao

he is shitty though, trans folk done nothing wrong

he's not wrong lol

Don't they have lower murder rates than the general population? Like half in some cases?


That depends, do you mean Holla Forums or r/the_donald, because there's plenty of r/the_donald in American schools, most universities have a konservative kids klub.

Yes they do. Most of them are extremely coddled Yes they do. This is probably because a lot of them are coddled bourgie kids.

I'm aware of this and I don't give a shit. Communism is about critiquing everything about the present state of affairs. Not your fetishes. Have them if you want idgaf but I'm not going to defend you from the spooked masses either

Everyone is psychotic nowadays. I remember talking to some pretty chill trans anons back in the day, but since then the general atmosphere has become hyperpoliticised and alienating. The contemporary subject is simultaneously coddled and skinner boxed into psychosis.

You may very well be right but whatever the reason is it doesn't concern me or anyone I care about so I don't give a shit. I certainly don't see any way that advocating for the legislatures of the bourgeoisie to gift trans people "civil liberties" will bring the proletariat any closer to seizing the factories. The trans conflict with the spooked is none of my concern and I would suggest that my comrades on this board not make it theirs for their own sake. It's a waste of your time and energy and those things are precious m8s

Yeah actively trying to keep the iww out of that shit. The left needs to get their priority back to the factories jumping on every new trend every 6 months has been useless to the proletariat.

For trans issues being "none of your concern", you spend a Hell of a lot of time babbling about it. It's almost like idpol is actually really important to you or something.

Same here comrade. My chapter is actually pretty receptive to the idea. As long as you approach the topic without being a dick it isn't that hard to convince a room of mentally healthy people that a labor union should be involved in unionizing and not the latest batch of shitty idpol. I hope things are going well for you to man.