Dazed and Confuzzled

Morning lads. In the past few days I've had my worldview raped and murdered and I don't have a fucking clue what Ideology I follow. I've gone from being a hard-line Fascist who hated the Jews to a somewhat Socialist person who wants the workers to own the means of production in under a week. Every time I take an 8values test I get πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§(centristπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§). Currently confused and I feel SHOOK. Anyone have this happen to them before?

You might be a brainlet whose worldview is so superficial, it can be switched with another as if you were in a supermarket in a matter of seconds.

No, we all come from a communal family along the border of Ukraine that raised us to be socialists from birth.

Considering OP is a fascist and was probably a Holla Forumscuck, this is most likely true.

Read nibba

Well it could just be that your basing your politics entirely on reaction and emotion instead of logic and materialism. Read some Marx, ground yourself in a solid theoretical framework to better understand politics and the world

I consider myself somewhat socialist, though if you read muh post you'd know I no longer consider myself fashy.

Be a socialist. Here is some reading. Holla Forums likes all of these but honestly I haven't finished the second.

Why were you a fascist? What about it appealed to you? What convinced you to become a socialist instead?

If you're the kind of Holla Forumsack who's pro-saddam then you're atleast a million times better than the "totally not neocons" fashcucks who support american imperialism

Well, I was and to a lesser extent a frequent viewer of all the right wingers on YouTube (Sargon, BravingRuin, you get the idea). Hated Blacks (still do), hated Jews (Not anymore), and I hated AntiFa, and thought they were a terrorist organization (Not anymore). I guess the appealing aspect of Fascism was the insurmountable stability. What convinced me to become a Socialist was a couple hours of Parenti, and to an equal extent, BadMouseProductions on YouTube.

why tho, blacks just have a culture that you find displeasing just as all of us find religious fundamentalism displeasing. how can you have workers own the means of production if you don't even view black people as your equal? i would even say that the problem with the culture of blacks is vastly a poverty and commodity culture problem.

Racism is a tool of the ruling class to divide the working class. Judge people based on their character and ability, rather than the color of their skin.

Of course blacks aren't equal, but they shouldn't be discriminated against.

Well if that's the case they're doing a pretty shit job of it, considering racism is illegal in some nations, and if it isn't illegal it's widely hated.

Believe what you want to believe. Just know that your shooting yourself in the foot by leaving out millions of people just because of infographics from Holla Forums.

Why do you hate blacks? What is it about black people/culture that you hate?

so what, do you think that everyone is inherently unequal? because yes we know this, yet they are human nonetheless, so why disclude them with a complete generalization of human lives?

You know, standard shit. Inability to follow law, idiocy, and inability to be a parent

It's important to recognize the truths in life, regardless of muh were all humans

You wouldn't know truth if it shit in your mouth.

Racism is a useful tool because it allows the capitalist to exploit a portion of the population without having to justify their living condition to the rest of society. Why was it necessary to consider black people inferior? Because otherwise the liberal masses would never have accepted slaves in their country. Would you allow a fellow white to be enslaved? Would you allow a black instead? See how the mechanism works?
This is not limited to slavery however. In the modern world low paying jobs are typically held by the hated strata of society: immigrants, blacks, Mexicans. You see the hate is a really useful tool here, are paid next to nothing and because of their social status no major social movement is fighting back their exploitation (and with this I'm talking of privileges, rights, etc. but only and purely of economical exploitation). They deserve it. They're X and they're corrupting our society.

The origins of racism are in the colonialist era to allow the great European nations free reign over the "savages". They were inferior beasts and so it is only right that they are treated as such. Before that racism was almost unheard of. We had black Roman emperors for example and I assure you the Romans looked down on everyone and everything (still do to be honest, the arrogant twats).

To me it just sounds like you get the entirety of your politics from unqualified e-celebs whose relevance comes solely from charisma and the internet.

You should try to read some books, (I know, you Holla Forumsacks hate it) or at least go out to the real world and meet some "humans".
If you get close with other black people, you'll learn that they're just like you, and you'll see that it was external factors that influenced their behavior.

What truth is that exactly?

wew lad

All I'm saying is recognition without action. Recognize that blacks are inferior, and continue on with life.

I love reading lad, just picked up Islands In the Stream.
I know what your referring to, but there's 3 very simple words I believe everyone should consider: Follow the law

Blacks are inferior to just about every other race, and race is more than just skin color.

Fine whatever believe all you want . Just keep in mind the reason you are told to hate them or any other subgroup. Economical interest is the prime motivator of race relationships and it is a unique feature of capitalism.

we know that there's a genetic difference between the races, but what you think as inherent d.egeneracy is just the build up of the constant societal force of oppression that goes on. blacks have not escaped poverty precisely because of the hard coded racism that they have faced for a long time, especially in america. now it's just a sort of soft situation not enforced by law, but can be found in the ideas have built up through anecdotes or statistics. yes we know blacks commit more crime than whites, but have you ever seriously considered that this crime is a condition of poverty? their culture is just the amalgamation of their conditions, not their fucking genes. this debate is old, unless you can prove there is a basis for this d.egeneracy that is "inherent" then you've got nothing to stand on but a massively enforced century old idealism over petty hatred.

" yes we know blacks commit more crime than whites, but have you ever seriously considered that this crime is a condition of poverty? their culture is just the amalgamation of their conditions, not their fucking genes."

It's a combinination lad. There is no excuse for theft, or any other basic law.

give a genetic causation for what created the conditions of racial greatness (eg "western civilization") and likewise for racial inferiority.

No excuse for theft? What if I am starving and I steal some food to survive. Am I justified?

also are you saying it's not okay to steal under the dire conditions of poverty from say a large company that will always recuperate from shrink?

Where do you draw the line? All socialist insurrections are "against the law". What about instances were law clearly discriminates against certain sects of society? Do you think that Gandhi's nonviolent resistance should have been violently repressed?

First, tell me what fascism meant to you personally. Don't give me Mussolini's definition or whatever, I want what *you* think it is/was.


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Never before has Holla Forums struck such a mortal blow to my ego.