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If Nazis were here in good faith, they wouldn't be Nazis.

Naziposter can do it though, but I think he is a left-leaning nazbol at this point



Oh, come on, we don't?
He wasn't all bad.

Idk how you can't support Castro, he didn't really do anything wrong other than get embargoed by the most powerful nation on earth. The worst thing he did was probably the gay re-education camps, but that's something he later expressed profound regret for.

Have you got source on that? If that's true, I'll take my words back on Castro.

Fidel Castro did not blame the ruling Communist Party for the discrimination, instead regretting that he himself did not pay enough attention to the plight of gays during an era of sabotage, armed attacks and assassination plots against him.

Take that as you will friend.

fucked up the formatting lol

Thanks m8, this is quite impressive he is willing to acknowledge personal responsibility like that.

They look middle eastern as fuck damn.

You unironically deserve Guantanamo

Seriously? You hate Castro just because he didn't treat a sexually obscene group of people with resounding respect?

So much for "the tranny isn't the board owner". Thanks for the confirmation though!

People here are people like anyone else, a lot of them seem to have accepted the idea that it is in fact BO without solid proof other than "because they keep deleting it".

Pretty sure he's not a tranny

What if this is BO plot to divert from his actual identity?

Why do you assume I hate Castro? It was just a matter of whether I support him more or support him less.


At least the mods can do something right.

Our moderation crew really fucked up this board.

Yeah, because they don't ban more Holla Forums brainlet dipshits.

have some balls you cucks


yeah I'll support some "communists" funded by the CIA

stalin was funded by the CIA?

No one should ever take you serious in real life.

Good prole

i don't read greentexts

he should have said communist instead of communists anyway if he's only going to cite pol pot

What a faggot you are. Just stop, it's not a good look on you.

Also read Marx or fuck off.

i have read marx you boner

What specific kind of material does Marx use as an example consistently throughout Capital?



White people are not only the lowest they have ever been of the global population percentage wise, they are also at the lowest percentage wise in their own historical homelands. Worse, in demographics where they count the most, in particular live child births and representation in major cities, they are already an absolute minority.(Banned for evasion)

Sasuga Holla Forums. For example I bet you make Bongistan memes even though Britain is 85% white British.

That's not "massaging" the statistics at all. Claiming "there are more white people than ever before" while completely denying the context in which these white people find themselves is "massaging" the statistics. Let's not even get into the age distribution of these white people because that is catastrophic enough in of itself. We are literally a dying race and leftists when they are not outright denying it tell not to worry that it doesn't matter anyway.(Banned for evasion...again.)

I agree.

White nationalism under the guise of leftist economics is still white nationalism.

It's not genocide when apple is not being crushed, but instead, orange is added next to apple.

[citation needed]

From the horse's mouth.

So about as credible as first hand accounts of the Holocaust?

Yes, your le archipelago book is just as credible as your holocaust denial sources.

This is more likely tbh.

tl;dr, go write your diary on /r9k/, faggot.


Holla Forums 2013 v 2017


Are these the guys who are running around calling everyone soyboys?

If you can't even handle arguing with Holla Forumsacks you might want to go to a safer space than this.
#NotAllPolyps are shitposters


you do realize most pol posters are false flag right?

i don't constantly observe these threads as you can see by the fact that i'm only reading this like a day later

what's up with cripplechanners aggressively saging anyway