Orthodox church: Owned vast amounts of land and wealth, supported tsarist autocracy, enforced religious education...


Who said we liked schismatics?

No, I don't take issue with that, the higher clergy and the taking away of land, that is. I take issue with their destruction of art and literature which is unforgivable

Don't blame us Protestants and Catholics for what the Orthodoxy does. The Orthodoxy just seems to Harbor a lot of authoritarians and fascists.

My only complaint is the continued persecution of the church after is rehabilitation under Stalin. Khrushchev was a mistake.

The Bolsheviks destroyed many churches (there is tons of footage of this) and killed many clergy. You can't justify this without being an edgy fedora.


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it's true to be honest. many super-reactionaries among the upper clergy in the eastern churches. if i were to guess, I'd say it was because of their anti-Commuism which they adopted in the face of state Communism which got them together with fascists

The slaughtering of my sides will be remembered as a historical event.

What are your thoughts on confederate statues?

Should be put into a museum. De-politicize them by removing them from public spaces.

if they're too offensive, they can be stored away to a museum or elsewhere for art experts and historians to have access to them.

not fucking comparable anyways,

What went wrong?

My guess is you believe that tanks were justified because the Bolsheviks' persecution of the Church was situational. Except it wasn't. Groups throughout history that were not Communist have persecuted the Church

Putting them into museums doesn't remove their political significance. You can't "de-politicize" something just by moving it.


The destruction of historical buildings, art, texts, and other historical artifacts can’t be justified. Killing clergy of corrupt auttoritarian religious institutions is a moral obligation.

How can you be a Christian and a communist? Isn't God the biggest landlord in the universe?

If he made everything then clearly he is a prole

If an immortal man builds an apartment building singlehandedly, does that make rent extraction okay?

Thankfully He doesn't ask for rent, and He's very displeased that others are hoarding for themselves His creation that He gave to all of mankind.

Those statues are anything but ""ART""
They produced en-masse to profit off neo-confederate groups during the Jim Crowe Era and hold almost no historical worth.

How can you be christian and capitalist? Christ literally whipped them. Rich wont be accepted to heaven. You must be a moron to sacrifice eternal happiness for few tens of years of luxury on earth.

Read Hobbes. God's dominion is guaranteed by its immense power over all things at all times. No human being or human institution could ever obtain that sort of power, and if they ever claimed to possess it they would be lying.

This guy gets it

Give me a break. 'Reactionary subver clergy' was in 99% of cases a label slapped onto innocents to satisfy the Bolshevik's bloodshed. All governments and all armies commit atrocities and as Marxists we should condemn them all even when they come from 'our' side.

Under feudalism clergy serve and incredibly important function and therefore must be destroyed unless they sided with the revolution beforehand.

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