It's all gonna come crashing down in about 9-15 months
Be prepared start organizing now in your own personal life but more importantly in your communities
It's gonna make the Great Recession look like a blip in comparison

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pin this thread so that in 9-15 months i can come back in a mcdonalds with a stolen phone and see it, then masturbate to it

Haha I totally know what Dow Jones is but you should explain for the other anons.
I don't see why this necessitates a bubble, it could rise for a while, plateau, dip early, proofs pls

Honestly, I've been expecting this for the past two years. Your came predict when it'll happen, but happen it will.

So far, it's critically stable, because student loans don't get wiped like mortgages, and Saudi Arabia still stands so US dollar still buys middle eastern oil.

a generation of people who cant money on things isnt very good for the economy

That's what immigrants are for.

More mexicans are leaving america than coming in

Aren't most immigrants to America coming from Europe and Asia, now, though?

No most are coming from Latin america. And then a lot of them are moving back to latin america

No, they come from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, etc.

Sub prime mortgages are about to pop in the US, theres also a massive rent bubnle so landlords and tenants will ve in trouble, and half the population cant afford a 400 dollar emergency. What other ingrediants does this witches brew need for a collapse?

It's a bubble because it's based on financilization and vastly outpaces real economic growth of under 3%.

The elite have already swayed public opinion in their favor on that matter. Everybody just blames it on a sudden epidemic of young people being entitled, rather than the system.

An economic crash is always coming. A broken clock is right twice a day.

Mid 2018- to early 2019 gonna be Great Recession 2 electric boogaloo

As opposed to the bourgeois economists who predict zero recessions before they actually happen and 50 of the last 5 economic booms?

Zerohedge is pretty hardcore austrian, and if you listened to them you would have missed out on a huge equities boom completely.

Is this Zero Hedge?

What do you mean?
note the fight club references

So why all the HB1s?

Sure you've got the right flag there, buddy?

You knew what I mean, whatever

It's a Holla Forums screencap. The point still holds though.

I somehow doubt that immigrants, many of whom are either very wealthy and receive citizenship in exchange for investing a certain amount or are entering illegally with the clothing on their backs are taking out so very many loans at all.

Daily reminder: withdraw as much cash from 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧banks🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 as you can. There will be a 'bail in' this time. Withdrawal will also help precipitate the crash.

I'm not a trader but it would be a good time to realize those gains in equities while you can.

Buy land with a well and have one years worth of food saved.

Not everyone who immigrates comes illegally or is super-rich. There are immigration for normal workers and it’s not impossible for them to get credit. Plus if they are the super-rich variety that works all the better

I think immigrants, even illegal ones, can take out student loans, right?

He's not quite right. The purpose is to import consumers, not necessarily to import debtors. How do impoverished Africans get money to consume? Well, take some money from Germans, Brits, etc. and give it to them.

I don't understand this, why would food just stop being produced?

It won't. But distribution will be messed up in the event of civil unrest, power outages or disasters.

Honestly, to me the best explanation is the reserve army of labor. Without having that slack in the labor market wages could easily rise putting pressure on The profits that capitalists earn.

People usually say “oh well, there’s no proof immigration harms the native working class and we have plenty of unemployed anyway.” Well, on the first point immigration has been shown to harm the poorest segment of the native working class because their competing for the same jobs. The second point is yeah we have a fair amount of unemployment but you can never have too much of it really. If those workers with jobs aren’t afraid they could be out on their ass tomorrow their attitude might change.

And lastly, the capitalists promote immigration in order to reconstitute the system through a revolutionary breaking down of old barriers. Capitalism is no longer the province of dottering old straight white men and it never completely was but becomes a vibrant multicultural project producing revolutionary new forms of social being and make-up.

It also delays the crisis of imperialism as oppressed nation bourgeois can simply export their manpower to the first world where it’s needed. It takes off some of the pressure put on them by the masses to fight back against the neocolonial super-powers or to improve their own living conditions at home.

Not that user, but if you live in a country dependent on imports there might be local shortages if the exchange rates go haywire.

Also, ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.

Even in death, USSR and comrade Stalin are looking out for you. Pay your respects.

This is wrong. Many migrants don't work and never will, and governments are well aware of this. Unemployment among e.g. Somalians is huge. The goal is to import more consumers, not to exert downward wage pressure. Why do you think immigrants and birthrates are always mentioned in the same sentence?

Who knows if you'll be able to afford it, and why save gold ingots when you can just save food directly? There are plenty of items with a multi-year shelf life.

And capitalism has recessions every 5-8 years like clockwork.


Their potential workers that’s the point. If the labor market gets too “tight” as the capitalists say they can always be called in. It usually never is so tight that the capitalists will take absolutely any labor they can get and immigration helps keep it that way.

In the US, a lot of hard-labor is done by Mexican and Central American immigrants. In fact, the liberal capitalists claim immigration is good since it pushes up rents which leads to urban revitalization and falling crime rates in urban areas that have undergone “rejuvenation”

They're doing the same thing with student loans what they did with sub-prime mortgages, too.

And the current bubble makes The Great Depression look like a minor market fluctuation.

The interest yield curve proves this time is different. They have no more room to inflate, no more bubbles to exploit. They'll be implementing their SDR international currency replacement or starting a world War to destroy the debt.

There is good news though, the us will be the last to fall from financial perils, as the financial system is global and China is in much more dire straights.

Yes, this is Progressive for "we use them to ethnically cleanse the blacks".

World either gonna be communist or ashes, BOIS. I'm ready to cast that die.

[*muffled O la vittoria, o tutti accoppati! in the distance*]

Honestly, I don’t disagree. I’m just saying this is the purpose of immigration as the ruling elite see it.

Communism is a kike creation for ultimate top down control in a secular amoral fashion. We'll all be equal in poverty and barbarism.(reading a book is for kikes obviously)

Implying that’s bad

Stirnerposting was a mistake

I'd like to get my economic analysis from somebody that spends at least 10 seconds thinking about, and 20 seconds researching what they're saying.



Most immigrants are legal in the West. It's funny. All the "right wing" people cry and arm and leg about the illegal boat people coming in to my country which the maximum amounted to 20k when we have hundreds of thousands legally coming in legally by plane. While its true those boat people are the scum of the Earth and should just be shot, that doesn't mean that the legal migrants are magnitudes better.

It's easy to see as a white nationalist.


Gonna be honest with you guys, I can't understand what is being discussed here because I'm a brainlet on economic issues.
This will really happen ? Or is just a hope ? And if happens, how bad would be ?

It seems inevitable. They did no systemic restructuring of the causes of the previous crash (in fact, they awarded porky for it) and the very same mechanisms are in place but this time it's not just a housing bubble, but several others (diff. forms of debt, tech and retail bubbles).

True, but it is stable, predictable. It's a recipe for stagnation, not a crash. The elites are fine with stagnation, long as they can drink their champagne and not be guillotined.
Of course, stagnation in one sector incentivizes capital to seek out new venues for self reproduction, and form new bubbles that can pop and do produce an acute crisis.


predicting the future of the stock market based on the slope of lines is the financial equivilent of astrology.
I swear, there is nothing that Holla Forums knows less about than the stock market. OP of this thread needs to read a fucking book.


if it crashes winthin one year i will laugh at you. Even if is unrelated to OP

Pedant. Obviously a slope by itself can't give you any valid information about trends, but that's not the case with most posts in this thread. If you're mad about the lack of "serious" economic analysis in this thread then correct that, otherwise fuck off.

he was always a bit misunderstood

you have to use the chart of P/E ratio to get a true picture of the bubble size.

TOP KEK. What are you going to do, shot your neighbors in order to get food?

I think my fellow brainlets will find this illuminating


dot com bubble never went away, Facebook and Google stock having value is a meme

Yes, China surpassed Mexico as a source of immigrants in 2015 iirc. Of course, there's more established mexican immigrants in the US.

I saw a graph showing it is as over valued now as it was in the dotcom era, I think it was profit linked. 98% is a figure that rings a bell.
Though I think Brexit might trigger this. If the UK govt keeps doing what it's doing then around xmas/early 2018 there will be a sharp shock for the UK.
They will either stop Brexit or start hemorraging capital. That could trigger another European bank crisis and the ECB has just withdrawn backing for banks so this could get messy.
Not worried about the US, they always seem to have the ability to deal with crises pretty impressively.
That's not to say there won't be a crash there but I think the Euro area is where the real action will be.

Like declaring bankruptcy of AIG without consulting European leaders. :^)

I don't get it. Why can't the markets just keep on expanding? I get that they can run out of consumers and such, but why would that cause a bubble pop and not just a receding or "freezing" of expansion. I don't understand why this growth=huge market crash?? Please help a brother out.

The only reason my dad could get into America at all is because one of his cousins went there in the 60s when immigration laws were lax, and even then he had to wait a decade. And this was in the 90s; just imagine how hard it became after 9/11.

I thought it was stricter in the 60s

Because they are expanding on credit that won't be able to be backed so growth is flimsy as fuck and eventually pops.

You'd better hope it crashes at least a little bit later. As much blame as possible should be placed on the Trump administration, Congress, Wall St. etc. as possible.

It is not going to matter, the entire global economy is on shaky ground, with all the pieces in place for the Great Depression II. China is struggling with crippling over production where tonnes of steel rusts away because it goes unsold, the US market crashing will topples China's economy over too that will topple Europe's economy.

From what I can tell, bubbles happen when the expected profitability and stock price of a firm far exceed its actual profitability. Essentially investors see growth trends in a company, and start buying up shares expecting those trends to continue. So a bunch of money is pumped into this company, sending its stock price way up. Then, if that company fails to be profitable, or not profitable enough, it triggers a selling panic, causing the stock price to crash. That means downsizing, layoffs, which means less disposable income among the consumers, which creates a viscous cycle. Less money in consumer pockets means less spending, markets contract, which means more layoffs, markets contract, more layoffs, *sniff* and so on.

Any Econ fags please correct me if I’m wrong.

I'm not sure where you got this from but I call bullshit. Chinese steel goes unsold because it's cheap and it breaks. It has to be sold fraudulently and after the fraud is discovered it sits in warehouses. The Chinese were begging for steel for a while.

Chinese steel is not crap, it is used in high speed rail. The problem is demand for steel is down as capitalists are not investing in fixed capital.

Only liberal scum and succdems would care about distancing the bubble collapse from the last president (this bubble is Obama's baby btw).

During every financial crisis both sides blame each other. Ask any republican about the financial crisis and they will blame Clinton ask any Democrat about the crash and they will probably blame Bush. Who gets blamed hardly matters after an election or two.

Generally when do people think it happen?

This is actually what I'm afraid. If society stagnates every chance of getting out of this nightmare is dead and buried. We'll see a revolution only in the next 4 centuries.

This is the difficult part honestly. 2008 went down pretty fast and there was little to signal a crash just a couple of months before. What we can do is prepare and hope we don't get caught in the storm.

The market may crash within a year, it tends to do that every so often.
But it won't be because of some market forecasting astrology bullshit like in the OP image.

Isn’t that still in effect?

I learned that in the first 30 minutes of my first finance lecture. My buddy and I can spend 8 hours passing stacks of money back and forth but it's not going to suddenly make Ohio the most productive state in America.
Here's a question for you, to get a sense of how you perceive GDP: Isle d' Ronbinson has a small textile industry. In 2016, they produce $2000 of cotton, turn it into $3000 of fabric, and make $5000 of clothing, $4000 of which is exported. What is their GDP?
Let's say on Jan 1 2016 Mr. Friday took a $2000 loan from a local banker to be repaid monthly over 2 years at 9.3% APR ($2200 total payment) to replace $500 of machinery and $1500 of industrial expansion throughout the year (all locally produced via Crusoe Economics). What is their GDP now? There is one right answer, and maybe a couple understandable answers.

The absolute state of Holla Forums

I predict it from the fact that the bourgeoisie are building economic growth on mergers, stock buybacks, purchasing empty properties and debt rather than capital investment. Our economy is such a basket case, and number of things could burst the bubble, it's just a matter of seeing which straw breaks the camel's back.

Op is a fag, but the thread is good. Read it before making an ass of yourself.



Should I do something with my live savings so far, which is about $20000?
Its 40 months worth of wages for my country, I was saving to buy an apartment.

If some economic disaster deletes this small capital and I am left having lived frugally for years and achieved nothing, I think I might do a suicide by cop at some mall.

You can withdraw it and hide it under your bed, if you want.

Though, depending on the size of the crash, even that may not save you if, for instance, the crash caused skyrocketing inflation or even a collapse of the state.

I dunno. Buy something universally valuable like gold or just splurge while your money is good.

If you suicide by cop, do it charging a government building, though.

Best thing would be a plot of land, but an apartment is not a bad bet either as long as the building is in a good state and a good position.
Then again I'm just a guy on the internet, not an expert, so take what I say with a grain of salt

I'm gonna buy some cheap land in the mountains with my husband and zapatista this shit.

Even when they're affirming the consequent, commies fail before it even comes to the proving motives.

The Dow Jones doesn't really tell you anything about the overall economy actually.

This is the economic analysis I come here for, thanks.

It tells you about the stock market.

The stock market being that high without anything to back it up implies a massive bubble that will inevitably blow.

not an econofag but I believe this is a quality post.

I've got friends in china and they say the air is getting better because all the factories around town are closing down. Unemployment in china is a growing problem with no real solution. China is more fragile than you think.

Praise comrade Xi Jing Ping for protecting the revolution. China will weather a 1000 years with the Chinese communist party at the helm.



The economic "progress" of a country that builds cities like Ordos and Tianjin can't be trusted. I don't know how far down the line it'll be proven, and I don't know where exactly they'll find it– my guess is somewhere in the basic materials sector– but when China collapses people will look back and realize the proverbial beams have been rotted hollow since at least 2010.

Capitalism is at fault

Holla Forumsshevism aside, GDP calculation really is one gigantic mess which hides a lot of capitalist bullshit. Naomi Klein famously pointed out that the destruction wrought by a natural disaster doesn't figure into GDP… but the money spent on reconstruction does. That's where the term "disaster capitalism" comes from. In other words, Porky has a profit motive into letting natural disasters be as destructive as possible, provided his property isn't damaged, naturally. Preventing damage or aiding reconstruction would cost the government a lot and that precious money that could be going towards tax rebates for the 1% instead. So just let the free market take care of rebuilding, and presto, what was once a massive direct cost to the public coffers is now a profitable venture to Porky and some of the dosh will spill into public coffers via taxes. See also the Iraqi """reconstruction""".

This kind of puts the remarkable governmental negligence with Katrina and this year's hurricane season on a new light, eh?

Brainlet pablum par excellence.

RDW talks about GDP in one of his lectures. IIRC he says that you could have a pharma company that makes pills. Change nothing about the factory, the pills, the output, the market saturation, and only change how much is charged per pill, and GDP increases. I believe he linked that to all the "growth" we've been experiencing since the Recession. These financial companies keep inflating the value of their financial commodities without actually producing any new value, but because on paper the value keeps increasing, the GDP etc keep increasing.

For context, the Chinese stock crash was averted only by China shutting down its market and burning hundreds of millions of dollars in its reserve currency. The Jan-Feb did occurred approximately six months later, Brexit after that, and Trump after that. Two double dip crashes within a year, followed by Brexit and the Trump panic.
The Chinese panic alone represents the loss of nearly $3 Trillion dollars of market value. That's, what, two whole years of American GDP?

There's always an economic crash coming because that's how the system works you fucking clown.

I agree that predicting the crash based on one graph is stupid, but a crash will come soon because there is always a crash. There has always been a crash on the horizon for hundreds of years.

It's correct, but as usual whenever Holla Forums is correct it's not without numerous qualifications.

Credit is a major part of retail now. Every major outlet has their own credit card or financing scheme. When I worked at Kohls we were heavily pressured to push the fucking card, even and especially onto people that spoke little to no English. We were even instructed to fill out forms for people that otherwise couldn't. This whole process was made even simpler when it was integrated directly into checkout. It's been a minute, but iirc you could sign up a person at your point of sale, and all they'd have to do was hit the accept button on the card reader.

But it's not just immigrants, it's everybody. Even more recently I worked at Home Depot. A major chunk/the majority of their business comes from contractors. They extend ridiculous lines of credit to these people, in the tens of thousands of dollars, and charge nothing for 1-5 years if I remember right.

Home Depot doesn't really care about the loans though, because they don't handle that shit. As soon as the sale is made that debt is packaged up and resold to other companies that actually have the resources and expertise to handle debt collection/trading. Home Depot makes money coming and going. They get the sale of goods at the store then the added economic value of selling that debt. Home Depot doesn't care about all the money they're giving away, because its not their money and they aren't bothered by having to actually collect it.

Debt and trading debt completely suffuse the modern Western economy. Immigrants are a part of that, but more because its a happy accident than out of design. Debt is pushed on everyone, everywhere, for every reason. Being able to load folks fresh off the boat down with debt is just another economic benefit of all the other kinds of material exploitation Porky inflicts on them, along with everyone else.

Relevant to the thread.

“World stocks ride tech boom to scale new highs in pre-Thanksgiving rally”

FAANG are responsable for 30% of US share growth.

Bubble gonna pop.

Holla Forums fuck off, that was one of your false flags. None fell for it.

Don't keep your money in the bank, don't put it in BTC, and don't buy properties like land or houses. Cash may also recieve severe hyperinflation, depending on the severity of the crash.
Properties and BTC may seem safe, like gold, but they're both hopelessly inflated right now. Best to buy them after the crash.
Food could work best. But it all depends on what level of SHTF you're preparing for.
Short-term dip: BTC, properties
'08-tier crash: cash, not in the bank
Great depression: Food, heating, cloth
Total SHTF: Food, guns, cloth, ammo, water filtration system

Anyone else ideas? Preferably something you could sell again if we recover, instead of betting it will all emd after that.

In all honesty BTC might moon right after a crash, whether or not it stays on a growing trend after a crash all depends on investor confidence so crypto is a coin toss for pre/post crash investment

The extent of the next crash is hard to really predict, I doubt the civil situation will be SHTF but it may be somewhere in between 08 and great depression, due to the compounding effect of the lower and middle classes not having recovered from the previous crash.

At least they move decisively and quickly. I'm not sure the same would happen in the Eurozone, too much geopolitics.

Consider Zimbabwe as an example. BTC is trading at a little under double the exchange price in Zimbabwe. It's basically gold that you can actually use.

Joke’s on you I haven’t had more than $500 in the bank for the past several years.

US GDP in 2017 is approximately 19.4 trillion.

Because the profitability on a lot of activity is based in continued growth. Lacking that, they must necessarily be extinguished, this can immediately be predicted into the future, and after an inflection point, this starts a cascade of bankruptcies and failures because it's a self-reinforcing cycle.

I was way off, thanks. Most of the time I'm looking at historical data and I guess that I confused the two.

so when is it habbenig

Buy gold. Yes, I know it’s libertarian-tier advice but there’s truth to it. Gold is a lot more stable than fiat currency as a store of value. Whenever the US government encounters a major crisis and/or starts printing money like crazy the price of gold explodes. Most countries will devalue their currency in sync with the dollar because they don’t want to be undersold by the US which still has an extremely powerful industrial base. America pioneered currency devaluation as a means to conquer markets in the early 20th century.

Here’s the thing though, I’m not claiming that buying gold will make you rich or anything like that. The falling price of commodity prices in gold post-crisis could mean your money is more valuable in inflation adjusted terms but you won’t get rich off it.

If your going to buy property wait till after the crash to make your move as the housing market tends to fall after a major recession.

the longer the wait the worse the outcome

Unless a movement is built an economic crash is going to fuck us, communists, in the ass dry, and to be honest, I don't see any that is worth talking about.

Stop LARPing about collapses like Holla Forums roaches do with their "happenings", by the way.

Does anyone know what might trigger this crash?

An economic crash is just what we need.
Popularity for the das kapital manga in japan rose after '08.
It'll be economic communism or fascism.


Le "Oh regardez ! je suis cultivé, je connais quelque mot en français !"

three letters to detect a shitpost instantly

t. Nervous commie

Face it; we've only ever had one Great Depression, and now the government knows how to deal with crashes, we'll never have one again.

2008 was a clear aberration as far as severity is concerned.

I wish I was as naive as you, major market crashes have been happening at a 10 to 20 year intervals. Placing your hope on governments than only do not control this shit, have not managed to contain the low levels of profit and stagnation from the previous crisis and through buckets of water to a wildfire (bailouts) is hopeless.

Johan Galtung (aka the only ☭TANKIE☭ who actually knows shit) predicted all this, US power will collapse before 2020.

You do know what the government had to do to get the US out of the crisis right? Things like 95% tax on high income brackets and literally create jobs out of thin air. I highly doubt the globalized society of today can get itself out of another great depression the same way.

In terms of severity, 2008 was an aberration but I ask you: what has changed in economic response since 2008?

Shit just in general what has changed for the bottom 70% since 2008

Well, the Saudis tried to dump oil to drive American shale out of business, and made gasoline cheaper, but permafucked themselves in the process.

I'm concerned about the political situation in america if there's a crash. Trump's election exposed the rottenness of the political establishment and the norms that govern it. What happens when the economy is exposed in the same way but lacks the charisma of Obama to sell the soft coup by the financial sector? If there's a political upheaval we can't let libs hijack it.

America is in serious danger of degenerating into major political violence in the current economic state. A collapse would be likely to increase the chances and severity of civil conflict. Not necessarily civil war tier, but terrorism, riots, more militia fuckery, etc.

Civil strife in a nuclear superpower that also happens to be the nexus of global capitalism. RIght wing assholes in control of the government and militarized police. I predict kekistanis doxxing leftists and reporting them to the authorities for arrest.

It's hard to say, because the market isn't a static thing run by unthinking automatons (usually). They're aware of these market forces too and their effects. The bourgeois naturally have an interest in seeing the system continue and are going to make what adjustments they can to try and facilitate that, such as this negative interest scheme the Bank of Japan and Bank of Sweden have been toying with. But because of things like capital's tendency to undermine its own safeguards, such as the recent LIBOR scandal, whatever changes they do make are unlikely to mitigate those corrosive effects for long.

Even major banks though have been warning of an impending financial crisis. It's just hard to tell when it might come, but right now the big money is betting on late 2018/early 2019.

Is there a source behind this prediction?

If so link pls.

Right now its anyone's game, because there are multiple impending crises. You have student debt, auto financing debt, and retail outlets dropping like flies. That's just off the top of my head. Things are real bad and its hard to tell which of these chainsaws the economy is juggling is going to kill it first.


That specific prediction I can't remember where I read, but

2018 has been a number thrown around for a while. I'll try and find it.

i always supported the orc revolution in tarant.

First time I see RWBY on this board

Because this board has shit taste.

why nobody ever mentions Arcanum in leftyv threads?
people shoehorn fucking Company of Heroes or Deus Ex when Arcanum with its take on the industrial revolution is marxist as fuck
it even highlight how bourgs use racial hatred to divide proletariat

Because Arcanum is pretty much unknown, while Deus Ex is a massive franchise with Squeenix name behind it.

best game alongside fallout 2

Add Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines and you have all my favorite games

kek, I was totally trolled by that sarcophagus
good time

Can't say I wasn't either. Ahh I love that game. If only Activision did not shovel so much shit over it Troika might still be alive today. Fortunately most devs went into Obsidian, which recently had quite the rebirth with Pillars or Eternity (did not enjoy it that much to be honest, but I'm happy to see the only dev house I respect doing well)

if Holla Forumsyps could read they wouldn't be Holla Forumsyps.


Bump with relevant article.

Any econfags that can decode the jargon?

End of the article sums it up: Investors are investing in volatility funds despite the fact that the market is less volatile than in the past. They're also eager to place orders that peg their stocks to a set price for sale later. Folks in this thread think they have some secret knowledge when they say another crash is due and talk about the 7 year cycle, but every half-competent investor know we'll have another downturn any day now.

it's a chain reaction. the free market is completely chaotic and therefore isn't prepared to deal with a crisis. It can adapt to a crisis AFTER it occurs but it can't prevent it. That would require some form of central planning on a global scale.

Reminder over 6k malls closed down this year and it'll fuck the banks

But will this have the effect of mitigating the crash?

This is basically my understanding of the phenomenon as well.

Si c'est ta langue maternelle, tu n'as pas beaucoup de mérite.

I made sure to bring it up a few months ago. Severely underrated game.


For them it will, but not for everyone else.

Bitcoin is going to the 10k$, where did investors get that money from? When will they have to pay it back?

Et si tu apprenais à écrire avant de retirer la paille dans l'oeil du voisin?

What would Trump's response be to any financial crash? Is it possible that the GOP would try a govt. bail-in, and attempt to distance themselves from Obama's legacy in the process? Most Americans don't know shit about what happened in '08, it seems like an easy sell.

My bet is Trump will tweet that CNN caused the crash by spreading fake financial news, causing people to lose confidence in the market.

I also wonder if Trump will ultimately bear the blame for the crash, with people citing his tax cuts. His continuous undermining of CNN will be worth watching though, will his supporters believe claims that the crash was due to the Democrats and Obama? Or that there was some sort of conspiracy to crash the economy during his term in order to smear him? Who knows.

All I know is that I hope this crash comes after I leave the states. O Magic hand, please make the crash happen in, like, 2020.

coward, the only way to convert american libs to the left is to defend them against armed gangs of fascist thugs who will come out when the crisis happens and we enter an even deeper state of emergency than we're already in

I'm a filthy rose pacifist who's brown. When shit hits the fan, there's a pretty distinct likelihood that I'll be among the first targeted. I'd rather skip it, to be frank


I'm being a bit misleading, it's less pacifism and more a deep-seated fear of and aversion to violence. It scares the shit outta me

There's a reason GDP is a trash measure of analysis.