Pol calls Sam Seder, gets btfo


I am not a fan of Sam Seder, but holy shit the caller was dumber than I could ever imagine.

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Did he know Anglin was a manlet years ago?

When Sam Starbucks is smarter than you, you know you're in trouble.


I don't get why this guy is such a bitch when it comes to Jimmy Dore.

he's a bitch when it comes to everything

he's not a "bitch when it comes to Jimmy Dore" he disagrees with him on a fundamental level.
that's like asking why ☭TANKIE☭s and Anarchists argue instead of joining drum circles and singing "Kumbaya" together

I honestly felt bad for the guy.

prove it bitch

eh, Sam did a pretty terrible job tbh.
he let the Holla Forumsyp take the whole thing off-topic near the end, talking about jews and cucks and deflection etc. and not forcing him into any arguments
this is practically how they "win" their arguments in every thread, by spouting memes and declaring victory near the end after citing retarded sources like the bell curve halfway through.

no you

you haven't seen shit is why.
if you ever went outside you wouldn't be a Holla Forumsyp

Sam Seder is a liberal bitch, but I can't deny he's pretty skilled at decimating outright reactionaries.

You sound like you barely get out of the house if all you do is complain about blacks on the internet all day. Either get a job or kill yourself you crybaby faggot.



I've literally never set foot in North America and I can recall a dozen iconic pictures featuring black cops (mostly being fat and useless), how fucking thick is your goddamn bubble?

His autistic screeching about Dore was actually the first time I've ever seen him mad

jee wiz someone's a little new

You’re fucking stupid. I see black cops all the time and I live in Alabama


For those not in the know, the woman you hear in the clip is an anarchist.


blacks are literally overrepresented in many PDs, it's hispanics who tend to be consistently underrepresented although they still tend to make up the largest minority group due to demographics.

Black cops are often some of the ones protecting your little LARPfests

Holla Forumstards don't pay attention to facts, user.

Gas yourself, kike!


Why do they always delete their posts when they get BTFO?



Mods delete my posts

Baboons back to Apefrica!(This is your 15th ban evasion. Let's try for 25 ban evasions, shall we?)

Why does this guy ban evade so much? Is it autism?

Monkey man want banana?

Eek eek(Is this the 16th ban evasion? I'm not sure.)

Yeah, probably.

fucking lel

now this is posting

uncle ruckus?

They should sing Kumbaya though


I know Sam is pretty lib, but when he destroys rightists it makes me laugh.

Is this the call where Sam Seder and his crew just crack cuckold jokes the whole time without engaging the caller with any kinda counterarguments? Cuz if it is I've already seen it.


you answered your own question

yes it's that one

There was no argument to counter.

Humor and mockery can't defeat neoliberal capitalism but for whatever reason it works really well on alt-rightists. Is it because their "movement" is mostly aesthetic and by openly mocking them you remove whatever "cool factor" they had?