The Kids Are All Red: Socialism Rises Again in the Age of Trump Read

The Kids Are All Red: Socialism Rises Again in the Age of Trump Read


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I hope they're real socialists because it's going to be hard to push back against comfy counterrevolutionaries.

They are liberals who will not go far enough in order to implement anything. They will only complain and attempt to vote, then complain some more when their chosen demagogues do nothing for them beyond superficial bullshit.

As a millennial myself It's a mix of commies and socdems, the commies mostly being ancoms, with MLs only being like 25 percent of commie youth. But sadly most millennials are still liberals and the ones not going red are becoming anti socdems and anti commie and are doubling down on idpol.


This. Gen y is BASED and pro-capitalist. BASED Milo told me so back in 2015.

I wish more of them had a clue what socialism means. Damnit Sanders.

Let's be real though, they're "socialists" in the sense that most Americans think of socialism: mild social democracy. It's cool and all that the word socialism is losing some of the stigma, but let's not get too giddy. There's still a LOT of work to be done.


Agree, i think for the first batch still in school it's vital that things like Clubs are setup by them and parties need to be more web active in even make videos explaining Theory. This is one reason their are more Anarckids then MLs, they have many YouTubers and websites dedicated to anarchist theory and how to organize groups.

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American socialists are basically just Progressives who want more income redistribution and are somewhere between "passionate antiracist" and "full-blown SJW".

I reckon a financial crisis will probably radicalise them.


Yes, just like in 2008

Occupy fizzled out, what it wasn't nothing. If people can figure out how to express dissent in a way besides sitting around in tents then some good might come of a crash.

One centralized encampment was always destined to fail (I know that there were other Occupys but they were really quite negligible). Occupy was only really able to attract a segment of the homeless and the youth as permanent residents, with sympathizers drifting through for a few hours during the day. This was for two main reasons; the crude conditions (no flush toilets, etc.) and the lack of productive activity (the whole of the industrial output was protest signs). One way forward if there were a crash would be the creation of neighborhood relief councils in working class areas, which would work to pool and distribute goods and services among local people as well as organize various improvement programs, like small scale agriculture, street cleaning, textile repair/recycling/production, maybe a mesh network, etc. and thus build dual power. I know that community organizing has gotten a bit of a bad rep, but workplace organizing doesn't do much good if everyone gets laid off.

People are paying a lot more attention to politics nowadays, there's more criticism of capitalism around, people don't trust their governments, protests have been a more common occurrence. We don't live in 2008 anymore, things are different.

I think Occupy failing is part of what's radicalising people. Liberal Occupy types become disillusioned with Liberalism and become Social Democrats. That dream gets taken away from them when they don't get Bernie. They're gonna realise at some point that reform isn't working.

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This. None of them know any theory or are willing to sacrifice anything to defeat capitalism

wait arent gen z's meant to be almost autistically right wing
sucks because gen zanon here

I know, 75% being praxis-less anarkiddies is a travesty.

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No that was a breitbart meme.

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it'll metastasize in the next crash don't worry

Bernie will die of old age before elections come up.
Unless you think these guys will make a splash:

Even their views are lower than those of Alex Jones.

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Also you are completely ignoring the extreme oppression and exploitation carried out by capitalist states daily, but that doesn't count because jews, globalists, crony capitalism, black people I imagine, right?

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