What will 2018 look like?

Sears Canada is bankrupt. US retail is facing looming debt coming to term, malls don't know what to do with the empty space they already have. Automation is pushing people into the job market that will have to deal with out of work people from imploding retail sector. Just how bad will the economy get next year?

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it's gonna be great

Every year has been worse than the last since 2007. 2018 will be worse than this year, and so on. 2020s will be fucking terrible.

It's all bad.


The economy will crash by the end of it; might seen unrest not seen in decades in europe, perhaps centuries in some places.

I'm wondering how anyone can defend porky in 2018.

the problem with this post is that taking freedom away from people doesn't hurt libertarians half as much as giving people freedom hurts the neocons

Hopefully, we'll see the deaths of Bush Sr, Barbara Bush, Kissinger, Billy Graham, Efrain Rios Montt, Karadzic, Mladic, Isabel Peron, Gorbachev, Chun Doo-hwan, al-Baghdadi, etc.

More of the same shit, only just one year more worse.

I fucking despise capitalist shills more every goddamn day, fuck me

S&P 500 keeps going up, Trump tax cuts go into effect, crypto goes up, inequality goes up. US retail implosion will be replaced by Amazon.

I doubt Amazon can absorb all the workers, debt and real estate of the failing retail enterprises. The real crisis with the retail implosion is not market share but what to do with all the debt and fixed capital, plus how to avoid massive unemployment and the drop in spending that would accompany a quarter of the US workforce laid off at the same time.

Poorer will get poorer, middle class will be wiped out, & the Rich, of course will get richer. It just gets worse every year.

Race war

yo isn't that the dude that ate his wife's lung while fucked up on PCP?
yup turns out it is:

Our only hope is people start arming themselves and topple the government. The internal contradictions of capitalism turned out to be true. Guess shipping all those jobs overseas to save on production costs really does fuck the workers over, who can no longer afford to buy your garbage products from China. B-but capitalism totally isn't the issue, its just greedy people being greedy in a system that rewards greed.

I don't see an end to the rising ambiant proto-fascism

No, the problem is the state inferring to maximize profits in a system that seeks to maximize profits. What we need is to abolish the state so that profit maximization will be restrained so as to not violate the NAP. This is obviously not in the interest of the powerholding plutocrats or the propertyless workers, but it's in my interest as part of the small and irrelevant petit-bourgeoisie.

So is that why when the state eases restrictions on trade, such as NATFA, companies flood to areas such as China with little to no environmental regulation, generating the problem I described above? So out of curiousity, how is diminishing the state's power further going to solve issues inherent in the free market? How is it going to solve capital's natural tendency to aggregate? How is choice magically going to stop monopolies and mergers from forming? Oh shit its the magic spell called competition, right?
And I mean christ, I aint even arguing in favor of a state by any means without first overthrowing capitalism, but ffs you gotta be straight delusional to think simply abolishing the state will solve anything. If anything it will result in nothing but a transfer of power to the ultra wealth and create the United Corporations of Walmart in its wake.

pick 1

You realize that was an ironic post right

no sorry I didn't. Poe's law bro. Ancaps post some retarded shit and I've been drinking, my bad for not saging.

I do not want to be in the US when the crash hits, my god. I just hope I can graduate and get the fuck out in time

Why not? You'll get to see a real post-apocalypse. Possibly nuclear depending how Trump decides to deal with DPRK, but probably more like zombies. It'll be fucking hilarious.

In 2018 Holla Forums users will have you all doxed, biting the pavement and face stomped.

It'll be like Mad Max, except the soundtrack is played entirely on a tuba and two kazoos

I'm not cynical, detached, or alienated enough to enjoy even a moment of it. I never asked for this sort of life, I just wanted to be an academic.

No, it'll just be ten years of meme music played on repeat. Three-hundred decibels of ground-shaking nyan cat, rickroll, trololol, all star, etc.

Nobody gets to choose the life they get; all you can do is decide what to do with the hand that you are dealt. I pray every single day that whatever sick fucker God is in charge of this mess will one day give me the Big Red Button to press to start judgement day. And I'll laugh when literally everyone goes to Hell, because that's what we all deserve.



Here's to you bitch.

Doesn't take much to be less stupid than you.

You sure showed me, Leninist Egoist LARPist manchild on the internet.

Damn fucking right my property

There is no getting off the ride, leaving the US won't get you away from the crisis. We are approaching a turning point in history were we will either have revolution or barbarism.

I really, really don't wanna see it.

except trump is appointing tons os batshit federal judges. but Holla Forums only reads the headline clickbait so who am i kidding that there is more to politics than passing legislation.

It is not like anything of value will be lost if capitalism collapses.

underrated post

Porked again!

I keep seeing news about his insane nominations (my favorite is the ghost hunter) here on Holla Forums, like in the daily news threads. Maybe you should… read beyond the threads' headline clickbait?

When will it collapse for once!?

literally never, more disasters happen, which means more opportunities for blackwater esque building operations. No matter how bad things get capitalism cannot collapse on its own, Marx was wrong in this sense.

lad… we advocate for the poor.

The fall of feudal France turned out okay.

We have a braindead narcissist leading the world so maybe you should start building that nuclear fallout shelter your dad has been talking about.

That's only if the giv decides to bomb that shit. The point is to seize it not destroy it.

Nothing will happen

t. people in 1913 and 1939

Kissinger dying a free man would be a tragedy.

That´s pretty much a given user, I hear he even has a VIP pass to heaven

Collapse is prolonged event. Rarely does it happen all at once, except in the case of unique catastrophes (natural/man-made disasters like Katrina of Chernobyl). So it's collapsing right now, and as collapse continues new systems will replace old systems, political entities will dissolve, places requiring imports will shrink in population to sustainable levels or become uninhabitable. It really is a hundred-year event.

Very worried that the world is going to go to shit even more, but I guess that's also the only way forward for proper leftist shit in a way.

Hope that we might see the death of youtube skeptic shit next year, probably won't though.



Land confuses me so fucking much, he write this big shit and then shills to rightists about preventing the tentacle rape with monarchy.

Is this how leftists felt in 1914? Were they egging on Willy and Nicky to pull the lever and unleash war?

Quite the opposite, they were begging for it not to happen: most people thought proletarian internationalism was dead the moment world war one started: remember how much changed from 1914 to 1917. Things might seem shit now, but there is an organisational structure there, all we need are a few conceptions to be broken.

Maybe shit will be better after ww3….

Should we take Land seriously? Has he said anything groudbreaking about the world we inhabit?

There won't be a Third World War, the event we are heading to is the next financial crash: when global capital will tear itself apart. Read and organise now, in 2-3 years, it will be indispensable.

The Sears bankruptcy was almost entirely due to rent-seeking behaviour by upper management that bled a viable business dry.

Always be on the hunt for porky's excuses.

They said the same about 2008 and look what happened.

I should apologies. I was also focusing on the first few paragraphs of that picture it just triggered me that it implies that republicans are only as good as their coalition and the congresspeople who represent them when trump just by being president is already fucking up a shit ton of things under the radar (for most plebs)

tbf the next big crash is going to be even worse. And in 2008 the left wasn't organized or in a position to do anything.

what do you think a prole is?