Jimmy Dore's Conservative fans OUTRAGED over Rand & Ron Paul parody video...

Jimmy Dore's Conservative fans OUTRAGED over Rand & Ron Paul parody video, downvoting and angry commenting it to OBLIVION




Based Dore.

Did TigerShark just bring us the hottest take of 2017?

They like when he criticizes the DNC and democrats

Conservatives liking Jimmy "Marx said this would happen" Dore is top tbh.

You should see all the shills that came out in force on that video critical of the GOP tax plan yesterday. The response was so fast and so wordy I'm actually inclined to believe some astroturfing was going on.

he makes fun of them all the time on the pod tho

Ron Paul is opposed to the military-industrial complex only as long as it isn't trying to attack socialists. He's a massive hypocrite who's supported plenty of interventions in Latin America.

Didn't Ron Paul used to run a racist newsletter?

is this true? any citations?

lol at this guy shilling in the comments

Don't have the source and can't say them by name, but I believe this was during the '70s or '80s.



I might sound cuckish for this, but Ron Paul is one of the non fascist lolberts who we shouldn't be wasting attacks on. He's got actual principles and opposes Trump for his racist, authoritarian, and imperialist policies.

Both him and his son believe that taxing someone is worse than letting a poor kid die of malnutrition. Fuck them.

And fellow lefties ask me why I drink so much. Fuck this retarded country.

I love how Rand is a regular republican 99% of the time but because he grandstands every once in a while he gets dick-riders calling him honorable.

He's vocal about supporting criminal justice reform and BLM.

It's a nice thought, but one that doesn't mean much if he shills for capitalism

Steven Crowder gets to joke about leftists in a MUCH more toxic way and none of his followers have a fit?
Rightist Snowflakes.

Like clockwork.

Not what you're asking for, but see "Operation Red Dog"

You think it could be related to what's described in ?

I could swear this exact event happened last year I think, with Holla Forums thread included and all.

Bloody hell thats a scorcher right there.

That's the thing with Ron Paul, he's above other reactionaries by a nautical mile, but that's not saying much because they reside in the Mariana abyss. Look at this quote:
The fact that a Republican said this is astounding, but when you think about it, this shouldn't be a searing insight in the first place, but common sense.

Don't delude yourself into thinking it's just the country. The grass is always greener, but in reality both lawns are on fire.