We were talking about this a couple of night ago

We were talking about this a couple of night ago.
Why do liberals like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones so much? They like them so much they compare real world politics to things that happen on these series. are they just uncultured? Immature? Blinded by ideology?
Why these specific works of fuction anyway?

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Refering to pieces of fiction more or less matching your worldviews is more than a purely Liberal thing, Holla Forums is fond of Warcraft analogies.
I guess this is related to that thing called Spectacle.

Why do men love story telling? It's an answer that goes back to the literal dawn of mankind. We just do.

I like harry potter. Don't hate me I grew up with it.
They live cozy lives and probably spent a lot of time reading fiction. Most writers and twitter libs have probably lived in big cities most of their lives and never been rural or urban poor.

It's probably Young Adult too. I hate those types of people who brag about reading 500 books/year and then you look at what books they read and it's all short YA books.

Self-help junkies are so much worse.

Holla Forums has remarkably poor taste in entertainment and literature

Harry Porter is decadent, bourgeois, and anti-revolutionary. Please enjoy the more revolutionary and class-conscious Little Witch Academia…or else.
t. Your Friendly Neighborhood Revolutionary Military Committee.

I don't know if all normies are like this but basically my normie friends like GoT because they see naked people on TV as something revolutionary and that's about it.

Can a leftist have elitist tastes and hate plebs?

What the fuck is actually airing on Murrica's TV Broadcasts that could lead anyone coming up to that conclusion

You can but you shouldn't just because it makes you look like a tryhard faggot

Real talk

Who Artemis Fowl here

Hey everyone we got a potato pleb! Laugh at him and his fairies!

Wow, what a fucking faggot.

You can have elitist tastes and hate plebs, just shut your mouth about it or else you sound like a highly punchable fag. Not a threat I swear, I just absolutely despise people who judge other people's tastes.

It's a fun read, but it does not deserve to be loved.

Your favorite show sucks
Your waifu is a slut
Your favorite band is bourgeois
Your ideology will never, ever work
And your dress like a suburban housewife's idea of "stylish"

Because of both the influence major media companies have over the shaping of mainstream culture and the tendency for the narcissistic post-modern subject to see his mirror image in what he consumes.

Now listen here you little shit

liberalism purports to be non-ideological and thus tries to replace political theory with easily digestible pop culture where all conflicts are good vs evil and the problem is always bad individuals and never the system itself.
Or in other words

That reminds me of something. It's pretty surprising how sensitive leftists ended up being about their taste in mainstream normie entertainment. Especially considering this place is supposed to originally be a 4/lit/ colony. Maybe it's because there's so many people from reddit here?


Normies are counter-revolutionary. Under socialism, pleb tastes will be abolished.

What happened to stalinstache hapa poster? He had good taste and I think I was the only one who didn't hate him.

The last I saw he had angered some leddit mentally ills. Never saw he again after that.

No bully

That sucks.

>tfw no mutualist Runescape

Everyone draws allusions to real-life events. In fact, I'd argue that every major political position has an acceptable "canon" of knowledge they draw references and occasionally crack jokes from. Only while most folks around here have vested hours into studying history (or just lurked around long enough to hear about it), Libs and Holla Forumsacks only have pop culture and vidya. As a result, their collective views are always in flux depending on whatever's hot on Netflix or /a/, to give some respective examples.

tl;dr - Canons of knowledge naturally form between the members of political positions. Leftists have history and economic theory, which leaves IDPolers with current pop culture.

the problem isn't that they like it, the problem is that they refer to that shit constantly so hearing someone say "it's like " has become cringe-inducing.

This is probably why Holla Forums constantly says we can't meme. Our in jokes tend to be about obscure historical events or philosophical figures.
Explains why our most successful memes are porky and NAZBOL too since they don't need much context.

yes, I have seen it in same way when I was 12 and some series after school showed boobs occasionally.

My first anime was Devil Hunter Yoko, and you know what? Naked people is not revolutionary, but it is damn fun. Anime tiddies should be the norm, not the exception. Under full communism, all news will be naked news.

It's definitely a sign of how juvenile and hopelessly subsumed by consumerism they are.


I think I wrote a long post about it that I can't be assed to type again, but basically: capitalism infantilizes us because children are the perfect consumers, and Western culture has already been destroyed and replaced by capitalism itself in the form of disposable dreck. It doesn't help that national governments tweak the quality of education so the pleb doesn't get too uppity, and with the ever-increasing amount of bullshit they try to pull, it follows that they need to constantly dumb education down, as well as the level of public discourse.

Harry Potter is liberalism for children

A rare Mana! Have one I coloured.

When your entire life revolves around consumption of media, it's only natural that you would express yourself through it. Where politics was once lived, it's now become communicated through media representation. It's pretty much the spectacle in action.

Well, Harry Potter can be read as an anti-racist narrative in some ways, and it's popular and mainstream so can be used as a common cultural reference point to draw on.

My sister and mother really enjoyed Harry Potter, while I mainly read authors like Asimov when I was younger.

great screen

Want a medal?

Yes, thank you!

According to Steve Sailer, the normie infatuation with Harry Potter stems from social status anxiety. Harry Potter represents an average person entering the biological aristocracy. Our nations are ruled by high-I.Q. hereditary elites who hoard genetic capital by attending I.Q. selected hallowed ancient educational institutions and interbreeding only with other genetic elites. Harry Potter is an orphan half-muggle (half low-IQ prole), but he still managed to enter an elite educational institution (proxy for Ivy league, Oxbridge) and become part of the secret genetic elite.

Anti racism doesn't mean shit son

Carmichael was a reactionary shitter tho.

There's a serious matter when the left's pop culture is Harry Potter and the right's pop culture is Lord of the Rings.

The gap of quality is just too much.

Doesn't makes his quote wrong tho.
Plus I really don't know much about the guy. What's reactionary about him?


marxists are so uncultured, they're the white people in the white people have no culture

This doesn't explain harry potters popularity in countries that do not have elite schools/universities.

got, harry potter and warcraft are all shit. read a book that doesn't suck.

Yes but not you because you have shit taste.

this video is a good representation of what america is like when it comes to mildly risque content. look at them spazzing out because the game says "fucking". james even says that back then his mind was blown because he read "hell" on a videogame. americans can't say "hell" or they get in trouble.

i hear they get super uncomfortable if they hear the word "cunt" too.

What countries don't have elite schools? Besides, the Ivy league and Oxbridge are international schools, aspiring elites from all over the world dream of attending them.

Some stories are better than others.

What fiction analogies is the left fond of?

The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin

Voyage from Yesteryear by James P. Hogan

You know that LeGuin is an anarchist? She wrote the forward to the latest Bookchin essay collection, "The Next Revolution".


inb4 "Vice is SJW trash". It's just a website where this piece was published.

You mean Warhammer 40k you normie fuck

Im here for you bro.
It was a pretty good series

makes sense. it lines up with my fantasies as a kid as i read the books tbh

Better question: why do yoy give a fuck about what someone enjoys for entertainment?

if you like gay shit, you're kinda a fag

And why would you care if someone is?

because it stopped being entertainment a long time ago and started being the lens in which people view the world

Also, it stops being entertainment when you start using it to justify your world view.

He means warcraft, newfag.

Now now, very babby has to start somewhere.

Daenerys Targaryen is clearly a socialist attempting to overthrow the bourgeoisie Lannisters, duh.

BASED woke monarchy overthrowing the bad monarchy

Almost all fantasy and sci-fi is reductive reactionary trash, especially the mainstream. The closest mainstream work to being leftist is probably the Foundation series with a liberal facsimile of historical materialism rooted at the center of the plot, but because it's just described by a liberal sympathizer and not an actual marxist it just comes off mostly as idealist utopian nonsense.

The black panthers were actually highly redpilled nazbol patriarchs, few people know this

only unisex panties allowed for redbulled swoletariat