What's up with the right's obsession with hypermasculinity 'soy boys, cucks' etc. Even to the point of promoting crazy conspiracy theories about how soy is turning the frickin frogs gay or w/e. Is it just projection? Does Paul Joseph Watson really think that he is the epitome of manliness or something? Are these guys just insecure or something?

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rhetorical questions

Most are fat fucks who wish they looked like statues. That said there's more right-wingers than leftists who lift and that needs to change. A fascist went to the gym today, did you?

Pretty much this.

Soy and BPA/xenoestrogens in the water actually make you more feminine tbh
t. A gay

I guess I'll take your word on it, even though that makes 0 chemical or biological sense, since there's a definite difference between consuming plant matter and animal matter, and the fact that nations who have eaten soy pretty much their whole entire history have had some of the most impressive armies in history

I just don't see the link.

Soy in moderate consumption us not in any way proven to make you more feminine there's more evidence Beer makes you more feminine than soy.

I'm a cuckold

I would definitely like to see anyone from Holla Forums go up to the Yakuza and tell them they're effeminate for eating too much plant based soy.

Hot take: the feminization of society is unequivocally a good thing.

t. Skinnyfat autistic weaboo

certainly a better future has to do away with hypermaculinity that prizes "conquest" or some creepy shit like that which almost always takes on some perverse quasi-sexual obsession with control. Dunno why guys can't just fuck without being super fucking creepy about it.

Have you missed that the feminist movement considers masculinity to be evil and wishes to stamp out such?

you hit the nail on the head

that's a basic and widely-held human belief even outside the feminist movement

So does Holla Forums, it just wants to tell you "masculinity" is something that it never actually was in the first place. They're all snake oil salesmen.

"Masculinity is when you don't eat soy."

t. China's expansive brilliant strategic and military victories throughout it's martial history that go back as far as there was rule there.

I am intrigued, you intelligent boy. The only future that is in stock for you is being a good boy for many years before being loved by your cats.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Holla Forums has started drinking onion juice as it supposedly increases testosterone because they're scared of the soy meme

The absolute state


It's insecruity more obsessed with the number of partners than quality of sex. I don't really get it and I don't have a list of the women I've fucked or anything.

Are all these edits Hoochie's doing?

Holla Forums wishes it could utilize the D.EN.N.I.S. system.

I dunno, ask Freud.

This is not the trap fetish board. Close your trousers.

Indeed. Equal forces in opposing directions negate, do they not?

There isn't one clear definition for masculinity cross culture unless you wish to promote European ideals of it, even then you're stereotyping it all to such a simple degree.

sounds like a good future to me

For example, how Holla Forums often tells us the Middle East is the most masculine dangerous place in the world, when in Iran most men wear some sort of make up and plastic surgery/botox is seen as a sign of wealth; and in Saudi Arabia, transgendered rights are basically more protected than gay rights.

Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Skanks will be devoured by their cats as their biological clock ticks and their eggs rot

In the context White Nationalists versus first-world feminists, I think you'd have rather stupid or quite dishonest to claim anything other than the European ideal was in play.

it kinda is though.

I'm saying that it's so hopelessly simplified into a cultural mush that no appreciation can take actual place

My little sister had a physically abusive alt right boyfriend who used to talk all the time about how he needed to be “alpha” so he went to the gym and took loads of steroids. Constantly whined about SJWs and feminazis etc. and apparently was constantly worried about looking too feminine. My sister said one day he got into an argument with his dad while she was there and his dad shouted at him and he cried like a wimp. After the incident he became even more fixated on appearing “alpha” as he called it. He was obviously some loser Holla Forums shithead. The creep punched my sister in the face and constantly tore down her self esteem by telling her that she was the dumb one in the family and how my parents only like me and not her. She struggles with depression and low self esteem now almost a year after. He keeps sending her these pathetic messages about how he loves her and has physically threatened men she’s posted pictures with on social media now that she’s in college.

This type of mentality is seriously deranged and honestly dangerous. Even though it clearly comes from a place of projection and insecurity, it leads these people to be rapists and abusers. I feel like my sister coming into contact with one of these people is really taking a toll on my family.

This is copy pasta but I don't doubt shit like this happens.

I know it's copypasta by why didn't you roll up on this faggot?

lmao BTFO

The weak must fear the strong

Why do you think this is copypasta?
Only want to do what my sister wants me to do and she didn’t want me to get involved until last week where I called him and told him to stop contacting her.

Not based on the obscene material that gets posted.

Hoochie, you've just become incoherent. I don't think I'm particularly interested is listening to "dogmatic social constructionist makes insane claims" either, which is the smell of the conversation you want to have.

Considering the evil weakling commie soy boys from across the Pacific are threatening you all with ICBMs, I would withold judgement on your preconceptions until you manage to survive not turning into scorched ash

It's the right's reaction to a general condition of our current culture. It has to to with the problem of the self.

Modernity has produced a rupture in how we see ourselves and see ourselves in the world. We're all familiar with the death of god, but you have to remember that this also implied the death of the self as previously constituted in relation to the divine. The idea of virtue has gone away along with god, and even our ideas of how to relate to reality, winch has started to push us into the self conception of the autonomous individual. We haven't really resolved this confusion yet, but society has continued to develop based on material conditions nonetheless. Consequently we're feeling our "selves" dissolve, and are struggling to put it back together without a blueprint. This is what Jordan Peterson talks about and feeds of. It also fuels idpol, and things like gender experimentation as a way to create an identity

The right's solution is an atavistic one. The reach back to a constructed image situated in an imagined past. But it's obviously a construct, and it's grounded in nihilistic subjective self creation. What the left, otoh, proposes is eh… I'm not sure. It's something that both creates more space for the individual autonomous self, but also recognizes and embraces the necessity and benefits of communized effort.

Some ideologies that have resolved the issue in other ways are transhumanism and (anarcho)primitivism.

Chinese are weak, they are our sweatshop and nothing else

Run along pf Chang, treat yourself to a bit of rat meat

Absolutely alpha

You soyboys will never be able to achieve the level of physical perfection of the average right-winger. These two studs could take on any of you effeminate leftists. Face it their superior views molds them into stronger men.

There's no "standard" for what masculinity is with Holla Forums. It's a cross culture mash that doesn't respect the cultures they seek to represent and respect. It's more about docility to them.

Women are to be beaten, yes.

Bruh your sister is in an abusive relationship and probably is in the cycle. You don't ask you just roll up on him, beat his ass and tell him to leave her alone.

I'm talking about North Korea.

Disrespect for your mother is not masculine.

North Korea is nothing tbh

Literally cucks the US every other week in the south China sea

I resent this. Desire for control is healthy. If I'm not in control someone else is, and that makes him my boss in that field. The only boss I want is me.


Oh she’s not in it anymore. We only found out it was abusive like 5 months after they broke up

so the nazis were all women?


Average China man is disturbingly scrawny, his head can be taken off by a slight breeze. Definitely the millennia of soy eating.

I really want the nazis to go up to the yakuza and call them effeminate soy boys before being made an example of.

lmao are you still in middle school

T. Every Western Nation trying shit before having difficulty actually conquering it

A battalion of us marines subdued the Chinese during the boxer rebellion.

Asians are a joke race (definitely the soy)

You don't get the point. The yakuza should be easily detestable effeminate soy boys for using soy in their diet consistently.

They should be able to be destroyed easily, as they are liberal and effeminate

says the white nationalist

This is completely true, when i was young i used to bully a kid that ended up skipping classes and repeating the year, since he was not very smart and extremely autistic to the point he wasn't invited to parties, he became a neonazi when older.
My bet is thwt these retards all emerge as the result of bullying and parental abuse
And yes, i fucked his sister

There's no doubt in my mind the average white male can beat the shit out of the average yakuza in one on one fight. Asians are small, frail people.

If you're saying walking into a yakuza den alone and calling them soy boys is a bad idea well that's just an empty truism that doesn't prove anything.


White people are incontrovertibly superior yes

t. mixed race polack who never leaves his mom's basement


Which is debatable given the fairly obvious common threads in their assertions, but entirely superfluous to the reasons they've started pushing it.


How do you stop yourself from feeling a burning rage inside of you that makes you feel like these people should all die? Back in 2013 I remember somebody giving me a hypothetical of “if you were given dictatorial powers, what would you do?” And I responded “I’d give power right back to the people” but sometimes I wonder if I would just round up all the Nazis and shoot them on my first day in power

It must be hard for you guys thinking the only way to get laid is to be a fucking sociopath. I know some dudes who are the goofiest fucks imaginable and they have no problems.

Yeah, bad sex is pretty much the worst thing, you feel gross and weird. The whole idea of sexual conquest is straight out of a conan story or something, its really juvenile

I don't think extending political concerns of control to the bedroom is healthy or particularly reasonable though.

You fucking pussy, you should wield it to create the world you want to live in. Absolving yourself of responsibility won't create a better world.

Are you serious right now

This is probably the most important part of our present point in history, the defining of a new way of life which will define people as it replaces the old way.

United States military history: a history of mass death and fuck ups and face saving
Asian Military History: lasting ages, at least 3 to 4 tontimes as old as the United States is. Spanning multiple cultures from
Japanese to Korean to Chinese to Vietnamese to Mongol

Holla Forums's active board population vs the Han Dynasty place your bets

Holla Forums vs the Ming Dynasty Legions

Decisive Holla Forums victory because they eat onions and onions have testosterone 100% while the legions under the armies of Asian history actually were soy cowards who did not eat onions like me

Except that's wrong. The self was never constituted by divinity unless the person is themselves spiritual. To look back in time isn't some cliff we went over, people were always trashy, perverted, and more concerned with what ails them then what ails the community.

God didn't die. The self is god and it always has been. It controls every aspect of each individuals life, down to perception of the fundamentals of reality. You cannot have subjectivity without these implications.
And while I don't take sides, it's also why the left, or at least most of communism, seeks to "kill god." At the level of the community, it doesn't matter, because religion promotes things relevant to a commune, and to whatever extent, we all know, is functional in this regard. But it was never about actual religion, people like Mao know exactly what and how useful religion is.

What is sought is to kill the Self. The only way I see that truly happening is subversion of self reproductive worth, that someone else, your 'brother,' someone so similar, could have the children just the same as you, so your life isn't inherently valuable, and should be laid down at whatever point a situation would cost the community more then just ones own, single life. Sounds a lot like Not Socialism doesn't it?

The nuances of reproductive competition have nothing to do with any standard racism so keep that shit out of the replies.



Control over others would be a better phrasing.

Don't you be disrespecting Hana, fucker


I noticed that. The only ones with masculine features are actually the two non-whites in the mid left.

Never change, Holla Forums

When can we have the "white nationalist" posting vs. "goofy antifa" posting superthread

Thank you based Roderickposter

Drink too many IPAs and you'll grow moobs

the soyboy shit is one of the worst forced memes in recent years; like I've even seen aut-righters getting sick of it



What the fuck is this "beer makes you feminine" shit?

Why is every social Democrat still raving about the Producers

Compared to like, plant based soy products these people are hysterical about? The chemicals inside it create a reaction in the body more in tune with the reaction of what plant based soy reacts to the body. Even then I would hardly worry about it.

This whole fiasco is really showing how many people just don't understand how the human body actually works.

It's the Hops they have a really potent estrogen in them.
But like Soy it isn't much to worry about if you consume it reasonably.

Or nutrition. Which is ironic, considering Americans really do not know anything about nutrition.

What is moderate consumption with beer?



Its a reaction to the lack of strong and responsible male role models within modern society. Doubly so for those who grow up without a father around. It creates a lack of hierarchy and a male place in the world conceptually, which does need to be replaced with something. I wouldn't place it as a right wing concept however in general terms. It only applies for hyper-masculinity which is a common trope of the far right, but even that can in itself be an extreme reaction to a lack of exposure to a normal level of masculinity.

I'm calling bullshit, there are plenty. In different fields of academics. It just depends, what a role model is. Strong father who was actually there? Some talking head on the television? There's a subjectivity and vagueness to this idea of a "role model" that I find inaccurate.

It could just be that the internet is harmful and beneficial to the psyche in different ways. That's at least, my assumption.



This is the major one and one I have experienced. To have to make yourself into a man without guidance is indeed difficult, got to teach yourself every single thing about what masculinity is. In some ways it is what masculinity is, a sense of self reliance.

Modern advertising is more often than not demeaning to fathers and paternal figures. The figure of a strong man is so often bashed, I needn't give you examples. Role models are so subjective and vague because they come in so many forms, I couldn't just list you examples off the top of my head, I wouldn't scratch the surface.

People crave such ideas because today they are rare in the west. Peterson is so popular because the messages of personal responsibility are just not out there, its something he talks about all the time.


Ew they're going to smell even more repulsive if they drink onion juice
Gonna attract way more girls, definitely
Consuming a shit ton of onions is going to be absorbed into the bloodstream, exit through lungs causing bad breath, and/or through pores thus awful bo.
Stank asses.

Oh god thank you I forgot about this

You really think onions is going to make a difference
If anything they'll smell better

Soy bean meme is just a meme. The idea that soy increases estrogen, when in fact it does the opposite. I had the people from Holla Forums explain this to me. I even snagged this image.

Its not a conspiracy theory. Frogs are fleeing rivers in norther California because of pesticide. The pesticide is literally turning male frogs into female frogs and has made 1/3 of the male frog population extremely feminine ie) they are not meeting female standards and show less interest in females as well as hunting. Frogs are extremely sensitive to their environment.

Any sources on soy doing the opposite?

This is 90% of the answer, the other is just them parroting memes.

Thank god I only drink vodka and wiskhy.

And male clown fish can turn female on a whim
Fucking wow must be because the fucking ocean is all female hormones and shit

Gas yourself, kike.


So you ARE aware of false equivalence?
Try and get those rusty cogs rolling, and see hwere I'm coming from, you fucking retard

Like I said, gas yourself kike!

Nigga damn near all amphibians can change gender

Somebody give this man a nobel prize. Such intelligent conversation couldn't be imagined, but goddamn this man's done it!

So they're showing less interest in eating?

Both male and female frogs hunt and the implication that being more "feminine" as a frog implies less hunting is staggeringly ignorant.

Well you see user, frogs are clearly humans as demonstrated by the allmighty kek. Therefore, they too must live in hunter-gatherer societies as described by misogynistic gorilla authors

Dunno about frogs, but fish exposed to sewage treatment water become feminized due to the estrogen from birth control pills.

But that has nothing to do with soy so it isn't really relevant to the thread.

projection of their insecurities onto their ideological enemies

Only correct answer.

Well, yeah. But the thing is that these animals are evolved to be genderfluid, it's biologically advantagous for them to change gender based on circumstances. That doesn't mean that chemicals that leak into their habitat making them change will have the same affects on us. We split away from reptiles and amphibians hundreds of millions of years ago

This. PJW literally has bitch tits.


Nigger you know frogs can do that naturally right?

I remember on this one thread here about how when you're at a rally or whatever for the left you should wear khaki pants and a polo or some other kind of "business casual" shit and it reminded me of these idiots with their "image is everything!!!" American bullshit.

Also, toxic masculinity is a giant problem that no one besides moronic screaming feminists want to yell about and vocal morons wants to even attempt to fix. It's seriously something that needs to be addressed by actual people since it hurts everyone.

ayy why is it always about shilling homeopathic meds with these hacks?

the problem with toxic masculinity is that it appears in every single form of political viewpoint.
Nazis dream of the aryan man, liberals dream of a nice car to impress the ladys and we on leftypol have the swoletarian larpers
Idk, maybe the problem with masculinity is that we socially evolved much faster than coulturally, in the way that traditional masculin features that have no value whatsoever in modern society are still being culturally praised.

I wonder what Holla Forums would make of me?

If such a thing as "Toxic Masculinity" exists, the best thing you can do is set the standard yourself. Don't try to ape bodybuilders and "chads" but rather be a genuine man, who does his best to own his time, enrich himself, and maintain positive relationships with the people he cares about.

IMO, the epitome of modern masculinity is someone who generates levity and a sense of security just by his presence among friends.

I'm allergic to soy too. And legumes. It sucks.

To scam but mainly sell this shit to make money


(dem digits tho)
It's honestly difficult finding things to eat outside. For the longest time I'd thought my body was having reactions to greasy food; as it turns out, most restaurants fry stuff in soybean oil, and a lotta fast food chains pad their food with soy flour.

I really oughta learn how to cook for myself. Would that qualify as masculine? I'd imagine so.

To be fair the swoletariat threads do support female comrades trying to get fit too

Blame it on the horseshoes.
Communists did the exact same thing ("Soviet make you strong like bull")

Frogs changing sex from male to female in a single sex environment happens. It depends on the genera, but this is really your answer.

I hope you're not going for the "THEY'RE TURNING THE FRIGGEN FROGS GAY" Alex Jones shit.

Nobody hear really gives a shit about any of this, so nah

Literally just jokes

Why do you think it's copypasta?



I went yesterday. A days rest is important in order to gain muscles.

But eh… anyone know a good training scheme? Currently doing the program from the 5x5 stronglift app but I want to do more since I got fuck all to do in the evening

Alex Jones is talking about something real in a wacky way. This is part of why I hate him; he makes the issues about him. Pollution is a major cause for concern in the world today. Turning a lack of care/regulation into a globalist conspiracy hurts any sort of action by environmentalists. It's a shame we've come to this place.


But there barely are any here, so that's mostly just LARPing.

Please tell me this was supposed to be a Shrek meme, it would only add to its authenticity

Doesn't bother me too much and it encourages me to eat healthier. I eat almost the same thing every single time I eat (for two weeks straight it has been homemade soup aside from when I got fast food from places I can eat twice).

Cooking for yourself is pretty good. You're right, though. Soy is in almost literally everything. I miss beans, personally. Cashews, too. Peanut butter. One of my favourite things to eat on the planet is a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich. Allergic! Thanks, God. Really did me a solid.

there's more right-wingers than leftists period

Ah, """toxic masculinity""". What form of masculinity is not """toxic""", please?

when your mom and I made you

When it’s not exaggerated to the point of being insecure and autistic
Good: having confidence or trying to build it up, identifying problems from childhood, identifying depression in oneself, helping others (think a la Stirner), eating well (not just muh meat so I can die at thirty), and trying to at least improve one’s world
Bad: quantity of sexual relationships vs quality, being so insecure you’re overly “concerned” with other men’s masculinity, suppression of emotions, the debunked alpha and beta meme, being overly concerned with the gays like it’s nunya, violence.
TL;DR spooks

Game of Thrones is not real history buddy. This might shock you, but people in the West have not historically had this pathological modern self-image that you propose, and a lot of people outside of the West still don't. And the distinction is not between "me me me" and "sacrifice for the community", but the actual conception of the me. The relation to divinity signifies that one sees oneself as part of a whole cosmic order that we no longer recognize.
I'm not sure how to put this in terms you or I can understand, but imagine trying to figure out a complex mathematical proof, and then finally having the click and working it all out. The feeling you get there would then not be "aha, I get it, I am smart", but "I have momentarily glanced the divine", because reason is the divine part of the soul.

So it's a problem cause by pesticide overuse incentivized by capitalism then. None of this cultural feminisation imbecility.

Snarl word.

This meme needs to die. It's only polite to keep your personal shit out of the public sphere.

I don't think that's what he was going for here, fam.

Hahaha. The absolute state of Holla Forums.

Why do I know you just googled even the part about the bloodstream and lungs to sound smart. Read a fucking real book for once and stop reyling on your mum to make you dinner and get out of your basement and talk with people in real life, then you may find out why your post is retarded.

"overdosing little boys with soy is in fact good" is a pretty far leap from "results of a single study funded by soymum faculty is suggesting it may reduce chances of breastcancer among postmenopausal woman"

Read the fucking study next time and dont just copy the link to the press release from your clickbait buzzfeed article.

Also read a fucking real book for once

Stop being disingenuous you know exactly what I’m talking about.
For all you retards like this guy: sharing your feelings on things is good. It may be with loved ones, friends or a significant other.
The meme of bottling shit up until you explode is autistic as fuck.

Why are you projecting you big bitch?

Ugh forgot to link

t. no self mastery

t. keeps going

Dunno, but the meme's pretty funny, we should stea-, I mean nationalize it

close enough

Fugging Garrison outdid himself this time

All the """Good""" traits are not specifically masculine. All the """Bad""" traits are. Show me some specifically masculine traits that are """Good""" because I think """toxic masculinity""" is synonymous with masculinity per se.

Soy does the opposite to females, hence why it's marketed to athletes and empty nesters.

masculinity fetish is gay as fuck

all gender traits are negative, men are bad because they are dirty smelly barbarians that fight over bullshit and females are bad because they are whiny wimpy wusses that can't stand up for themselves

Why would you think that?
So if it is associated with "masculinity" would you even want it to?

I'm pretty sure it's about wanting to be desirable. Isn't that what the alt-right is all about, losers trying to be sexy and powerful? It seems to try to answer their insecurities. This is how all cults work.

and ironicaly such desire is quite… well… beta.

I don't agree with your assessment but I'm not interested in disputing your opinion at this time. You do seem to be in agreement with me that """toxic masculinity""" is the assertion that all expression of masculinity is undesirable.

I think it for the reasons I have already stated. You are implicitly in agreement with the other poster; you are inferring masculinity is a negative thing per se.


my sides

Holla Forums confirmed for chad board.

Yeah, they are losers. They just can't see that they're their own worst enemy.

Holla Forums is Solidus, the state and the economy are the Patriots, Marxism is Solid Snake.

Twitter is Raiden.

Citation needed
Citation also fucking needed.

Also why would fall for the most transparent bait.

Whereabouts on the spectrum are you?

I'm dead.

Look, where did you read my replies and pull that fucking bullshit out of your asshole?
Show me and quote.

you literally did nothing wrong

"and then everybody clapped"

t. things that totally happened

tbh it is pretty cool to have a high number as a guy tho. good stories to tell the bros

citation needed

The nu-left is effeminate and limp wristed. They deserve to be bullied by us even more than the aut right.

The masculine ideal should be held by the left, however the prevailing system of neoliberalism actively fights against it and any form of masculine identity.

define masculine ideal numbnuts


Check it out, It's Holla Forums board owner

She likes the D

Should be reversed tbh, the only ones who post that pic is Holla Forums
Or 4/pol/ opening 8/pol/'s door

But when you flip horizontally the text is reversed and I don't want to redo the text.

It's actually from Holla Forums, we hate you as equally as Holla Forums


I know someone like that girl and someone like tat guy. I'm 100% sure than guy is infinitely more fun to hang around and probably isn't racist. Confederate flags for a lot of people, even though it's a wrong evaluation, for them is just is a form of southern identity.

As someone who's lived in Louisiana and Texas his whole life, what the fuck does this mean? Eating a lot of greasy food and yelling at poor people from your cushy job as a Walmart manager?

I wish I could believe in this level of absurdity where you actually think that getting fit will have an effect on world politics.

I agree

Not him but it's a good way to impose some self-discipline, cultivate your inner Stalin. The confidence and skill earned by sticking to a workout regime makes you a more reliable comrade.

this guy looks like one of the big lunkers that Kenshiro kills with a finger poke in fist of the north star

Doesn't that mean twitter will be dope as hell?

God got drunk when fine tuning my inner brain and now I have to minutely watch my stress and stimulant levels to cope with muscle spasms

he also gave me a love of coffee, which I've just learned includes decaf (which still has enough caffeine in it to fuck with me). Also anything else that's artificial or processed is iffy.

Soy contains xenoestrogen. But unless you consume copious quantities the effect is negligible. Plenty of other foods like Almonds also contain xenoestrogens.

There are more Confederate flags in upstate New York than Texas

The absolute state of /liberalpol/.

You know when what it means when they say talk is cheap?

inb4 libtard mod deletes this post

That user that bullied the autist made an alt righter, he shouldnt be getting praise hes an idiot

It means this post.

You could have at least posted some screencaps.

I'll stick to eating curry.

Use your muscles intelligently, practice an actual sport, work your land etc etc

Read Spinoza. Transhumanism and anarcho-primitivism are memes.

But senpai, how can I make choices when I don't have free will?

Holy shit, does Tony Abbott post on Holla Forums or something? I suppose he'd fit right in. (for people outside of Australia, that's our former conservative Prime Minister doing a publicity appearance at an onion farm, being given an onion, and then just biting into that fucker, skin and all, on national television, for no discernable goddamn reason)

This is explicitely developed in the third book of the Ethics. You are not truly free until you have understood you let things that are not you guide your choices. This is what Spinoza defines as servitude, obeying affects that stem from things beyond your control that do not participate in the construction of the self.
In response, you need to listen to reason and make it the dominant affect. In other words, listen to your reason, be humble, learn as much as you can.

This is why we need gulags.

Spinoza, Ethics, IIIrd book.


Guys. What if commies started some co-ops selling sham health products to the fascists, claiming that bull scrotum sweat would boost their test levels and shit? Everyone knows this sort of bullshit is extremely lucrative. Why are we not capitalizing on this (capitalists will sell us the rope we hang them with etc)? Then we could use the proceeds to organize.

confederacy LARPing, football, greasy food, mountain dew and shopping at walmart in a rascal scooter

Goddamn piece of shit roasties