Making Socialism "Acceptable" for america

This came to my mind after the recent elections in the US where around 15 self described "Democratic Socialists" won elections.

The main one being Lee Carter, who unseated on of Virginias most powerful republicans.
It's a fact that most Americans when asked about actual issues lean somewhat left, but the word socialist is seemingly so poisonous people reject it out of fear, even when what thy do is far from socialism.

My question is to you guys and gals.

What are some tactics and other methods we can use to make Socialism appealing to Americans, or maybe make the word and the ideas associated with it "Acceptable."

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To be honest, it won’t be for a while. One of the most potent results of the Red Scare propaganda was the words “communists” and “socialists” being associated with any ideological enemy or flaw in society.

The Russians who hacked the election according to the Democrats? Communist. Big government? Communist. Eight hour work days? Communism.


Didn't Marx/Lenin literally state that socialism is a fundamental stepping stone towards communism?

Go to the places where people have literally nothing and start fixing problems with theory. Ignore bourgeois elections. Community provides food for itself, basic healthcare, water, school, and protection from cops. Build networks and send people to other communities to do the same. Do it in places like Flint/Detroit/Ignored low-income areas of Houston.

No, Stalin said that. Marx didn’t make a distinction between socialism and communism, he used the terms interchangeably.

I already contributed to this topic a bit on the identical thread on /leftpol/ (under the thinking face flag) so I think I'm just going to dump some "patriotic" symbolism from the American Revolution which could very easily be appropriated by leftists.

just forget about that war that happened all throughout the 60s kek

Mainstream American patriotism is wildly successful by erasing inconvenient aspects of history. I don’t see why we can’t do the same.

Make a point how the American Revolution was to create a democratic society and how modern Americans demand democracy in their government but accept tyranny in the workplace. Talk about how people deserve the fruits of their labor yet it is stolen from them by parasitic employers. Basically don't use any Leftist words and just talk about workplace democracy and receiving the full fruits of your labor.

Here's some ancom versions of libertarians flags.

Uninronically distancing ourselves from idpol and making it clear that we are not liberals would be a giant first step.
If you talk to the average person you would actually be surprised about how they really feel about the core ideas of socialism but the problem is that the average person is also very spooked and socialism has been heavily tainted by idpol in america.
It's all nice and good until they see people spouting how just glancing at a wymym is rape, or how much privileged hwite peoples are in comparison to le PoC, or how there's a billion different genders, or how athiesm is le heroic stance, etc.

I actually Designed that third flag, nice to see it making the rounds.

pool water is a human riiiiight

No idea what other user is on about, Lenin 100% believed in the lower stage of Socialism and the higher stage of Communism.

The lower/higher stages goes back to Marx, but equating that distinction with the distinction between socialism/communism starts with Stalin. Not that that’s a bad thing, personally I think that’s a better way to describe it then what Marx did.


t. Danny DeVito

no, Lenin and every subsequent ML absolutely fucking hated opportunism too.


take this socdem shit to

I thought I read that Marx used the term "communism" to differentiate materialist worker-oriented socialism from what he described as socialism for the bourgeoise. I could just be retarded though, but I'm fairly certain of reading that in a copy of Marx/Engel selected works found at a thrift shop, printed in in '72, hardly worn.

You're not wrong but he also had no qualms with referring to many of his opponents as communists either. After Marx's death Engels used the terms socialist or proletarian socialist most often.

Just call it freedom and true democracy and throw in imagery of eagles and bring up all the figures in US history that were socialist that they already like.