Why is there no left-wing version of Paul Joseph Watson? No matter what you think about him...

Why is there no left-wing version of Paul Joseph Watson? No matter what you think about him, he's successful at what he's doing, which is drawing in normies towards the right. Think about:

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I never watched any of his videos
t. pol

I would rather we not have any version of Paul Joseph Watson

If you are from 8/pol/, you already were familiar with the more edgy corners of the Internet and were probably already drawn towards more radical opinions. You are not the target group of PJW

Obnoxious populism is necessary to reach more complex political goals.

Anyone over the age of 18 who unironically watches PJW needs to get a grip.

Under no circumstances should any version of Paul Joseph Watson exist in any reality, past, present, or future.

Paul Joseph Watson isn't a pusher of any clear ideology, he is an ad revenue controversy stirring con man selling new age medicine "Brain Force Plus", among other shit.

We will never need someone like fucking him.

Why must the left deny themselves from all opportunities and drown in tactical disadvantage? Honest question from a Holla Forums convert.

Paul Joseph Watson is a tactical disadvantage

Lol maybe you should email Jimmy Dore and see if he feels like hiring some perpetually moist soyboy to help him hock snake oil

Alright, let's continue to be absolutely irrelevant and promote 30min long theory videos where some autist mumbles into a bad mic. I'm sure this will attract people. Why would we ever need a agitprop channel?

His one million subs disagree.

Because regressive leftists aren't funny. Classical liberals yes but they have devolved into butthurt snarky shills. Once you go full commie you stop being funny. For example I've got normie friends who shit all over Louis CK and Jim Jefferies now because they went full commie aka regressive leftism. The ideology is so shit and part of the establishment that it can't humor anything. It jumped the shark and has to take itself increasingly seriously in order to survive as it races to bottom in absurdum.(Imagine having a sense of humor like this.)

What a stupid post. Don't bother reading this. Read Bordiga.

PJW isn't particulary funny, he just reacts to extremly ridiculous people. He's profiting off menally ill SJW, everybody can do that.
What are humongous, derranged and retarded faggot you are. You probably also think that Trump mastered top tier banter.



Yes. I do not want that. In fact there should be even less.

Please just shut the fuck up

You mean like PJW

right wing "humor" just amounts to frog memes and repeating catchphrases like you were a sitcom character.

Holla Forums is a TBS sitcom

No it's just reruns of a shitty sitcom that only made it to season 2

Reruns of a TBS comedy on public television.

I mean you're right that there's no Left equivalent of making a 5 minute video of getting mad online at Muslims and violent anteefas.

Brain Force Plus+



So why not a left equivalent that gets mad at cringey right-wingers and neocons? It's not like there are plenty of absolute embarrassing people on the right. You are indirectly conceding to the narrative that only the left is a viable target.

Well PJW's whole format is off-putting to me because it's only meant to reinforce what these people already hate (People who are different). IRL I've never really gotten mad at an "SJW" or a Muslim and I've never met the caricature of either that the right always presents us with.

Now I do actually like the idea of someone deconstructing Nazis, bourgies, and imperialists in short form videos as long at it's from a communist perspective. I feel like left videos in general can't be produced as quickly because it's not just basic tribalism.

Muh fucking sides. Commie moderator can't help xerself from abusing power by editing post. The memes not only write themselves, they are fundamental.

I'd get banned for a post like this on Holla Forums as well.


The classic "I REALY DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK" defense

It's easy to be a populist communist in front of uneducated people. Eat the rich, etc. - shit like this would trigger right-wingers and liberals alike, which would generate more clicks and attention, and so on. You want to win the game you need to play the game.

Bat'ko and his clique already doing something similar but it's entirely based arround memes (which are inaccessible for normies) and don't politicize it.

Check 'em commie


how deluded does one have to be to honestly think the establishment is communist?

America hit the perfect anti-commie propoganda cycle decades ago. The fear regulates itself now. It's likes force field designed to defend against class consciousness.

No, Holla Forums is "The Morton Downey Jr. Show".

Would this guy count?


his success is personal (and i'd go further and say purely financial, he looks like a fucking dork) rather than political.

the left has no need for people riding the coat-tails to youtube stardom.

You know his old smut blog literally had meat hook bondage. As in, literally people hanging by meat hooks. He posted his mspaint drawings there too.

Short of a miracle the man hasn't been reduced to Chris Chan and got an audience. By miracle I mean abomination.

barely centrist, TJ doesn't know the first thing about socialism

You gotta link to the meathooks blog?

It was years ago, he also had centaur shota on there. Dude has some serious autism going on.

What were the ms drawings of?

God, what can I remember. It was all drawn fucking horribly, as expected from mspaint. I could date this anywhere 2009-2011. Big hairy dicks, crudely drawn anuses, blood, vore.

All signature artwork by TJ himself. I believe some of his old old old """work""" is on his ED article, it was in a similar vain.

Holy shit

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if TJ raped someone. I'm not trying to be that person, but. His interests in that blog were particularly gory and non con.

To be fair his father did abuse him

then he should just jack off to gay daddy incest roleplay like the rest of us

By abuse i meant psychology not sexually.


The problem is, this has been pretty much monopolized by lib media (Colbert, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher) and it's basically impossible to compete with their platform along those lines. Chapo comes the closest but even then they're literally like 1% of the reach of the lib comedians and they're at best radical socdems. We need to construct a radicalization pipeline like the Sargon to BlackPigeonSpeaks that rightists have.

Unfortunately, rightists fully embrace idpol, which can lead naturally into fascism but not into anti-capitalism. 'Radical' left-liberals simply file into the reformist niches capitalism has built for them.

he is not entirely wrong, if you start accepting the state of the world, you cant laugh about it so easily

He calls out liberal insanity.

But why? To spread awareness that American democracy is failing to mental illness?

Why do you envy race realists?

I don't think we have anyone with enough charisma, oratory skill and theoretical rigor to do this.