Edgy atheism and aut right

So I think we all have seen the parallelism between autrightism and the edgy atheism of the 00's but I think the relationship goes deeper, at some point they changed the fedoras for maga hats but when and why?
There is a pipeline but what steps and false conscience are on that path?

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gamer gate

That being said, we lefties in 2017 have the benefit of fascists being permavirgin mega-autists rather than hardened ww1 vets.

It's essentially the same loser segment of the population.

Why are these specific ones connected?
Capitalism can't not cause symptoms in the culture, so it cultivates those (usually idealist ones) that miss the ball. Seems to me like that's it.

This. It's the 14 to 30 year old petty bourgeoisie male loser demographic.


There’s probably a connection between the way that edgy fedoras venerate rationalism and how the ideology of the alt-right uses rationalism to justify its own existence.


this. Look at how many anti-communist brainlets cite "basic economists" as a refutation of leftism. It's because they're allergic to critical thinking and use logic as a buzzword to appear smart.

Your god doesnt real tho

There aren't merely parallels. The alt-right literally is atheist.

some alt-righters subscribe to a weird kind of reactionary christianity where they want to bring back the crusades and unite Europe through religion. You saw a lot of it on pol back when Le Pen was running in France.

Wow. How brave.

They talk about the same shit over and over but they still touch on the subject on why a bunch of self righteous atheists convinced themselves that they are always correct

It is kinda brave, afterall atheist are one of the most hated minorities in america. My family has been pretty distant, knowing this about me. If they were to find out about my communist sympathies, well..

Do you mean "militant atheism", as in atheism that is trying to spread by shaming non-converts?
Thats some of the worst use of edgy, an already abused word.

Besides, just like actual believers were always a very, very small percentage of those claiming to believe, so are the militant atheists a very, very small percentage of atheists.

You are throwing out the baby, the family and half the village with the bathwater here.
Just say annoying atheists. They are annoying to other atheists too.
Same with nationalism, stop bugging the 99% of people who just prefer if their sports team wins and not the other one, or they like having the flag on the wall.

Nonmaterialist atheism is reactionary and not just annoying.

nice try christard

What are you talking about? Most of the baby Nazis are conservatively religious that I've seen.

Cool story bro, tell it again

if you read Holla Forums threads most of them say they've "converted" to Christianity and that Athiesm is "that edgy phase".
reminder these people will do anything if you get them to believe it's alpha and it'll get them laid.

New Atheism was never that different from fascism.

They never really regarded science as a method of expanding human knowledge so much as a dogma to be adhered to. Religion and mysticism was seen as a corruption, a defilement of that dogma which disrupted the "naturally" rational nature of man and lead to all of the world's problems. It isn't hard for this belief in a harmonious natural order defiled by and evil, outside force to translate into fascist beliefs.

Not to mention that a lot of the appeal of New Atheism was being edgy back when Burgerland was much more culturally Christian, and that it was driven by its own form of outrage politics.

These posts smell spooky as hell, with how specifically people are talking around the bush. Almost like they are trying to hide that they aren't a materialist.

New Atheism was idealist, though.

Who cares, relligion is pure idpol at this point.


Sure, doesn't change the fact that criticizing atheist movements isn't exactly an idealist proof position.

Especially towards the end of goobergoat, this was le rational skeptic position. I know because I was one.

And at the core of it all:

You can see the seeds of neo-Nazism in there, but it wasn't imposed on them: it sprung up organically because it's an ego thing. It's meant to make people feel special for some trait they have that made them unpopular, in a way that perfectly mirrors the mindset of the Swidges they harp on about endlessly. They are essentially saying that they are part of an oppressed minority, and that they need safe spaces and special recognition for it (look at the Twitter conservative victim complex, where they're always bitching about their opinions being censored because they're so edgy and subversive). Ultimately, of course, they will face the fate that all other hipsters and counterculturalists face: they become a part of the system, and people start to rebel against them, because no matter how hard they try to get out of the system they are trapped in an infinite regress of ideology.


I care user, and you're right.

It's a bit strange how a victim complex seems to be at the heart of so much of the far-right.

Cold ass take. I think you might need to put it in the microwave and thaw it out.

It was trash tbh, I was part of Gamergate too and nobody was that edgy about it. Most of us were just pissed that the Zoe story was being censored and wanted to see Kotaku and Polygon burned to the ground.

Gamergate was ultimately a class conflict, though not in the ordinary leftist sense of the word. It was a conflict between the sensitive, liberal hipsters who had become the majority of the gaming press due to gaming's absorbtion into Silicon Valley, and the average internet-dwelling channer who liked games. These people used to be on the same side during the Bush years but by 2014 they had drifted so far apart that their worldviews had become utterly incompatible. The average channer doesn't give a shit about death threats, rape threats, insults etc. but for the people in the press it was the end of the world. Gamergate itself began because the press perceived that Zoe, one of ``them`` was under attack by the feral internet-dwelling neckbeards. It didn't matter that almost all the charges against her were factually true, the filthy country-dwelling neckbeards had dared to insult one of ``them``, one of the progressive indie devs and PR people, and they had to be reprimanded. That then led to the Gamers are Dead articles and that in turn led to the gamers getting even more mad, which was the start of Gamergate proper.

Sorry for the autism, I just get pissed when people try to pass Gamergate off as Trump 1.0 when there was initially nothing reactionary about it.

these are not classes.

Many see it as too Jewish

Atheism without solid leftist ethics and historical knowledge is inherently Social Darwinist.
The New Atheism movement (which came deep from academia and business, not an spontaneus uprising of neckbeards) re-purposed the secular humanism that was propagated by Marxists and SocDems in government and Academia and in the streets through New Left hedonism which entered pop culture in the 80s and 90s against Reagan's Religious Right (and their Islamist Alies Abroad) for neoliberal, technocratic and anti-egalitarian goals.
There were honest people trying to do good, like Carlin and Hitchens, but there were also dozens of carefully placed shills whose purpose was to erode away public morality and social cohesion, remember this also coincided with en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokal_affair it was all orchestrated by crypto-ancaps from the start, all the way back in 2000 you had Steven Pinker arguing for the heritabilty of Autism Level.

Modern reactionaries are nerds yes, but we have to be on guard, in a monipolar imperial world we cannot let the US fall to fascism, a liberal US is bad enough for the world.

Fascism and global empire are not compatible. You can have one or the other but not both.

why not? America is a global empire, but it is also in decay, Xi's China is soon to surpass America as a hub of capital.

So what's the end goal? If they do away with morality altogether their own legitimacy becomes void and they'll have an army of Stirners to deal with.

When and because the (liberal) left rejected anti-theism in favor of identity politics. When the idpol crowd tried to hijack New Atheism, see elevator gate Atheism+ etc.

It was shit. Pretty much what you would expect from someone trying to reconcile socialism with the ideology of an slave-owning merchant warlord from the iron age. Explain to me how a sacralized tax of accumulated wealth that is one of the 5 elementary pillars of Islam is in any way socialist.

New Atheism was idpol though.

A pretty ridiculous caricature that is beig drawn here. At the center of New Atheism has always been the inherent flaws of human's capacity to reason. For example it explains the persistence of a believe in a creator being by employing human's innate susceptibility to ascribe agency.



I know this is probably a troll line you just made up but the general New Atheist idea about good being synonymous with intelligence and evil with stupidity ended up prepping a lot of fedoras for Alt-Right arguments. They only has to be shown one of those global Autism Level distribution graphs to go full 1488.

Troll line? You were too lazy to google it? It's the decription of this drawing from the original artists blog. Are you done caricaturizing and miscontruing yet?

Paying lip service to the fallibility of humanity doesn't detract from the fact that central to New Atheism was this idea of religion and mysticism as this corrupting force that basically caused irrationality and violence. Dawkins literally called it a mind virus, and his fellow travelers weren't far off from that point.

you can do all your *tips fedora* messages at me all you like, but religion is still the spookiest fucking spook of all

spooks are spooks

Vatican is literally a monarchy. Any catholic is a literal peasant.

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