Did Hitler openly criticize capitalism?

As anyone who isn't a complete brainlet knows, nazism isn't socialist. However, did Hitler ever publicly/openly attack capitalism like he did with socialism? And if he never did, then why do so many people still put nazism right in the middle of socialism and capitalism, or even worse, think it's socialist?

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He didn't like parliamentary democracy nor monarchy, he was fond of some kind of absolute monarchy a.ka. dictatorship. He was also concerned about the poor conditions of german working class, but at the same time he was an incredibly spooked with "muh german high culture" and antisemitism (which he initially didn't embrace, only later when he admitted to reading some cheap propaganda pamphlets).

t. Former Holla Forumsyp who've read few chapters of Mein Kampf.

Also wanted to add he had very little opinions on economy, he was disinterested in the entire topic and would have went with whatever sort of economy would prove convenient to benefitting "muh pure aryan high culture".

So he didn't criticize capitalism openly? Or..?

Yeah, I did read that somewhere. Didn't he also say something like "teh advantage of our economic position is we don't have one"?

Hitler was like most fascists tend to be - they can sometimes get very close to describing the ills that capitalism reproduces but they trace it all back to insanely paranoid conclusions and then adamantly stick to that. ("Oh how I feel for the misery of german working class, this is entirely the blame of the jews and their talmudist ways!")

If you look at Holla Forums as well as glance Mein Kampf, 90% of his rants are dedicated to cultural or anthropological speculations ("muh beautiful german art and song, muh heimat in the village we have to defend from jewish commie subhumans blah blah"). The little he does take to analyse economy he does it vaguely, telling that he would take whatever works, and that everything he could find dysfunctional is mostly the fault of outside enemies blocking the flow of goods or inside enemies subversing and corrupting the germans or whatever.

Yes, that is all very true. Guess fascists are destined to be eternal demagogues

This naturally leads him to the bourgeoisie, because it's most convenient to do deals with them. The way fascism always goes. Class collaboration never means proles and borgs collaborating (somehow!), but the regime collaborating with the capitalist class.

That is why you always observe what a fascist does, rather than what he says he wants to do. They are often just as deceptive as the jewish caricature they paint their enemies to be.


millionaire "class"

The other posters explained well. The left, being materialist, understands capitalism as chiefly an economic system that thus generates a society compatible with it, namely a bourgeois democracy with social liberalism. Notice how capitalist dictatorships tend to be far more unstable and shorter-lived than the usual cargo-cult democracy.

Regardless, Hitler, being a reactionary dunce, thought you could decouple the State from the economy (this is extremely common in the right to this day), and didn't much care about the latter, focusing just on controlling the former so he could enforce his spooks. If, God forbid, fascism had lived on, this contradiction would eventually come to a head, and I'll bet anything that the capitalists would return to full power, as the base they controlled would create a superstructure favorable to them.

Particularly important is this:
They always dissimulate, to the point of using democratic freedoms in order to undermine democracy, and that's why one should avoid at all costs legitimizing them, even by simple debate. Carl Schmidtt was probably the leading figure among the intellectuals class to practice this.

he attacked international capitalism and big capitalism frequently but mostly tied it back to the jews

he didn't take on mom and pop stores

last time i checked the term "privatization" was coined because of the policies that were implemented under his reign


Not exactly. He wanted to extricate Germany from what we now call international capitalism. Which back then was mostly just financial, but was still the seed of globalism. He envisioned, perhaps without noticing, a return to the WW1 stage of capitalism as being starkly divided by nation-States, which fought amongst each other for the spoils of the world, including colonies. In this way, fascism claims a continuity from colonialism. Being extricated from international finance meant that fascist countries had to rely on imperialism and plundering, even more so than the "democracies", which don't like it when people notice that what they did to Africa, Asia etc. was more than a little bit similar to what Hitler did in the countries he invaded.

i literally said
but he also attacked large businesses, as seen in this pic

the rest of your post is tangential

except the banks were already nationalised by the Social Democrats.
Hitler PRIVATIZED the banks,

hahahahaha Hitler avoided taxes in the beginning by pretending to be a poor writer during government correspondence, during his ascension. He even got a fucking Mercedes, which was expensive as all hell then, he blew out while pretending to be everything he wasn't, screwing over the Government for his fortune as he amassed popularity.

Pretending to be of the working class with one hand, buying up art, cars, and doing bougie bullshit with the other.

He was playing everyone like a damn fiddle.

He only attacked jewish capitalists. Antisemitism is the "anti-capitalism" of nazis

wow ur telling me that fascists LIED???

basically everyone pretended he was a prole, even his enemies

and he was a hobo who painted houses for years, let's not forget

Yes, but I think basically all the instances of attacking capitalism in his speeches can be attributed to the actual socialists of the Nazi party.


Fucking hell, why do Holla Forumsacks believe this guy cared about his nation and people? What kind of nationalist avoids taxes?

Fascists don't believe in policy.

all that cash for taxes was going to the allies due to the treaty of versailles anyway