Comfy reading

What is the comfiest way to read books?

I am assuming that at least some of you ITT read books a couple of hours before bedtime. We should have a general advice thread on how to make reading books as comfy as possible. Share your routines or rituals that you habitually perform before, during or after reading to make reading books natural to you. I think this is of utmost importance, considering how many people are distracted by smartphones and constant internet access, coupled by shitty-ass random noises and human speaking sounds penetrating the bedroom walls like invisible spooks, trying to fight with your strong spectre of communism.

Sorry about the weird wording, I would have kept this thread to only the first sentence at the top but 200 char limit made me type the rest too which is not so important.



I sit in front of my computer with a cup of coffee.
Then I read.

I never understood how people could read while drinking? I often drink and use internet too, but I could only focus on bite-sized texts and after a while, reading becomes almost impossible. Also, gratz on the low tolerance of getting shitfaced on two beers, I want to limit my drinking down to that level too in the near future.

The secret is not read while drinking, but drink while reading.

hi nasu

Discover when your best time of day is for reading. Each person has a different time of day.
Read an IRL a-tree-died-for-your-ideas book. Reading on a luminescent screen is awful.
Downtempo pop music or smooth jazz is good accompaniment. Music with too much percussion like EDM or hip-hop is better for thinking than reading.
If you're able, take short breaks to move around a bit.
I personally perfer not to drink. I'd rather trudge on until I get in the zone.

Nasu is cute! CUTE!

On a couch with either coffee or whiskey. Alternatively squatting in the bush with a light rain and a rifle.

In an armchair with a physical book.


whats the pencil for user

Mein gott, what kind of pure ideology is this

I once sat on a red chair like 4 years ago and my back still hurts.

I'm sorry user but this is not a very good position. Imagine someone was to frighten you and you'd immediately fall over from the chair.

Are armchairs expensive?

I mean if he kept his shoes on while reading.

user, do you keep your shoes on when you read?

Burgers tend to do this shit. Wearing shoes while indoors is considered rude behavior in most of europe.

Fucking savages

A couple of hours before bedtime is literally all I have when I come back from work (and that includes dinner, shower and spending some time with my wife). So I read only on weekends, comfy in my couch, with the TV and music off.


I'm from Portugal and I never heard anything about that. The people who do it are a minority. Maybe we're savages idk.

I always have my shoes on unless I'm lying I'm bed.

It's safe because I'm locked in. It's difficult to explain.

B-But why?


My feet get cold.

I suggest Atlas Shrugged.

Probably alcoholism tbh