Is Holla Forums right about white people dying out? Or is it typical Holla Forums fear mongering/statistic manipulation?

Is Holla Forums right about white people dying out? Or is it typical Holla Forums fear mongering/statistic manipulation?

If race realism is real, then should this not be something to be concerned about? The fact that Europeans have a higher Autism Level than Africans (Not Asians though).?

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Defne white people.

white people should just read Bordiga tbqh


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No. Europe has always had a small relative population in the world, things only changed when europe transitioned the middle three stages of the DTM before everyone else due to industrialisation; now that Asia, LA (to a lesser extent, LA's population is tiny for its landmass) and African are transitioning through the DTM too, their populations are growing in an according manner. Basically the population dynamic of the world is resetting to a pre-1800 level: except people now live in the Americas.

So no, Europeans are not dying out, the population of "ethnic europeans" is at the highest it has ever been, it's just the populations of other places are way higher.

so sicilians, irish, and other negro-iberians are white now?

get real bruh, even if you absolutely can't stand brown qt's or asian qt's, I'm sure there won't be a lack of white qt's for millenias to come

The only reason you'd believe this is if you think Obama is somehow more black than he is white.

Of course it's real. You have to be braindead to believe otherwise.

Poorer countries generally have higher fertility rates. It's simple end capitalism and you end the higher rates of birth in those non "white" countries.

Also Russia is often counted as part Asia even though we all mostly think of Russians more like Europeans.

Dying out might have been a poor choice of words…maybe bred out?

They look pretty white to me.
Sicilians I guess so, they're from Europe.
If they originated in Africa, then no.

Simple. Stop being a brainlet, Holla Forums.

That inlude Aschenazi Jews then?

is it because you've run out of topics to discuss in relation to your failed ideology?

the irish are negro-iberians. You shouldn't be arguing about anything race related if you don't fucking know what "white" means.

As long as they originated in Europe.

At least its better than all our threads being about a failed ideology, like on Holla Forums.

Not being a majority doesn't mean they were killed, it means there are more people who aren't white.

Let us know when you meme someone into the white house.

No. I thought maybe but then I got a new job and now I see shitloads of massive white families everyday. I don't think there's ever actually going to be a point where no more white people are reproducing with other white people, especially given that people usually find partners from their own community.

"Race realism" is not real because "race" is not a real biological thing. Nordicists have more credibility scientifically speaking than "race realists".

No you didn't

They are the minority though. Many white couple are having two kids at older age.

why are you people so obsessed with memes

I haven't read everything on the internet about race. At no point did I ever say I knew everything or even close to everything. So to re-answer your original question about the negro-iberians apparently they died off according to the wiki. Although from the whole 2 minutes of Googling, I could not find very much on them. The wiki refers to them more as "Irish Iberians". Information on these "Negro-Iberians" That you were talking about is near impossible to find.

No? I mean honestly is there any actual evidence of some substantial increase of interracial children? I mean if you look at a region like Russia, it has been multi ethnic for millennia. People fuck who gets their dick hard, babies happen.

Pol is shitting themselves over nothing.

Imagine this level of narcissism.

I don't think Holla Forums memed Trump into the white house, I think it was more YouTube and the alt-news.

But it is pretty obvious that those alt-news casters on YouTube browse Holla Forums. Some even openly admit it.

Holla Forums is like the ugly girl at school who can't stop thinking or talking about chad, but she has to cover her shame of being rejected by saying what a jerk he is.

It was targeted microadvertising in key districts.

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Who is the chad in this analogy?


the self awareness is strong with this one

Most chads arent abject failure kissless virgins

you wouldn't be baiting me with that question unless you already knew

according to victorian-era race theory (which is what this whole surreal race realist bullshit is based on) only the "Anglos" the germans, northern italians and the french are white. Everybody else in europe is either African, asian or slavic.
This is the problem with the "whites becoming a minority" thing. They have never been a majority implying race is even a thing

Is this a problem?

And you miss my point, it's not that white people in general are having a shitload of kids. It's that there's a subset of white people (particularly very poor ones) that have very many kids and as long as capitalism exists this subset of the white population will exist. Or in other words whites will never truly disappear, even if certain sections of the white population are facing a demographic crisis other sections of it are not.

i came here to laugh because your shitty Holla Forums threads spam the front page constantly.
maybe you should talk about some dead commies instead?

Just want to clarify that Holla Forumsyps think they're chads.

I somehow doubt that micro-targeting would be able to swing entire states. I think more likely YouTube as an entire platform was probably one of the most influential, you had people with millions of followers supporting Trump. Shit, even Pewdiepie backed Trump.


the question wasnt if whites were ever a majority and are now being outnumbered, the questions was if whites are dying out.

is the population decreasing?

Mmm, I sure want an imperialist daddy to fund my not-communist not-state.

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No, it's just an insult.

literally who the fuck cares?
Even if they are dying out, by the time all blonde eyed blue haired people disapear, you'll be fucking dead.

race isn't a thing.

Hate to break it to you, but Holla Forums is THAT massive of a collection of braindead retards.

is that a problem?

Yeah just look at the small amount of actual white people on Holla Forums

And you're fucking wrong.
13 year olds can't vote retard.
Youtube and the people on it were almost entirely irrelevant and your stupid feelings don't change that.

as a socialist why would I need race to be a thing? Race realism is class collaborationist.

White people are a minority in Africa? Really? That's amazing!

You're also changing the subject and not addressing the actual bulk of my argument in that post. Which is that the white population is not simply shrinking, it's actually much bigger than it would have been at some points historically, it's that it is unevenly replenishing and diminishing across different white demographics in such a way that extinction is very unlikely.

What tactic? I just wanted to insult you. Thanks for confirming your idiocy, btw.

if this guy isn't banned in 10 minutes I'm leaving this board

We hate Chad's and Jews, just like you guys here do. Let's focus on how we can help each other achieve a Not Socialist nation free of Chad's and Jews.

what buzzwords? Class collaborationism? How the fuck is that a buzzword?


anti-zionoism =/= hating jews

Europe's population boomed when we got urbanized, industrialized, and got access to modern medicine, hygiene, cheap and abundant food sources, and so on.
This led to conflict, revolution, and so on.

Now the rest of the world is going through the same phase - boom in population because your children don't just die and oh shit you shouldn't have had so many of them, then lack of resources to provide for everyone in the new huge population, then conflict for food and reproductive rights, and then stabilizing at the carrying capacity of the land.

Sad that Asia and Africa are doing this at a time when climate will fuck up the global economy for food stuffs and we are running out of oil (that we need for plastics, a huge necessity).



Anti-zionism is antisemitic.

Don't forget slavs, bratka

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This wasn't supposed to be a bait thread. the thread has just been hijacked by Holla Forums

OP has no post history and the thread is immediately full of Holla Forumscucks also without a post history. Anchor'd

Thanks bb
nice pic

Except here's the thing, percentage means dick. Populations in Africa, in Asia, in parts of the Americas, have been rising astronomically over the last century as they come closer to being industrial economies. White are not disappearing here, it's just that everyone else is becoming more numerous.

If you are going to use retarded methods like grouping everyone into "white" and "not white" then yes, whites are a minority (in some cases). But that is extremely dishonest as "non-white" is not a real ethnicity to have a majority, rather white people have a smaller majority than they did historically.

Stay mad fag.

Now this is what i call JIDF.

Truly, Holla Forums is a brain disease.

Why did you delete the poster? You are showing the damage control which indicates you are an anti freedom of speech mod so please play the game fairly. You are better than this.

Because he's a torposter and banning him would be unfair to the rest of the torposters.

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That is really strange, I post here all the time. I can't really prove it but I do.

read Bordiga

Antisemites Assemble!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

You can't make this up user. I know you are smarter than you think so don't act dumb and expect the anons to believe you . Remember we don't have the ID here.(Guess what, dipshit)

I actually used to be a Holla Forumsyp and came around to realize that I was being stupid and brown people aren't out to get me. Except the bourgeois ones.

That is pretty funny tbh

I don't know what to tell you. This post has a history, but OP isn't part of it.


I am the OP. I had 10 posts before the mod came in and anchored the thread, and I post here occasionally on Holla Forums

They were never not white
Anyone who has a caucasoid skeletal structure is white

Yes it is, but who cares and why? I mean, the reason why developed countries have fewer kids ->no matter their race

There is only one cure for reactionaries

Who cares about X group of people going extinct tbh don't you have other things to care about in your life?

Wew lad. This thread.

Geographical genetic clusters that hail from the geographical continent of EurAsia. Or subpecies. Take your pick.

Do they genetically cluster with other Whites while allowing an appropriate number of clusters for each geographical area? There's your answer.

Is what we call "race" biologically able to be told apart, as in, is what I call a Black and a White able to be told apart biologically? If yes, race is a real phenomena.

According to XYZ they had a different concept of categorizing ABC so ABC can not exist as we think it does now !!
See how retarded that is? Also, you should worry about validity of categorization and not because ABC categorization changed that it can't be a real, physical phenomena.
And how is it a pseudoscience?

This is a meme from the 19th century about the extinction of the Nordic peoples.
Now crypto-Nazis want you to fear the extinction of polar bears.
Race realism is complete bullshit. White skin and straight, blond hair result from albinism. Two black parents can produce a white child, but two white parents cannot produce a black child.