How do we solve the antifa problem...

How do we solve the antifa problem? They have taken over sections of this board and dont realize they are a detriment to all of us. Its not even funny. Lets have a internal look into ourselves. Thoughts?

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by reading theory

This. Read Ross Wolfe.

Hey F * C K you man. I bet if given death or join the fash you'd all be goose-stepping. Antifa is the only way to defeat the White Nazi Capitalists. I bet you're all White anyway, one step away from being a Nazi. I'll draw Swastika's into your skull you white male shills.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Gee I still don't get why those ultraleft negationists are associated with Bordiga. It's bound to remain a mystery.

By giving them with better tactics to work with irl that don't just make leftists look bad.

I wonder what the actual fuck you must be thinking to think antifa are a liability we have to get rid of. Like, we need an active branch of our ideology to act up on it, otherwise the nazis will take over.

Not everyone you disagree with is antifa. I'm pretty sure most of the problem posters haven't been anarchists anyway

antifas run into trouble when they don't do their homework.

know the difference between fash groups and adjust your strategy accordingly. every group is different and every situation is different.

in 2016, BAMN sent their people in black bloc alone up against skinheads and tradworkers in sacramento which got a bunch of them stabbed. don't do that. don't get caught in macho traps.

charlottesville was different because the anarchists didn't go in black bloc and the nazis (who relied on strict timetables and plans) were met with a diverse opposition + larger political mobilization that confused them.

the nazis' plan was to escalate the ongoing crisis and bait the left into overreacting. instead they were met not with overreaction but with counter-escalation. the nazis didn't know if people in the crowd were going to punch them or pray at them.

so the nazis' plan went awry and they overreacted and lashed out, emotionally and in an undisciplined fashion, and badly damaged their movement.

A good chunk of these is usually just exaggerated rhetoric from the right while another good chunk is something that's already happening. Also, the point about the black nationalists is a bit off since black nationalism based on the demographics alone has an extremely small chance to have any sort of success in "the west". Anyway, while antifa is not perfect in the same way every unorganized movement is its main problem is that they're extremely bad at selling themselves to the public. In fact most of them don't even try. On top of that you have the entire right against them and as we all know they're just about selling an image which makes the whole situation extra difficult.

According to Holla Forums we are supposedly the leaders of antifa
We just need to send them the signal and they'll just stop.


Do NOT send the signal. Antifa are proceeding into third phase as we speak.

The whole point of Antifa is that these didn't work for the german left, and thus we should skip them and go straight for violence.

While what half of you are saying is completely counter the point of antifa (that this shit doesn't work), this might be valuable. A lot of cameras are sensitive to near-IR and a bunch of near IR lights pointed at the cameras would blind them.

I guess the whole point of Antifa is wrong then.

This is true tho. American liberal have taken over the board since cville.

hi there, verfassungsschutz friend

fuck off back to Holla Forums

we need to better organise, better train and expand the number and size of the local chapters

I still don't understand why Soros is funding antifa. What's his endgame?