If this truly is a Marxist board then why do we even have moderators...

If this truly is a Marxist board then why do we even have moderators? Shouldn't the board be ruled by the posters and posters only to ensure direct democracy, or do we wanna bear another rogue mod nuking us like some goddamn fascist?

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read Bordiga

Organic centrism is shit.


It's the ultimate goal of the economy under Marxism.

t. jim

No, that's a liberal distortion of Marxism.

The free association of men precludes democracy.

This, but unironically.

Okay then buddy then what's TRUE Marxism if not equality?


*if not the promotion of economic equality

This is MarxistLenininst board. Small but importzant distinction.
Also the pattern Board owner/ Board volunteers is built in Holla Forums functionning. This imply some limitations in democratisation because with such configuration, the mod will hold power over the users.
To prevent such problems, you would need to either give everyone mod powers (suicide considering the number of Holla Forumsyps who jump on the occasion) or make the mods completely accountable by revealing teir identity, which would the ruin the point of posting anonmously that people cherish.

Social ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange with an eye towards the abolition of the inherent characteristics of capitalism in the form of commodity production. Then the transition to a stateless, currencies and post-scarcity society: aka communism.

Isn't "free association" a buzzword used by ethnonationalists?




t. brainlet


That's precisely what I'm getting at, you dolt. This board is supposed to be leaderless if it really wishes to be left-wing.

This whole function is fucking reactionary.


For a board free of empowered Stalinists

Can we please ban OP? The board has suffered enough already, we don't need Reddit level shitposters

It's kinda like with anarchism.
Not so much without rules, more like without rulers.

Good point. Every deletion should be decided by popular vote.