From what I remember a while back when leftypol had a bit of a Rafiq phase he seemed pretty based

Wait, what the fuck did a poster almost a year ago mean by "when leftypol had a bit of a Rafiq phase"?

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It means the five quality screenposts we have from him had a surge in popularity back then and it left a pretty good opinion of Rafiq in the userbase. And people kinda started to meme/shill him
Then Anons anoyed by the spam dig up some criticism about him which temper the initial enthoutiasm. And after that, Rafiq is sometimes still lauded, somtimes loathed.

This pattern happens almost systematically to any author posted here when i think about it

This reminds me that the successful anti-idpol thread with Rafiq screencaps is gone too.


Can you post some of the criticisms that anons made of him?

They can be summed up as


Bumping with some Rafiq posts.



Pretty sure there was no Rafiq phase, though I have seen a few of his screencaps here and there. That dude is fucking awesome.


That time when Rafiq debated an academic liberal is one of the greatest intellectual moments that most here do not know about yet:

I saw a screencap of someone critizicing him but to my great shame i have not the reflex of saving every post i come accross.

If you still want to see Rafiq being criticized by a liberal, see

he is good but often overrated

He's posted occasionally on an imageboard that he would regard as "de.generate" in a Marxist sense.

*His posts are posted

There were a few good Rafiq screenshots going around for a while that people used a lot.

Then people dug up more and realized that he's not a god, surprise surprise.

elaborate. the newer screencaps are still very good.


There is a bias with using screencaps as a measure of Rafiq's overall wisdom because people screencaping will rarely cap posts that are worthless in their eyes.

Ah yes that was the one i talked about.

was it on par with jack vs Academic agent? or even better because the other guy knew what he was talking about?

Just read it for yourself, it's levels above any YT celebrity "debate".

Rafiq is literally insane but the cool kind of insane like Hannibal Lecter.

still don't get why he's so loved

try reading his posts then.

i have

For every spot on thing he said, Rafiq has made dozens more autistic and downright embarrassing rants. You can sense how he sees himself as some intellectual giant with every word he writes, when in reality he's just an internet sperg with delusions of grandeur.

Rafiq is the Stefan Molyneux of the left

Everyone who rides his dick seems to think that verbose = intelligent. It does not.

Man, I would have liked to see him debate somebody like Howard_Scott.

Take off that flag.


Which ones?



Bump, this is important.

Tfw no Rafiq to spank me while he calls me a bad communist that will never achieve proper class consciousness.
Why even


I remember extensive takedowns of Rafiq posted here a couple of months ago.
Can't say I remember much about them aside from agreeing with them at the time though.

holy fuck this guy is a wackjob

How is he not justifying violence against animals?

What's your point?