There is no agenda

As much as I try to deny where our political and social climate is heading. It's hard not to claim its extremely deeply triggering and problematic. The more I research the more I see that that the ideologies we hope to prevail wont succeed in a racially balkanized and diluted country. Basically we wont even like to live in the world we are trying to create. Thoughts?

Is OP's picture prevalent or is it just vocal minority?

wrong. just read Bordiga.

Literally everywhere.

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It isnt isolated retard. Stop denying reality. Simply look around. You can make predictions and general perceptions of where the culture is heading. And it isnt one that you nor your the fabric of your worldview would consider "good". This is why the Right is on their way of winning the moral highground. They can call out racist double standards.

Why does a few retarded token articles offend you so much, probably more than capitalism itself, you useless faggot?
Literally "This is why Trump won". You're a joke. Read Marx or fuck off.

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I’m sorry I just don’t recall ever supporting bourgeois feminism, SJWism, and minority ethnonationalism. That IdPol and I’m the sort of shit you are posting is just as much my enemy as Holla Forums and the be alt right is. Anything that seeks to divide the working class is bad.

The left seems to be doing alright dividing the working class all on their own.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Vols need to check if this retard (>>2264694) is actually OP so he can get banned for being criminally stupid.

Stupid for drawing actual pervasive concerns? Quit living in fantasy land kiddo.

How is that the left?
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Better question. How is it not the left? They seem to label themselves as such. It certainly isnt the right.

On the off-chance that you're only subhuman in intelligence and not just trolling, you're ignoring every genuine point and implication made against your posts and your posting style, and you're acting like a faggot. That's why you're stupid.

Firstly, identitarian jokers are not "the left", "the left" as you, the average burger understands, is no more then a rainbow liberalism. I'm quite sure none of the academics in these articles are calling for the abolition of capital, most of them likely voted clinton.
Secondly, I believe just posting the titles of some obscure news articles, does not do justice to what might be written within them, since at least one of them says something completely uncontroversial, that being a normal family is an advantage.

left on shit posting flag

*are not

Very nice

Please explain this- is this picture prevalent or is it just vocal minority?

Hello, reddit.

Yeah, we need to line liberals against a wall. What’s your point?

Racial identitarianosm and ethnonationalism are right wing, so yes, these people are right wing actually.

Extra points for Germanic romanticism.

Genetic diversity is important for the survival of the species.