In the wake of the mass deletion, i think it could be useful to have a "memory" thread of some sort

In the wake of the mass deletion, i think it could be useful to have a "memory" thread of some sort.
Is there any centralized archive dedicated to Holla Forums in particular?
Anyway, use this thread to share links to previous good threads or even interesting screencaps.

Other urls found in this thread:

Screens from the recent DPRK thread.

To start with archived threads:

And some more screencaps (some not from Holla Forums but still)

Bumping with more content:
Rafiq posting

We need more and new Rafiq posts, to be honest. It probably wouldn't be that hard to find worthy posts.

Speaking of Rafiq posts, in the 'leftist academic' thread someone linked a bunch of discussions in which Rafiq completely obliterates the reactionary conception of ecology/nature as something to be preserved and kept separate from human influence. Does anyone have the links?

Here's one. There's another one, I'll look it up.


file:///home/swartt/Pictures/chanpics/poli/neanderthal genes.jpg

Oops posted my file link and not the file, plz no hack.

These were the threads that were linked:

Thanks buddy

More content. Also looking for a thread documenting some Porkies astroturfing the alt Right.

Is it this?



Thanks for saving the relationships one, I lost that and it seems like it'd be really useful lately.

Nope, a more recent one with a progressive close up of an ungly chick with glasses.


You mean the thread about Rebekah Mercer?

Here it is, the only problem is that some images were not cached:





It's a shame Stalinstache acted like such a bellicose dipshit so much of the time because some of his posts are really good.

Wait, you mean the alcoholic Italian one?


Link to the thread please?

It was deleted when the board got nuked.

Nah that thread is like a year old


I said in one of the pinned threads that I could try hosting a Holla Forums archive if only there was software ready for it, because I'm not a dev.

I vaguely remember back in 2014, Holla Forums's short-lived archive used FoolFuuka+Asagi, which I now realize is weird, because I'm fairly sure it doesn't work with any board software but cuckchan's.

Does anyone know more about this shit?

heres a bunch of random screenshots I found funny/cool

liberalism 1/2




my favourite

dual power

Dumping what I got



Do any one have the associated picture Catgirl drawfag made?





Here, this is easier. Looks shitty due to the way you screencapped those, though.


There's an archive now

what the fuck is going on here

I think it started somewhere in September and those were threads that were alive at that time but made before.

yeah that seems to be the case, the older threads are cyclical.

fascinated to see that (you)s are still working in it. (can't tell if i used to get a lot more, or if it's just that they're added cumulatively.)