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I can contribute with a question. What is left communism and why is it so hated here? MOD EDIT: It's infantile disorder. Lot's of them think that they are the only group which is allowed revisionism

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So I'm trying to do the math behind the TSSI and I've hit a point where I'm getting pretty confused. So at the end of the production cycle I look at the new ratio of how either constant variable capital is distributed in both the departments (say D1 consumes 1/3 and D2 consumes 2/3) then I devide the P from whatever department produces that sort of thing into a few bits and now I have overall more or less constant or variable capital but the same ration of distribution between departments. Am I doing this correctly?

left communism is the anti-soviet marxist current in communism, lot of them whine about commodity production and everyone gets mad at them.

Curious to ask, how many people here are part of leftist orgs? Just trying to gauge if people here take politics seriously, or have we all gathered here just for humoring ourselves and others, pretending to be revolutionaries?

Is John Cusack a communist?

I can't find an org I don't think is terrible so I'm just in a book club.

Is that a book club that holds regular IRL meetings as well?

Yes, some of us are part of orgs, some have too much work to even join one. some just larp and shitpost.
for my part i work 44h/week, and i assited at my local ML party in my country

When I make threads it sometimes says I have to have 200 characters to be able to post it. Is it a bug or am I just retarded/newfangled?

That is pretty neat, we could be the true socialist vanguard. I am pretty sure Lenin also started out initially in the resistance as a IRL shitposter in obscure left-wing gatherings.

It's a new thing, you must type 200 chars or you'll get a short ban if you just spam the characters to circumvent the char limit.

can you give us more details , like the Parameters, and the example value that you used,
also didn't understand this :
you confused me P/DP ?

So I devided the economy into 2 departments 1 that produces C and another that produces V. Each have a certain amount of C plus V that they use up in production (I just set them to use all of their stuff in production) then when I equalized profit rates by taking finding the average of the thwo S/(C+V)'s the I add the equalized profit rate to the cost price or cost of production (C+V) to get the price. Then I take the price and divide it up between departments based on the ratio at which it was divided up before so now I can go into the second production and have a new distrobution.

Like this:

Period one:
……………C V C+V S W $s P S/C+V $/C+V
…..D1 30 10 20 10 50 20 60 25% 50%
…..D2 10 20 30 20 50 15 45 66% 50%
…..D3 10 20 30 20 50 15 45 66% 50%
Total: 50 50 100 50 150 50 150 50% 50%

then this

_Units P at end of period one Price per unit
D1 50 60 1.20
D2 50 45 .90
D3 50 45 .90

then this

Period two:
____C V C+V S W $s P S/C+V $/C+V
D1 36 9 45 11 56 23.6 68.6 24% 52%
D2 12 18 30 22 52 15.7 45.7 73% 52%
D3 12 18 30 22 52 15.7 45.7 73% 52%
Total: 60 45 105 55 160 55 160 52% 52%

No wait replace the second one with this

_C V S Total Labor Total units
D1 3/5 1/5 ? 20 50
D2 1/5 2/5 ? 40 50
D3 1/5 2/5 ? 40 50

Have a new maymay

C V C+V S W $s P S/C+V $/C+V
D1 30 10 40 10 50 20 60 25,00 % 50,00 %
D2 10 20 30 20 50 15 45 66,67 % 50,00 %
D3 10 20 30 20 50 15 45 66,67 % 50,00 %
Total 50 50 100 50 150 50 150 52,78 % 50,00 % Median

C V S Total Labour Total Units
D1 0,75 0,2 ? 20 50
D2 0,33 0,4 ? 40 50
D3 0,33 0,4 ? 40 50

brb i soon finish my work shift

Thoughts on scabs?

keep on adding those epicycles bro

After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, and the vampire, he had some awful substance left with which he made a scab.

A scab is a two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a water brain, a combination backbone of jelly and glue. Where others have hearts, he carries a tumor of rotten principles.
When a scab comes down the street, men turn their backs and angels weep in heaven, and the devil shuts the gates of hell to keep him out. No man (or woman) has a right to scab so long as there is a pool of water to drown his carcass in, or a rope long enough to hang his body with.

Judas was a gentleman compared with a scab. For betraying his master, he had character enough to hang himself. A scab has not.
Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage.
Judas sold his Savior for thirty pieces of silver.
Benedict Arnold sold his country for a promise of a commission in the British army.
The scab sells his birthright, country, his wife, his children and his fellowmen for an unfulfilled promise from his employer.

Esau was a traitor to himself; Judas was a traitor to his God; Benedict Arnold was a traitor to his country. A scab is a traitor to his God, his country, his family and his class.

t. Jack London (allegedly)

Good quote

use [code] tags.

Found this on Holla Forums. Opinions? Accurate?

If you could kill one person in time, who would it be?

Good meme, not sure why it is on pol considering this is where the ☭TANKIE☭s live.

Some really love North Korea there

They forgot to put suicides and prostitution on the left.

And homeless elderly.

It seems to me most socialist countries have been devastated by warfare during or after their formation. My question is: Is the prosecution of war a main feature of socialism? Cause it seems like it should be.

Do Marxists consider non-Marxist socialists/leftists their comrades?

So the meme is Holla Forums can do 2 things at once but leftypol cant do even one?

So the meme is Holla Forums can read by leftypol can't add?

Help me out, leftypol?

It is supposed to say Holla Forums fap to a Junky's diary while Holla Forums is working on putting economy into equations.

I'm sure your interpretation is absolutley devoid of bad faith.

Do you know how I can upload a open document spreadsheet? I made a spreadsheet with the transformation procedure but I can't figure out how to upload it.


What exactly is Autonomism? How relevant is it?

know one nows

bumping this thread

because it's practically an ethnostate, same reason why some polacks respect Israel

what happens to murderers/child rapists after the abolition of prisons?

Shot probably

Therapy makes more sense. A lot of the murder will go away because no private property motive anymore. Mentally ill murderers and pedophiles will still exist but can be treated. If they really cannot be treated due to extreme cases then maybe gulag or euthenasia if they prefer? Either way it's going to be a hell of a lot better for them and everyone else under communism then it is under capitalism.

Thoughts of Falangism?

arguably the least terrible form of fascism but its still reactionary conservatism.

i've been gone for a couple months and wtf did you nigger faggots do to the NAZBOL flag?

Does anyone have a larger image of the ☭TANKIE☭ flag?

How do I become a wobbly if there's no charter in my area?

You could always just post glorious pic of Iosif Stalin-2

This board really is falling apart, isn't it?


Why does the mods/admins give out so many bans? I got 2 weeks for a mistake i did.

Are artists, writers etc considered proles?

If you work for a boss and sell your labor you are a prole. If you own the means of production and buy labor power you are not a prole. If you don't do anything your not a prole.

Eh? Marx considered the reserve army of labor to still be fully proletarian.

That doesn't include consistently unemployed lumpen prole.

A tendency within Marxist communism that grew out of Second International (Orthodox) Marxism and formed a left wing inside the Third International. It started with Bukharin in Russia and there were left communists internationally. Most notable were the Italian left and Dutch-German communist left.

The Italian left was formed around the first Italian communist party, which seceded from the Italian socialist party as it took reactionary stances post-WW1. Key figure here is Bordiga, who took on the side of Lenin on almost everything, notably the trade union and revolutionary defeatism questions. He was essentially a Leninist as far as most thing goes, him and the largest Il Soviet faction later forming a more distinguished Leninism later on. There's also the Damenists who fused in Rosa Luxemburg and her theory of decadence.

The Dutch-German left owes its namesake to the fact that even though it mostly operated in Germany, it had quite a lot of figures from the Netherlands, like Pannekoek and Gorter. At first also in near-full agreement with the Bolsheviks (save for the Hamburg faction of notably Otto Rühle), it only started to abandon its quasi-Leninism in the mid-'30s in favour of what we now call council communism. The contrast is notable if you compare, for example, Pannekoek's 1912 'World Revolution and Communist Tactics, in which he's essentially mirroring the international communist left's Leninism, with his '40s Workers' Councils or even earlier his 1938 Lenin as Philosopher'', in which he strongly condemns Lenin as essentially a neo-Kautskyist, completely changing his earlier perspective.

There was also, in France, developing from notably the Bordigist Socialisme ou Barbarie groups and the various councilist factions, the Appelist, Lettrist and most notably the Situationist internationals which were left communist.

China also knew a communist left in the early days of its communist party's founding, and much later during the cultural revolution (thenorthstar.info/?p=9866).

The modern inheritors of left communism are the ultra-left communisation theory currents, most notably but not restricted to Théorie Communiste, Kosmoprolet and Endnotes, which are all largely post-Situationist and develop from it. The most defining thing of communisation is that it rejects what it calls programmatism: a revolutionary attitude it deems the spectre of a fetishised era long past, and that we have since around the early '70s opened up a paradigm of world capital that no longer needs transitional periods, but only the immediate as possible destruction of the social relation of capital, viewing that anything but that would in fact be completely detrimental to any movement that wishes to at some point grow beyond capital.

Left communists here are generally disliked first of all because they thinly adhere to Marx's concepts of capitalism and socialism, the latter of which has then yet to have ever existed, meaning they come into conflict with the MLs who think the USSR was a socialist society when a left communist will point to various texts by Marx, Engels, etc. (mostly the Grundrisse and Gothakritik) to contest that (libcom.org/library/paresh-chattopadhyay-marxian-concept-capital-soviet-experience).

Left communists also don't believe in political determinism and proselytising the working class into action, putting them at odds with the various social democratic tendencies and also a lot of anarchist tendencies (libcom.org/library/militancy-ojtr). Left communists believe the proletariat revolts out of necessities specific to its historical-material situation, and that communists should exist primarily to tail and aid it when such movements start to form. Even the Bordigists, who are vanguardists, are vanguardists in the sense that they see the working class always immediately forming its own leading nucleus of the most revolutionary workers, rather than the vanguard as a group of intellectuals separate from the working class.

Left communists are also highly skeptical of anti-fascism and various other forms of "anti-" activities that seek primarily to oppose a particular excess of capital, noting that this historically always meant the collaboration with anti-communistic factions that will as soon as possible seek to throw the proletariat under the bus as soon as possible.

Left communists are most especially disliked because of the way they are online. Most people will never even read more than the Wikipedia page on left communism before hating left communists because they're smug and constantly mock other leftists.

Best way to find out more about them is here: reddit.com/r/marxism_101/ (esp see the pinned post np.reddit.com/r/marxism_101/comments/5fifub/new_to_marxism/dccpt2n/?context=3 and comments by ehrnio).

Will he ever grace us with his presence again? I kind miss when he used to post here. What happened to him? He seems to have deleted his YouTube channel; did he go on to meet the great moderator in the sky?

why there's no catalonia/estelada flag?

Why must Flat Earthers exist

I don't know about the guy but I vape as well. It's mostly a well-kept secret since I know vaping has this fedora reputation. Vaping is actually pretty good habit, cheaper than smoking cigs all the time and allows me to go without smoking cigs and even quit alltogether at one point. It's also healthier and you can smoke it indoors without leaving a scent or setting off smoke detectors

Have you ever actually witnessed a flat earther that wasn't just shitposting? In a sense, they are like nazbols - everyone talks about them, but is yet to see an unironic one that isn't joking.

Daily reminder that Picasso was a millionaire. Yes, they sell labor power like other user pointed out, ofc they are proles

because they are not a leftist movement?

I've met at least 3 unironic ones today which post Holla Forumstard tear memes and "evidence" and I've heard offhand about 5 who say where my boyfriend's land doesn't exist because where he lives doesn't support the flat earth theory

But in short, yeah it's unironic as shit

Sorry, are you talking about nazbols or flat earthers?

Flat Earth

Which corner of internet do they inhabit, I'd suppose reddit?

Is time a social construct? Or at least how we measure it is a social construct and if it is does it prove that some social constructs are actually useful and beneficial towards society? Been curious about this for a while, wanna see what y'all think

Nope Google+ they've blocked my main and my trash alt. I've had to use my DDR official account to look at them.

wow, and I thought Holla Forums were the ultimate conspiratards

Time is a difficult concept to nail down. I wouldn't say it's entirely a social construct (though of course you can argue that any human concept is a social construct). Even the scientific concept of time evolved a lot in history, in particular with relativity. Today time is not considered a background constant, but more of a relative measure between different reference systems. If you want time is not progressing forward as an absolute clock for the entire universe, we are falling forward in time, just like we fall due to gravity.
Why wouldn't there be?

Forgive me Im a brainlet when it comes to labour vouchers. Could someone explain them and why not just have free distribution based on need?

Honest question. How close are scientists to actually developing AI? Weak AI, but also Strong AI. I know maybe it seems unrelated to Leftist politics, but I often wonder if a lot of the stuff anons talk about with Cockshott's ideas of using cybernetics for central planning, or Bookchin's insistence on post-scarcity under Communalism, whether these things are even possible without advanced AI technology. On the flip side, under Capitalism AI could have potentially catastrophic implications for workers, and could potentially be a site for organizing and agitation, but of course that still begs the question, are we actually close to creating AI? Or is it still just a pipe dream that Silicone Valley dweebs like Zuckerberg and Musk go on about the same way they talk about colonizing space and inventing time travel? Pic slightly unrelated.

It's basically just non-circulatable money. So it can't be accumulated or hoarded, and it doesn't, in and of itself, become a sort of commodity. I could be wrong here, I'm only just beginning to learn this stuff myself.

Because you need an organizational structure even in an anarchist society.

We're as close to hard AI as we're close to colonizing Mars: not really outside our current technical capabilities, but too risky to invest capital on it.
So you can sleep peacefully. We won't see true AI until the point a government employs a Manhattan project level of resources.

Can we ally with ze *sniff* alt-right to take down ze porky?

It's not even a full day and I already hate this meme. Well done Holla Forums I guess.

you are supposed to hate it, that's the point

I am supposed to dislike it, I get it, but it's getting really annoying. Also why are we using spoilers?

Spoilers because I'm mad that Holla Forums is becoming a ☭TANKIE☭ board and I'm speaking this directly to you atm that's why I've dedicated lot of my time today pushing this meme

What is wrong with being a nazbol?

Ethnic cleansing

Is it just me or is the nazbol leader Trotsky in disguise?

What about nazbol without the ethno nationalism but civic nationalism?

It's spooked on race, just like with White Nationalism they say they'd want to deport people non-violently but there's really no way to do something like that without massive coercion and State sanctioned violence. Which is fine if you're a Nazi and your goal is genocide, but for any actual Leftist, who's goals are the liberation of the Global proletariat, regardless of race, and the abolition of both Capitalism and the State, becoming a Nazbol is a bit of a hard sell.

except they are?

esquerra republicana means Leftist republicans

Well, for one thing there would have to be some kind of reassurance that this nationalism doesn't transform into ethno-tribalism, which speaking as a Burger, I could never imagine such a thing working over here. Aside from that, how isolationist is this State? I don't know too many civic nationalists who lose sleep over Imperialism. Then there's just the problem of the State itself, the society most Leftists are fighting for is a completely classless, stateless, moneyless society with the absence of all exploitative social relations, if I had to chose between that or Nazbol I don't know why anyone would choose Nazis, but this time with meaningless Soviet aesthetics.

Why does nazbol man look like a Hipster Trotsky?

If bitcoin is a bubble, why people are still investing in it?
the thing that most bubbles have in common is that they are silent, unlike the bitcoin situation that a bunch of people are saying that will colapse soon, if this is a obvious bubble why bitcoin price isn't decreasing?
This bubble can be wishful thinking?

I also want to know the answer to this.

because nattrot is next stage of dialectical development of nazbol

Because it'll keep growing as long as people keep thinking there's money to be made in it, and there's people with money to dump into it. The reason it's obvious is because unlike other commodity bubbles, there's nothing beyond money-shuffling going on here.

That’s Jim Profit he was once a tripfag on this board. He was so hated on 4chan that if you put the name Jim Profit in the namefield you would get an autoban. I don’t know if it still holds good today, I’ve never tried it.

Christ I couldn't even finish reading that

that's still dosn't awnser my question about why bitcoin keeps growing and why people continue to invest if this bubble exist.
don't get me wrong, I want to this bubble exist but isn't weird that if this bubble burst is inevitable people wouldn't be already jumping ship?

bumping my question

what about Asserism? do you consider that fascist or reactionary?

I'll be honest, I'm a Holla Forums refugee and im attracted to Asserism. I'm told its just hitlerism for people who don't hate Jews but other than that I haven't seen a good criticism of Asserism.


Read my two posts, because I think it applies to Asserism just as much as Nazbol.

A Red and Brown alliance is impossible, our goals are just too disparate from what reactionaries and Fascists want, and any Asserism movement is going to need to use the Right as it's base, and the chances of White Nationalists not co-opting your movement are close to nil.

Yep, Socialist Alliance (Australia) reporting in. Pretty good org. Also because we're mad pluralist I have links to the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation here, they are legit comrades.

Is race a spook? Can you tell me why? What about the physical and Autism Level differences between the races?

Race is a spook, genetics and environment are not. Your physique and intelligence are shaped mainly by genetic and environmental factors, neither of which race fits in to. If you care about these traits and are sure they aren't caused by the environment then you need to look at the specific genes causing each of them. Genes don't go by population averages and the genes causing intelligence are most likely different than the genes causing physical traits. If they were the same gene then you wouldn't need to ask this question as it would be readily apparent.

As in the socially constructed idea of what people from different ethnicity should act like/be like, yes.
As in people have different genetics, no.
IQ is a shitty test and who gives a fuck? Ok so some black dude or indian or white scores lower Autism Level. So fucking what? They're still people.

Garbage metric of intelligence, also education is influence by which schools you go to. If you are poor and stuck in shitty schools, is it any surprise you turn out to be a brainlet?
Like what? The amount of melanin in your skin? That’s not genetic. Bone structure? Ok but how does that make any real difference in who you are as a person. Genetics? The vast majority of dna is noncoding, or put another way are no genes. Thus differences in your genome often mean absolutely nothing in regard to your physiooogy. Likewise there are epigenetic difference in people that have nothing to do with heredity and are entirely environmentally derived
I’m not saying race is entirely a construct, but it’s really not this solid grouping Holla Forums likes to make it out to be

Can someone explain the anarcho-communist position on private property? Is there really a distinction between private and personal property? How does this distinction work?

How does one make the leap from academics to worker propaganda?

To abolish it.
Private property is land and the means of production. It's anything by which simply owning it you can reproduce and accumulate Capital without any form of productive labor on your part, but instead often you profit off of the labour of those who toil on your land or manage your means of production, examples would be farms, mines, factories, apartment complexes, or lumber yards. Personal property are just your personal possessions, like your clothes, your books, your automobile, or your home, by owning these things you are not necessarily a Capitalist, as owning them isn't a direct source of Capital.

Currently reading towards a new socialism. I'm not sure whether I understood what is meant by calculating a multiplier for skilled labor so I need someone to explain #2 to me. I know how they got to #2 but I don't know what #2 means in words. Could someone explain? Is it just the expression of the chain of teachers teaching teachers and each new estimate of the transmission rate is the link between a teacher and his teacher?

Could you possibly give a page number?

In my translation it's page 68 right before chapter 3 starts.

I'm pretty much brand new to Holla Forums, and I'm noticing that people don't really talk about Psychology much. I taught a bit of Social Psychology that I think could really help some people learn how to become more influential/effective. My question is whether anyone would give a shit about learning some of these things, or hearing this perspective? Or would most people just think it's bullshit?

Ps: Just ignore what I suggested. I'd just like to know what #2 does. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around why the geometric series gives us a better or rather a useful estimate.

Oh, I just realized that in the English version the calculations aren't numbered. Just to be sure, I'm talking about pic related.

What do you have in mind?
Do you mean like agitation and propaganda type psychology?

More like the Six Principles of Influence, the Stanley Milgrim shock experiments, and things like Ego Depletion. Studies that have been done on why people do the things they do and why they put in as much effort as they do.
I honestly think Ego Depletion alone can explain why so few people are involved in politics.

How can I make people happy if I am so sad?

find your own happiness in bringing happiness to others

The Holla Forums solution to the last remaining colonial assets (this does not include areas affected by neo-colonialism), this includes so major places like Greenland to places as minor as Guam


Because that's how a bubble works, everything is fine, until you run out of idiots to sell your worthless shit to.

Junk science from the 19th century, disproved in the 20th, and now making a comeback with retards such as yourself in the 21st.


Why do communists have so good music? Especially the German and Russian ones.


I didn't make the damn image

What did xi mean by this?

yes, they are comrades but they have suboptimal theories. They need to read more books by MARX

I honestly can't believe they exist though

IWW here


My dad lived in China and said that Soviet made cars were infamous for being terrible quality and breaking down very easily. We had some here in Canada and he says they had a similar reputation, he blames it on the fact that workers had no incentive to create a good car since their job was guaranteed. Is there any truth to this? Sounds like a bit of bull but I honestly know nothing about how the USSR was structured.

Regarding the whole Slobodan thing, does anyone know of an article or something along those lines which discusses in detail the evidence of war crimes? It would be nice to have evidence at hand since certain right wingers seem to be quite fond of him.

Why isn't anyone talking about "Planned obsolescence" ?

How come this isn't around the news everywhere?


I've honestly heard the opposite, specifically for DDR cars I've heard that Eastern Bloc cars were fucking awful looking but were extremely sturdy and had a pretty long life span, just make sure you aren't in the car when it gets hit or else you'll become liquid

In chapter 8 of towards a new socialism the authors talk about their "consumer
goods marketing algorithm". Why do they compare price/value with the overall average and use this as a basis to regulate production? Why aren't they simply comparing price/value of a product with 1.0 and make their judgment based on that?


(Page 106)

What influences the exchange rate of currency?

Towards a New Socialism is great and all, but I'd like to read up on the systems that came before it. Does anyone have any decent literature on Market Socialism and the economy of the USSR? Hypothetical books are fine too, just so long as they could plausibly run a large country.

From what I've read Eastern Bloc/USSR vehicles, including passenger cars, were built to withstand the unpaved dirt roads of the region. Comfort came secondary, hence the reputation for sturdy cars that ride like tractors

Because you don't know in advance how much households will spend at which point in time. (If the vouchers have an expiration date this limits the size of the potential discrepancy, but doesn't make it zero.)

Did antifa actually throw shit and piss at cops in Portland?

Sounds like right-wing bs

Any good Marxist economic books for some who likes lots of mathematics? I heard Anwar Shaikh's book is pretty good but not many others.

Time is really tricky philosophically.
See these links:

The talk is really good, and gives a good overview, the SEP entry is a bit trickier.

Something less anglo can be found here:


Did Stalin write his own theory (dialectical materialism, etc.) or was it ghostwritten? I've heard "the writings issued in his name" mentioned a few times by Trots as if it were a known fact, but I wasn't able to verify it myself.

Almost 100% fake news. there are plenty of other things to throw at cops that would achieve a similar effect without being gross to the thrower.
also, how do you throw piss?

From my understanding, he wrote it himself. I know he was very well-versed in theory and engaged in clubs and groups.

Supposedly, it is different for different cultures and material conditions. For example, native americans on reservations supposedly view time differently. I'm not sure on specifics, but my grandfather once explained it, having grown up in an area with high native populations.

Is Keynesian economic thought acceptable up until socialism? It seems like there isn't any better school of thought.

As far as bourgeois economics go? Yes, it's about as good as you can get with Liberal reformism and non-Marxian economics, but the goal of Socialism isn't to manage Capital, it's to abolish it.

Should we start a meme division and get some propaganda going that eases people into communism without actually naming it?

Literally what a friend and i did for a class presentation. Sadly, it went over everyone's head.

Here's a more accurate version.

Can someone explain social impact investing to me? I don't get it.


I'm currently reading Kapital #2 and I'm planning to read #3 after that. Is there a site that summarizes the most important chapters (or all chapters crudely) in each of the volumes? It'd be really useful especially because since I've read #1 more than a year has passed.

Economics brainlet here. Reading John Smith's Imperialism in the 21st Century. Having trouble understanding this concept:

" Few informed observers would dispute that Primark (JCPenney in the united States), walmart, M&S, and other major uK and u.S. retailers profit from the exploitation of Bangladeshi garment workers. why else have they raced to outsource the production of their clothes to the lowest of low-wage countries? a moment’s thought reveals other beneficiares: the commercial capitalists who own the buildings leased by these retailers, the myriad companies providing them with advertising, security, and other services; and also governments, which tax their profits and their employees’ wages and collect the VaT on every sale. yet, according to trade and financial data, not one penny of u.S., european, and Japanese firms’ profits or governments’ tax revenues derive from the sweated labor of the workers who made their goods. The huge markups on production costs instead appear as “value-added” in the uK and other countries where these goods are consumed, with the perverse result that each item of clothing expands the GdP of the country where it is consumed by far more than that of the country where it is produced. Only an economist could think there is nothing wrong about this!

all data and experience, except for economic data, point to a significant contribution to the profits of Primark, walmart, and other western firms by the workers who work long, hard, and for low wages to produce their commodities. yet trade, GDP, and financial flow data show no trace"

I don't get what he means when he says "not one penny" of the labour in the south countries counts towards profits.

Is there a socialist country that didn't suffer from foreign intervention?

What he means is probably is:

Falangism is interesting because while the rest of fascist ideologies take inspiration from nationalism and socdem, the falangism is based on syndicalism and nationalism

It's curious, but still fascism

I deeply hate how my shit country defends and gives voice to falangists, franquists and nazi scum

yeah sure buddy, as leftist as the democratic party in US


He threatened them up to 5 years hard labor. It's not even like he kept whatever system Lenin put in since he actually criminalized it putting it back to tsar tier repression rather then Lenin who had it decriminalized.

Because he was a fascist who liked to role-play as a communist.

In what way does it "look" like they have little to do with profits? I get the argument, but I'm having trouble visualising what exactly this means when it comes to account books.

bcz he was based

Since there doesn't seem to be an answer;
Welcome aboard comrade:

So, my understanding of historical materialism is fairly limited but a couple of months ago I read Bukharin, and I've had this question:

Isn't the end of history teleology? As in, stating that human society is unfolding to reach this specific event?

It's about value added. Picture a thing going through several phases within a factory, different workers specializing in different tasks modifying it, let's call the phases A, B, C or whatever, until it becomes a useful thing. Now imagine that instead of that one big factory, there are several separate companies, several companies can do phase A, they are selling the result of that to companies with workers modifying that stuff in phase B, and these companies sell their output to companies that do phase C. Going from one company to the next along the chain, the thing gets more expensive, and that doesn't feel weird, after all, work is getting done on the stuff again and again, and the stuff changes physically. You can start this story with trees and end with furniture, for instance, with several companies specializing in several phases of the production, each doing something with the material, and each of course getting money for it.

Now, how does this look with the issue of clothes the author brings up? The clothes are made in the third world. Then… no work is applied to the physical structure of the clothes after that. They are completed in the third world. The only thing that changes is the place, and there is of course a little bit of transport costs involved, yet after considering transport there is still a gigantic difference in price. This doesn't mean that the profits of the first-world shops are gigantic like that difference, they have to pay a huge amount of rent and also their staff, and advertising. These payments are regarded as being basically equal to productivity by mainstream economists, the "proof" of productive activity. I haven't read John Smith's Imperialism in the 21st Century myself, but from the quote you provide here he seems to think that this is an absurd perspective. And I think it is.

Currently reading Capital v2. Do the seemingly endless repetitions stop at some point?

Why am I the only one here who knows what Mutual Credit is? Every time I mention it it's never discussed for or against it by anyone.

Why is /a/ so cancer? I ask a serious fucking question and this is the bs i get? wth

A handful of disconnected questions.

Apparently, Lenin's Collected Works was assembled by Soviet eggheads half a century ago, and it's missing some material, most notably his infamous hanging order. I find it weird that no one person or organization tried to make a newer, truly complete edition, unless I'm ignorant of it. Anyone knows of such a thing? Or at least, knows of a list of exactly which of his writings are missing?

Were the Scandinavian countries developed by 1900 and 1945? I know development then wasn't the same as it means now, in the age of the welfare State, but I mean industrialization and quality of life in general.

Marx wrote that socialism could not live together with capitalism, as the latter would always out-produce it. Yet at some point, there appeared the idea that nationalization of the means of production and a planned economy would result in extremely high production, as the economy would be fully "rationalized". I'm still looking for the name of whomever started this canard.

Why don't you join NATIONAL SYNDICALIST GANG? It is not a meme ideology, unlike those pathetic Stasserists and Nazbols. There are actual national syndicalist philosophers like Georges Sorel. A society with other races cannot thrive and a society with the oppression of the proletariat is gay.

Man that image is retarded. Keynesian economics is all about controlling aggregate demand and using state intervention in the domestic economy, not about redistribution of wealth. Also it ignores that Marx got his class and value theories from classical liberals like David Ricardo and Adam Smith.

What has been the highest number of active ISPs leftypol has gotten?
What is the estimated population of leftypol?
How well known is leftypol?

Relatively new to "capital" so I've a sort of beginner question. Why does accounting not produce value? Doesn't it add value in a similar way that buildings do (being a requirement for the process to function)?

SDAJ Member reporting (Socialist German workers youth)

So what's the deal with the "Naziposter" namefag? The guy is actually alright and pretty good but why exactly is he a "Nazi"? Can you explain to me, Naziposter?

You make fun of Hitler, fascists, reactionaries, you're actually pretty well read and against capitalism. What makes you a "Nazi"? Is it because it's the closest flag to NRx? Why are you NRx?

Im a brainlet and economically uneducated, i want to learn more about communism. What should i be reading before I hop into reading Marx?

What are the most important differences/disagreements between stalinism and leninism? Which one, if either, is in the right?

Yeah he's actually okay, apart from somehow being a "Nazi"

Debunking economics.

To what degree is orthodox Marxism ‘class determinism’ for lack of a better phrase? Marx wrote before the full flowering and development of psychology and the social sciences, and so his understanding of human nature strikes me as somewhat restricted. In particular, I am thinking of research into the mechanisms of social bonding (Interaction Ritual Chains is a good read on this subject) which reveals a world of non-materially motivated behavior. Can one be fully Marxist while abandoning the idea of class and economic status more generally as the primary (or sole) determinant of history?


Orthodox Marxism emerged after Marx's death and was a lot more deterministic than Marx himself.

Class struggle is the engine of history does not mean exactly that class is the only thing able to influence history. Class has no bearing over which empire will survive and which one will be forgotten, rather class is the element that transforms society, the engine in the literal sense of the word: the element that powers history and makes it progress.

To put it simply history began when we were able thanks to various factors to produce more than what we strictly needed to survive. At some point in the species history a person was able to sustain > 1 person with his labour. This created for the first time the issue: to whom does this extra product goes?

It's in this sense that class poses itself as the engine of society's progress: what we did in the millennia we existed was to give different answer to that simple question. How do we organize the extra labour, who has authority over it, how is this authority gained and lost.

Slave-master, serf-lord, journeyman-guildmaster,employee-employer are all different ways of seeing that simple relationship. The rest of what composes society does have an influence on history in the sense that it leaves an imprint on how events will unfold, but ultimately what counts is the underlying struggle between haves and haves not.

Just a question regarding the understanding of what value entails, is value=price if we presuppose ideal conditions (ideal competition etc.)?


Why not?

Let's say I'm living in Cockshott's ideal planned economy. Let's say I want to commission a piece of art (be it a painting or a small statue of arbitrary description), and have no artistic talent, but know someone who does and is willing to help me out.

Since labor vouchers can't be traded, how would I compensate this person for their time and effort? And how would one determine an equivalent, or at least "fair" compensation for the artwork?

The painter would make it for you and get compensated for it from the state. The compensation would be for the time spent, not the artwork.

But how would we determine how much time was spent on the artwork?

Hypothetically, I suppose there could be a module for PhotoShop tracked how much time was spent moving the mouse and/or typing while working on a single file. It'd likely be easy to abuse, however.

Perhaps we'd just have to agree on compensation beforehand? It wouldn't be totally fair to one of us, but then again, neither is the capitalist mode of production.

Artists will be employed by committees, designing murals for train stations and stuff like that, not by individuals. If you want a specific painting as an individual, make it yourself. Failing that, become friends with artists and try to convince one that it's a good idea for a picture. Failing that, offer to get them something they want with your voucher (Booo, you suck!)

Why you gotta be so rude?

If there's one aspect of capitalist society I'll miss, it'll be the ability to plaster my walls with qt anime chicks and husbandos. Though I'm sure I could spend labor vouchers to get my own original designs printed.

In the most abstract sense, what are dialectics according to Marx?

Is this thread redundant? Just asking because most threads here don't warrant a thread.

absolute mongoloid here
What is the difference between marxism and democratic socialism?


Gay people having rights in the first world is a very recent thing and homosexuality in Stalin's time was banned in most countries and considered a mental disease by most doctors, so your bait is a bit of an exaggeration.

How would you organize the media democratically?

holy shit this is gold


Correction, I already did hate them, but now I hate them more. So, there…

I've never seen Monte Carlo mentioned ever before on here

I don't get it, it's literally just the 1% squished into 4 square kilometres, and nobody actually works there, they just sit there with their wealth. Also they kind of stayed neutral during WW2 and welcomed nazis and their gold. So why isn't it ever discussed/insulted?

We can't let people know of Kim's real target.

Probably because this board is filled with Americans who don't know/care about European affairs. Which is probably for the best because otherwise half the threads would be about German debts, German-invited migrants and German elections.

first revolution, second reformation

Would it make sense to say that anarchism is the best chance for the first world to achieve socialism and ML is the best for the third world to achieve socialism? It seems like these tendencies are most commonplace in such societies.

The democrats do have a flag here.

Does anyone have a few memes making fun of monarchists from a leftist perspective?

I mean Anarchism has it easier to define itself as an entity separate of Stalinism etc. as opposed to any kind of Marxism even when we're talking about a Marxism that is extremely anti-authoritarian. Decades of capitalist propaganda have taken their toll, people pay attention to the word and what they personally associate with it more than they pay attention to what people are actually trying to say to them. In that sense, Anarchism is more suited for the first world but there's only one massive propaganda campaign necessary for that advantage to fade.

Why did the creator of the Can't-Stump-the Trump videos turn on his fanbase and start posting leftist shit about gulags, Stalin, Huey Long and mocking Trump?

Why do we need to transition from captalism to socialism to communism and not from capitalism to communism via revolution?

Socialism always fails because its almost always taken over by a dictator like Venezuela’s dictator, and yes, Stalin.

why should anybody care?

Holy shit; this is great. Honestly I unironically watched his stuff because it is quite funny.

But now, he is posting Zizek…
We should turn this lad.

Because contrarianism?

and direct transition to communism has not proven to be any more reliable, in fact less so considering what happened to the CNT/FAI.

How do you respond to this argument?

It's a vacuous statement. That rent is what you pay the landlord for the land he "provides" is not by itself an argument for why landlords should even exist. Likewise here.

You don't have to but this guy made some of the Alt-Right's most popular videos during the election and seems to have turned against them. I think that says something.

His Trump Chronicles video is based and an epic backstabbing of his fan base.

When did Nazis reclassify being white = Germanic/English/French to encompassing everyone in Europe that's not Turkey?
There has to be some point after WW2 since Slavs were basically classified as a separate race beforehand but are now considered "a culture" by these same people who would suck Hitler's dick if they could.

Not so long after getting JUSTed by slavic subhumans

You see race has this extraordinary ability to be simultaneously based on genetics and being able to redefine itself on the fly when the situations calls for it.
Pretty cool, innit?

all I know about Monte Carlo is that it is an algorithm in Markov chains theory

I really didn't know there was a country with the same name
I'm just a humble amerimutt

Didn't they tell you that it got its name from the casino in Monte Carlo?

I thought it was some casino in Vegas or something
I didn't really think hard about it

is there an argument for anarchism that isn't a moral one?

The country is Monaco.