Alt-right cringe general

Don't trust Stalin. He's a Commie! I'm a Not Socialist. If you are wondering why I'm here, it's because I genuinely love the Japanese Empire and German Third Reich. It's a shame that the Axis lost the war, now most of European and Japanese youth have been emasculated and taught to hate their own culture, their own blood, their own heritage, their own heroes (Hitler and Hirohito, Himmler and Tojo.) And they are also taught about the Jewish lie called the Holocaust and Rape of Nanking!!! Japan and Germany did nothing wrong during World War 2!!!!

Oh and on the subject of anime, I only like Gintama and Berserk…. I guess maybe One Piece and Dragon Ball as well…. Bleach WAS good, until the Aizen arc ended (honestly should have just ended after the Aizen arc.) And I do enjoy Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Trigun, and Naruto…. (Not exactly a fan of Boruto though. :P) Akame Ga Kill is good and depicts a Nationalist revolution just like Gintama does. =D

Am I a weeb? No. I'm just an anime fan. Not an otaku or a weeb. Just a guy who likes anime and manga.

But I also love old-fashioned European comics and animation like Asterix and Obelix, The Adventures of Tintin, stuff like that.

I'm going to turn 17 in a couple days…. I am of German, Polish, Irish, Scottish, Austrian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Croatian, and a little bit of Japanese blood. I'm not ashamed of my heritage. I'm quite proud of the Ustase, Imperial Army, and the Waffen-SS. =)

I'm also a bit of a metalhead as well, I enjoy listening to Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Judas Priest, Slayer, Godsmack, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Sodom, Stratovarius, Dragonforce, and Blind Guardian.

I workout for fun and I've been working out for over three years now to keep my body in-shape.

I'm trying to break away from a soda addiction, but it's fucking hard!!!

Oh and I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can so I can stay fit.

My goal in life? To start up a Nationalist party, and hopefully spur and inspire a Nationalist revolution in the hearts of the people against the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Globalists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Bankers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

I am an Alt-Right guy and uh yeah. =)

I'm sure nobody cares…. just thought I'd say. =P

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You can't expect to make a thread where you just copypaste stuff without showing the original context. For as far as I've concerned, you could have written it all on the spot by yourself.


Excuse the fuck out of me for not stretching 'alt-right cringe' to 200 characters in a manner you deem suitable.

I'll fight you in real life.

Calm down dude, I was just pointing out that you need to include sources (even as little as screencaps) to make a good cringe thread.






Here's the full thing.


I have to ask: are muslim fundies neckbeards because they're muslims or because they're alt-right? Or is it the other way around with alt-right adopting muslim fashion?
I can't even tell the difference between some ginger convert holding up a "Shariah for the UK" poster wearing a turban and a ginger convert holding up a Pepe poster and wearing a MAGA cap, beyond the obvious gang symbols. You could easily photoswap them.






New atheism and "meme" culture were the biggest mistakes of the 21st century tbh



That second pic made me think of this.

that posting style is retarded even for a 4th grader, but when you are a 20-something, there is no excuse and you're just an insufferable human being that needs to be contained on a remote island far away from civilization

Kill it, kill it with fire

Don't trust Stalin. He's a Commie! I'm a Not Socialist. If you are wondering why I'm here, it's because I genuinely love the Japanese Empire and German Third Reich. It's a shame that the Axis lost the war, now most of European and Japanese youth have been emasculated and taught to hate their own culture, their own blood, their own heritage, their own heroes (Hitler and Hirohito, Himmler and Tojo.) And they are also taught about the Jewish lie called the Holocaust and Rape of Nanking!!! Japan and Germany did nothing wrong during World War 2!!!!
Oh and on the subject of anime, I only like Gintama and Berserk…. I guess maybe One Piece and Dragon Ball as well…. Bleach WAS good, until the Aizen arc ended (honestly should have just ended after the Aizen arc.) And I do enjoy Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Trigun, and Naruto…. (Not exactly a fan of Boruto though. :P) Akame Ga Kill is good and depicts a Nationalist revolution just like Gintama does. =D
Am I a weeb? No. I'm just an anime fan. Not an otaku or a weeb. Just a guy who likes anime and manga.
But I also love old-fashioned European comics and animation like Asterix and Obelix, The Adventures of Tintin, stuff like that.
I'm going to turn 17 in a couple days…. I am of German, Polish, Irish, Scottish, Austrian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Croatian, and a little bit of Japanese blood. I'm not ashamed of my heritage. I'm quite proud of the Ustase, Imperial Army, and the Waffen-SS. =)
I'm also a bit of a metalhead as well, I enjoy listening to Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Judas Priest, Slayer, Godsmack, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Sodom, Stratovarius, Dragonforce, and Blind Guardian.
I workout for fun and I've been working out for over three years now to keep my body in-shape.
I'm trying to break away from a soda addiction, but it's fucking hard!!!
Oh and I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can so I can stay fit.
My goal in life? To start up a Nationalist party, and hopefully spur and inspire a Nationalist revolution in the hearts of the people against the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Globalists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Bankers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.
I am an Alt-Right guy and uh yeah. =)
I'm sure nobody cares…. just thought I'd say. =P

I feel like the kids in that photo would make great protags in an Earthbound type game for the postmetatransironic 2017 generation.

kids in that LAST photo.

The Lenin statue in Seattle is a common landmark and a meeting place while being something an inside joke in-town, as far as I've heard. People commonly dress it up and it tends to have Christmas lights added to it during the holidays — with a glowing red star attached, naturally. It's regularly dressed in drag during the annual Pride and was made to look like John Lennon during the 2004 Solstice parade.
It's in the middle of a curious artistic community, too, where oddities such as it are run-of-the-mill.

Therefore the cringe goes far deeper than meets the eye.
People don't take the statue that seriously and it isn't considered to stand in honor of Lenin in the public eye. It's just a "that big-ass solid bronze statue looks like Lenin". Therefore the protest is completely deaf to the context attached and was most probably seen by passers by as another, slightly clumsier, joke.
What you're seeing is as such a failed attempt by the aut-right to protest statues for the sake of protesting statues in response to the whole confederate statue debacle while simultaneously showing themselves as being completely blind to the actual matters at the heart of the issue. You see, the Lenin statue was not raised to honor "local Leninist heritage" and all the questionable messages that can be read between-the-lines, much unlike the confederate memorials.

Legit triggered by the Trumpkin with the Ansyn cap.

I feel like this is a common thing with the alt-right (and more broadly the internet in general but it stands out particularly with them) where things that are plainly jokes to other people, or done with a degree of irony are taken at face value.

As a countering irony I find it amusing that sometimes if you mock something stupid like Kek, it'll be taken as you not getting the "joke" rather than getting the joke and realizing it's still a cringeworthy construct. (The capacity of "irony" to disavow behaviour without actually removing any of the ridiculousness is fascinating.)

these adult children are in for a world of hurt when they come to face the reality that politics is a thing that people get gruesomely murdered over.


I think Lenin would enjoy the idea of a statue of ihm being dressed for the occasion. He was strongly against imagry of himself, and the idea that hist statue isn't being revered religiously would please him


holy shit thank you user

Holy fuck isn't the second guy that nerd with the fucking stock image bats and blood on one side of his face, and him looking like a fucking normal dweeb on the other?
Can't find the image for the life of me

I'm screaming

another shop coming up

thank you user

Best friends forever!



Mine did

are you the /int/ man?

No I am known as, *coughs*:
RedAl or hte guy who got drunk and wrote a long email asking jimmy dore to run for the presidnet
Banjo user; aka whose banjo you hear on Batko's Soidarity forever
The UK 2017 pollanon
and I hang around in the /Britleftypol/ thread a lot because they are always dank.

Is it wrong if i find the guy holding the "free speech" sign kinda hot?

Wtf is that second picture?
I'm not letting these retards run TF2 or Government plates

He looks autistic dude

Furry sex dolls

It's tragic that you can't be a "nerd" in america without now being in the company of paranoid nazi larpers.

post more pics my dudes this is good shit



I think the second image is a Holla Forums meet up


Please. Tell. Me. That. They rejected. This bullshit. Outright.
No-one could be this stupid. No-one.
He must be working for someone or trolling. My well-being and that of the entire community surrounding me is currently at risk from the pressure of the seething rage that's slowly approaching a explosive boil.

Okay. Okay, I checked. They're fortunately not entirely that stupid. They're divided on the subject however, which is dumb as hell, too.

Repost 'cause I'm dumb as hell, too.

I should probably go to alt-right rallies in my city to take some of my own pics.

I can tell that the second picture in this post was taken in my city.


Boy, coulda fooled me:

(Commie posts are me btw)

They talk and type like edgu 17 year olds.

Sorry for breaking it to you, but…

I member seeing some maga boomer asking this twitter ya lie why communists hate white people. The use and her followers all jokingly answered that whites should be genocided for mayo, metal music, Starbucks etc in a very joking manner

A few weeks later I saw it in a pol about anuddah shoah cultural Marxism in society
They either think their the only ones to do irony and dumb internet jokes or their being willfully ignorant to fit a narrative.
I can tell when the alt right alt lite types try to joke to mask their beliefs and when their actually joking and the dumb polyps don't want to understand that jokes are sometimes jokes and that not everyone uses irony to mask violent opinions

Of course he listens to fucking pleb tier metal.

Man you triggered the fuck out of some people lmao

Not only is this guy retarded but hey at least he managed to beat the shit out of his strawman

I thought it was a meme.

A classic

Holy shit, is this actually something somebody posted online and not just satire? I swear, it's like the guy's tryna be a stereotype. Bet his name's "Tyler" and he threatens to kill his mum when she asks him why his grades ain't up to scratch too.

Holla Forums has been slowly shifting left the past few months. there were more negative reactions to your opponents' posts than your own.


LOL @The Fresh Prince Of Holla Forums-Air squatting in the bottom center of the picture.

Tell that to Darkspace



if Ron Paul were elected president he immediately start liquidating federal properties in DC and it would be hilarious.


Birds invented music and they don't even use genres

You don't deserve the oxygen you breath

One, what's a "roastie",
two leaving your bad on a chair is perfectly fucking acceptable on an empty train.

Roastie is a derogatory term based on the assumption that the more sex a woman has, the looser her vagina gets, and that labia are a sign of this. Roastie comes from the fact that labia can look like slices of roast beef
When being deluded you'll have to resort to nitpicking in order to confirm your biases


It goes deeper than you'd think. There used to be a subreddit named incel, for involountary celibacy, which contained men complaining and bitching about women and blaming girls for them still being virgins. Classy shit like "I'm respectful to all women but they're all whores" "Why wont anyone have sex with me? I'm nice!" and "All these douchebags get laid while I, an intellectual, have to stay alone at night fapping to hentai"
It's truly remarkable how insane these people are. They truly fully believe that women are mindless drones and that being nice means women owe you sex.
Pretty fucked up.

The problem is that even if they're being nice, it's probable they're also being boring. Many incel types are socially awkward, i'd wager, and they probably fail to correlate the fact that they probably dont have a gf for the same reason they have no friends. "Niceness" is great and all, but you also have to actually be interesting.

Nicenes is literally all social capability they have. They're not funny, not interesting, not witty, smart, charming or sweet. They're just "nice" which contrary to their knowing, 99% of all human beings are. And they're not very good at being nice to begin with


What's the name of the fat one? He's so fucking funny to look at

I really wish I knew, but that's the only picture of him that I have.

Here's another picture of the group.

Where is the fat one? Other ones are pretty disgusting too, but fatty looks straight out of the sopranos






Yeah no.

I'm genuinely confused how people like the ones ITT exist. Do these guys not know how cringe and embarrassing their behavior is, or has our culture been so watered down by internet memes that it's acceptable?


this is like that one retard who claimed that if Jesus told him Trump colluded with Russia he'd have to check with Trump first.

no they are the project chanology of this decade except it is even more melded into real world politics so it's stuck around longer
it's just instead of impressionable teens wearing Guy Fawkes masks protesting Scientology they're redpilling normies about anuddah shoah and god emperor Trump

Pure brilliance.

This is pretty gross.
At least she withholds her puke in her mouth.


That's just good comedy, nothing cringe there

a lot of the kurdish volunteers are in fact western college kids larping as revolutionaries.

Not a fan of kurds, but you're being retarded

I'm talking about the volunteers that came from western countries.
I'm willing to bet the vast majority of them were originally larping college kids.


Ancaps should be shot on sight

As far as I'm concerned you cease to be a LARPer when you engage in actual military activity, which whether you like the S.D.F. or not, they're doing.

I hate what these alt-right faggots did to Internet culture. It was far more genuine in the early 2000s. I miss when it was just legitimately random stuff without any agenda like Numa Numa and Angry German Kid.

Oh man to be 14 again who just discovered NewGrounds.

[muffled Act Like You Know instrumental playing in the distance]


Even in 2003 I had the feeling it couldn't last forever. Be glad it happened, I guess. We'll always have the memories, they can't take that from you.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Really, the only reason they went with Trumpism in the first place is because Gamergate members actively discouraged people from making GG a lifestyle, with reasonable stuff like no public boycotts, being civil, and not wearing obvious Gamergate apparel. That "under the radar" shit didn't jive with adolescent narcissists who needed the whole world to know they're part of something special and unique, hence the Trump takeover of GG.

I don't mind guy fawkes fags but those masks are shit.

agree, new atheism and atheism in general is fucking horrible and needs to be purged

o shit it's dwight schrute

the fuck is that black guy doing in that first pic lmao

Off-topic but Sena is a top-tier choice, even if she is porky in more ways than just her body

Niggers only enjoy negroid beats.

My god…why are American so embarrassingly stupid?
you'll never see a meme parade in Europe.
you have a culture of attentionwhoring and Edgyness that doesn't exist here.
in Europe people don't do thing just to piss off other people (huurr duur fuck liberals). everyone chose their political affiliations seriously.

is this bait? i can't tell

it's just AnCap 'tism

oh god ugo player. had no idea anyone else used this, there's like no trace of it ever even existing anymore

1st pic…far left slime's genetics are a fucking horror show, i also see 2 chicanos. what gives? there are literally zero specimens worth preserving in this picture.

Man, this guy looks like Alex Jones and Breivik had an assbaby or something.
I'm not the only one who sees it, right?



The cringe is so real it made the news.

quite a lot of closet homossexuals in the first pic


How many layers of irony is this guy on




How on earth can the aut-right act as if there's a single european heritage? The romans hated the northern barbarians and eventually got their asses handed to them with the sacking of rome. Europe was at constant war for each other right up until the evil "left" EU formed. Hell a lot of americans didn't even consider italians "white" until the 1940s.

Dumbass, they don't, that's why they have different images in that picture instead of a single white male.


well they aren't wrong.

I want people to stop larping my culture.


The first page of Lauren Southern's Barbarians "book"


LOL I like that one.

Oops I meant trap.


Weren't the crusaders actively slaughtering pagan viking groups to the last?


I think the muslim imperialists had already slaughtered the pagan groups in the middle east by that point.

That last image really begs the question: What the fuck did the Alt-Right expect was going to happen? Seriously, I see this a lot. It's like they were expecting Trump's victory to bring universe to their side or some bullshit.

2016 was one of the worst elections in American history. Both candidates were universally despised. Whoever won was going to be stuck with toxic cloud of unpopularity for their entire administration and their supporters were going to be thrown in the dog house, either through public condemnation or realizing their own mistakes. Trump just happened to be the "lucky" winner and the one least equipped to handle the oncoming storm.


I expected record quantities of SJW salt from leftypol. And I was not disappointed.

read Bordiga

What does that have to do with anything? Does that make the crusaders genocide of their own pagans any better?

Corporate shills lile you need to die

those are probably meds



Most oldfags are gone. I imagine the few left are just online out of habit.

is that really how big the text is too? funny how little even laura herself thinks of her audience

Made 89,54% out of "original pixels".


I didn't know darksydephil had a twin brother.

White nats are shit at pandering tbh.

I member.

It's beautiful.

Is 300 the only film that both new atheists and aut rightists love unironically?

Meanwhile, the regular mentally ill communist.


First and last pic aren't even communists

What the fuck are you even trying to refute here.

The girl on the left of the 2nd picture is cute.

where can I buy the full body bernie suit

In the store of products for the mentally ill, where good businessman capitalize on the mentally ill's communist styled goods consumerism.

how dare you insult our lord and succdem king bernard sanders with these nasty memes

you WILL hang for this


but you can't. he supports Israel and gun legalization. he is pretty much the ideal far-leftist.

sorry, I meant *gun illegalization
we don't want the working to class to have weapons.

No way this is real. I will have to kys kys kys kys kys kys. I can't even handle this shit, fuck you.

How do these people exist?

Whoever made this needs to be euthanized.

makes sense if you think about it

This image is nothing but falsehoods and lies.

regarding op's pic, you can find him on the fursuit threads on 4's /trash/


wtf are you retarded son

I haven't cringed this hard since reading on that people thought chanology would change the world.. god..


Gamergate made the exact same mistake as Project Chanology: they got drunk on power and thought they could take on the world. The only difference is that GG got an illusion of success with the election of Trump, which is only going to make the inevitable fall that much harder for them.

My brain wasn't ready for this cringe



Hot off the presses

Is this shit supposed to be funny? It's Crowder-tier "LET'S ACT DUMB TO OWN THE LIBS" stuff.

Hey, please only post images that are related to your post

I think this video was made by a british user.

fuck off, snake

There is a brief moment in which this shit feels like a genuine force solely because of its absurdity and unflinching consistency like that rafiq post that talks about how the left has to be completely alien and absurd to the status quo that people don't know what to make of it. But you just know that in 2 years time it's all going to fall down on their fat asses. Their implosion will be worse than the new atheism shit.

lol, you goys sure like to stretch the definition of "alt-right" to whatever suits you, most of these people look like regular Trump supporters or alt-lite civic nationalists, most would probably reject being called white nationalists

Also, I can't wait for the next anti-asian/black/jewish/hispanic/indian idpol thread, where you ruthlessly mock and belittle them, I mean, you wouldn't want to be hypocritical, right? :^)


You can make your own anti-asian/black/jewish/hispanic/indian idpol thread you know. Actually sounds fun now that you mention it, an entire thread dedicated to anti-idpol of all forms.

This is pure parody though.

"meds" haha lol

doesn't mean they aren't

How postmodern of you.

I was lead to believe Trump supporters were the last ubermensch whites had to offer.

thats the joke,




I'll never understand why that shitty painting is the hill they chose to die on

>>>Holla Forums10963903

t. a utter brainlet.

Sacrebleu, it's another Massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy!

The about section of that WordPress link reads like a fanfiction lol.

Your right wingers are 10x more potentially dangerous than any MAGA chud.


fucking christ
poltards need to learn to scale their images


I should point out since I happen to know this. The "Getting Red pilled" is a photoshop. The kids in the screen aren't right-wingers they're pulled from a ~2012 era youtube video about Fedora Hat tricks.



oh, was meant to reply to you since my OC builds upon yours




I feel like this is the picture that started it all.



this one's a classic




I may be a shitty artist but I have to ask
does blaire not have any testicles in that pic?
isnt he supposed to be trans?


God what a clusterfuck of a flag. Seriously what’s wrong with a regular Nazi flag?

If the alt right want to emulate Sparta so badly they need to do the following…

This is an actual thing that Spartans did. People in the past weren’t glorious heroes, they were pants on head retarded superstitious pedophiles who killed every third baby because they thought it made fruit grow bigger. If they want to emulate it so bad they should die at age 20 of an infected skinned knee while praying to a tree to make the wolves go away.

That fedora really classes-up the sweatpants and flop-flops.

the new counterculture is being a facebook grandma









False prophet.

the worst one of all


I recognize that sign, that's Kilt Guy! He got maced and went whining to 8/pol/ about it.

heroes fit the villains user

Reposting my OC because some mod keeps deleting my posts for no reason.

I like your style Chaim.

alt-right cringe general on Holla Forums


leftist cringe general on Holla Forums

should be the only threads allowed on these boards.

What you call "nationalist economies" are impossible under capitalism. You will never convince capitalists to close down their third world sweatshops and rebuild their factories in the West. If you try and force them to do this, they will overthrow you and replace you with someone else.

The only way your goals can be achieved is through the abolition of capitalism.

Yet instead of attacking capitalism, the alt-right spends most of its time attacking the left, which itself attacks capitalism. In this way you become useful idiots, pawns of the same NWO banksters you claim to be against

let me guess, on Holla Forums they're whining about "muh sjay dobews" again?

You know whats sad? They probably unironically believe this.

i …
what happened to these kids lmao

I don't think so. There used to be a thread of your BO (who looks like a freak btw, and not a good looking freak, tranny of course…I think???) struggling to suck a small circumcised dick and failing miserably.The whole thing was just…ugh…sterile, to say the least.

The thread eventually tuned into posting pictures of other grotesque self-identifying communists and leftists. It really shun a light on how individuals with serious cases of self-hatred, resentment towards others and other types of moral and mental anguish are very easily drawn towards politics and activism as a way of externelising and redirecting all of their fears and unanswered moral questions about the world that surrounds them.

Apparently there are a lot of crossdressers and AGP fetishists who happen to be communists–lots of pics of faggots dressing up and probably experimenting with hormones(YAY!).Again, right-wingers are more masculine than left-wingers and tend to not indulge into pornography and other vile sexual acts quite AS MUCH.

In comparison, pictures like these>>2281072
seem very normal>>2281063.

Altough modern leftists are waaaay more pathetic and repulsive than righties when it comes to their personal life I do feel that they are quite smarter as well, allowing them to sink even lower than a low Autism Level person could.

It's just harrowing to see what young people today are turning into.This obviously includes me but it's just….
I think we need something much more powerful than a political ideology in order to change the world.

Did you just try to upload an image into the name field? Talk about cringe.

You just stay on chan boards where they circlejerk about the other side being degenerates.

t. White male who could beat yours ass into submission spic self hating Holla Forumsak.

Can't type for the love of me.

Living in Jew York is harsh

Where were you when anti-enlightenment became the new counter culture?

Oh shit they found nietzsche

my keyboard spazzed out but you must be some sort of bigboy with huge responsabilities if you cringe at that .jesus. fuckmeman.


Most people who are into internet politics unironically are for the most part pathetic losers with grotesque physiognomies (empty eyes, crooked mouth, depressed forhead, etc.)

Honestly that's pretty good for you, I wish I knew how to defend myself and others around me. Do you know any specific form of martial arts or are you just a manlet poser with bitchboi forearms like the guy in the second picture ?Why did you save that picture?Do you find it cool?

I don't browse Holla Forums on the ususal but I'm an internet addict which means I feel compelled to immerse myself into it–that means interacting with all political sides, on a brainlet meme-level of course, I don't actually read books on politics, hahaha.

Most of the posts on here are furry /r9k/ shit or IS THIS ANIME ANTI-FASCIST GAIZZZ?!(no it's not, japs are right-wing for the most part, especially anime weeabo anime creators, and they care about their craft way too much to try and insert some shitty left-wing social critique of consumerism or whatever the fuck).

You can interact with Holla Forums as long as you don't try and suggest that maybe some jews have reedemable qualities, and that MAYBE Christian morality could possibly make them better human beings who put truth, kindness and beauty before their own shitty tribe.

With /leftypol you get in trouble when you try suggesting that the marxist lens of analysing society and history is fucking soulless and doesn't take culture into account. What kind of mentally cucked idiot do you have to be to buy into diamat (dialectical materialism) to the point where you scream go on boring diatribes that most people don't understand or care to understand.

I know about Bakunin and Proudhon, I used to browse leftypol a lot around… 2 years ago.I rememeber the BREAD meme when Piotr Kropotkin was mentioned here a lot. I found this place because someone mentioned it in the comments section of a Zizek video.

I sort of hate myself for even wasting time on the internet like this.If you're young like me(under 21) then you'll probably outgrow you commie phase.

Yo, has anybody got that pic of that girl cucking Holla Forums saved? It's a picture of this white girl bending over naked with a timestamp saying some shit like "I

Maybe this is the reason why >>>/leftpol/ exists.
Some of us can't stand the faggotry of BO that xhe spews into the board.
I don't really give a fuck what bo does on her own time though.

Holy shit, that's *actually* B.O. I always knew he was a faggot, but I didn't think he was a FAGGOT faggot. Still, he/she/it had more sex in that 2 minute clip than Holla Forums's collectively had in a lifetime.

Now where's that pic I asked for?

I feel like an alt-right cuck is triggered and false flaggin it up here.
I bet this is the macekinder

Is this some typa copypasta I don't know about? Cuz I think reading it just put me somewhere on the autism spectrum…

>Maybe this is the reason why >>>/leftpol/ exists.
It exists because you're a bunch of faggots that can't take the bantz.

this level of pic related is to much


It's definitely a Holla Forumsyp lol, or from some other right wing shithole. you can tell by the way he's triggered by petty shit while telling himself he's mature for not being a leftist (while never having understood what leftism entails in practice)


You hear yourself talking, Bozo?

You know, watching that video took a part of me I'm never gonna get back. Call me "spooked" or homophobic or whatever, but there's just something deeply wrong bout watching Buffalo B.O. or any other guy choke on another man's dick like that on an instinctual level. Knowing he/she/it could ban us all after seeing what my poor, damaged soul stood witness to just ain't right. The slurping, the gagging…oh God, the gagging…

just tell your parents already instead of venting here, fuck. You'll be much less frustrated.

Stop it. You're only digging yourself a deeper hole, faggatron.


Yeah, I'm five.

The future's so fucked…even more than B.O's. arsehole.


*Breathes sigh of relief* Thank you.

He keeps ban evading, so just report him when that faggot comes back for more.

For real though, where's that pic of that female poster cucking Holla Forums with her nudes and a timestamp?



if you look even remotely close like pic related Holla Forums will beg you to fuck them up the ass until the day you die. and they have the nerve to say others who don't accept their retarded homosexual ideology is "mentally ill"

I know that every generation says that the next generation is shit, but, seriously, what the fuck have we done to this next generation? This 24/7 access to the internet with phones and all that implies have absolutely fucking destroyed these poor young dumbshit minds.


This is what being sincere and unironic gets you on imageboards.

I'm not mature by any strecth of the imagination. I'm just telling you I outgrew internet politics and I'm also assesing that many people will probably do the same as well.

I'm sorry your Board Owner is a disgusting weirdo and some of you decide to press >post after typing out shit such as:

Just read that again, will ya?

I meant 'we' in terms of humanity, but you're absolutely right.

can't spell for shit.
God, that doesn't read the way I wanted it to read.

The thing you Holla Forumsyps need to realize is that we don't even disagree that jews are controlling everything, it's just that we're also concerned with the majority of porky scumfucks who aren't jews as well as the minority who are. A white dick raping us in the ass is no more pleasant then a jewish one. You're useful idiots being pointed against a small segment of the actual problem, and in reality not even fighting against that; you're more likely to target the jew living down the street since they're easier to reach then the big bankers, letting the big banker get off scot free.

oh I know what you mean


Midgets head on a normal body

Every fucking child is obsessed with the idea of 'outgrowing' things, and how mature they are. This is not an indictment on us, this is an indictment on you. You will not have a real opinion on anything for another ten years, once you have actually experienced the world and you aren't still getting your ass wiped by mommy and daddy. The insights of a teenager unfortunately don't mean jack fucking shit in the real world.

There's zero evidence that that's BO you retards.

That's one hot trap tho


now that I think of it, didnt sam hyde pay some trap to fuck him in the ass
is that you sam?

the one on the left at least uses part of the source material
the right one looks like a shitty bootleg.

No, I myself look like a shitty version of bill kaulitz. And I wouldn't ever give money to a mentally ill person to further support their fun, you're supposed to help the mentally ill - not support the ideas that made them that way in the first place.

First of all, go back to school and stop shoving dildos up your ass and whining about your peers not accepting your mentally ill "ideology". Actually try to learn how you spell you fucking mess. Second: I don't want to, pal. They come to me. Rarely on my 3 hour walks one will literally come up to me (always a commie 99% of the time, or someone with some kind of mental illness) and ask me out. It's highly disturbing.

And yes, I know I need the rope. However that comes later.

Yea, and guess what? The same jewish communism you support is what basically ruined his entire life, and any chances of him having kids, faggot. Here's a more recent picture.

I bet you don't even know what is capitalism beyond memes. Just like you don't know what communism is.

There is no such thing as "cultural marxism".


Define communism.


gommunism is a ""social"" and a sorry excuse of a economic ""system"" where the resources in said "society" (such as factories, farms, etc..) are owned by the public, (not really) mainly the state, and crumbs are divided among the victims of this mess "equally". over all it's a scam to get as much money out of the people as jewishly possible.

What's it like being retarded? Were you born this way or do you get it from going to Holla Forums?

capitalism is a "social" and a sorry excuse of an economic "system" where the commodities in said "society" are owned by impersonal capitalists for their own profit, and crumbs are divided thought to "trickle-down" to the workers. over all it's a scam to get as much money out of the people as jewishly possible

if i'm retarded then why do so many gommunists beg me to sodomize them? it's disgusting really, not hot, degenerate. horrible experience over all each time one of you mentally ill vermin try to get me to inseminate your disgusting ass. i don't know if you're genuinely a aboslute dunce or you're just another one of those vermin trying to indirectly tell me you want me to fuck you till your ass falls out.

AYE! look! it's a living tape recorder! say something it hasn't heard before and it'll repeat it right back to you.

capitalism isn't that great either pal.

kek, 5 buckaroos says you actually think nat soc is anything near socialism.

Good worker! 5 burgers have been deposited into your account.

what? sorry, all i could decode from your ""message" is this:

i'll tell my deaf mother on you, fall on the floor and eat your grandmother's diapers.
drums, whatta lotta noise, you want a revolution? blow up in dynamite sound? I CAN'T GET EXCITED, GIRLY BOY.

alright i was being earnest in trying to coax definitions out of you, but you went ahead and did your ideology service
well done burger!

once again here is Holla Forums's board owner gagging on Jewish Cock. don't forget to turn your sound on.

not going to fuck your ass, sorry pal. i need at least $1000 first.

oh shit you really got us this time

This "communists always try to get me to sodomize them" character is truly bizarre.

it's reality you fucking dunce.

He's an effeminate teenage boy struggling to come to grips with his overwhelming homosexuality. Eventually this will stabilize and he will be sucking cock and getting fucked in peace. Or maybe he'll be the next republican senator that gets busted sniffing cocaine out of a thai ladyboy's asshole in between stops on his 'family values' tour, god knows that happens often enough as well.

i'm sorry but you have that backwards, you're talking about the average Holla Forums user, not me.

How about that the jews are actually part of the capitalist class and it is the capitalists themselves that are fueling mass immigration to keep the costs of labour down?
yeah thats what 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 want you to think :^)

m8, it's very obvious your character is seriously projecting. Your character has already admitted to sodomizing two people, looking incredibly effeminate, and getting constant proposals for gay sex. Your character doesn't have to hate himself for liking dicks, become unspooked and fuck whatever you want.

Here you go friendo

Black male x white female interracial porn/BBC is IdPol, just ask any black person with an average sized penis.

Holla Forums has a major cuckold fetish and likes to prep the bull

keep them coming

My bf has obscure skin and I have more clear but we are both mestizos (a.k.a. Mediterranean/Amerindian descendant), does that count as interracial?

Is there a book theory for this?


the shia one is funny tho


Holy shit I didn't know Shia Lebuf and Drake had a love child.


They set a really low bar for what they consider a "Win".

is this that retard who thinks blending a worldstarhiphop video with some gay 50s movie is making some kind of point? i like how Holla Forums thinks anything that isn't just a neocon looking at the camera and telling them what to think is deep and aritistic


someday they will see


This is ironic right?

lol a mulatto marrying prince whatshisface may actually bring forth a decent looking branch of the windsor family tree


I dunno young Queenie was fit.

Is the alt-right really triggered by this? I always guessed they're okay with race mixing so long as it ain't a mudskin corrupting "muh huwite women", but a white guy doing the coal burning.



The thing is, Harry is like a quarter greek anyways and half arab.

remember when pepe fags got mad when libs called them white supremacists

Metal's listened to almost exclusively by proto-school shooters and professional Dungeons & Dragons players whereas the girl who rejected you when you asked her to go to prom's Spotify playlist's full of "nigger beats".

What's funnier is that Burgers think they're experts on all things European from culture to geopolitics just cuz they're white too…*rolls eyes*

congrats on finally getting into junior high kiddo

Didn't know Scandinavia was an island…


poor taste imo

When I say Metal I'm talking bout that head banging, vocal cords tearing, 5 hour guitar solo playing bullshit. Lynyrd Skynyrd and shit's okay I guess…

A shameful Afroplasm

Metal is only slightly less awful than Dubstep.

p fucked up that you compare good music to what ever the fuck dubstep is

Sounds like my kind of people.


Take that flag down at once. You dishonour the Afroplasm Gang with your teenage angst and shit taste in music.

Never! Teen bullshit and bad taste in music is Afroplasm Gang



t. doesn't listen to metal

What gave it away?

Indeed, and the Gio guy himself has written a fucking philosophical paper about how nobodytm making videos of world star hip-hop clips with scary music playing and a flashing demon image in the center is literally going to break down the culture industry and bring forth a new age of super traditional art and red pill all the normies. a New Pale Horse.pdf

Imagine being a self described christian "traditionalist", common filth follower and unironically name dropping Foucault to look smart.







looking at this thread made me unironically hope for nuclear holocaust

viva posadas :

fuck this gay earth





still looks goofy as shit


Viking imagery is so fucking cool, why do these fucks have to ruin it?

oh please, just as many fedorabros evolved into woke privilage-checking progressives with YouTube channels.

They didn't steal viking imagery from you. You can still use it.





There are people who LITERALLY graduate high school (secondary school) with a 2nd grade reading and critical thinking level.

Its actually super sad that these young minds aren't being challenged in schools.

Source: I worked in a US school system as a low drone around the library but heard the super indendent came down to my school because "we didn't have books at a reading level 'everyone could enjoy'." and the media specialist at the time had to explain to the super independent that we had 2nd grade level books (at a high school)… who were we excluding, first graders?

Fresh from the

The alt right hates this though since they're an overwhelmingly American movement/idea. They fall for the 1920s American propaganda about the yellow meance

Just looking at this I thought it was drawn by Emily Youcis so I looked her up to confirm that. I saw her Youtube channel and the last video she uploaded is called "WHITE SHARIA NOW" and the description reads "women need to have their rights removed for their own good." Bitch is crazy.

I don't get it. Are they trying to justify censorship here?

Best thing I've seen all day.

Pure ideology.

Yup. A classic.

I'm still trying to get past speedosausage being in her circle.
not surprised

I assume its an edit of another comic as no alt-righter is that competent at art

like check around the hand of the dad its obvious its an edit


God I used to love her animation. She was always very clearly not okay in the but it's sad that she got taken advantage of by the alt right crowd.

Emily was a fairly well-known newgrounds animator and yeah it was one of those saccharine inspo comics that were all over tumblr/twitter years ago.

Is there something wrong with that kid?

In her defense internet SJWs ruined her life by doxing her and getting her fired. In their defense she deserved it.

The pistachio job? Was it really doxxing if she posted the white power shit on the same twitter account where she talked openly about her job? I know people also dug up shit about her father raping her and stuff, but that doesn't have to do with her job.











Dude in the front row, in front of the Cockistani flag and to the immediate left of Bedroom Eyes Buddha, why does he have three arms?


The whole pwned/cringe compilations kind of remind me of the Five Minutes of Hate from 1984. They don't exist to rationally debate SJWs, they're just there to make people angry.

heres a question for you. howcome Holla Forums spends so much effort worshipping disposable puppet donald edition while simultaneously shitting on america at every chance they get?

i dont get it

Hilarious, but here's the non-reddit version.

Appropriate answer:

I may look like a pedant, but I hate how reddit is trying to protect idiots who have already doxed themselves. This is Holla Forums, too controversial even for 4chan. We should do our best not to become plebbit cancer.

She's trying to milk male white nationalist betabux, but she's according to their standards a "mudshark".

A fentanyl cocktail killed the fake news writer who bogusly claimed he got Trump elected


these people are not at all mad




painted on bb



Guy on the right is a thinner version of the amerimutt meme.

I think Matthew Heimbach has a lot of meme potential.

Rap is listened to almost exclusively by filthy dumb low Autism Level wanna be gangster good for nothing hood rat niggers and faggot white kids.


That furshit plush looks pretty cute

Is he hezbollah gang?
is supporting hezbollah a common thing among the alt right?

If he walks around with that shirt and that beard he's going to get patriot'd

It's about how a mexican immigrant was set free after shooting a white woman in San Francisco. Alt-right tards are enraged about it right now.

just saw this on 4/pol/

nothing more libertarian than violently repressing people for their political beliefs

I love how internet libertarians have gone from classical liberals with "ethics" to cryptofascists who support far right dictatorships and mass murder. I suppose all libertarians realize at one point of another that a state is required to enforce laissez faire capitalism and protect private property.

Keep in mind that right-libertarianism would be nearly dead without the Internet. It's an ideology seemingly tailor made for echo chambers because none of them actually care about intellectual honesty or whether their ideology actually makes any sense at the core.
They don't make excuses for being narcissistic hypocrites, they embrace it. At least fascists put in the effort to be a coherent ideology, if a very retarded one.

Very much so.


also there was this one where libertarian authors spoke favorably of fascism
vid related is a bunch of kekistan people invading a childrens park

wtf I love the alt-right now?

A broken clock is right twice a day, as they say.

Heimbach is unironically nazbol & incorporates anti bourgeoisie rhetoric into speeches.

Half of the alt right hate him because he's not one of the 'le helicopter meme' edgy lolbertarians.

i noticed Holla Forums took top board for a few hours by a large margin, then suddenly Holla Forumss unique ips shot back up. is it common for people to inflate their board numbers with proxies and vpns?



Sargon got caught repeating literal alt-right propaganda today about the cause of that woman in Charlottesville's death. He hasn't backtracked yet though.

He's always been a right wing propagandist used to fool incels

Ideally maybe but pretty sure his model of socialism is still primarily Germany, I saw a video where he literally defines socialism as something like just caring about people


to be fair that's what most left-socialists do too

He was talking about "poor degenerates" on the millennial woes stream the other day. The guy is either really, REALLY fucking dumb and unaware or he's just a cunt. Probably a mix of both.

He's always been a fascist you cunts, he just posed as a liberal to shift the overton window to the right, and now that most of his audience has de facto converted to the alt-right (they'll never admit it and keep calling themselves classical liberals, but in reality they're the fucking same) he can start dropping the pretense.
Anyway I used to like that fat fuck when I was a liberal anti-sjw tool and now I'm so ashamed of it that I literally fantasize about stabbing him in the forehead with an ice pick.

ironic given the rates of infidelity for military wives/partners

that's some weak detournement tbh

Also just say shit like the NKVD did nothing wrong, and the rape of Berlin didn't happen but it should have. Play ball harder then they do.


ajit pai wrote this post

its protected

You can't. They are not even trying to be serious. It's literally an ideology based on shitposting.

For example:
IIRC, almost all evidence relies on some (very dubious) RadFem studies. Moreover, it is Allies who were primarily accused of rapes at the time, not Soviets. The whole thing is a Cold War propaganda targeted at keeping West Germany anti-Soviet.

Let's make cringe real again.

give me that guy in the middle pics profile so i can advocate anuddah shoah on it

shit i got a word filter

They must have done it since. It was just a bunch of Nazis oogling some nazi camera whore thot and going full beta for her.

Is there a term for someone who looks for the nth degree connection and does it to make a point. See Holla Forums calming that some part time intern who is a Jew, who never did anything at a company is absolute proof that the company is Jewish. Its like some sorta Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon shit.

Fair play, one thing we can do about open nazis is to target their material conditions, if they can't a job they'll tone it down. If we had a whole branch of leftist-leaning market sectors we could use them to convert the struggling to proper world-view. If we don't, nazis will.

This was meant to be ironic you know


He wasn't even a populist, just a garden-variety tinpot dictator.

the 4th pic killed me




Is Bane supposed to represent normal people when they look at this image?

why would he shoot the guy if he's thrown out of a helicopter?

it's like looking at a multilayer cake of dankness and the poster's trips are the icing on top

Harry is the product of Diana's sexcapades and everyone has known this for years so I'm not sure what there is to destroy tbh.

Way to out yourself, Eurodude. That said, American highschool is pretty much a joke, but the severity varies depending where you go. IMO, the class I'd want the most is Civics, if only so people would stop equating the Affordable Healthcare Act with communism.


Germans weren't all on the same page. Himmler himself was mostly disappointed they were leaving the Croats alive, as he wanted them to be exterminated like the other Slavs.



Penis + Vaginas + modern times = COMMUNISM

it's pretty cool that someone picked this "alt right cringe thread" up and continues them
i hope mom is proud of me, i started a thing on the internet

Holla Forums was created only 2011, so yeah, naturally it's made up of the worst faggots that destroyed chans

Yeah but how they strut around like they own the place spouting horseshit like "4chan was always right-wing" really fucking infuriates me.

"Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company."
nothing you can say to have these fags realize that they are the cancer that killed chans by being unironic retards
we kinda had it coming

This is a troll pasta, it's mostly entry level stuff (which is good BTW), but the inclusion of Dragonforce was meant to trigger us metalheads, I thought it was too obvious to dignify with a response.

There's a similar give away in the anime section.

Looks like we have a pussy destroyer here, the fact that you think musical taste matters in the slightest when getting laid outs you as a lonely shut in, I wouldn't be surprised if you were still a virgin. I'm not going to lie though, the long hair can be a hindrance.

Admittedly I'd say metal is solidly middle brow tier, it's too kitsch to transcend higher, but is still far loftier than most rap and chart music. It's not a competition you know, do you apply this zealous attitude to any of your other pursuits?


He really reminds me of NordAmerikano who was a massive og meme on krautchan, he hated slavs with a passion and decided who is white or not
Had a autistic fascination with esperanto

Holla Forums itself is new, but it is not the first of its kind. 4chan has always had current events boards. First /n/, then /new/ on and off, then the current Holla Forums. The old /new/ was pretty good, too, the memeing was pretty funny and people who couldn't tolerate different views were rightfully shamed.
It was in a constant state of flux because stormfaggotry has always tried to astroturf (keep in mind that stormfront is one of the oldest web communities in existence), due to 4chan's reputation as a forum with absolute freedom of speech; sites with policies like this tend to attract a lot of people with strong delusions of persection. Only in recent years has the site actually embraced their presence, because they are extremely personally engrossed in their ideology, and thus a consistent source of easy ad views.
Indeed, not only is Holla Forums not representative of chan culture, they are the Eternal September that finally killed the entire community in its original form, having dragged in an endless flow of clueless normies, the majority of them being boring neocons that get an emotional rush from screeching aimlessly about niggers and kikes.

As much as I think a lot of the posters here are LARPing goons, the constant bickering and disagreement is just so fucking refreshing. It's what Western chans were made for.

She's a cutie, but comrade…

Someone needs to edit this with Das Kapital. Or alternatively Towards a New Socialism.

I want to die after reading that.


some hot dA content

That pasta is fucking cringe. In the way that it doesn't offend anyone on the right.

People post this on Holla Forums unironically all the time, that's the sad thing about it.

Damn these guys are fucking stupid.

I just missed the mark

we have left gods presence


I love how he adopted the title of "veteran" when most of these faggots have never done the job a day in their lives, as can be obviously told by the worst fucking salute I've ever seen. What the fuck is that? This is Jace "Stryker" Connors level shit.

Vid related is still the cringiest shit ever made

Holla Forums is cuck central

Is that Pamperchu

I hate my single parent mother even though my dad was a deadbeat the video?

"Vice City without the vice" so boring?

Oh and way to misinterpret They Live

I almost forgot this guy existed
why don't the mentally ill undergo forced sterilization?

because they don't tend to have children anyway?
especially when they get stuffed with drugs that destroy their sex drive and lead to impotency

Even the alt-right is embarrassed by the alt-right. Now has-beens like Milo and Cernobitch are trying to rebrand themselves as 'New

This video has fucking layers.
On the face, the "good guys" solve all their problems by being brutish meat heads but it gets better.
All the men seen here are so insufferably homosexual that they had to put a giant "no homo" sign up when the creator's self insert symbolically sexually engaged with his absent father figure fetish idol.
Women as shown have two settings, impotent pseudo-nuns or demonic lesbians.
The author's self insert requires three men symbolically ejaculating inside of him to be able to go outside and lift weights, after which he is rewarded with timid semi-human walking vagina with which he produces a child, fulfilling his fantasy of surpassing his absent father. However, as he sexually desires his father, in becoming his father his child becomes him, meaning he places his own sexual desire for his father onto his progeny.

Jesus, these people are sick.

can never be too careful

Majority of Aut-right drones are allergic to research. They read a headline and freak out without even reading the content and then make false accusations. Fucking retards.

Has there a good Lacanian or Freudian analysis of the alt-right yet?

I'm fairly sure that was part of some art photo shoot. But the focus on milk was eerily prescient.

I was under the impression Europe wasn't faring too well either.

do burgers simply not learn of native tribes being at each other

the huron weren't killed off by euros

Yeah I hadn't noticed how homoerotic it was. The sheer obsession with male physique and putting gays "back into the closet". It totally is the byproduct of someone who would be threatened by the sexual freedom of the LGBT movement. Even better you didn't even mention that women aren't nearly as sexualized as the men are.

Oh fuck, nice notice, when women are sexual they're in the "demonic lesbian" light and when they're "the goods guys" they're practically nuns. The men are sexualized the whole way through. lel.

How are they this bad at doing the vapor/80s anime aesthetic? It's clear that they aren't familiar with the original sources and only other parodies.

neither did those nor the Killing Fields nor Holodomor happened. your turn.

I really hope not. Pamperchu is actually a pretty cool electrical engineer. He just happens to have a disgusting fetish.

"As an anime/manga enthusiast and a metalhead, I sincerely apologize for this fascist turd. They are not representive of these two fanbases"

I watched it again. It's even more homoerotic. HE FUCKING MARRIES THE CONVERTED LESBIAN!

it always gets me. losers like him EXIST!, its not a meme or a larp

I think you might be over analysing a little bit.

i'm i the only one to notice the string homosexual vibe in this video?

Ponyfags are reactionary scum.


This reminds me of that one time oerturbator visited /mu/ on Holla Forums.

You know I still remember 2011-2012 period when bronies were the absolute laughing stock of the internet,.Who would've thought they'd manage to metastasize into something even worse.

Best content on Holla Forums. These pics are like ammunition that demoralize the enemy.

Telling people to go back to Gaia online always hit harder then telling them to go back to Reddit tbh.

No way thats real.

Nigga killing fields happened but holodomor ain't real.

What the fuck?! How?!

where's that video of alt right cringelords played over the old "derr fuhrer's face" song from the cartoon making fun of nazis?


These p. It fucking blows my mind that this wave of anti-intellectualism swept into quickly. I guarantee it was pushed by the state after some nearly class-conscious stuff started getting picked up ~2012