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I am torrenting a collection of audiobooks by Chomsky, and there is over a dozen audiobooks in there (5 gigs total). Which book do you recommend for me to start with? To clarify, I am much of a brainlet so I figure Chomsky is a good place to start.

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Chomsky was anti-Marxist, anti-socialist, and anti-dialectics. He straight up admitted he doesn't understand what dialectics are.

I wouldn't consider him that even if he was not knowledgable about him to the extent people would've liked
He is not.
Yeah. I believe he is.

He regularly compared the USSR to Nazi Germany, equated Stalin to Goebbels etc. He was anti-socialist and anti-communist.

It is what one does when one drinks the liberal kool-aid, but he has written extensively about american foreign policy that I believe provides a lot of insight into American imperialist actions. I still it is far-fetched to call him anti-socialist and communist.

Parenti and many others have done the same, yet they'll never get MSM acceptance like Chomsky, because they don't smear socialist states and revolutions.

There is literally nothing wrong with criticizing socialist states from a left-wing perspective.

chomsky is like a pre-capitalist liberal or something, but that's just his personal politics. his analysis of state violence is separate from his personal views and is pretty much second to none in quality and clarity. plus rightists and mainstream liberals absolutely hate him and are perpetually triggered by everything he says and does, which is always helpful

It's not comradely criticism, he's an ardent anti-communist who spreads smears and lies about communist revolutionaries.

He has more problems with the term and strict adherence to Marx, which I can't really disagree with him on.

He's an anarchist.

his view is that "anarchist socialism" is basically an evolution of classical liberal principles. he also opposes violence and gun ownership so he's not an anarchist on some issues

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To be fair, a lot of anarchist communist thought seems to see itself as an extension of liberal values. Reading Kropotkin I felt like he was an idealist who saw civic libertarianism and egalitarianism emerging more and more under Liberalism which he thought would eventually lead to communism

Surely it has to be more nuanced than that. Why would anarchists fundamentally oppose a standing army but also oppose militias?

chomsky's view is that some authority can be justified, and i guess he sees gun control as such. his view on political violence is that it's "immoral" and "not us"

I don't really think he's wrong.
His idea was that if follow liberal principles to their conclusion, it leads to anarchism of some sort. I think you could say that communism is a progression from some liberal ideas, if you really looked.

yeah i don't disagree with him, i just think he's more liberal than true anarchist

I've read dozens of books published by Chomsky and most of his political writings are focused on the United States-when he does talk about the Soviet Union he does criticize it but to say that he thinks the USSR is morally on par with the nazis is a lie.
Hell Manufacturing Consent, his most famous work, argues that the Soviet Union is unfairly criticized in the media and that it wasn't as bad as the western press makes it out to be.

Taking classical liberal enlightenment principles (not the Sargon variety) to their logical conclusion means becoming a socialist.

The Liberal maxim "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" is what originally inspired Marx to write: more specifically how liberal values are impossible to realise under Capitalism (tbh a key tenet of historical liberalism is saying one thing and doing another).I
Personally, I have a lot of affinity with Chomsky, he's a great writer and has been a great boon to the left, however I disagree with large swathes of what he's said (e.g. Gun Control, also I'm not an anarchist). The phrase "throwing the baby out with the bath water " is always important to remember as a general rule, which seems beyond the comprehension of top many people I encounter online. I think a lot of people on here are triggered by him because his disagreements with Zizek (which has more to do with the feud between analytic philosophy and continental philosophy than anything else, I personally take from both), or because FinBol or some other deluded ☭TANKIE☭-YTer made a video whining about him committing the heinous crime of implying the USSR was the socialist paradise, free from alienation and Capital, that it sold itself as.

*too many people
**the USSR was not the socialist paradise

You should include his writings On Anarchy etc.


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Here you go:

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Understanding Power is probably a good place to start because he talks about a lot of different things. But they all kind of blend together tbh.

As he should. Not just as an anarchist, but as someone with common sense. Zizek isn't too kind towards the USSR either, he regularly calls it the worst moral political disaster of the 20th century.

This is painful. Is a proxy the only way around this?? Thanks anyone

Just use the magnet u dumb

How the fuck do I use this?
What do I paste this into??

What torrent client do you use? In most there should be something like "Open URL" or "Add URL" or "Add Magnet Link" or something to this effect. Paste that shit into it and enjoy.

user, I am a dumbass and you are a God. Thank you very very much I finally unnerstand how to use torrents.
Have this rare documentary footage of the immortal power of the Marxist dialectic as a token of my gratitude… it's very precious to me.

Also, OP, you are fucking BASED for this v. tasty collection. I'd probably recommend starting with Prospects for Democracy from what I know of Chomsky.

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USSR was a shithole. If you're still defending them in the 21st century you're just a larper. Not even Zizek will do that and the man literally has a stalin poster in his bedroom