It's been a pleasure, Holla Forums

Holla Forums convert here, I switched over to Holla Forums as my home board about half a year ago. I just wanted to say that if Holla Forums should go under, I need to thank all the wise anons here who have been patient with me explaining left-wing topics without spamming "Read X". My brainlet mind has learned quite a lot from Holla Forums despite this kind of news not being popular with mainstream.

I will forever remember your kindness and patience in giving me advice in both personal struggles and politics/philosophy-related topics. Really funny thing, but it was not any of the liberal places, but Holla Forums that convinced me to completely drop racism/sexism/antisemitism, because you made non-moralistic, neutral arguments to convince me how these categories are nothing but social constructs from older times where they used to justify colonialism and such. I've also learned about some basic socialist concepts (such as how capitalism is just a stage after feudalism and communism is the inevitable next step of history).

I'll pass the bits and nuggets of information I've learned here throughout my life to others where applicable. Thank you, and may each and every single one of the regular posters here have a good life ahead of you, even the Naziposter guy (who seems surprisingly un-nazi).

Sorry for the blogpost, but seeing Holla Forums in a desperate state like this makes me a little emotional today

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Thanks sweetie

blogposts are gay and so are you but thanks


cool blog, subscribed

yw bb


Honestly, no matter how downhill this board goes, the fact that it could have this much of a positive effect on even one person means it was all worth it. Good luck in life comrade!

Read Marx, read Lenin

Shut the fuck up

Well sorry to see you go, remember Joe Hill Watches over you

Just fucking go somewhere else, it's not that hard. If you wound up at Holla Forums, you should be used to abandoning shitty places by now.


You too, keep doing the good work!

I'm not really going anywhere, just typing this in case something should happen to this place in the coming days such as board migration.

I've gotten used to the imageboard format, I sometimes try to move over to reddit but their "don't even say crazy since it's ableist" tone-policing kinda scares me.

There's other boards, retard.


Maybe 4/mu/ are worthwhile, the rest is Holla Forumsyp-infested cancer or too slow-moving for discussion, even my favourite 4/gd/ only gets like dozen posts per day only.

To clarify, my greentext part applied to 8chn

4/mu/ hasn't been worthwhile in years tbh

See you in communism Comrade

You're welcome friend, but leftypol isn't going anywhere, this board has been through worse.

I don't think that board is going down that much.
It's more than with lurking and reading, the novelty of leftists ideas wears off, and the shitty posting become more apparent, but that impression really kicks in in time of crisis/raid. And Holla Forums had it's fair share of shitstorms.
The interest of imageboards was always a few pearls in an ocean of piss, with the ratio pearl/piss varying from time to time. Holla Forums's appeal in particular is the possibility but in no way theguarantee of good discussion about leftism.

Holla Forums is just a board. It's up to you to shatter the fixed idea.


Nj, reading this warmed my heart. Thanks for making a cynical leftie feel a bit of hope comrade ^_^

Fellow Holla Forums convert here, one of the things that amazes me about Holla Forums is the amount of quality/screencappable posts compared to Holla Forums.

Why don't you swallow B.O.'s balls too, while you're at it.

Thanks for the screencaps

Aww :ˇ)

Maybe so, I'll plan to stick around to see what eventually happens to this place.

honestly, if this place has turned even one person from pol to actual leftism (and it has) it's worth something

Post dem tatties


This board survived spam, bot spam, hoxhaist and bordiga shitposters, almost the entire website going under, more spam, e-celeb drama, half the threads breaking again and again, splitters, BO butthurt, yet more spam, nazbols, and several summers.

We'll survive and recover.


It's capture from a music video if you askin about the gurl on my reaction image

Much appreciated, naziposter!

Aww :ˇ)

The only thing we can do now is carrying on and keep discussing shit. I see no other way out

In other words, doing what this board is supposed to be for.

There isn't any.

Some people are treating Holla Forums like it's some kind of, I don't know, holy ground rather than a fucking internet forum and are actively shitting up the board to try and force BO out.

They can't make him go and it doesn't seem like he's inclined to anyway so they should either fuck off and find somewhere else to post or shut the fuck up already.

The BO does a fine job shitting up their own board and trying to force everyone else out.
Why they don't just make their own website, I have no idea.

This is "their own" website you dipshit. The whole point of coming to Holla Forums was that if you didn't like how a board was being run, you could make your own.

Now instead of fucking off they stay to make everyone else miserable.

I have a few more screencaps from that economic/environmental future thread if you're interested. Good stuff.

What are you talking about? Hotwheels made this place and Jim owns it. The BO has expressed displeasure at the ownership of this website before.
I agree, I'm glad we're on the same page. Hopefully the BO will get over themselves and fuck off.

Read Althusser.



This. If you want the board to endure, all you have to do is to keep shitposting undeterred.

I am honestly baffled by the quality of content for an imageboard.
That's why I lurk here.
You guys shit on this board a lot, and ofc it's partly deserved, but seriously, the level of discussion and the number of interesting posts is quite impressive

not a screencap, but I still saved the text of a post by a fellow user about Japan :

The biggest problem with explaining Japanese society is the prevalence of the cultural explanation, where it sounds like all Japanese people are linked into a hivemind. Societal attitudes to work and class didn't just evolve out of an ancient samurai code, otherwise the entirety of Japan would have the same outlook at all times. We know this isn't the case because left wing movements still made an impact at a few times in modern Japanese history, and there are still some small left wing movements today.

The reason for the lack of class consciousness in the Japanese people is due to the political and economic reality of Japan, which was intentionally engineered by the postwar state (made up of mostly the same people in the wartime state) and large businesses, who cooperate with the state very closely.

Rather than having trade unions, most workers in Japan are a part of "enterprise unions", where the union is related to the company rather than the type of work. This unsurprisingly gives the bosses a large amount of oversight (if not control) over the actions of the union, as well as preventing larger-scale action that a trade union would provide. Enterprise unions didn't spring out of the culture of Japan, but rather from the fact that corporations could use the poor economic situation of postwar Japan to incentivise workers to join their own unions. If they didn't join, they had poor promotion prospects and missed out on the benefits the enterprise union provided. Public sector workers have no right to strike at all. In addition, as the US occupation wound down, they gave up on purging the wartime political and bureaucratic cliques, as they would be useful in curbing the growth of Communism in Japan (which became a priority in the late 40's), which prevented left-wing parties from gaining any real power. This means that even if a Japanese labourer gets thoughts about making a difference, they quickly realise the lack of any political power they might hope to have.

But a much bigger problem is the economic incentives to stay in line. Japanese corporations do not hire people who have left (or been fired) from other corps. This means that if you lose you well paid, "unionised" job, you will be placed into a low-wage, 0 benefits temp work hell. If you want to support a family, you HAVE to be a good worker, so you can keep your wages and your employment benefits. This allows bosses to expect and recieve unpaid overtime day in and day out. This is the source of Japan's "workaholism"; all the rituals of office work and the claims of "culture" are there to rationalise the huge sacrifices Japanese salarymen make in order for their company to extract free labour from them. And of course, once the workers are rationalising their own exploitation, they write off the left wing as not only entitled but as something that is alien to their thought of "Japan".

By the way, Japanese corps also indoctrinate their workers into the company "family". This usually involves singing company songs daily, and can involve a few weeks at a bootcamp for new recruits. All in service of making the company the top priority for the worker.

Source: The Enigma of Japanese Power, by Karel van Wolferen. Really good read, even though it's written from a liberal perspective (you don't notice it much anyway). It's also depressing as you get to read about how multiple different movements were crushed or absorbed by the administrative elite.

Can't believe I'm saying this… But the Nazi is right.

Cmon man i legit enjoy larping as nazbol, its a me(me)


I agree with , its genuinely funposting

that meme is pretty good except for the BASED part calling yourself based is just stupid