OC Thread 3.0

OC Thread 3.0
I suppose we should establish a new thread dedicated to Holla Forums original content.
Feel free to post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you would like to share.
Or, collaborate on improving content within this thread.

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Might as well repost.

Thank you.


2/10, apply yourself.

Is that supposed to be a pic of Tito? Why does his face look so fucked up in that one?

Read a fucking book.

Compression, presumably.

That's a wild implication you're accusing me of, son.

Oh wowee. My sides are in space rn.

Oh. This went right past me in the last thread.
Thank you!


top kek

saw somebody going all crazy with numbers and made this maymay

I only care about the organic centralism



the webm I made for this wont upload, so someone else will have to make a webm of this







thanks fam




Whoa! Where can I see more?

Socialist USA Coat of Arms I made.


It's just an edit of someone overreacting to a text, like how someone might overact to anti-idpol…?

Can I get a .jpg .bmp .tga or .vtf of the Joe Hill Wojak stuff…I'm gonna use it…For Steam

FYI this me asking for someone to do a conversion because Steam has
autism for .png stuff

You know, you can just open it in any image editor and save it as a .jpg

Every single fucking time I try it fails miserably…i'm kinda not tech smart… :/

Do you have a png for it? Easiest way is just to open it up an print screening it, pasting into paint and saving as jpeg


You have no excuse.

just copy it and paste in paint



Made this for a school newspaper.

With all the Zimbabwe stuff and Rhodesia wankery.

Oh ok. Do you have the original for reference?

Reposting Nat-Soc Gang


com wit me to gulag



Nice work mate!! More of it please

That wont do shit if he already opens it up in paint, to try and save as .jpg

very neat, Satan.



Slightly altered (and final) version. Intended to add more changes, but didn't like any of them once they were on canvas.


why live

Anyone got the full text about sankara?

I wrote it myself (if you are interested, check out the ' the Upright Man'-documentary. It's on youtube):
Thomas Sankara! President and military leader of Burkina Faso, pan-Africanist and Marxist revolutionary responsible for numerous equity and equality measures in a mere four years of tenure!

After coming into power in - at the time, 1983 - Upper Volta, he enacted such solidarity measures as selling the unnecessary, state luxuries and designating the cheapest car available as the official service car for ministers. On top of that he reduced the salaries of public servants - including his own - and forbade public servants from purchasing frivolities. Later he would cut his own salary to 450 dollars and limit his possessions to no more than a car, four bikes, three guitars, a fridge and a broken freezer!
To help Burkina Faso - now renamed from Upper Volta to 'the land of the upright man' - develop he broke up the feudal landownership system and distributed the land to the poor, opposed and denied foreign aid and foreign debt, and personally assisted in public projects. Every opportunity he got Sankara used to emphasise the importance of Burkina Faso's unified strength and the importance of overcoming the foreign-inspired 'beggar' mentality.
In the first two years after the coup alone women's rights exploded and many, archaic gender norms demolished. Sankara not only banned genital mutilation and forced marriages, but was also the first African leader to appoint women to major cabinet positions and recruit women into the military. And that is not all: he encouraged husbands to do the shopping and prepare the meals so the men would have taste of what it is like to be a housewife - I would like to see any neo-liberal demagogue do the same!

But this remarkable reign came to a premature end… In the last quarter of 1987 Sankara was informed the person who got him into power, his childhood friend Blaise Compaoré, was planning a coup against him. In response, Sankara said it was not for them - his confidants and himself - to betray the opposition, but for the opposition to betray them. A week before his assassination Sankara famously declared: ‘although revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.’

Just finished watching the documentary
I cried
why is there no sankara flag


Comrade Lester Maddox

Why, you dumb fool, why?

He was too pure for this world ;_;



Holla Forums choir- every porky wants to rule the world.



Vocal work is fantastic.






People have too short attention span to read for 30 seconds, and you're sending them to buy and read whole books?

Condense his message to catchy max 5 words, or you failed.

Can someone make this with a transparent background, or alternatively one with black and red in the background. I've tried both but they both ended up looking really really cheap or won't be transparent

These OK? Also, who is this in the picture?

Joe Hill

Any suggestions for the other two party members?

I've hit a bit of writer's block I guess

What's the story behind this? I need context so I can give proper characters

but if you as me Alex Jones and that Breitbart guy

Just made this.


had a nice kek

Is… is that a porky mongrel? Porky's bastard child from a raped third world maid?

Very nice.

i cri evrytiem

Just a mutt





Sorry I fell asleep then had work

Basically an amalgam of a few ideas I've had, just wanted a shitty little project to work on to help with my depression. Started with making fun of Elon's comments on how he thinks we live in a simulation, and then I had this idea for Barron to be a parody of Lelouch from Code Geass. I just wanted to make something like Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, just a weird, funny game.

As for the story, it starts with Melania being killed in a failed assassination attempt that leaves Tiffany blind and in a wheelchair, and she and Barron get shipped off to live in NYC. Barron wants revenge and he blames Donald and ends up teaming up with Elon who's trying to save the world from his evil twin that he accidentally created in his experiments to wake himself from the Matrix.

now do bored diga and bear diga

seriously, dude youtube.com/watch?v=Q8C0LJPpr64

Seriously my fave song. Very powerful, tbh.

Cool, stop.

Isn't the first pic a tacit admission that you don't have the support of the white working class, nor represent them

What if you have Martin Shkreli be the genius convict that strikes a deal with the team to gain his freedom.





Trying to recycle old propaganda and learn adobe

…you know, programs like GIMP and Inkscape are actually open-source means of production. Rather than, you know, proprietary capitalist garbage…

I didn't say I was happy about it. It's for school.

GIMP is shit though


That's nice. There's someone on Twitter who translates some old gommie posters but xe has the habit of putting his name as a fucking watermark.

Anyone have the infograph with porky on it of like the basic tenants of why capitalism isn't sustainable (like 3 or 4)? I want something basic to share with people questioning whether it's possible to simply fix capitalism



Giraffe gang, assemble!



enemy propaganda

Pretty sure I haven't shared this here


Can someone make a Picardía of the Communist Party of Russia where it says "When 'communism doesn't work' but you're the second largest party in Russia"

Holla Forums in a nutshell

Anyone able to dump some mongrel images? I remember seeing one poking fun at the take a knee shit but didn't save it.



Anyone got that Belarus meme about how they killed off their entire right wing opposition?


why hasn't anybody yet utilize Tank(ie) Girl? Looks like it has potential and Stalin's granddaughter kinda looks like her

cri eretim


cookie cutter 4/int/ meme i made years ago, this was the only finished one, that i would put up on leftypol.

I've felt like trying to splice together stuff from the documentary about James Dresnok (a guy who defected to NK) to some laborwave/vaporwave track and posting it to youtube as dresnokwave/juchewave any suggestions for tracks

This one is an actual quote

Isn't his grandaughter a neolib?

who cares we're here for the visuals

cute trockij


If nazbols assemble in dense enough ranks, wouldn't they inevitably cause some sort of an esoteric nazbol singularity which collapses in on it self, technically causing them to nazemble even harder?

How the fuck did I not figure out how to take this pun the hole nine yards right away?
I'm too tired and probably retarded, too

what do you mean by this



Great design.

jesus christ, get a better font man, this looks like cheap MS Paint text

Does anyone have the larger version of this with the statistics?


Finally, someone managed to summarize the Russian Revolution in a fluxogram.

Who's this cheap Jinx knock-off? :^)

I prefer his Komunizotu Monogatari.

Drawing of Josip Broz Tito Made by a friend of mine.

Japanese ☭TANKIE☭.






Commies will literally say anything.

That image is a troll. Nobody here believes in the "good times create weak men" bs.

That color palette is pretty bad. Play around with this first: paletton.com/

i cri evrytiem


Krita. It's basically a FOSS photoshop clone.

get the fuk ourt pedoo

no, it's more a painting tool

An edit

What a faggot.

His Little Red Book really has a lot of Oriental sage-style quotes for memes like that.

That's fucking cute AF yo.

Yare Yare, daze

Where's her dick?


shitty last minute stirner meme i made

someone shop this and put a hammer and sickle on it



Leftypol personality test:
Q1. Fuck the police? Y/N
Q2. Is western democracy 'imperialist'? Y/N

Personality types:
Q1:Y,Q2:Y; cultural 'marxist'
Q1:Y,Q2:N; 'anarcho'-liberal
Q1:N,Q2:Y; 'marxist'-leninist
Q1:N,Q2:N; 'anarcho'-capitalist

Post it on the draw thread
It needs to be revived!

hannibal buress is nazbol gang

this is a good maymay


Cut outs


requesting an anti-horny action emblem with the following for the flags


when did you guys get a harpy?

Any eco-socialists, Green types, etc. here?
This came out of Twitter recently. There isn't much content yet for it, though. Originally it was a flat earth meme, funny idea too, but I think some "Earth-chan is dying from pollution" type memes would be good as well. There are a few, but as you might notice they are scarce or poor quality.
Any content creators here want to pitch in?





Stop poisoning Earth-chan! :C


Video editing software
I'm looking for video editing software, I need to add subtitles and some pictures to a video. Can you help me? I can use torrents, but my PC is shit, so I would appreciate some not too demanding shit

Anyone think they could get a "redeemed Dark Wojak" (pink Wojak) crying in the corner made? I feel like I'd need it for general reactions.


Blender actually has a pretty good video editor!

and a built in game engine as well (at least I recall them developing it, don't know if it's actually functional)

Sony Vegas Pro 8 or 13, those are the two best versions imo. Use Subtitle workshop for actual subtitles, but if you just want hardcoded text then use Sony Vegas. Also I'd recommend rendering the video uncompressed and compressing it with HandBrake.

Honestly some more Dark Wojaks would be nice. Even the """normal""" (pink) ones would be nice. Seriously it feels like as soon as it exploded there hasn't been new ones made.



Where is "blame the rich jews in the american government"

Good concept for a meme, it just needs a nicer touch up.


here, take these shitty Althusser memes

Nope. You and AnCap both blame the government.

Am I to interpret this as Lenin & Co secretly being AnCom?



what if i'm lower left and blame americans more often than the rich

You do realize that libertarianism came left wing Anarchists, right? Or did you fall for the American propaganda that "libertarianism" is always right wing and communism is everything the USSR does?


These are terrible

Anyone have any De Leonist stuff?

I'm glad this meme is still alive.


Why is it American propaganda? Individualist "Socialism" was reactionary since 19th century at the very least. See First and Second Internationals.



why is this so dead

kek this is actually how Israel was created


Why did you retards let your moronic tranny BO be an idiot and make that shitty porno? Now all the other boards have to deal with Holla Forums spamming that shit everywhere. Thanks a fucking lot.

Pihsst, kiddo

Pffft I'm gonna need some proof that it isn't the BO before you change MY preconceived beliefs.


Fucking confirmed.

Shes a girl by cannon

sqrt(-1) is an "impossible" number, still getting used by physicians and mathematicians all day

Guess I won't be needing these anymore now that future Comrade Leon Krautsky's in exile…

lmao you brainlet, imaginary numbers are actually used in real radio wave calculations (as well as countless other physics applications).
Negative numbers were also considered to be "unrealistic" back when they were first being used, yet now we use the concept of negative and negation for basically all physics and math. the theory borne out by experimentation.

don't you use the absolute value to filter out the imaginary component of the number before displaying it?


Source material to work from. Get on it


Script for a catgirl comic: Alunya and the Alt-Right catgirl are looking pissed, they probably just had a conversation that didn't go so well. AR cat is having a cig. Anarcho-Hoxhaist catgirl runs toward them.
A-H: Omygodomygodomygodomygod have you see these leaflets and have you seen these posters and they have this event and they have this other event and they do so much and they are everywhere now and I think I'm gonna join them!
She is wildly gesticulating in all directions, it looks like she has six arms.
A-R: Join who?
A-H: P. S. L.
A-R: Pee-Ass Al. Actually, all the cool kids call them the Psyll.
Alunya: I never heard any of my friends call them that.
A-R: Exactly.
You can imagine the kind of facial expression Alunya makes in response to that. The other girl doesn't even get that Alunya got dissed, it went right over the bunker on her head.

I'm sure something like this exists. Inspiration and 2 seconds of MS paint

Share this image with all your friends. It scientifically explains the superiority of soviet socialism


This is a fix of a previous OC:


If anybody wants to finish this…



meme from Holla Forums edited to be Holla Forums
last pic is a template

Is that per capita?

Honestly nothing we draw will be more macabre than the photograph itself.

The thought of those two things fucking makes me sick.


the original photo is disgusting

there is only one place on the internet that uses that…

artsy polcomp

This OC isn't mine, but I want it to be seen nevertheless.

Someone make one of these but for Romania. I got a Comrade over there


I like it

make it the "Korea is One!" flag pls

this is nice, would prefer it with better quality megumin


It's a shame the cameras of the time couldn't capture how shiny his noggin was.

30 to 31 was amazing, but what happened next?

I dig your incest joke but aren't they a bit too young for that?

that was the time of the famine, and the donetsk region in the ukraine has always been a carthorse with its strong industry

but apparently even allegedly losing 6 million people (on top of oh so many millions more + casualties by foreign intervention that aren't calculated as "victims of communism") still wouldn't hold back the soviet advances in socialist construction :^)


Primitive accumulation from collectivization

thnx :)


honecker and ???

Enrico Berlinguer.

It'll be difficult but I have the originals.

A Picardía of the US which says "when you say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel so 128 countries (or whatever the number was who voted against the US) tell you to go fuck yourself"

(Better idea)
When 128 countries tell you to go fuck yourself when you start a shitfest over Palestine (again)

Final because I'm tired
When 128 countries collectively tell you to go fuck yourself after you try to start more shit in the Middle East

Standard SJW fake leftie



Just did these 2 for my meme page

Requesting Edit of Pic Related with the west German flag as the hand.

looks like judith butler




That's my post.
Why the hell did you screencap that?

It was funny.

I disagree, but alright. Be sure to share it with your friends on Tumblr and r/Holla Forums.

first pic needs to be fixed.

Refer to:

That's Awa, see: >>>/monster/271007

You're next.



Never got around to finishing the middle one before I forgot what the punchline was, I don't remember it being that good. Polite sage for a double post


I didn't like the leg movement of the gif.

love the metaphor
don't you worry Earth-chan, nuclear fire therapy will cure you of life soon

don't post my nude like that user




Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Cropped and Jpeged to shit gay porn which says:
OP IS A GAY JEW (in macro text)

Also with a red hue

is that the dilbert guy


no the dilbert guy is still a trump supporter

Did a meme

Managed to squeeze another one out before the new year. Hope you all have a pleasant old/new-celebration.
Translation kindly provided by Widdiful.

Got a question for you: how's the passion for ideological catgirls? Is there any interest in a spin-off series or something similar?


Tried my best, sorry user



It's called original creation, not original edit you talentless hacks.



so cute

You have a cute style. It's nice and I'm jealous since I'm always too depressed to work on developing draw skills


Anyone have that image about Adorno's interest in poetry and classical music for hitting cultural marxism retards over the head with?

Draw for yourself for a while, so you have no one to answer to and aren't under external pressure. Even if it's just 20 minutes a day, it is still something.
Also take a look at

Can you be a bit more specific?

Someone on wikipedia also compiled their criticism of the cultural marxism conspiracy and its proponents. You can find it here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Jobrot/sandbox/Cultural_Marxism#As_a_conspiracy_theory

Anyone mind replacing the ancom flag with an egoist flag. It's for a shitpost



Great work! I hope at least some of my advice was helpful

All of the "an-whatever" flags except for the CNT-FAI one are cringe as fuck. Stop pushing them.

Fucking dank.

Crap. I feel something.
Oh boy, you're right.

Anyone mind doing a favor for me. And cleaning this up a bit, maybe some Holla Forums editing? Porky over happy merchant, etc etc. your choice honestly or just completely removing it, I'm just kinda want to be able to share this without Le happy merchant maymay getting me questioned as a Nazi.



Some reaction images from a course I had to take for work


I recall we had some Left Hand path posters here


Name of this girl?


Who's the cute man?

Would you like some cheese with that pathetic whine?

Say what you want about rhodesia.
But as a South African almost every zim person I asked woukd much rather rhodes


Don't see the OC here

Made a few of these

Needs a hollow smile to work.

Hmm, hard to find high res pics of that though

memefy this


here ya go

Some custom stuff I made.

Some Political comics and other drawing I made.

the chinese-american puppet regime of pol pot was an imperialist puppet, to strike against the vietnamese. that's just a fact.

and your "equivalence" with the lend lease and military bases that didn't have its own defense still does not work here.
nothing of this applies to your over a dozen US military bases in Syria faggotry. they do not maintain superiority over the territory, they are paying the debt they make back by selling syrian oil and whoring themself as a proxy army of the US.
the soviet union was souvereign over itself, it was not a nationalistic splitter group establishing a foreign military on its soil to put the oil resources under foreign control.

are you really this bottom of the barrel retarded or desperate in grasping straws that you don't even give a shit how ridiculous the shit you pull is?
>>>/leftpol/ is for liberals, go fuck off there you reddit-tier retarded fagglet.

maybe, don't think so though.

Great stuff comrade! Here's some of my OC

I can't really lost much else cause it isn't anti-cap/pro-commie


Made the a while back.



no seriously we have to take a wrecking ball to these or renovate them into multi-family housing. you do NOT get to keep your mcmansion in socialism.

That shit gets demolished, though

Thanks user I need a nice injection of existential panic.


that'd be hot though

Fixed it.

Imagine being so anti-communsit that you become a communist.




what the actual shit

This has to be from some movie. There is no way this is not from a movie.


use these, fresh sources

Comrade Stalin would have prevented this.
Fucking revisionists.

Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge.

What is it about il Duce being so characteristic?

Two words: Kerderi ruins.

Does anyone have the expanding brain meme where it’s like being a self-hating American on Holla Forums posting with the Stalinstache?


For all the Trots on here.

Brother Hao foreber in our Hears

Brother Hao foreber in our Hears

Sorry didn 't want to post that twice



Now this is radical centrism

I know that its not OC, but could somebody share the "capitalism when it works, socialism when it doesn't" meme about venezuela for me?

Have you lifted today, user?

in case of Chaya shitposting



Naziposter is not a nazi, he just posts nazi pictures for some reasons.

He links to counter-enlightenment thinkers and dark enlightenment blogs. He's a monarcho-socialist.

I think he's a hardcore commie considering he likes to make fun of nazis "MUH HOLOCOASTER" and liberals "MUH DEMOCRACY".

And doesn't take him for a monarchist either, the dude just wants to debunk both right wing and left wing ideologies and uses edgy images to catch people's attention.

I have. Started doing laterals with the weights so my shoulders don't end up being half the size of my upper body.

Hay could someone with the time make a leftist version of these. It could very informative and and make thing short and simple for most people to understand.

i messed up with the grammar.

Not my OC but I simply had to share this piece of rare genius.


t. Garl Marx

Thanks, I didn't need those brian cells n e way.

Here's some OC you commie fags can appreciate.

I made a webm you should repost any time someone praises Catholic church.

Nice try, prot. Holla Forums is an Apostolic board.

Get your commie ass over to >>>/christian/ and get right with Jesus.



There is a heavy need for a new ideological catgirl draw poster


well, some fascists are collectivists and in that sense they are more leftist than most people who claim to be leftists

Post your rare Bannons

I need the original then the one where Banon is actually a fag because he doesn't like Trump

didn't know trotsky and lenin shared the same stand



I made a meme guys


The capitalists of Google and their search engine troll people into thinking photos of Saint Max exist, so have some OC and class consciousness. I already uploaded it on leftybooru, in case you need it.


stirner memes are top tier


what's SR?



The people you would usually call crypto-fascists and would usually call you crypto-fascists

It was just a joke, don't flip out


Something along these lines has probably been done way ago. Idc tho.



Seems accurate.


Post anti-imperalist memes.




I can't tell if this is pro-gay or anti-Google…

I really like the 8 bit worker, comrade. A whole lineup of these would be amazing!

The second image hurts too much.

rip old chan culture, killed by /v-pol/

Dank af

why do I do this comrades

wheres Tim Buckley?


make one with ted in the heart instead please



because you're a retarded kid rebelling against your parents

varg is a retarded church burner though

nazi'posting was a psyop started by me, the real nazi poster

your people await you

also that dumb shit on "antifa"
no idea what popular united front means but opening your mouth like a dumb bitch, fucking anarchists need to off themself, seriously

R8 my reaction maymays

Even that German LARP discord is better than you shitholers. And they are only posting facebook tier, so you know what this means


You know that's not practical , nobody is going to read your point with that guy on the left,(Try having it open for 20 min on your monitor)

good job everyone! We really stole a lot of /pol memes today!

lurk two minutes before posting

Now get the fuck out. >>>Holla Forums

What Holla Forums memes?

The meme theft autism is strong with this one.

Was it ever not?

Literally the best meme I've seen yet, Holla Forums or Holla Forums everyone admits social justice tards are scum.

fist her user


>there's political racism against the right
My sides have been named Sputnik and sent into orbit, I'm surprised the Burger altists didn't think of that one first.

Source on that Marx comic and the tarot deck, please.

why must you do this to me

iT's a real shame how close that pic was from fulfilling both Loss and the political compass.

The Great Chemo.

There's a joke about hyooman naychur in that pic, but I can't quite grasp it.

I get bored with everything I started. Hold me, comrade Wojak.

Fuck, that file is long gone. Did you grab it?

fucking temer, man

That's still up to debate.

Top 10 Pranks That Went Way Too Far

How can someone be so wrong in so many different ways about a single topic?

Of all the portraits claimed to depict him, there's only one I haven't managed to find the true source for, so there's still a slim possibility he was photographed. Unfortunately, I can't even find the damn pic right now.

It's what's gonna happen when the dollar loses its status as the global currency.


The one good thing about captialism eroding gender binaries is the sharp rise in tomboys and other variations of androgynous cuties.

these made my dick so soft it almost dissolved

That's good because a faggot with such shit taste has no use for it anyway.

Tbh, only 1&5.

Fact is that most of the rich are mostly jews. What now?


dam typo.





thank you for this thread OP, i never got the chance to post this other than some discord servers and politigram

mao was gay and i entirely agree with this post


portrays us pretty good

Enough of 4/pol/ are newfags that they don't even know of trash's existence.
Besides the fact that Holla Forums's janitors will only delete, rarely move anything to /trash/

Any Ideas how to meme this into Trot related?

Put a giant split through the middle.
The Tr*ts can't meme, btw.

Or if he wasn't a hack he could make each piece a different color

wtf im a nazbol now


"ITT: New App Ideas"
"It's like Tinder but for people who want to fight."
- user 2015





kek that's almost fucking creepy

This is why we can't have nice things


Since Talkies are always calling the Kurds “imperialists” why not ironically shrill Imperialism. Nazbol Gang did it, so why not NATO Gang.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

But didn't the USSR did trade and business with Imperialist countries as well?

You are supposed to fill in the blanks, dear user


Why the fuck are you using "Cuck" as a darogative term? Next you'll be using faggot to describe marginalized people. Cuckolding is a legitimate and harmless fetish enjoyed by many people and it's none of your damned business what people do in the privacy of their own home. How do you like it when people call you a jerk off? Don't like it do you. Enough kink shaming BIGOT!



Americans will never ever into socialism or communism.


I hope not. Socialism could actually save America. And America doesn't deserve to be saved.

It's funny because Chris Chan officially joined antifa and is now a communist.


You should make this the Holla Forums mascot.

Kill yourself, and I fucking mean it. Just cut your wrist and remove yourself from the genepool,




ahahah holy fuck, these are real posts on leftpol



Read that thread again you nonse.

you have to go back >>>/leftpol/

You can go back to reddit where you were before you and your ilk shat up this board.


reddit tier cherrypicking tbh

/leftpol/ seems cute

There is literally nothing wrong with Cuckolding. Stop kink shaming you bigot

Sorry, you must be lost.

>>>Holla Forums



We've got a secondary mascot by that description but he's German instead of Somalian.


what form of schizophrenia is this

What's the proper response to this? This is a talking point Holla Forumsyps constantly use to justify their "socialism."

Proper response is that other types of socialism is idealist and only work if everyone is nice and holds hands.
Marxism approach is that capitalists are greedy cunts, same with imperialists. They'll do anything they can to supress the proletariat and will never in a million years just freely hand over the power and mop. And when socialism has been started in a country, capitalist states will do everything they can to undermine socialism, which require a state that guards and protects the nation's proletariat and will work towards world-wide communism
It's easy to see through material dialectics that hand-holding socialism or revolution into instant stateless will inevitably lead to catastrophe

Made by

Does anyone have the version of this pic with all the added statistics?



We must support NATO in their struggle against Belarus!!

Thanks lad

stay mad bby :^)

What the fuck happened in the early 2000?
Did someone activate the liberty prime?

Thanks for the response.

Say, yeah thee’s other types of Socialism than just Marxism, there’s Anarchism, Communalism, and Utopian Socialism.


Post the superior version next time.

All hail the BELAYA RUS GANG

Comrade Lukashenko is Nazbol



I abhor every version of that image.

Christ almighty the thread was 2 bumps away from deletion. Also I saved the Alunya pic on the booru which will be deleted by the cycle when I bump this.





There's a new tag in the booru for "gang" memes and it's "x_gang" please use it when making your generic 2016 memes instead of creating a new category for your special ideology.



there's nothing special about white workers specifically

these are great




I'm looking for the edit of pic related where he's holding a revolver


is Mélenchon a socdem at all? Compared to SPD or Labour he's pretty radical

He takes part in bourgeois political theater, that makes you a succdem. At least until you prove otherwise.

SPD are just soclibs under a pink banner, they shouldn't even call themselves social democrats IMO.
Well depends what you mean there: as parties La France Insoumise is certainly more radical than the whole of Labour, but both Melenchon and Corbyn/McDonnell are equal in terms of radicality.
In terms of policy LFA's manifesto did involve socialisation but they said explicilty that it was keynesian in nature because France's economy needs to "reconfigure", however idealistically he is definitely a socialist.

What is this, 1913?

there you go

When you see a little girl without their parent


You made me laugh.


Top lmao

is that really OC?

Ya like Jazz?

Well someone has to convert those videos to webms.

I was going to use this as a reaction, but now I'll just leave it here.



I would hardly call this OC, but it's still useful.


Working on an extended version of the first pic. Thoughts?

Can you post a second pic with him smiling or clapping or something

You can't steal your own property, user.


something to have at hand in advance for when the crash does come
I'm sure other people could do a better job at it than I could

He was an agrarian, therefore a post-primitivist. True primitivists want to live in the new-new stone age.


I don't quite get what you mean. Is it to make infographs? In any case, there's a thread for that right now.


holy shit a tomboy with actual tits

breddy gud, the Poland one is particularly on point. The fuckers were licking Hitler's asshole clean all the way until they got invaded, and a lot of them carried on even after that. Ever since the fall of the Russian Empire, their policy was that the USSR was literally the worst thing in the world, and they were by far the biggest reason why there wasn't a Franco-British-Soviet alliance before the war.

Make sure it's all connections of 3 to show Trots can't form a 4.

I'll eat my fedora Lenin cap if there weren't polyps involved in that board's creation.

I once debate a liberal who seemed to be under the impression that the USSR didn't engage in foreign trade because trading is bourgeois.


my bf's oc


you also have to imagine this playing in the background

Tell your BF he go to gulag.

What does that even mean?

checkmate ATHEISTS

We are, first and foremost, slaves to our biological needs. If we didn't need to eat, there wouldn't be a porky taking advantage of that need, would there? Matter is our first and last prison.

What's the problem wih the symbolism? And beyond that, well he's killing a spook.


Please can you ask your friend to do one like this but of Hoxha? I would really appreciate it, thanx



sorry for the bad quality. I'm disabled and partially blind in one eye. I have a hard time navigating the computer when my gout flares up

hey that looks like loss

>>>Holla Forums

communist awoo

You do realize that Syria has taken the same route as western european social democracies, right? There's been a great deal of privatization and economic liberalization under Assad. Syria has gone neoliberal just like any other former-socdem country.
Venezuela is a lot better, they actually push for more nationalizations.

You sound familiar

I am shittu with photoshop so I must make a request. Make the Morning Leader on the left look like stirner, and the Yellow Press on the right like a typical lolbert/ancap.

I'll just shamelessly post my text-edited version here, too.
A shame that I don't have the skill to pull off the clever 'shops for the characters that you're suggesting.

It "has" not, it DID attempt to appease imperialists by making reforms, but since the imperialist assault on Syria has proven that appeasement can't work, Syria is likely to double down on socialism.

it's nice enough as it is and they already kind of look like Stirner and the average retarded lolbert

No, the left one needs improvement.

You WISH this was you and your party.

They finna kill a giant Trotsky?

Beautiful. Truly spooky.

Did my own rendition of Every Man a King - no changes, just a short cover. Whaddya think?


Not my best work, admittedly.

Pretty decent. What are you playing, it sounds like a banjo but there is no drone.

Also in the mood to record most leftist shit, someone give me a song.

Resonator guitar - has a nice 'ambiance' to it like a banjo, bit of twang, but a bit thicker tone.

Bloody hell you have got yourself some nice kit there. That's one thing with the banjo I have issue with, it is sometimes hard to give it weight.

not technically OC but a image I found on a old soviet images site thats pretty aesthetic


use paint.net instead of MS paint

i like it

That would be #IAmWithHer.

Shit, we should really incorporate the icepick into more flags and shit

vvv nice

Posted this in the wrong thread

i actually love this,thanks
t.br monkey

I needed to vent.

context? Are twitter leftist defending fucking UBI?

Not now in particular; I needed to slap something on as the speaker, and I vaguely remember someone linking to twitter in a Holla Forums thread on UBI. I admit I didn't think too long about this.

holy fuck this is really funny but it also makes me really irritated, Kiki is NOT an ancap!!!

Preach. Saying that Kiki is an ancap is more or less buying into the lolbert meme that any sort of reciprocal human action is literally capitalism.

The OP said that it's based on the anime instead of the characters

Libertarian right / ancap applies even less to "Kiki's delivery service" as a whole. The plot happens in a normal town with no anarchy in sight, the "good" characters all engage in mutual aid to some degree. Kiki the character does become a petit bourg, but it's rather implied that it's because of the circumstances, and witches that settle in villages or smaller towns don't run small businesses.




you have to stretch these movies a lot to get an overtly rightist theme out of them, the fact that the title refers to a business makes it the best contender for bottom right

What happened to Dark Wojak? I really liked that meme.

I liked Horror Wojak

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Looks sick bruv

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I like it very much

I made this a while back, December 25th of last year according to the timestamp.

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Also if you wanna do it the 'original' way then you throw pink blobs on the outline of a Dark Wojak figure and maybe a few black gaps in the outline. Make sure to distort the fuck out of the figure before you're done and perhaps reduce the colours ('posterise') for more effect.

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Got one without the text?

Sorry, picked it up from a comrade and edited it.

I can ask him for the original pic

I have this one though

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Yeah, if you get the chance, ask him for the original please.

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Requesting OC for the
Petroleum Welfare Socialism gang

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I made this less cringe. Can the version on the booru be replaced or something.

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Still missing the last digit on the total

I thought the original did it on purpose for some reason.

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r8 my dank oc

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Forgive the low quality

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RIP Bat'ko.

How do you do that effect with the eyes?

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eh it's okay I guess

And thus the curtains close

found this epic image MAGApedes use to troll libtards with and made some minor corrections to reflect the demographic

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fuck, Trudeau looks hot in that uniform

Extremely high quality content

Anifascism Egoism

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Not my OC but I liked it

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Just made this

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Does anyone have the comic style meme about Adorno and a nazi creating culture while he's trying to climb stairs and he ends up traumatizing children and falling down, it was about youtube taking advantage their younger demographic, it also included a 'salt bae' toy on amazon, and the end Adorno says something at the end along the lines of "I warned you about culture industry bro"

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