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Reminder Brazile nuts is peak Chapo

cumtown > chapo

OP of the previous thread (rip) here, thanks for keeping the Tomoko love going

I want to fuck Tomoko!

True but Chapo can be pretty funny. The Donna Brazile ep was great

chapo live dropped on soundcloud if anyone's interested

where's the download for the latest premium cum town?
the guy who runs the mediafire still hasn't added it

I was dropping into this thread to ask that exact same question.


courtesy of the cumtown subreddit.

The episode was funny and all but i was disappointed at how little of substance they discussed throughout it, but given that the Democratic party being horrible and an obstacle to reform is not news to any of them it is not that surprising they got caught up on the silly names.

She's totally /ourgirl/

Who else wants to smoke weed with tomoko then cuddlefuck her?


Pipecast is low key really good if anyone is into basketball

does anyone have the list of chapo premium episode links that was posted in the previous thread?

Is there a recording of the latest episode?

listening to the new cumtown with the Nazi masturbation fantasys guys on instead of stav and adam makes me appreciate stav and adam

The question everyone has been waiting for:

If Adam asked out Tomoko on a date would she accept and let him fuck her or would she turn him down?

Adam would somehow fuck it up

Tomoko wouldn't date foreigners since she is basically a netouyo.

What would you do if a bug came up to you and tried to fuck you

I would be horrified.

I thought she was just a teenage edgelord? I've never seen her care about politics or the news

Nah she'd do a foreign dude in a heartbeat she's a massive fucking pervert

heard it wasn't good. might skip it for now, still combing through the premium backlog i have. up to april now.

what's the worst chapo/cumtown episode?

I legit couldn't listen through the recent split episode with Nazi masturbation fantasys. It's just not interesting to hear five other high-octane radio guys talk over Nick who doesn't have Adam to slap around

Can someone give me the scoop on cumtown?
Is it a leftist podcast? My understanding was that it was about sex or something? Is it worth listen to given that I enjoy Chapo? pls help

no its about being gay with your dad.
n all seriousness though, it's a comedy podcast first and foremost. Nick is definitely a left winger and Adamis friends with the chapo guys and he supports the Democratic Cops of America but Stavros is pretty apolitical as far as I know. They almost never talk about serious shit and they're sense of humor can be kinda edgy but Nick Mullen is legit one of the funniest people I've ever listened to.

delete this comrade, nick mullen is the chairman, president, and ceo of Democratic Cops of America

Don't get him started on the macedonians buddy.

what's the point of podcasts

There was an episode of Cumtown where they were talking politics for a bit and Adam said "Me and Stav are socialists" and Stav didn't deny it.>>2274066

Adam is a member of D.S.A and Stav's parents were Greek communists

focusing on something besides the old dude shitting into his own hand on the bus or listening to something that isn't the latest Drake shit when driving to work

Sometimes having friends who aren't there makes typing up some fucking bullshit for some fucker makes it less grating, But I could understand if you could find it more grating.

I completely forgot this. What ep


I'd follow that man to battle with the small business owners any day of the week.
He'd be the only small business owner left in america once we are done.

some are friend simulators, others teach you shit, and some are both.

cumtown premium ep


DSA is such an embarrassment.

Reminds me of r/FC. Mass murder is OK but calling someone a "moron" is too offensive (in reality both are fine.)

Mexie's podcast thing has started, it's called veganvanguardpodcast.com and she is already losing followers on YT just for the announcement vid 😐


Maybe because animal liberation still triggers reactionaries who like to LARP as leftists?

the chapo reading series raises a good question whats the difference between shapiro fans and milo fans?

This is by far the best podcast on communism I have ever heard.


I think Amber is right
Milo fans were mostly nihilistic shit heads who liked him purely for shock but Shapiro fans are actually roller backpack kids

Not an ep of Cumtown, Amber goes over it in an episode of Chapo

What kind of black magic is this RSS feed technology

Would Felix smash Tomoko?

Mostly correct, but Stav is the most anti-fascist of all of them. Nick is pretty socialist & anti-imperialist but while he thinks the alt-right is retarded, he supports free speech unconditionally. Stav is the one who most often pushes back on Nick's free speech shit and thinks Nazis deserve the bullet.

Get a real podcast



90% of Democratic Cops of America newcomers are still liberals trying out their new "socialist clothing." If the leadership doesn't realize this and mend the situation the party will degenerate into idpol liberalism with red aesthetics.

i wanna fuck all of you stupid commies up the ass.

communism sucks

You have it the other way around tbh. The old guard national leadership tends more liberal than the newer membership and new local leaders (esp in newer chapters where they don't have to worry about established mustachioed cops). The infighting doesn't need to get smaller it needs to get bigger until the libs in the center just fuck off (which may never happen or backfire but what else can you do)

Stav is the most normal one to hang out with irl but his politics are beyond scrub level. Not surprising since his Greek is so subpar so it's not like his grandparents ever sat him down and taught him theory

Chapo and Cum Town are about personalities saying stupid shit. There is zero real analysis and is just candy for people who think they are smart.

A decent podcast is the ZeroBooks podcast and of course one of the longest running left podcasts This Is Hell, thisishell.com.

Felix would recruit her into Hezbollah and they'd spy on the IDF and it would just be like The Americans but with more sarcasm and mean Diogenes type humor

Felix and Tomoko would conceive the greasiest baby ever, a being of pure filth. They would stay in a gym locker room and be visited by the presidents of three secular palestinian militias, bearing gifts of doritos, protein powder and gamer points

I don't think stav consciously pushes back so muc as he just wants to beat up nazis


their child would grow up to make a Doom wad where they play as the syrian arab army or a revived PLFP

Amber said there's not much crossover between the two fanbases which I think is wrong because every person I know who likes Ben Shapiro also likes Milo or did like Milo before the whole pedo thing.

nah they're both roller backpack kids

great ep

this isn't twitter; people here can separate entertainment shows from actual analysis I hope

Sexy Tomoko

Pedofag pls go

So what do you all think of the Dead Pundits Society? Ive been listening to it and its pretty damn good.

I like Burning Cop Car!

Ok so we need someone to please liberate this newsletter as well


Been listening to a couple of the "Revleft radio" podcasts recently, enjoyable from the little I've heard but I guess I'll listen to a few more before making a proper judgement.

What's the difference between kids that wore a suit and brought a suitcase to highschool and these roller backpack kids? Are they the same thing?

Tomoko is also a mature and highly sexual high school girl.

I just want to know how much of the newsletter is felix talking about salafists honking off after carpet bombing starving yemenis

It’s fucked up that Adam’s girlfriend is actually hot.

gorgeous. i hate it.

How big is her dick?


No bully pls

New chapo proves to me that they need felix, without him your just have flat anger and disgust. It was nice to hear matt get a bit heavy on theory for once though

His dog, despite being a girl, is not a legitimate sexual partner and you should know that

to the contrary, new chapo proved it doesn't need that morning zoo hack felix's 90% shitty jokes

You need a few wisecracks to punctuate the discussion, especially any reading series eps. I found myself tuning out after 45 minutes or so

they all do their part

post pic


Yeah, Felix’s jokes are needed. I’m a lot like Matt, in that I get unhealthily angry about the pundits and political figures they cover on the show. I have never related to a Chapo member more than when Matt’s landlord came to his door because he was too loudly mad. Felix helps defuse the rage.

She’s hot and lefty. I’m mad.

Proof even bugs can get girls
You have no excuse

That and Zero Books podcast are the best ones for serious left theory, to my knowledge.

What is Amber's problem with RL?

but hes funny tho

From the sound of it RL is probably shitting on the parties attempts to promote universal healthcare. Fuck him tbh
Especially if he was elected to promote the party platform this is why democratic centralism is important


Good for Adam. I'm so lonely.

They've talked on the pod about how adam fucks the most of all three
He's a real Don Juan

The Chapo sub is sperging the fuck out and calling Amber racist. This might be the push Chapo needs to dump idpol entirely, reconcile with cumtown, and go full dirtbag.

If someone as goofy looking as Adam can get a qt gf, I think I have hope guys.

I understand more and more each day why the bolsheviks had to liquidate the mensheviks and right-SRs. What is it about left politics that makes leaders go at each others throats in public

I think about this a lot myself. My theory is that unlike the right, which is basically tribal at its core and thus more able to abandon its ideals and remain united, the left is, fundamentally, comitted to visions of an improved future over tribal unity. Thus, leftists are more willing to fight one another when their visions or ideas conflict, whereas the right tries to avoid fighting itself even when this requires them to give up on ideas that they used to hold very dearly, like free trade, the Constitution, or libertarianism- all ideas that the American right loved 4 years ago and have now dumped almost entirely for white nationalism with minimal internal conflict.

Not only this, but leftists committed to their tendency strongly believe that if any other tendency were to gain power and implement their plans it would spell disaster for everyone.

I'm not that familiar with left inside baseball since I'm a recent-ish convert, but I'm familiar with right politics. People here need to understand that for most people on the right, maintaining a clear and solid social order is in itself a value. Because of that there's an inherent fuhrerprinzip in most** right organizations where it's understood that victors of internal contests win through an inherent superiority that entitles them to lead (theoretically with benevolence). Losers are likewise inherently inferior and face intense pressure to fulfill this role by submitting to the rule of the superior victor.

**This doesn't happen if the competing factions represent different ethnic, linguistic or geographic constituencies; these types of right-wingers will fight each other endlessly

Congrats comrade

amber is annoying

What a sneaky piece of shit, RL is playing the Democratic Cops of America like a violin. We really do live in le spooky blood drinking monster house and I want out :(

What exactly did he do beyond allegedly acting dickish?

Amber's post said he was trying to divert resources away from Medicare for All or something?

You don’t know me, I’ve been trying and I can’t get anything.

people bragging about how friendly and caring they are is always a massive red flag

Basically the gist of it is that he's a dick and he thinks that being detrimental to the goals of the people on his own side is justified if his political outlook isn't represented in the policies of the org he's a part of. He's not trying to divest resources away from M4A as much as he's trying to tie M4A to other issues like police and prison abolition, and he's been dragging his feet hard on M4A to try to get his way. So this girl expresses her frustration privately on facebook (pic related) and someone screencapped it and sent it to him and he's been making a huge fuss about it, trying to take down the people involved.

I mean honestly, this dude if fucking naive as hell, and he's a dick to his fellow Democratic Cops of America members if he disagrees with them.

This isn’t my impression of Chapo as well. It’s the “Rick and Morty” of politics. It even has blatant product placement just like “Rick and Morty” but trying telling that to a fan.

The episode I listened to that had it the worst is where they kept saying “you fucking with the B?” B being short for Applebee’s. A friend explained that it was a reference to some twitter fight but it went on for 10 straight minutes where they “ironically” kept repeating that phrase over and over again. It was the most blatant product placement I’ve ever seen, rappers are more subtle.

Are you autistic?

Yeah fuck this dude how politically tone deaf do you have to be in order to actively tie your set piece policy to a controversial issue that most people don't understand or think about.
You're just setting both efforts for failure

Brandon Wardell episodes on both

Amber is the most actual leftypol person in the chapoverse

amber owns

I'll never forgive Felix for comparing Sam Hyde to Céline.

Am I really the only one who thinks Sam Hyde isn't that funny? He's got some stuff that is absolute gold, but the overwhelming mass of his output is just boring as hell.

Sam here
More misses than hits
2070 paradigm shift is gold and a lot of the mde stuff online is very funny but most of it's not funny too me
Plus his adult swim show had 3 good sketches in an entire season

I wish he posted here, that'd be funny.

Honestly I think that he's more adventurous than most people in comedy, but having his show canceled kinda broke his brain and he's regressed to a boring, edgy, signal-y humor to pander to the people throwing him shekels. I think his show could have gotten really good if it had been given a chance tho.

Sorry meant same*

You are in my heart and my prayers, R.L. Stephens, survivor of cyberweb-mob online e-bully VR super-rape. Stay strong ;_;7

No, what makes you say that.

fuck your weird bourgeois civility

*This is my impression as well


How old is Adam's girlfriend? She looks pretty young.

old enough tbh

I mean, he is a known pedophile advocate…

what is her name

"Applebee's is paying Chapo" is somehow a more mind-blowing Chapo take than all of RedKahina's combined.

Why do reddit liberals hate chapo so much? This kind of insane conspiracy peddling is fairly common there and on twitter.

Because the Chapo guys don't buy into the Clinton/Obama worship and think that the left needs to focus on real issues like medicare and poverty.

To sum up the butt hurt I've seen from both twitter liberals and Red Kahina types:
1. Rude
2. Making fun of Democrats is bad because Republicans are racist
3. Some sort of false flag action by the CIA/FSB
4. Often screw around and don't discuss serious shit all the them
5. Don't do the identity politics call out culture shit


gay incest jokes are honestly better praxis than most things the centre for american progress has done

stop avataring you piece of shit

weird twitter personality lana del raytheon is being outed as a harasser but all they're being accused of is hitting on people who don't have as many twitter followers as them.
Being a minor e-celeb interacting with non e-celebs is a hierarchical power dynamic that must be abolished or something.

Good riddance, always hated that account.
And fuck the people insisting on respecting the pronouns of a sex predator. I hate that the left has to accommodate these freaks.

By 'these freaks' I don't mean trans or nb people but types who sperg out about pronouns.

That's bullshit you
Minor Twitter eceleb isn't enough of a power gap to make flirting bad

tell that to the Democratic Cops of America lol.
everyone's gonna lose their healthcare because some twitter teens decided that horny=wrong.

Why is so hard for the Democratic Cops of America people to be not crazy

New chapo is alright though GORKA needs to call in through something other than a long paper tube

tomoko is our duchess (within an elective grand duchy) & I will never let anyone here forget that

can this be a thing in socialism?

The Gorka shit was way too long, took like 15 minutes and it's getting predictable.

Yeah, it's really starting to become annoying now. Man, it sucks that they're transforming into Daily Show now.

They seem to have mistakenly assume that people like comedy with a political flair and not politics with some light hearted banter.

Foreign policy coverage is still way above what most other media offers tho

if she holds all the powers and responsibilities of a general secretary

Yeah I really hate it when they try to be comedians. They are still coastal liberals (socially speaking) and so a lot of their skits sound like bullshit that you would hear on the Daily Show (post-Stewart.) I'd much rather hear them take shots at Trump's cabinet or democrats.

Putting aside the fact that most of Chapos audience are either voted for Bernie or voted for Clinton. Its not a conspiracy, they had a meteoric rise, Felix was an assistant editor at cafe.com a venture capitalist propaganda arm.
Their audience is mostly liberal I'd say. They freaked out pretty bad at that Cosby Hollywood star picture.
There's way better pooitical analysis podcasts. Hell there's even some an cap podcasts that do a better job than Chapo like Corbet report.
It's pretty clear to anyone that's either cared about politics or has half a brain they're just trying to be the gate keepers of the insurgent left that's rising in this country. Which is why fans get so mad as though you betrayed the revolution when you call the podcast shit

When Trump got elected they were all apologists for Trump voters saying they weren't racists and they voted for him because he talked about NAFTA. Trump voters are racists and trying to blame his presidency entirely on Clinton is crypto idpol since its trying to deflect the blame away from the voters that fucking voted for Trump.
Also they never talk about the fucking electoral college which is the real reason we got trump and bush before him. They're just worthless shit stains and so are their fans!

Nah the only people who get mad at them are the established "leftists" and twitter e-celebs who want to be the gatekeepers themselves. It's the Vampire Castle basically.

It can be both, both possibilities aren't mutually exclusive

If they were all so racist then why did they vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012? Trump flipped PA for fuck's sake.

There's not evidence that they're the same voters. Dems didn't come out and repubs energized by Trumps blatant racism did. The voter trun out was a shadow of the Obama turnout of bothe 08 and 2012.
Again this crypto idpol, trying to absolve Trump voters of their racism by blaming Clinton.

The two things that got Trump elected by order of importance

1. The electoral college
2. Every single racists that voted for Trump

Clinton dumbass corruption is peripheral

fight me


Voted for Jill you little broke dick fail son

in that case you are the problem because you didn't vote for hillary like a good little lib

Cry harder you larping fuck ups, I love it.

Nice spooks, I'm against private property, so not a lib by any definition

this honestly isnt true
something like ten percent of clinton voters polled that black americans were lazy
hell something like 4 % of pizzagate believers voted for clinton
look at the swing in the election its all in former democratic strongholds or democratic leaning areas especially in the midwest and the rust belt, i guess thats just a coincidence that those places got fucked by nafta, trade with china, etc




I told you I'm not a liberal, there's only me.


I said the Trump voters voted for trump because he appealed to their racists spooks. Spook busting is being spooked now lol

I like how a comment about people getting butthurt over criticism of the Democrats leads to a thread derail because people are butthurt of criticism of the Democrats.

Nice false dichotomy, why can't I hate Clinton and Trump. Oh wait I can, it just give you butt hurt because it fucks upmyour stupid narrative that this is all Clinton's fault and not the electoral college that literally granted the presidency to Trump

lol never said trump voters cant be racist, just saying that its obviously more than that
pls go back to Holla Forums

That's the problem with the so-called "resurgence" of the radical left in the west. Lots of liberal opportunism.


*a sham

Only in your hole riddled brain does blaming the electoral college for Trumps presidency=defending democrats.

Why are you this upset over people talking shit about the Democrats? Republicans are racist ratdicks, no one in this thread is disputing that but that doesn't make criticism of the Democrats invalid.

I'm not upset, I'm upset that they rarely talk about the electoral college, and try to alogogize for Trumps voters racism.
Wish there was as much vitrol against the electoral college as there is against Clinton. The fact that their isnt from you guys is telling.

the eternal polyps shitflinging knows no bounds

Because if Clinton got elected shit would be different. At best it's kicking the can down the road for another four years. At worst you get the same bullshit done in the name of bipartisan compromise.
The problem isn't with Trump or Clinton or the electoral college, it's with bourgeois politics.

It's the one I remember and isn't brought up a lot okay, I'm trying to stay fresh sheesh. I agree with RedKahina s criticism of Chapo though.

I'm not the one shot flinging her. I'm sure if you accuse an anti Trump poster of being a Nazi some more your wish will come true.

What a load of shit. Their take on Trump voters basically hinged on Clinton being a shitty candidate and Trump voters wanting to say "fuck you" to the establishment. They called out the "muh poor Trump voter" narrative a bunch of times.

I didn't vote for Clinton. I agree the problem is multi faceted but god damn the electoral college has over turned the popular vote twice already, how is it not the most important problem.

Hahahaha this is what I'm talking about. Defending white idpol. This is bullshit, trumps a fucking billionaire, he's richer and more corrupt than Clinton. How the fuck was a vote for him anti establishment. He was a fucking Clinton supporter!
You just can't call out racists for being spooked by white supermacy nah you gotta have endless and boring droning on about Clinton. Despooking racist trump voters is fun as fuck you should try it

Attacking Clinton is important because it highlights the inadequacies of the democrats and helps to identify crypto-dems like you who bristle at criticism of them.

I'm not bristling at criticism of dems though. You're the ones that got all butt hurt that I blamed the two parties actually responsible for Trump. The electoral college and racist trump voters cause your all crypto spooked by white supremacy and won't call out assholes that vote against your best interest.

You're dumb if you think that Trump voters mostly voted for Trump because they're racist. You likely don't know very many right wing people, do you?

25 or 26
she's into the dirty baby doll look that was tired on tumblr/insta 5 years ago

wanting to be a public figure (what being twitter "famous" means to these people) but not having your name/picture/anything tied to who you are is sketchy
I had assumed they were afab/born a girl bc that's mostly who identifies as they/them and has a female avi
also leave the real lana del rey alone!

I know what Trump said. I know Trumps history. If you vote for a racist then you're a racists. If you wanna get all stupid about it then no I can't fucking read the minds of Trump voters and really know their true blue feelings but neither can you asshole so stop saying they're not racist because hounding know that either.
The fact that you are don't accept that they voted for a candidate that ran on racism is enough to make you spooked by White supremacy

Gentlemen, I have a solution to our problem.

I've come to the conclusion, they both are terrible human beings.

I think it's alright that they're bringing comedy into it, they strike a nice balance between insight and comedy(tilting more towards comedy) and you don't see many leftists doing both that well

*because you don't know that either

Haaay it’s Lana the nbqpoc, welcome to no-boys-allowed chat!

Shouldn't shit like this be in the leftytrash thread?

this is a great step for equality, finally we have more non-binary representation in the male dominated sexual harassment industry.

my assumption on that account was that it was run by an early 20s afab person and that was 100% the impression they were trying to give

I thought all the tweets about straight girls sending their straight girl friends nudes/nudes to critique and help edit in group chats were jokes ?
(why do that with your straight/platonic friends anyway? I guess guys a lot of being naked because it's 'funny')


Man I'd really like to talk to one of those voters. Unless you found out after the vote, how do you justify voting for a party you think is covering up an international pedophile smuggling ring?

wow this thread went places while I was at work

About 3/4ths of it could be moved over to /leftytrash/

The Justice League episode is up.

gid link


thanks you!!

As an Australian it always makes me happy when Matt V. Brady appears on a movie episode.

those are always so much less gay than the politics episodes

I love chapo movie episodes and I hope the DCEU lasts another decade just so we can get more of these.

Really hated Amber in the Justice League review episode. Bitch has no taste in movies or men.

His gf is Sheldon from BBT?

You don't know any Trump voters, do you?

Meh i can understand her argument that flash is the only break from gloomy gay shit

I actually agree with Felix that I would rather have a terrible fucking macho man bullshit Zach Snyder movie than the Joss Whedon bullshit Young Frankenstein mess of a production we got.

At least it had some sort of visual flaire to it that kept it interesting compared to the banal safe cinematography of Marvel shit.

That being said I hate all super hero movies and consider them worse than famine, but god at least stay fucking consistent, even if it sucks

Adam you absolute bastard, I love you.



RL's argument isn't about idpol and Amber's "side" is calling him a misogynist so it's not really that cut and dry. The real argument is about whether SocDem policies like healthcare are worth D.S.A focus and resources. I tend to say yes because the US is just that cucked and I want healthcare but it's definitely not an idpol argument at its core

Your autism might be terminal, and/or you're just regurgitating half-remembered twitter arguments


Amber please don't eat into the microphone, it's so unladylike.

Both are worse.

Felix rant about josh whedon is legendary

I know both suck, but if you already have like what, three fucking movies made in that distinct style? Just fucking commit, don't be a pussy.

Also the costume design was clearly meant for darker lighting, nothing about these costumes seems like, yeah, fully lit, that's a great idea.

This entire movie is a fiasco and Joss is a fucking maroon.

hearing people shit on Pixar and Josh Sweden is so cathartic

This. A lot of "nerdy" women that I know love that guy too and will viciously attack anyone who dares challenge his pedigree. Glad to hear Chapo shit on him.

Any good anarchist podcasts?

What did he mean by this?

From alpha to omega is the best.

some GOP rep got shot the last time there was a congressional baseball match I think

lol Will is really trying to get banned

Unbreakable is good

i have a lot of attractive women friends and… it;s not a joke. i've been asked to leave the room so they can talk about each other's boob

i have a lot of attractive women friends and the thirst for jason mamoa is very real and universal

Joss Whedon is alright. I know they just trying to be contrarian but hating on him for being clever is just stupid.

Just listened to the post-thanksgiving episode
I really wish my city wasn't THE place for cosmopolitan liberals to migrate. Otherwise it was a cool show.

is this like the thing where a high school nerd that gets bullied thinks they hate him cause he's so smart

I hate Whedon because he's the male equivalent of a fake geek girl who constantly sucks his own dick because of how funny and feminist he is for lazily pointing out cliches without actually subverting them.

I don't even know why they think turkey is a meme food. Cook one and you have meals for a whole family for days.

"Turkey is shit" is just a shorthand for "Neither I nor anyone close to me can cook for shit", since it's delicious when cooked correctly but comes out dry and bland if you're a noob. Notice the people who proffer the anti-turkey opinion are "eats processed cheese as a main food group" Matt, "I'm too cool too cook for myself" Amber, and "living parody of college dorm life" Felix

Whedon is only clever if you're the kind of guy who trolls the normie reddit subs for the top comments and laughs for days at the latest "did NAZI that coming huehuehueheuehue" tier joke

Everyone needs to stop getting angry at food. We get angry at enough, let's not just rock the boat on food.

Seeking: A Bestie Who Loves Brunch, Netflix Binges, and Going Down on Each Other

Their Gash Whedon jokes were the best part of a very good episode. Honestly, their politics are mostly trash, but their comedy episodes are great.

And Whedon is terrible. It's not that he's "too clever", but that he THINKS that he is and it results in utterly insufferable and masturbatory writing. Which makes sense because he's an insufferable and masturbatory man.

I thought Felix wasn't on that episode? Or am I remembering it wrong?
Either way do not insult our special boy felix


All their hot takes on the pod are just twitter fights they all had like a week earlier

Is that Amber's twitter?

no amber left twitter thats someone making fun of her

This has been going on for a while it seems, how pathetic

Imagine being ambers pusy slave

i'm sure that's someones fetish here

they call it "left twitter" because it won't be long before everyone has left it

Twitter is a toilet.

Turkey is not food meatcuck

Chapo 164 just dropped and it sure starts off in an uplifting way.

It is great when they are lucid like this.

You literally can't refute this.

This is terrible even for a chad meme

Imagine if there were furries that dressed up like giant bugs. Freaky!

Nice dubs, Gregor Samsa.

Just finished listening to it, maybe it's because I'm drunk and high and have been all day but Chapo are really at their best at moments of catharsis like this last ep.

the quality of chapo is inversely proportional to the state of american politics.
Accelerationism means electing Trump to a third term just so Felix can do another rant about the democrats.

I'd just want for Felix to just do a bunch of mushrooms like a Field in England then try to start a Hezbollah controlled guerilla territory in the US. It's not gonna happen because not everyone can be in the shit, but that's life.

So is Holla Forums. So is the internet. Once upon a time, this place was clean, never bought porcelain. But now the minor innocence we had as an unbought toilet is gone. Countless have in this place we once called home.

It is time to embrace the fact no matter where you go, this toilet is still owned. And you're still eating shit by coming here.

Yes I can.

This joke is old now.

This episode was golden. And more importantly, on point - the coverage this gets in the MSM is so mild it beggars belief, with a lot of the criticism focusing purely on decorum and procedure. The liberals just don't fucking get it.

Turkey is indeed bland and unappetising as fuck, the only time I've ever enjoyed turkey was in with a combination of all kinds of different condiments.

I can't ever recall a time when I've enjoyed turkey meat on its own without seasoning, whilst I can think of many examples of times when I've enjoyed other meats on their own without so much as salt.

It's not even practical to eat turkey most of the year, there's always a tastier and cheaper alternative meats available.

This sounds like you guys are just being contrarian for the sake of it.

Turkey sucks. I'd much rather have some fried chicken.

I recently got access to a trial subscription to Sirius radio and have been listening to CNN out of sheer novelty since it was always a premium cable channel in my neck of the woods. When you're spoiled rotten on podcasts and books It's fascinating how any station like CNN can just be 100% breathless coverage of the latest Trump drama, Russia revelations, Congressional wrangling and so forth. The only thing I enjoyed was the Cruz v. Sanders debates and even then listening to Cruz effortlessly lie to the country about medicare for all is like water torture

You people have never tasted properly home-cooked turkey that wasn't dry rubber. When you cook it right turkey is tender as FUCK and goes great in soup, sandwiches.
And for the amount of meat you're getting (assuming you use the whole bird) it's cost-effective for families.

Chicken is better. And also just as cheap I think?

It's not just you, this episode was amazing.

Ted Cruz will be in charge of waterboarding Democratic Cops of America members soon, the Kek shitheads are genuinely scared of the remote possibility of an active explicitly socialist movement preventing them from doing the most cruel things they want to do out of pure worship of capital, their relationship to their money is like Farnese from Berserk and her relationship to God.

tomoko is the soul of humanity

I want to hug her

cumtown bonus episode for the people.
I haven't listened to it yet but hopefully we get more coked up pizzagate conspiracies.

Nick Mullen's a genius the problem is his predictions are gonna start literally coming true and it won't be funny anymore.

Could the Chapos shove Corbyn's cock any further down their throat?

amber is the smartest one on the podcast and consistently offers very good takes on politics. most Holla Forums person on the pod followed by Matt. Amber offers actual working class centered takes and gives actual class based analyses. She slaps, she whips sack.

We must be committed to protecting Corbyn, Abbot, and McDonnell from Blairite and Tory imperialism

bourgeois civility is one thing but i think being a straight up asshole is another

I will reiterate my previous point. Turkey takes time and effort to eat, and it's rational that people who only get processed turkey at sub shops and dry, unseasoned turkey on thanksgiving would hate it, but it's because you suck at cooking

Chicken is the default meat of the universe, it is to your taste buds what Ryu is to people who play Street Fight. And it's about as cost-effective but you have to spend more time cooking it. Could be more or less though depending on where you live I guess

I don't care anymore. They're afraid, they'll lash out sooner or later. The alternative is to just get ground to dust by austerity

I'm a social democrat and even I'm willing to admit that Corbyn's main appeal is that he refuses to play third way respectability politics. For many desperate leftists he's an oasis in a desert of neoliberalism

I relate more to Matt's anger

Wow Amber. Way to be kind of a bitch.

Ancraps deserve to be condescended to, though

Why does Amber hate "nerds" so much? She uses it as an insult against Shapiro constantly.

nerds are good little bitches for capitalism

It gets under their skin?
Ridicule is an effective form of minimizing your opponent's stature in the public eye?

not really related to left politics, but I've been binging hard on RLM for the past couple weeks, don't know why it took me so fucking long to get into them - only saw the plinkett reviews - some of the botw's fucking kill me
if you're looking for good movie related video content, then you probably already know about RLM, but if you never got into them then give it another try, i can only say that i regret waiting for so long

I endorse this standpoint, I have been fan of them for years and their quality and commitment has been remarkably consistent. Not to mention they have been clear eyed in recognizing (and to some degree predicting) the assembly line hell that blockbuster film has become. Plus, I don't think they put anything behind a paywall, which is pretty amazing considering how much of a shoe-string operation it used to be.
Third Reich Mike-memes were also entertaining for a while.


Art imitates life, why do you think there's bug doujins?

in that last pic with the marx statue she looks underage, thats how.

He's e-famous now. Unfortunately it looks like their notoriety has gone to the guys' heads. For whatever reason Amber is still basically the same though.

what is their age difference?

Prediction: Adam will become an alt-right redpill guy after she dumps him.

Top kek

Agreed, I'm caught up and sometimes you need an episode that makes you scream at your car stereo

fucking hell matt is irritating these last episodes. fuck him off back to oklahoma

She's vocalizing her subconscious desire for Chads.

Amber is also the most anti-idpol of all of them, which is seriously awesome. I hope she gets even more problematic and the Democratic Cops of America disavows her, thus allowing Chapo to get back to its roots of not giving a fuck who they offend.

adam is 13 and shes 17

idk about why amber does, but american culture in movies and tv have spent the last 50+ years painting nerds as the underdog with jocks/cool guys as the enemy and as being sexist evil pigs who don't deserve the girls while the "nice" "smart" nerds do, obviously real life is much different and there are tons of sexist jocks and cool guys, but there's just as many awful sexist nerds who have the added inferiority complex and superiority complex over supposedly dumb jocks
basically the cultural myth of nerds being good is pure fantasy driven by male egoism that is finally being pushed back against by women/people who aren't stupid

she's 25 at the youngest, she posted pics of her as a teen that are definitely from at least 5-7 years ago, the bug is 30

adam will def be one of those guys that keeps wondering why his relationships fail while he keeps dating younger mentally ill women he doesn't respect until he's 70 or the money runs out, lots of comedians do the same
his current gf seems ok

No he's a baby

Gross. It always bugs me when guys date younger women.

Mullen is the best. Long live cum.

He just posted this to the patreon:
You’re Gonna Get an Email From Patreon

It'll be optimistically worded. Something about how creators now take home a bigger cut. What that means is they've decided to raise prices for you without consulting with us. If you pay 5 dollars a month, it'll now be adjusted to roughly $5.50. There's no way for us to opt out of this. There's no way for us to swallow their new costs. I don't approve of it, I don't like it, and I've complained. The worst part is this money isn't even going into Patreon's pockets - they're just shifting the payment processing fees from us to you. This change is solely to appease the braying anime accounts that have convinced everyone that they're victims because their business has overhead. Literally the only people supporting this decision are pokemon socialists that are "tired of being called greedy" because they have to pay taxes on the public facing number on their Patreon page.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle this. I might lower prices to 4.50 a month and then go back and change all the posts so people can access it at that price. But I would have no way of manually going in and changing the amount of your pledges. It would be on each individual subscriber to go do that themselves. You'd still be charged the new rate.

I'm writing this because I'm mad right now and I haven't consulted with Stav and Adam about it or what we should do. It could be no big deal. Some of you might not care. Some of you are millionaires. But I know I've had to personally refund people that have had their accounts overdrawn by 5 dollars when they were charged early. I remember being broke. I remember how much 5 dollars a month can be for some people. And I don't forget that the only reason it isn't anymore is because you guys support a show that you could easily steal.

Anyways I'm sorry if this fucks with any of your finances. And if any of you have to delete your subscription because of it, let me know.

(And by let me know, of course, I mean one of you take the initiative and figure out some kind of tally because I only care enough to apologize to you en masse than respond to each and every one of you personally.)

The only genuinely nice "nerd" I knew in high school was a beefy motherfucker who played rugby and magic the gathering

meanwhile the actual nerds who fit the stereotype at my school were the kind of people who hit people and screamed random bullshit because they watched too much Invader Zim

To celebrate 300 posts without being deleted I made you guys an early christmas gift!

Each row belongs to a specific person except the middle (I honestly could only come up with one square for will)

If anyone has any edits/suggestions feel free to make improvements

*Each column


Yo is that Amber on the left?

I like that Will doesn't even deserve his own column.

needs one for "matt acts super contrarian about something"

Does boorish dismissal of pop culture count?

What are "pokemon socialists"?

it's champagne socialist but they're fuckin nerds

That's what I was getting at

will is best chapo

hello where are the cute tomokos??

I got you buddy


I was trying to contemplate why there's such a crossover between RLM and Chapo, and it dawned on me how they're similar in the sense that they consistently return to examining the institutions at work, in film and politics respectively for context on whatever subject or movie they're talking about.


New cum town
New discussion of hollywood pedos

That sit down podcast episode with Nick is p good


I hate how people think being a free speech absolutist somehow stops you from being a socialist.

Like 13% of Trump voters were former Obama voters, and even if they're life long Republican voters who gives a fuck. Voting for the left-wing of capital doesn't really demonstrate any more political consciousness than voting for the right-wing.


Twitter's woke hall monitors are mad at Felix for being problematic again.

do people even use mongoloid as an insult anymore? That's such a fucking outdated word to get offended by.

Wasn't she talking about tumblr and huffpo or something?

Pretty much. Their take on the police training video was more pertinent than many a think piece you'll read re police violence: American police are exceptional violent because they are trained to be scared shitless of regular people.

No, it was about misogynistic youtube comments I think.

I feel ya. I think what Antonio Wolf wrote about how "free speech is contradictory in its idea and its reality" kinda made sense. But I still think it's a good principle to not let the state decide what opinions are/aren't acceptable to express. Also, right now it's just not strategically smart to call for limitations on the free speech of fascists or whatever, since those limitations will without a doubt be used against communists as well, eventually (if we ever get out shit together).

It's a five year difference. Get over yourself.


This is why we can't have anything nice

IIRC the Rebel Alliance logo is a #resistance meme

g*d help us

Someone have a list of podcasts?
I know about chapo, zero books, this is hell. What's more?

News from Nowhere (Corey Pein)
Citations Needed (Adam Johnson)

E1 is funny as hell, and District Sentinel Radio is the most informative podcast on US politics I know of.

Michael Brown shooting happened in 2014. So did Eric Garner. Dumb bitch can't even sjw properly.

That 2014 comment is extremely telling, even if garner and brown didn't happen Obama's imperialism was still going strong

Which one of y'all did this


Chapo shitting on cops is almost as good as them shitting on the tax bill

and that was the summer israel was bombing palenstine



Nick's ethnic impressions always get me

The insight concerning nick only being able to truly open up about his feelings through impressions is side splitting

this was lowkey a hall of fame cumtown episode. so many great bits

Top tier episode

Chapo bingo card for Monday's episode


Matt and Virgil Periscoping the Alabma election right now get in here.

regardless of who wins, can we at least acknowledge that "voting for a pedophile to fight political correctness" sounds like an anal cunt song?

Virgil's rant is god like

Crap Fistman

SubMedia interviews Dawn Paley, author of Drug War Capitalism, to talk about how the war on drugs is used to control dissent:

Any ☭TANKIE☭ podcasts worth listening to?


Unfortunately no

Revolutionary Left Radio isn't that ☭TANKIE☭ but they've got a few episodes you might enjoy (the Marxism-Leninism episode and the Maoism episode for example).

put phil greaves' tweets into a text to speech

The host admitted he was a ☭TANKIE☭ on twitter after the ML episode. Not sectarian at all considering there are anarchist, anprim, Maoist, marxist-feminist and intersectional guests.

Does that mean he lied about being a "libertarian Marxist" or is he a libertarian Marxist with ☭TANKIE☭ characteristics?

Is there even a single good leftist podcast? Where the hosts can maintain a high level of conversation that you would see at a talk or university lecture? Chapo is boring reddit trash, LPOTL is for illiterates and the big name ones are all neoliberal conveyor belt snorefests.

Zero Squared

Probably something like this. He's said he draws from multiple tendencies.

The ones SubMedia doing are great

No, I mean even in comparison to this place.

I looked at "Trouble" for a couple of episodes and its entirely Reddit crypto-liberal talking points about Trump being Hitler and whatnot. The new presenter didn't engage me the way Stim used to, either. I've started listening to Crimethinc again recently, just for something to pass the time. Much as I loathe a lot of the ideology on there, the "Rebel Girl" on "The Hotwire" does a great job of consistently making their show enjoyable to listen to. Try it.


Dead Pundits Society

Please reconsider this

that image hits hard, I've been at uni for 2.5 years

what the hell have I done this whole time

I've been a NEET. My greatest accomplishment is getting some sick loot in a dead MMO no one plays.

nothing quite suites the ego quite like people on the internet that are slightly bigger losers than oneself

Don't worry about it, I've been on the inside for a decade and have an unpaid internship and a shitty gig economy lifestyle to show for it


Deader than that(50 people online). I may go back to playing ToS though.

Cum Town

Who else caught the transformation of Matt into Scat Christman live on stream?

Alpha2Omega is back with an episode on Greece/Syriza


Listening to the RevLeft Radio Egoism vs. Marxism debate. This egoist guy is super obnoxious.

shit, I might have to listen to that.
Is revleft radio any good?

It really depends on the guest, but generally, no. I listen to it because I have nothing else to listen to. Also the intro is so fucking bad (which is not that important but I felt like it needed to be said).

Who is Dr. Bones? First time I hear of him. I just got done listening to the whole debate. I'm obviously biased against him, as I am a Marxist and think egoism is fucking dumb, but I think he won that debate. He was incredibly annoying to listen to though.

I'm not the biggest fan of him personally but he manages to capture the Gonzo journalist asthetic better than anyone. He's a good writer stylistically even if you're not an egoist.
he wrote something for spectre rouge if your interested

who did this

Nick Mullen rules


I read Crimethinc when I was an edgelord NRx teenager and I remember that it confirmed all of my biases about modern society being degenerate while simultaneously promoting the worst kind of lifestylism

Will there ever be an MMO hornier than ToS? My highlander character made me semi-hard all the time


Not even 20 minutes in and I have to take a break to recover

Not sure whether to post this here or in the cockshoot thread but
Bolshevik Bistro: Interview with Paul Cockshott
It's an hour long so strap in boys


Seriously the shittiest take ever produced by this podcast. Completely contradicts the mountain of evidence which suggests the total opposite. "Normalizing" police brutality is good because it destroys trust in police among non-black populations which in the long run will help the left succeed.

Is Matt trying to impress his new sjw friends in new york or something? He spent most of the episode trying desperately to racialize police violence and even implied that "white flight" was a purely racial phenomenon.

Spooks then. Yes, it's shot through with cancerous idpol and lifestylism. It's still a more enjoyable experience than anything else I've seen recommended here.

I don't follow them closely but my impression was that they "matured" a lot.

I don't think the take was "body cams need to go away" as opposed to "body cams aren't the solution" which is true

New Chapo premium
Virgil victory screech edition

But they did claim that it "normalized" police brutality, which is liberal horseshit.

Stav on the last ep actually voiced something I've been thinking about for a while, which is how on the right it's ok to be a dumbass and say you're a dumbass and just trust other people who agree with you to push for things, but on the left you can't just be a guy who doesn't trust companies and wants healthcare. Not sure what exactly to do with that but it does kind of speak to how exhausting it can be to be "on the left"

The left is too self-righteous.

I don't even mean the self-righteous twitter types though that's part if it. I mean the "read these 20 books and then get back to me" part. It's fine for people who are the right mix of autistic and narcissistic to get into all these dedicated theory discussions and arguments (and yeah I'm guilty of that shit all the time), but I should be able to go to random people who are just neutral or apolitical and just tell them we'll fix their cities up and get the boss-man off their backs without all the theory.

I told you guys that home ownership was reactionary. I fucking told you.

Didn't homeowners get screwed?


It's in the blackwolf RSS feed my dude. There's a link in the OP

weird how this is a controversial thought in many leftist circles

buddy that's not what was said in the interview. Geithner specifically pushed to let the banks off easy and force the biggest losses onto homeowners according to what I heard on the ride home

I wonder
will you ever run out of cute tomokos?

Do these guys even realize how much research has already been done on this? Diverse police departments are just as bad. It's not a racial issue.

I thought they meant integrating it into society at large and not having police act as an occupying army

Full article here, definitely worth your time:

that's literally not what they said. they even brought up abolition directly

Did you even listen to the episode?

What sort of sick shit is this?

Srsly Wrong and Steet Fight Radio.

This chick on Holla Forums insulted cth
>>>Holla Forums7628134

Just post the Tomoko lewds already!


Pedo pls go

1st ep of the vegan vanguard podcast at 24 minutes:
maybe they should first do an ep about how 2 avoid brain damage while on a vegan diet lmao


tomoko is for cute not lewd

I hate the chapo guys, they were all born rich and think being leftist will absolve them from their class sins
They pretend to be crass and weird but they're elitists who mock the true creeps of the world
They're phonies on everything they do

Being rich doesn't prevent you from being a class traitor t b h.

Engels was born rich you fucking little shit


Amber and Matt are both prole as fuck Midwesterners though

does cum town premium not come out on sundays anymore?

pretty much just Will
The fact that you think of class conflict in terms of "sin" like it's a religious blasphemy says it all really
See above, pure projection

Nah Nick is just a strung out lazy fuck

So does having Seder on mean we're not gonna have a Dore episode? Not that I expected it in the first place but it would be entertaining

I don't think the dore v seder beef is that serious tbh
Like sure they aren't big fans of eachother but I don't think it's to the point where they can't have guest crossover

Why is the Chapo subreddit so fucking liberal, especially with respect to racial issues. Is it because it's mostly needy white guys and girls?

Most definitely
I actively don't talk about my race on those sorts of places because I feel really uncomfortable with all the self flagulation
White people smh

There was an active coordinated /r/soc raid at around 11k members. It's still not as bad as /r/soc and /r/lsc but that's not saying much

can whoever made the inside zero books mega update it for the last month?
thanks youre a ""thott""
also when is new cum town premium?


sweet thanks

You can treason the bourgeois, you have to become a prole yourself

That is why he was the first liberal who tried to ruin the worker's movement with idol

Don't act like if they aren't projecting too
Or that they aren't elitist

Class sins exist in the mind of the bourgeois, the bourgeois thinks he can't repent without changing anything instead of renouncing their class


Is this communism?

It's poop touching

Is Discourse Collective any good ?


They're with Bakunin, not Marx


OK but what's pros and cons ?


chapo boiz

Felix's narcissism cracks me up

Oh shit the cum web series. Seeing a bit of Adam dick made up for the late episode.

I love how Adam just gets sexually exploited by two other men for money

any links to the vid?


I think adding in the visual component finally gave me autism overload

It's not very funny and it's tainted by idpol there are decent episodes but most of the time the hosts are annoying

Yeah well it's working
That boy is a snack

Were it not for his beard and clever use of angles in his selfies he'd be fucked. Don't forget the lisp, either.


Get the fuck out of here with your reddit frog.

the part where they all decided on their alt-right youtube personas was golden.


youtube isn't even a friend simulator it's just for masochists who like to spend three hours a day being screamed at through a screen
at least I can sweep my kitchen while listening to a podcast

How obnoxious is Seder in this? I generally don't like him but sometimes I really cant stand him?

he doesn't talk much and mostly just rips on cernovich

Not as bad as you'd think, actually

look guys he posted the funny frog man having sex with our mascot
guess we better stop posting, looks like we've been bee tee eff oh'd forever

What's the lewdest known pic of Felix available? Asking for research.

Yeah that was a really weird bout of no self-awareness considering their sister podcast is literally "friend simulator: the podcast"

Sorry friend but this might be it

As someone who went through a rational skeptic/last liberal phase, it's this, Amber's right about the alienation needed to listen to Sargon or Prison Paul

E1 is absurdist comedy though

the "sister podcast" is cumtown

You can listen to a video in the background while you do something else. That's what usually do

no it's hellbent

The new Zero Squared is edgy as fuck
Douglas "Fuck Women" Lain is now TRADLEFT

I guess it depends on who's videos you're watching. People like Sargon of Achmed or the Internet Aristocrat literally just put small podcasts onto YouTube set to short video clips or a static image of their avatars. Others do write videos that require you to watch what's going on the screen to know what they're talking about

But even still, it's mostly just one fucking sophist half-yelling an extended monologue at you about how tweeting and Starbucks Christmas cups are destroying white Christian civilization. As someone else who read through John Galt's speech in one sitting as a depressed and frustrated teenager, I can see the appeal of these types of videos more than podcasts. A video is one guy speaking directly to YOU and giving YOU the secrets, while podcasts are more often than not existing conversations you're invited to sit in on.

Will the pooptoucher redeem himself?

Hopefully it's not as unfunny as the last time they went there.

The Harvard live show was good.

Good talk about Che, marxist guerillas and debunking of common right-wing lies about him.


It was fantastic; I laughed so hard hearing those fags boo when they said Ted K did nothing wrong.

This podcast is trying to please too many people.

God I hate it when parents dress up their kids in cosplay

they need to dunk on a liberal who heckles them for dissing obama again, that was beautiful

New chapo

god this new producer sucks dick
bring back brendan

Way to open with liberalism.

come the fuck on

White grandmas have been arrested for pot possession before. It was a shitty pandering comment.

Why is Amber the most non-liberal Chapo? I don't think she has ever said anything even slightly liberal before.

Damn Phil was right about Chapo fans they are all racist af.

Phil ?

but not to the same degree, which is the point. Pointing this out ain't idpol.

Phil Greaves.

I am in love with Amber

It really isn't idpol. Up here we have former cop bosses who were anti-drug and responsible for throwing thousands in jail on possession charges opening up medical pot distributors. It's the same dynamic and recognizing that power is unevenly distributed doesn't prevent you from pointing out the needed solutions that socialism provides

This, they suck live. Unless reality intrudes, like during the election special.

wait what? they opened with a bit about twitter libs wanting to fuck Mueller. Where was the marijuana part?

Hey guess what I'm eating? That's right a big plate of TURKEY breast, straight out of the oven. It's fucking delicious. Triggered yet libs?

Matt can sometimes pull it off

He will if he keeps getting pictures from some stupid booru mediafire.com/folder/zc2ycq2mx5d58/Tomoko_Folder

I use the booru to mostly post pictures of Tomoko with headphones, as per tradition

lenin was a hereditary aristocrat who when he was home from his elite university would manage the peasants and estate.

Felix really needs to take commissions for reading shitty smutty fan fiction

do you guys like the majority report?

I know Seder is kind of liberal and the show is not as funny as chapo but they do a 2-3 hour show 5 days a week and I need as much content as I can find to feel like I have friends

no it's shit. I mean seder's okayish but it's just a boring format

I want to go on a date with Amber.

I'm going to take Amber to dinner, eat her out, then hold her while she falls asleep

Speaking of, anyone got a link of Will's latest appearance on Brooks?

yeah that was the main turn off for me too

They grew up in the suburbs in the midwest, they didn't grow up rich. And even if they did it doesn't disqualify from being leftists retard.

Lol Will's dad is some rich NYC literary guy, and Felix is from one of the most bourgie neighbourhoods in Chicago.

It's weird how that guy like averaged them all together to make a weird uninformed point. Like you said Will is maybe one step off from being actual old money and Felix is solidly upper middle class at worst. On the other hand calling the middle of nowhere dust museum where Amber and Matt came from "suburbs" is a bit of a stretch in the other direction.

will has a high z score, sure, but the central limit theorem stipulates the mean of a distribution of samples form a normal distribution with centered around the meme

omg who fucking cares


is there such a thing as a postleft podcast? I'm not postleft myself but its a subject i've been interested and i'd like to learn more about.

cum town is postleft

Zero Squared kinda?

Maybe podcast.anarchistnews.org/ ? I never listened to it but Aragorn! the anarcho-nihilist madman is a frequent contributor.

Chapo Christmas special was funniest they have been in months

People who insult Felix….


It was fantastic except for the Sebastion Gorka bit. They really should retire that character.
The jokes about Amber's cats and playing Mario Kart were fantastic however.

So is that was Brendan is doing now? Screenwriting? Props to him for chasing a dream but if I were him I would have stayed on the chapo gravy train for as long as possible

Am I the only person that finds the 40 minute Gorka sketches to be boring as fuck?

No, Gorka stopped being funny after the second appearance.

if you have to be a tripfag for no reason at least stick to your shit tier trash anime girls and leave Tomoko alone

Who is that Japanese Austin Powers guy to the right of the picture?

Free Radical Radio and The Brilliant.
Check this place too.


deal with it


Is anybody else sort of mind blown by how Sam Kriss is still talked about as if he on the level of Harvey Weinstein?

twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q="sam kriss"

It just won't die down. He became a public enemy because he tried to kiss a chick he was already fucking once. Good lord..

Hope he kills himself out of shame. Should make up for what he did to Mark Fisher.

yeah this is definitely what Mark Fisher would have wanted, people killing themselves because of call-out calture

thats Virgil


Bhaskar Sunkara, the editor and main dude of Jacobin, on The Dig discussing the Bolsheviks

I haven't listened to it yet, about to. Let's settle once and for all if Jacobin is Good or just social-democrat garbage

2 minutes in and I'm already furious as the host's deadpan, overly didactic, BBC 4 speaking style and cadence btw

anyone have the bullytown cumtown ep?

just search the sub dummy

Seeing Eric Garland's idiotic tirade about it really grind my gears, basically treating it as if it invalidated everything Kriss said about that dumb tweetstorm. Tweet after tweet of him misinterpreting idiomatic speech, probably willfully, like demanding that the article not refer to his writing as "amphetamine fuelled" because he can only see that as a literal statement.

Listening to this episode of Real Ass Dude podcast on the cumtown feed and Jesus Luis really does fit everything Nick has said about him.

What's some great Chapo/Cumtown clips? I tried looking up random ones on YouTube but I didn't laugh or smile once.

I remember thinking this one was funny youtube.com/watch?v=qN3cM_PgK-Q

nick and adam kissing at the end of the legion of skanks livestream last night almost made up for how much what I saw of the rest of the show sucks

So Zero Books just had Lindsay Shepard on their podcast and he mentioned that they are going to have Jordan Peterson on as well. What are your guys predictions? Has Jordan Peterson ever talked to an actual Marxist before? I'm surprised he's even willing to go on a leftist's show.

I'm actually pretty pumped since Doug is probably my top pick to dress down Peterson, since he's so far from the usual SJW cliche Peterson selects for so he can have a "neo-marxist" strawman to beat up on. Expecting Peterson to get BTFO

Anyone got the new chapo ep link? Black wolf letting me down

I don't know if he's really going to get btfo. Doug seems too polite to really challenge his guests. Maybe it's just because Lindsay said she's a leftists and they found some common ground but he was pretty easy on her for example.

Peterson has confronted a genuine marxist before. I have a feeling he'll ignore or talk past a lot of Doug's points and just harp on gulags and sjws.

I remember listening to a couple podcast interviews where he got antagonistic with the guest.

*has never confronted

He's been on a pretty big "leftists need to confront the right more effectively" kick and he has a huge anti-Peterson kick so I doubt they'll be completely friendly. The fact that Peterson's never challenged a genuine leftist before just makes me more comfortable assuming he'll be starting on the back foot

it's up on the blackwolf feed now

pedo pls go

How will they ever recover?

1. The money comes from $5 fan donations, not corporate ads or dividends

2. It's split between like 5 people in one of the world's most expensive cities

3. On a recent Cum Town Nick said they donate a lot of it to charity

I don't even get his point

Making money is a sin for socialists and makes them hypocrites regardless of circumstances.

Uphold Marxist-Leninist-Segalist thought

shit episode, don't bother

This is proper chapo fam.

this was one of the better episodes as of late, I was dying laughing all through the Segall book

this new cum town episode what the fuck

peterson is a sophist and his audience is full of retards who can barely parse a sentence let alone an argument, any debate with him is about as useful as fucking a squid - if done right it can be pleasureable but it won't produce anything useful and you'll feel dirty after

they told a woman to kill herself; 10/10 perfect episode

I'm guessing Peterson will whine a lot, possible even stutter and cry. For all the talk of him being an ersatz father figure for basement dwellers, he's pretty much a bugman.

I would hope so, she was the one being wronged.


Lindsay was absolutely railroaded by WLU but it's also pretty obvious she's setting herself up for the classic faux-conversion into some rational skeptic or aut-right talking head. She's gotten a taste of the fame and who's willing to provide her those sweet twitter impressions and likely patreon donations.

Following from this, it's maddening how idpol liberals up here in Canada continue to feed the media cycle on this shitshow.

The episode on Mao they did was pretty awful

drunken peasants is done for.

how is this guy relevant to us?
interesting to see that he could get even worse though

I've seen people around here who were fans of the pod. Also TJ was at the very least principled enough to mock the right unlike every other internet skeptic.

good fucking riddance


Maybe. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt until I see an actual about-face; the nominal left engages in way too many circular firing squads as it is.

fair enough.

its surreal, I went back and watched a few of his newer videos and he's literally been doing the same shit "response" videos for a decade, except now he also shills for video games.
I'm really embarrassed that I used to call myself a fan of his.

Poor babies…it almost like they'd have to move to some pleb city like the rest of 99% of the unwashed masses.
Proofs?! Hahaha thought not, I don't believe a word those crypto bourgeoisie narcissists. God damn Chapo fans are so self centered, can't wait for all their fans to become homeless when their boomer parents kick the bucket because they took a reverse mortgage out lololololol. Then this bullshit detached irony won't be so fucking popular.


Sorry no one wants to listen to your shitty podcast.

You won't have such a smart ironic mouth when Trump plugs the Medicare plug on your white flight subordinate grandma.

How the fuck can you all like someone this selfish. You're all softie honkie sheltered suburbanites huh?

Go to bed phil

But seriously how the fuck are these smug douche bags so popular?! There's a lot of henious shot going on and these assholes and their audience are just fucking laughing it up.
Fuck these guys and fuck their spoiled American soft as fuck pussy audience.
Can't wait till Trump makes shit hit the fan and these fuckers show their true colors and turn a multi racial version of fascism.
I see you Chapo fans your irony isn't fooling anyone bit your broke dick friends.


its amazing how an inoffensive center-left podcast that mostly just mocks washington pundits and make Kojima references can trigger so many people so effortlessly.

So caring about and having some reverence for the pain and suffering caused by capitalism means your a triggered snowflake.
Fuck you, Chapo fans aren't a vanguard of any kind of cultural shift, your all just virtue signaling crpto fascists that only care about anti capitalism in so much as it gives you "cool" anti establishment cred on social media.
You all middle class white flight sheltered class cucks don't give a fuck about poor people and get triggered whenever anyone calls you out on it.
Day of reckoning is coming you fuck up, and all the detached smug self importance isn't gonna get you shit when the markets fail.

log off liberal

are you just mad that Felix won't post any more butt pics

90% sure this is the same guy who spergs out over chapo doing incel jokes.

tfw u can't even into baby-tier Marxist class analysis

please see yourself out

Leaving Phil Greaves aside for a moment. How would you spend the new year with Tomoko?

I would kiss her at midnight and we would hold hands and embarrassed laugh and get lost into each others' eyes

Chapo fans really believe this.

Yup softies all of you.

I'm going to armhchair analyse Chapo fans now, you all love that friend simulator podcast instead of just straight forward analysis because you are all fat consumerists who are so used to being pandered to you can't form reciprocal relationships with other human beings because your narcissism is too abrasive and imposes to much of a burden on others.

Someone please link me the podcast which talks about Global South people's wars like Naxalites and NPA.

happy new years user!

take her out for Lawson oden, get drunk off two (2) cans of asahi, try to gather the courage to confess my love, chicken out and take her home at 3 AM

I regret making this and wish for /podcasts/ to share my regret


old ass Holla Forums /a/ halfchan meme using fuck. I haven't seen one of those memes since 11

I'm not an anime fan but from one canuk to another happy new year.

New Chapo up It's a clip show
The new sound guy tries way too hard, I miss Brendan's detached frustration

just as the situationists never left the 50s and early 60s, Holla Forums will never use memes created after the k-on movie

meant for another thread but still

Happy New Year sask user

I'm willing to give him a chance, I still miss Brendan though

90% sure the only people comfortable with the cut throat toxic hook up culture are petite bourgeoisie like Chapo and their beta class cucked audience.

t. unironic incel




I'm starting to think it's actually Phil

Just because you never read their later works doesn't mean they had none, you impotent bureaucrat

aight, very serious person

phil is ridiculously bad at hiding himself, he cannot for the life of him eliminate his focus on USA and imperialism, he would have called chapo and their supporters fascists and used american as a pejorative all over the thread



never forget the great incel genocide of 1993.



*capitalism cannot screw


Nobody dates you and nobody is friends with you because you're a loser who hates them anyways. You will never have sex. You will never be loved. Your parents are disappointed in you. And all you can feel is shame.

There is no escape from your humiliation. And you are not magically part of the working class for being socially retarded. In fact, it's much more likely you're isolated and rich.


Serious question, how come no one is allowed to question Chapo fans’ spook that incels are irredeemable reactionaries?
For fans that are supposed so “edgy” and “ironic” (i.e. say deeply offensive things like playing with fascist names, iconography etc,) and supposedly don’t flinch when slaughtering political sacred cows on politics you all come out of the wood work to admonish anyone that gives even the slightest deference to incels. Hmmmmmm
You sure you’re not all just trying to make a pathetic whipping boy for yourselves to bolster you weak af self esteem.
Can’t bullshit yourself, if you feel so worthless you feel the need to bully people to social climb on worthless social media, you probably are.

lol you've never had sex

A lot of us have been posting on image boards for years. We've run into our fair share of attention-starved incels. Can't speak for others but I've long since realized that most incel """""debate""""" is mostly bored losers lashing out at others since they get no normal, in-person human stimulus and are too jaded to see others on the internet as anything but punching bags to unload into.

Debating you is, quite literally, a waste of everyone's time. It's much more efficient to just fuck with you until you leave. If you leave early on, good. If you stick around, at least I get to have fun fucking with some malicious nerd who blames women for his inability to be tolerable.

So basically you’re hypocrite that wants to “fuck with them” when you’re sacred cow it tipped over, it’s expect people to just roll with the punches when you do it to them.
I’m not a bully so this logic is baffeling to me. Something has to be a challenge for me to derive pleasure from it’s accomplishment. You Chapo fans are actually bigger punks then I even imagined.

Sometimes jokes are just jokes. Why take your inceldom seriously?

because its literally not a thing its just your fucking persecution complex getting to you its literally gamergate nonsense
nobody calls incels irredemable reactionaries we make jokes and because youre thin-skinned losers you take them personal and make everything about you
youre not worth anybodys time like the tripfag is saying its just a fucking waste to try and reason with you
youre not even the slightest bit different from the idiots on twitter calling cum town ableist
get the fuck over yourself and your personal issues
its not that youre incel its that youre fuckign insufferable about it
also if youve been posting for more than a fucking week you know for a fact that incels and nerds are not a group in need of people to defend them online
dont worry even if you or i dont defend them then 10 other nerds with half your self awareness are gonna show up and do it anyway
im just joking its because chapo is for normal people and ure not invited gtfo u nerd haha

This all you got? You can stop with the non-stop ad hominem attacks anytime. I couldn’t care less about my social standing on Twitter or whatever vapid social media platform you subscribe to.
Chapo doesn’t call incels reactionaries?! You pulling my leg right?
You and all you Chapo fans are fash, you’re just trying to find a marginalized group to denigrate that’s socially acceptable then once that’s normalized you’ll probe further upstream to less marginalized groups, this shit has pol written all over it.
All poor men struggle with relationships in first world countries, but you white flight softies couldn’t care less that your anti incel rhetoric could be alienating these same potential comrades because the slow collapse of capitalism will effect you second to last.
Here’s a suggestion, just declare yourselves liberals and be done with it, you’ll get more Pateron bucks, mainstream media acceptance and I won’t have to deal with you spoiled brats on the left anymore.

How do I type in red my dudes? And do that disappear word thing?


dude its not that hard just try having sex and you'll feel better afterwards.

I cannot believe the incel discourse is still going.

Dude it’s not that hard, try imagining circumstances that might make you an ineligible bachelor under capitalism that has nothing to do with your character you're poor and come from a poor family

Not even being facetious, Chapo is for functionally illiterate brainlets that ate up the daily show and couldn’t critically analyze the news if their life depended on it.


>no actually its everybody else and especially promiscuous women who are oppressing me
you cant just select some words in a sentence and ignore the rest lol

ahahaha sorry i actually didnt even realize that i was being had before just now
you literally dont exist i just dont accept that anybody would try to make a point this fucking stupid

okay but ure a faggot so who cares what you have to say faggot gay boy who eats cum and farts cum and loves dicks all over his face and anus u gay faggot

When i first started listening to this i thought it was going to be too much gushing and not enough balanced historical stuff to the detriment of the pod but i was wrong. Che's life is very gripping stuff and he left enormous examples of dedication to the cause of socialism, even if his methods should be looked at critically.

Everyone here should listen to it.


How do you all feel about Revolutionary Left Radio? I just started listening and they had a pretty solid episode about MLs that I was surprised to hear.
The host is good about drawing out the ideas people are saying, it seems the podcast is making him agree a lot more with MLs than before which makes me happy.

Had a good hearty chortle at Will's dig at Nick and Stav at the end of the New Year's clip show

The real riot will be once they do a reading series on Bannon's Trump book.

Which one? Is Bannon authoring one himself?

No actually, i should have specified it is Wolff's Book but given that Bannon and Trump are now in a public bitch fight and he has no reason to defend him anymore who's to say he won't give out more of the juicy stuff?
When Trump was elected Bannon was the only reason i though he might end up doing anything marginally good like massive infrastructure spending and less warmongering but of course the logic of american power would never allow any of that.

When Chapo does incel jokes they fuel a very toxic type of masculinity.

Not. This. Shit. Again


Amber is the only one that hates incels. I think she got her heart broken by one or something. She's obsessed with the topic.

Refrain yourself from posting ponies in here.

/leftpol/ now has a podcast thread

I prefer this:


I was presently surprised by this.

She did mention that she's permanently horny so i don't know, maybe some of the prejudice comes from there.

It's been over 5 years guys, get over it

She sounds like an imageboard user honestly.

Around 4 years ago I got really depressed and ended up marathoning the first 3 seasons of that show. I unironically liked it.


this, the meme is fucking seven years old, you're a leftover of the 9gag rage comic era, just let it fucking be

People still post memes from Evangelion, I fail to see how age of a meme is significant at all.

Season 4 and seven are probably my favorite tbh
Glad you got something out of it

How many Eva and lazy town image macros have you seen over the years?
Anyway polite sage no more derail


If you're looking for a lefty discussion server

More Democratic Cops of America drama with Amber, rose emojis are calling her ableist now.

Amber really needs to learn how to control her power level.

I love how Amber just has the blood of Lenin coursing through her and it makes it seemingly impossible for her to play nice with all these red liberals and idpol idiots.

Good post

What is going on underneath Amber's post? I hope the cop emoji thing takes off.

For context, this is what they're fighting over:

She is the farthest left chapo member but is coming into regular conflict with the new left wing of the Democratic Cops of America. 5-10 years ago she was definitely pushing the left wing of their party, but it is clear now that she is not lenin. The party, especially yds, is in motion and has swung much farther left than a kautsky-esque social democracy.

She is clearly part of a bougie new york media class that feigns revolutionary intent, but when push comes to shove show that the most they dream of is a few social democratic mores.

Idpol isn't left wing.

the only reason you would believe that weird twitter is who I am talking about is because you get all your information about the Democratic Cops of America online and from those same petit boug twitter leftists who are constantly fighting each other.

Amber is fervently defending fucking M4A when the leninists, libsocs, maoists, etc want to work instead on building alternative political institutions and provide direct services to the masses. M4A-ers are reformists not leninists.

oh sorry I forgot M4A is a
amber's words

We get it, the 60s/70s were cool. They are over. Stop trying to relive them. America is one of the few countries in which socdem shit is considered very far left. You have to start by legitimizing actual leftism.

the sole value of pone was the complete insanity with which the entire world reacted to it, both autist mlpfags and all the people who blew their fucking heads off because of the spam
also evangelion is unironically good dont respond

the worst imaginable take
if somebody told me that was nick mullen or some other irony twitter guy i would've completely believed you
i mean the fucknig dual power nerd take is nowhere near this bad

without knowing what shes actually saying then i mean yeah its non-reformist because it actually would radically improve the life of millions of people
i mean not fighting for m4a is like insisting to not treat bullet wounds on your allies because it doesnt fight the root issue of people shooting at you
class war is fucking war, you take the battles you think you can win
i know that there is other praxis than revolution that is also non-reformist in the true sense dont tell me that, im just not convinced that leftcom memery or maoist third worldism has a political moment right now

Amber through all her faults probably wants leftism to actually succeed in America but she can actually have a coherent path to that future

These people getting mad about language and manners haven't had enough of the real world to realize how to actually win

This. And it is also funny that some people here blow their gaskets over Chapo not being far left while forgetting that the US is so classcucked that being for social democracy is almost revolutionary by itself.

90% of these "disabled" people are just neurotic trannies who are too mentally weak to go outside or talk to strangers.

Mad respect to Amber for having the balls to stand up to the Vampire Castle, knowing full well idpol liberals will shit all over her and try to get her kicked out of the Democratic Cops of America.

Why are you so afraid of social democracy then?? Why cloak your true beliefs with Lenin's name?

Why does the Democratic Cops of America need to fight the battle within the democratic party? Why does the Democratic Cops of America need to champion healthcare reform when there are much more powerful groups already doing so? (who btw come into regular conflict with the Democratic Cops of America)

It is clear that to win the fight for M4A there needs to be a realignment within the democratic party, and yet contradictorily Amber and most of the M4A bumpers insist that they do not believe in working with/in the democrats. If M4A is treating a bullet wound then that means working with and in the democratic party as it is the clear and fastest way to passing reform legislation.

IMO this is liberal praxis. I would be perfectly fine with social democratic reforms, dont get me wrong. I'm a huge chapo fan too, but it is absurd to say that Amber is a leninist.

Your charge that the opposition is maoist or leftcom further belies your misreading of the politics of the largest socialist party in america. The left wing of the Democratic Cops of America is a coalition largely between libertarian socialists and leninists/trots. The maoist charge is actually often deployed by libs within the organization against too left wing members.

to be clear I am not necessarily agreeing with the people amber is directly criticising. I really don't understand what their issue is with the M4A campaign, I can tell you that at least offline the conflict has more to do with the non-realignment realignment for the non-reformist reform.

New chapo premium here

broke: door-knocking is an effective campaigning technique
woke: door-knocking is ableist, the revolution will happen in conference room #4

look man im not even american i dont know shit about Democratic Cops of America, i was just defending against the charge that supporting m4a makes u reformist scum, i just mentioned leftcoms and maoists because theyre the funniest and im a funny guy dontcha know but i honestly think the same is true of all traditional leftist revolutionary movements
as a separate discussion i dont think i agree with you that one should take up social democracy as your project even if your praxis involves supporting socialdemocratic policies, theres such a thing as a pragmatic socdem or socdem-as-a-praxis or whatever
calling urself a socdem seems to imply that youre not against capital / dont believe in marxist theory i mean thats basically the reason that the description demsoc even exists even though it means next to nothing nowadays

not sure what you mean but as i said im not really into Democratic Cops of America

peak chapo imo

diversity of tactics more like uhh
disability of uhh
yeah bam fu retards lesgo

holy shit are people involved in that organization interested in running it into the ground

Basically I hold fast to Zizek's dictum that socialists should reach for goals that can further revolutionary consciousness and class conflict without opening us up to accusations of utopianism
I a the president of the D.S.A. being retarded committee. I demand that you stop being mean to chapo rap house

Even as an unrepentant weeaboo it frightens me that woke anime avatars lead D.S.A. chapters in major American cities
One of my resolutions is to stop going on woke twitter as much since so many idpol shitheads use LWA avatars that it's starting to ruin my opinion of the show a la Adventure Time

Yes I can. Adam and Stav hung out on New Years with Matt, Will, Felix, Virgil, and a bunch of other Twitter people.

If you muted Adam, now you have to mute Stav.

Plus Nick and Amber are room mates, and I'm fairly sure they've fucked once or twice.

The idea these people are separate when they're all so socially entangled is ridiculous

who do you think have fucked?

Since they're room mates, Nick and Amber. Probably once or twice heat of the moment kind of deal.

luv 2 write fanfiction about my fav podcast peoples

lol ok. Pics from the New Year Party they had.

Nick and Amber are room mates. Basically all of them are so interconnected that attempting to divide them as this rivalry is retarded.

It's the fan fiction you're accusing me of doing. There is no rivalry, nobody gives a fuck.

I love it. People should not be afraid to call out political enemies, even if some good or simply naive people get swept up in with the real foes.

Dumb fucking shit. People are dying now, you have to offer them something now or they won't vote for or march or fight for your autistic ass.
If Lenin had promised "building political institutions and providing direct services" at some vague future point in stead of seizing power and peace, land, bread NOW, he would have gotten nowhere.

Nah, it's time to stop coddling attention seekers. I don't care how marginalized you are, it's not about you, the party line should be health care for all, period.

As far as I can tell, the campaign for M4A has a much better chance at blowing up the Democratic party than actually passing. That is why it is so good, it's promising the people something the want and need, and it's something the donor-addled democrats can't give them. This kind of decisive promise is what you build a leftist movement on in the here and now.

lol you dumb piece of shit, M4A is a magic program that is only whispers and promises. The Democratic Cops of America is currently building alternative political institutions and providing direct services to the masses. I am currently working on a local health clinic and other chapters provide child support, language services, etc. This makes the party an invaluable resource of the masses and ingratiates us with communities. Unlike M4A in which we tell people that they must wait until the democrats agree with us, providing direct services further distances marginalizes communities from state participation.

Lol but keep begging the dems for handouts that will /never/ happen.

welcome, reddit

you know two people can be friends without any sexual relationship having occurred? and nick has had some gf for a while

the lady on the left looks like her face is going to implode with how hard she's trying to maintain the same face in every photo for some godawful reason


reddit is for social liberals like yourself. go and stay go.

Based Amber goes full Holla Forums

She's so lucky she's a woman who looks vaguely non-white.

reddit is mad at her lmao

How do we eliminate these people?

How is she taking the "backlash" to her good and tame internet comments?

I haven't been fazed by much in politics for months, but listening to the premium episode I'm genuinely unnerved by the fact that there will be a pizzagate caucus in the next US Congress.
I hope the gang does a pepe episode and mispronounces every name imaginable, just to piss off the c.h.u.d.s

You know you can change brake lights and fight for a popular, needed social program at the same time right?
It's not a zero-sum game. Fighting for policy isn't going to subtract from public service functions.


Id be interested if you could show me where I assert either of these claims. My argument is not that the M4A campaign is a waste of energy that can be put towards other goals. My contention is that M4A requires realigning the democratic party which even a cursory understanding of left history in the US shows is impossible. If your complete ignorance of left wing history doesn't deter you take note instead of how the democratic party machine reacted to their horrible loss a year ago. This experience tells us it is a waste of time and energy. When the Democratic Cops of America fails to further this goal in any meaningful way they will appear impotent and disorganized. This is the path of Harrington, and supposedly what Amber and the former "left" caucus has been fighting against.

im not gonna argue this because arguing it and defending it would be hard, but somebody could argue that campaigning for m4a is worth it even if it never happens because its just a great way of making people aware of the political alternatives there are to traditional paliamentary politics, rather than making them appear impotent and disorganized it might make the traditional political institutions appear unconcerned and incapable of change
u should probably have reread your post before making it lol, i get what youre saying dont worry but still thats a clumsy way of expressing it


You're contradicting yourself here bro. If M4A doesn't happen, then the entire movement is impotent and disorganized, just like OWS or NODAPL were. There is no alternative born out of this, you're just making people trust the power of politics even less. Regular people don't make a distinction between the grasroots organizations and traditional organizations, notice how many people associate the Democratic party and liberals with BLM and antifa, even though they have almost nothing in common.

And that's exactly what conservatives and capitalists want. Political cynicism is the most powerful force in modern politics. Making people stay at home because everyone is the same and nothing ever changes. Teenagers growing up thinking that lack of single-payer means there's absolutely nothing else worth fighting for. Followed by said teenagers growing up and actively hating government intervention and welfare.

same thing, that's like naming "white nationalists" and "nazis", the difference there is meaningless

there is liberal and reactionary idpol
identities are not revolutionary, go fuck off

i mean amber is dumb for even making this into a thing instead of just ignoring them and let them make it into a thing, but those people who were agasp that somebody could make a campaign program that involves door-knocking are just trying to find people who arent as inclusive and non-ableist as them to call problematic, so i mean replying with a cop emoji isnt completely out of nowhere

sure i get what youre saying and i dont think its completely implausible, im not quite as pessimistic as you but i dont really have a stake in it either

Lmao even her own leftist friends are turning on her

This is not a comradely thing to say but

Maybe this whole thing could've been avoided if the LITERAL FUCKING RETARDS had managed the basic task of updating their contact info.

lol crucify this hippy Zappy

[coarse laughter]

Bullying and violence.

People ask me, why do you support censorship? Because idpol exists.

Disagree, you have to fight the vampires wherever you find them. Otherwise you wake up one day on the road to a policy victory and they suddenly blow the whole movement up.

Also this, but that's to be expected in a movement that hasn't quite yet professionalized (and for the better - better they make mistakes like this than that they dump millions in bullshit consultants or other professional class sponges).

amber herself said that one ought just respond with cop emoji or ignore them, which is literally the opposite of what she did, im just agreeing with her that reacting to them like she did by attempting to call them out and posting that short story just gives them ample opportunity to show everybody how problematic chapo trap house and nick mullen truly are

It depends on the situation. If the complaints of idpolyps are not taken seriously in the wider organization, you can safely ignore them. But if they are, you have to organize to humiliate and eliminate them or they will use their grievance politicking to build a personal power base.
I suppose in this case, where it's just a few dumb twitter ☭TANKIE☭s, she could have safely ignored it.

defend based amber at all costs

my man looking like diet cum

I agree it was p clumsy.

I will be more clear here. I don't believe that other alternative programs are a reason for the Democratic Cops of America to abandon M4A but rather they should abandon it because the democrats are where social movements go to die.

That's Angela Nagle

lol you've got to be fucking kidding me. The mautists are the biggest source of everything wrong with "leftism" and don't understand life outiside of struggle sessions. Just because you have a hammer and sickle in your avi doesn't mean you're not a red liberal, sorry

Here's a hint. The people excited to be running social media when these orgs were being built up last year are all the people you've always hated on twitter. Anyone sane stays far away

No that's brandy jensen
Nagel has red hair

t. Hillary

t. deluded libs

you need to get offline homie, politics don't happen on twitter.

lol I literally quoted you but your best comeback is such a stretch that not even squinting can derive this insinuation from my post

I agree that online politics is shit, but I'm very much talking about offline maoists. Very active and a constant pestilence in places like Austin (which I guess is dedicated to becoming the worst meme city for socialists in the country) and the rust belt chapters

How else can you pass M4A? If you can't pass it, it is nothing but whispers and promises. Are you retarded or just completely ignorant about american politics?

I know libs like you are new to chans, but it would take someone especially soft in the head to misunderstand my post.

Maoists in my local chapters as well as the Avakian cultists are def suffering from idpol rot but I wouldn't say it is any worse than trots/mls. They at least have a somewhat class based analysis and express revolutionary values.

The social democrats and libs are constantly moving to tie the organization to the democratic party and electoral work. This is more dangerous than having to sit through a lecture on socialist feminism.

The idea that the only way to force or pressure legislation is through ingratiation is so naive it's barely worth address. But in short, calling me a retard doesn't make me one or make your argument less infantile

agreed, they're all almost equally bad in this regard
Soviet iconography and owning a gun aren't class analysis or "revolutionary ideas"

Amber is on the latest Chapo and they don't mention this stupid ass drama.

They understand best response is to ignore it and carry on until it blows over.

She also told the chapo subreddit to go fuck itself (via social media) which was cool.

Her and Felix definitely hate a large segment of their fanbase, probably because they're the least PC and have been victims of fraudulent callout bullshit.

chapo built its fanbase by bashing liberals and the establishment "left" how the fandom got taken over by sjws is beyond me

Imagine if those people had knowledge of Felix's posting history past ~2 years ago.

A lot of American socialists are just bernie fans who think that socialism is left liberalism.

Im ten minutes into the new Chapo and amber is already referencing the bit from last week's cumtown about how pig's have sex.
Fellas is this what love looks like.

What didn’t his posting history consist of?

This is all the people who hate Amber and think Angela Nagle is a crypto-Nazi.

Gay idpol was a mistake.

The thesis that people are the most militant about policing idpol always have a problematic past gets proven time and time again. Fuck these freaks, I may be problematic, but I was never that fucking bad.

The ride never ends, folks

Agreed, judging from the previous chapo/cum town temper tantrum from that girl who posted her tits on twitter, these things last about a week with the principal instigators giving up after two weeks

Where the fuck do these people come from?

Whenever I read a bio like that I have to remind myself that these people real and not satire or alt-right parody accounts.

Same when that Scottish transsexual Muslim-convert pops up on my TL.


Can't you read shitlord? S‽he comes from the Democratic Cops of America Naps and Blankets Organizing Committee

This sounds like a secondary character from one of those old early-to-mid 2000s conservative webcomics

Isn't she also a camgirl or something?

Since we are in some hyper realm where the comedy gods control fate I'm going to bet that the Democratic Cops of America disability caucus had infiltrators in it and this will be revealed in a couple of months

Don’t Phil Greves and Red Kahina think Chapo are crypto Nazis too?
They’re criticisms seem cogent even if you don’t agree with them.

Liberalism is reactionary.


cum town preemo

No they think Chapo is a CIA psyop

A bit late but their take on the Trump nuclear button tweet was fucking shit, glad that Virgil called them out for it.

I can't stop cumming. /ourgirl/
To her real point, she's right 101%. Beyond the obvious phenomenon of histrionic narcissists who attach themselves to anything from fandoms and fetishes to political movements and shit things up simply because they are shit people, leftist movements, in their quest to emancipate the marginalized, fall too often into the trap of turning them into noble savages. They aren't. There is nothing ennobling about marginalization in general, or specific aspects of it like mental illness, poverty, addiction, and so on. The interests of the individual members have to be subservient yo that of the movement, and if you have members who do more harm than good, even if not out of any ill will, you have to eliminate them no matter how sad their personal story is.

Reading them to understand our world is like trying to find your way around town with a non-euclidean map.

What does that even mean?

at least half of it has to be people who were homeschooled or raised in restrictive religious homes

How about a discord that doesn’t share space with nazis and nazbol

I'm not hearing any counter arguments, just abuse, obfuscation and a declaration of "you just don't get it man"
Which is actually how Phil and Kahana said you'd say.
yeah Chapo is crypto-fash


The disability caucus shouldn't even exist. Way too easy to infiltrate.

Sounds like the final level of wokeness.

I can't tell if you're trolling but if your definition of fascism is so broad it includes everyone who has ever experienced vague enjoyment then you might have a consistent definition of "fascist" but it isn't very useful

It doesn’t matter what class they were, what matters is what class they are. To say otherwise is idpol.

God weird twitter faggots are such a fucking joke. No wonder Holla Forumstards were running circles around them during gg.

god I wish those people were immersed in some chan more specifically Holla Forums circa a year ago and either be disabused of their immense faggotry or be triggered off the internet. The worst thing is that these people come out of the woodwork only when they smell blood which is why there are weeks/months at a time where you can see people say retarded or whatever without a peep and then suddenly have to act different when these spergs come out

Chan culture isn't all that different from the old FYAD culture though. Both boards are based on prevailing attitudes of cynicism, with FYAD masking theirs in five layers of irony.

Those aren't Weird Twitter people they're c. 2013 Tumblr runoff who decided to join Democratic Cops of America and call themselves socialists.

The world would be better if chans failed to exist and there was only SA

fucked up that 4chan happened because lowtax for banned moot for anime and then later some pedos for cp

SA is where all the "ironic" SJWs came from (SRS comes to mind.) They were great at dealing with normal people but were no match for Holla Forums and 4chan. Good riddance. Their little witch hunt gang was a huge fucking nuisance during the 2013-2015 era.

Wrong opinion, Moot should have ban evaded more and never visited 2chan, none of this would have happened if it never existed.


getting cp off of reddit seems p good imo.


My definition of fascism is whatever keeps the working class from organizing is a degree of fascism. Not sure what Chapos non stop playing with fascists sprits on one hand their name, their Twitter handles then in one breath then mobbimg anyone that gives deference to anyone or anything they declare Idpol from incels to freaking handicapped people, is supposed to accomplish.
South Park did this same reactionary stuff in. FANNY VOICE and declared it satire. But social media isn’t cable, I foresee them to continue to get bogged down as more people wake up to their crypto fascist nature.

Ironically it is Amber's work with the Democratic Cops of America that is freaking the "everything is fascist" people out.


*spread FUD



New MLM podcast. First episode is sort of an introduction to MLM featuring J. Moufawad-Paul (the guy who wrote Continuity and Rupture)





I think you've badly misread my post, but I'm referring to Phil's definition of fascism which is so broad that it includes engaging with any and all movies, sports, or music. So yes, by Phil's definition the Chapos are fascist but so is he and every other person who has ever existed

Why make shit up? Just stick to your wheelhouse and say that they're socdem. At least you'd be correct then




As a leftist I feel compelled to agree with them.

Also lol @ all the signatures from Boston Democratic Cops of America people.

Why are they the most insufferable, idpol infected chapter?

Sam Kriss was an excellent writer. He wasn’t a rapist, he was a socially maladroit sex pest. It’s bullshit that he got dragged to the point where he disappeared from the internet.

Something Awful was full of actual people who paid actual money to join a forum. That will never not blow my mind.

Because they're the whitest one.

Anyone got that E1 patreon ep with felix that just dropped? The first American Stream episode was easily the highest concentration of felix I've ever heard

The buttblasted goon garbage is right here in this thread. That people who pay money in order to create content don't have the best economic analysis shouldn't come at a surprise, but it's amazing just how bad it is. In their heads they have two sacks filled with words, one sack with words meaning "good person", and one sack for words meaning "bad person", and they think wisdom is when you have two really big sacks for these two categories. The words in the same sack have all exactly the same meaning to them, it's just good/bad person, nothing more, so terms like bourgeois don't actually mean anything more than "bad person". If the stinking-rich daughter of a porno-empire millionaire is a good person in their view, she can't be bourgeois in their minds, for instance. In that scheme, Frost is "bourgeois" because she is a meanie.

I hope Amber is updating her purge lists I'll personally volunteer for the Cheka when she calls for it

All I wanted was healthcare at first, now I need to hope for a communist revolution to kill all the liberals.


Someone post the dialectic meme

Best analysis of the current state of discourse among most self-proclaimed leftists online. Current company excluded of course.


o shit

Dr. Ancom and Mr. Tank

Sorry to be a begging broke prole but I only make min wage at my work and really can't sub to everyone patreon does anyone have a link to the new grey wolf feed?

I think you badly misinterpret what Phil's definition of fascism is, and I believe Trots definition of fash is too.
There's degrees of fascism, there are things that impede the organization of workers that yes even people on the left may indulge in. It doesn't make everyone a fascist just because they may play golf like Phil, but it puts them on a spectrum, it doesn't make him or anyone else guilty of this a goose stepping unrepentant Nazi.
It's important for self criticism that we recognize this at the very least because as they say the first step to addressing a problem is recognizing you have one, even a small one. In addition these small impediments can add up to large scale oppression of the working class.
Chapo on the other hand is probing the tolerance of white flight suburbanite youths tolerance of fascism through their mobbing, playing with fascist spirits, and toxic cultism.

*guilty of being a goose


If this end in anything but a counter-purge of the idpolyps, it'll tell you all there is to know about the DS-A.

thank you so much comrade it is hard out here for poor workers.


If anyone is interested in the non e-clout related disagreements with Amber and the momentum faction check this thread from RL one of Democratic Cops of America's NPC members. mobile.twitter.com/RLisDead/status/949994944546131968

Hard disagree. Phil elaborated on the point multiple times and has doubled down on all sport and entertainment being fascist. Also, if you put Chapo on the "full fash" end of your imaginary spectrum than you have made the spectrum itself meaningless as 99% of people in the west are to their right. This is exactly the histrionics I'm talking about

Take Amber's advice and just let them burn themselves out. It's the same 400 people who are eternally online and conceive of posting as warfare

We have Trump who as we speak flying to Maro Largo every weekend and charging the government for it. He’s in violation of the constitution by holding on to all of his hotels. He’s no doubt using the government in other ways to enrich himself. State power in service of private interests is textbook fascism.
Chapo is participating in fascist entryism with their constant playing of fascist spirits, promotion of the Democratic Party while simultaneously smearing staunchly anti imperialist parties like the Green Party in the name of realism, and attempting to creat a Jew like whipping boy with their dehumanizing of incels and idpolers, both groups whose political potency is exaggerated by Chapo.
Don’t even get me started about How innately violent most of their rehetoric is. To be fair to Chapo their mostly white, liberal suburbanite audience was pretty fash to begin with, perfectly comfortable with allowing the state to brutalize poor and ethnic minorities all the way until it started effecting them.


Fixed that for you

Well, obviously. Purge them anyway.

same difference

You image board only fuckers missed the only long slow mod melt down the internet was worth








You'll never laugh at the term "load bearing dry wall", whenever you see it, for as long as you live. You fucking suck

Dear lord pick a consistent window style

It was worth it, once, in the before time, the long long agoon.

I never understood the fascination with podcasts, I'm constantly told how good certain podcasts are, but without fail they're completely boring.
They all seem like shitty sitcoms but instead of a laugh track, they have some douche laughing like an idiot.
Is this just a way to avoid making friends by tricking your brain into thinking you're having social interactions? I honestly don't understand. If someone could explain the appeal to me, I'd really appreciate it.

literally spooky
the chapos are on record saying Jill and the rest are better than the Hillary stans and isn't even close
you have to go back

Have you ever had a commute over 20 minutes long?

new episode is up, not in the black wolf feed yet

C-SPAM and the special interest subforums like TBB are good imo.

That's because C-SPAM has gone left, while D&D itself is still liberalish.

D&D is liberal because D&D is filled with pedants who need to be technically correct about everything and technocratic liberalism offers that in spades.

A mod everyone hated and split everyone politically because of his rampant and fervant support for everything the Bush Administration did. He lost his mind slowly, and one day decided to make the enormous investment to build, from the ground up, his very own suburban home with little oversight

His name was Grover. And he fucked up. Almost everything he did to build this house, is illegal. And he didn't pay his worker's fairly.

He just one day went out of his mind and said fuck it, I'm building Muh Haus

That is his Haus. He's trying to sell it, he doesn't know how. Nobody will buy it. It's slowly sinking into the Earth. The stairs are insulated. The walls, retained only by drywall, of course, are beginning to buckle. The ceiling is beginning to curve. It won't be long now, on one of these nights, that Grover's Haus will simply collapse in on him, the implosion killing him instantly.

You never got this kind of shit on a chan.

Don't let dreams be dreams man.

Deep shit.

Wasn't he the same dipshit who thought he was the eqivalent of a US colonel because he was some contractor?

Felix gets fucking savage

He's said an ocean of dumb shit, so probably.

Unironically yes, if Chapo listeners aren't constantly validated by the vapid friends simulator nonsense you describe they can't sit still for the analysis and news propaganda fed to them.

You aren't going to stop podcasts by telling people they're entertaining so you should stop.


Really cool and great diatribe, but the poster was asking about podcasts in general and most of them are much drier than chapo. Unless you think people tune into intercepted or citations needed for all the great bits than this is just a way to work in your anti-chapo aganda we know it's you, incel

tbh I haven't been back since SASS

aight, very serious person

ahahahaha was nice seeing you again for the short while you were here before getting banned again lol

chapo: james damore is hideous and should kill himself tbh
very serious incel advocate: this is bad praxis and also fascist why wont you respond to my arguments


Rate Will's book collection

I found SA right after the classic Groverhaus/Goon Island sagas (I think), but I'm still grateful that I was around LF in time to witness the Serbia Civ 4 megathread. If anyone has a link to it I'd love to reread such gems as "Serbian officers on leave in New Orleans, confused by buildings with more than two stories, glorious uprising and set fire to five city blocks"
Still kinda surprised that Shmorky turned out to be even more deranged than he let on though. Didn't he kill himself last year?


Are you talking about Vilerat? I think he was a legit spook
Imagine getting merked in one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in the history of the Obama presidency and you're mourned by tcot boomers and starcraft sycophants.
Also he was a literal Cecil Rhodes apologist but that's not surprising for a CIA agent in Africa

No, I was talking about Grover. The Goonswarm admin getting merked in Libya but Caro getting rescused by the state department is some good irony imo.

Where the fuck this week's cumtown episode tho?

You could even say it's…


How long will it take to capture Baghdad? 2 days
Will Saddam be killed? Yes
Total Iraqi civillian casualties: 500 dead
Total military casualties Iraq: 3000 dead
Total military casualties U.S.: 15 dead
Will the Iraqi army regulars hold the lines? No
Will the Republican Guard fight to the end? No
Will chem/bio weapons be used on invading troops?: Yes
Will Saddam launch attacks on the Kurds? Yes
Will Saddam launch attacks on Israel? No
-If yes; will Isreal retaliate harshly? Yes
Will Saddam sacrifice Baghdad (gas/nuke it)? No
Will the Kurds make a grab for independence? Yes
Will Iran do anything silly like try for land? Yes
Will Saddam burn the oil fields? Yes
How long will the US be occupying Iraq? ~15 years
Will the Iraq war catalyze increased terrorism in America?No
In the long run, will this war be good or bad for the world? Good

forgot this part:

We have to look at what those civilian casualties are- just because they're civilian doesn't make them innocent! Lets take a look at a few possibilities:

1) A civilian walking down the street to market gets killed by a cruise missile fired at the market.

2) A civilian asleep in their house is killed when their house is targetting by a smart bomb and blown up.

OK, these two are regrettable innocents being killed- but since the US doesn't make a habit of targetting markets or houses, they're very small in number!

3) A civilian working at a chemical weapon factory gets killed when the chemical weapon plant is bombed.

4) A civilian security guard at a weapons depot is killed when the weapons explode.

5) A civilian contractor repairing a tank is killed by a MOAB dropped on the unit.

6) A civilian engineer is killed when the military command center he works at is destroyed.

7) A civilian delivering snackiecakes to the baghdad bunker vending machines eats a 5,000lb bunker buster.

etc, etc. The list goes on. My point is that there are a lot of civilians directly supporting the military that aren't exactly "innocent" and would be mire rightly counted among the military casualties than civilian. I'm a civilian and work for the US military, but I acknowledge I'm also a valid military target because of what I do. And I think the vast majority of civilian casualties in this campaign will not be innocent.

Absolutely reactionary

i keep refreshing the cum town shoutengine but the new ep never comes

What ever dude, this shit's boring.

Do I belong here?

Used to be big into Fascism until a few months ago…

Oops, wrong thread.

sadly youll fit right in tbh

So chapo's latest podcast is about Jordan Peterson. Why do they always call him the 'alt-right professor.' He's alt-light at most and actually pissed off the alt-right recently because he was critical of ethnostates. He has more in common with people like Sargon than people like Richard Spencer.

don't they actually call him "the dark professor"?
anyway, he can rail against the altright as much as he wants, fact is he's a "first step" into it for a lot of chuds

To be fair chuds have been sucking his dick vigourosly for a while now

Ask yourself, do any of these distinctions matter. Does the classification and taxonomy of Peterson's retarded contrarian Kermit the Frog diatribes really need much more thought exercised about it then pity.

No, not really. Also they called him "The Dark Professor" because he's an edgy twat

Anyone got a link to the new premium chapo?


It's a good ep. The first part about peterson is okay, i had a couple of laughs. but the second part, where they talk about nuclear shit, is better.

I've written about this before in another thread, but basically here in Canada a lot of people that would just be straight aut-right in the U.S. have to couch their beliefs in liberal skeptic rhetoric in order to fly under the radar of human right legislations and tribunals

I personally don't think he's aut-right but he's a fellow traveler of them and is loathe to confront them head-on. Last time he even said something half critical of the aut-right they completely tore into him, stabbed him in the back and withdrew a lot of their patreon donations.

If anything, it should really show to actual libertarians that trying to game the aut-right for donations is a suckers game. They demand that you completely conform to a fascist agenda of establishing a ethno-police state and throw a tantrum if you dare "counter-signal" against them

Felix's mockery of Peterson needs a soundboard tbh

I agree Sargoy and Kermit are more alt-lite but those people are useful idiots for the alt-right at best and wilful collaborators at worst. If "Sargon but with a PhD and teaching credentials" doesn't worry you I don't know what to tell you. Also, the dude is trying to be McCarthy 2.0 and I would legit rather a dozen Richard Spencers than have him succeed in that role.

here's what I wrote, it'll cycle out of the trash thread soon:

This is the type of person that unironically posts on r/CTH. No wonder Amber thinks that they are all fucking stupid.

I wouldnt call Peterson alt right. I think he is more like like i think sargon of akkad wishes he were his dad.

Just because Germany is less garbage than the US doesn't mean it isn't garbage
Is the chapo subreddit filled with people like this?

Honestly I'm surprised that the AfD isn't the largest party in the bundestag

Can we get a bootleg Radio War Nerd?

Yes. Here's someone floating the fascist/liberal idea that race mixing will end whiteness (because Brazil and other South American countries, where everyone is a different shade of brown, have no problems with racism of course.)

After that we have someone (apparently uironically) claiming that racially segregated states will be a norm after the revolution. These idiots are Bernie fans at best.

Tbh I've been pushing the view that this is the real reason behind Merkel playing the soppy liberal and letting refugees in for a while. They've done practically everything to get birth rates up, you can make a shitload just by having kids but nobody does it.

Does anyone still have the Amber Pepe?

Obsession with birthrate is just another facet of life that capitalism infects with this "grow or die" mentality. The world would be better off with less people, unless Germany or any other country is in danger of literally having a population of 0 then I don't see the point of trying to push it's population up. With modern technology the idea that more people = more labor is obsolete.

In a perverse kind of way, he is right. Germany is miles ahead of others in perfecting a kind of neoliberalism and imperialism with a human face. They combine policies like "mini jobs" and emloying Eastern Europeans under their social laws, with common sense approaches like having paid dor higher education to wring every ounce of productivity out of the populations. At the same time, you have a highly evolved collaboration between the unions and the industrial elites, and a activation-driven welfare state which helps maintain stability. Combine that with their finance based imperialism with regards to Southern Europe, which nets all the benefits of having them as colonies without having to fire a shot.
They indeed are miles ahead of others in all kinds of interesting and perfidious ways.

You can write that down squarely to the collective guilt.

I'm not so sure. The thinking going around before the refugee crisis was a Europe wide program of targeted migration, like the US does: import highly educated people from all over the world for high tech industries, the medical sector, and so on. Labour scarcity at the low end of the value chain was effectively "solved" by bringing Eastern Europe into the union and implementing labour mobility. Polish, Romanian etc. janitors, cleaning personnel, builders, … Incidentally, it was exactly this kind of migration that drove most of the Brexit-vote: Polish plumbers, not Syrian refugees were the go-to Other.
I think that all the talk of the actual refugees being good for the economy was more of a recuperation after the fact by European liberals. Don't deny refugees agency; the movement of people in recent years owes a whole lot more to push than to pull factors.

this podcast is the worst thing to come out of the University of Chicago including Milton Friedman and the Chicago boys

1 million refugees isn't nearly enough though, especially when they are mostly men who will end up just having 1.5 kids with german women like every other guy there.

Started listening to this podcast it’s kinda like a British cumtown. Two guys talking. One is like a gayer Adam. They always seem to talk about trans people and it’s pretty funny. itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/frank-and-ozz-in-session/id1294110922?mt=2

sounds like one of Felix's lanyard guy bits

That much of a sudden spike in migration, especially given the collective dearth of skills or liberal thinking this cohort of migrants has, is bound to strain or completely break state and social capacity to absorb them

Courtesy of /r/cumtown.


that rose in the thumbnail looked like a mushroom cloud

Amber is getting sued



man rightists are thin skinned babies

Wow whatever happened to free speech?

i had no idea Amber was even an adjunct professor.
But I did find out recently that one of my old professors knows her and co-edited a book with her.


How do we make the "failson" meme go mainstream?

Say it more post it more

If "right-wing misogynist" was the extent of Amber's so-called libel against this turd then this suit has zero merit. It's well within protected first amendment speech, is based on a reasonable interpretation of his own comments and behaviour, and has zero provable malice. This is solely intended to censor people saying mean things about him.

If Amber starts a legal defense fund, I'm tossing in the $50 I didn't spend on pirated premium chapo episodes


They're pretty bad user.

You can sue people for calling you names?

You can sue anyone for anything. You just have to have money to burn and a lawyer willing to play along (or a family lawyer/firm.)

Hmm it's almost like there is a huge gap in political consciousness and that the greatest predictor is age.

He probably saw jordan peterson and thought "that could be me." But there's only 1 peterson, no one will fleece the chuds like the great kermit.

Honestly matts gaming takes are starting to sound correct

Matt is Mua'dib, do not deny his truths.

He's learned so much.


why can't people just not get offended over satirical racism. fuck i need to stop surrounding myself with idpol shitheads.

Lol the liberals on r/CTH are unironically supporting American imperialism in Syria because of muh over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

nibba I have hentai wallpapers on my laptop and smartphone and even I'm not so brazen as to do that

What if your friends listen to Cum Town as well?


the vampire castle is mad at amber again for her Aziz Ansari take

what did she say?


stav is so hot

from her facebook

Who wouldn't fuck Amber tbh

Nick looks like this one kid I used to go to high school with who was really cool and chill but would unironically do air lightsaber battles and the naruto run
blue collar weebs are the best kind of nerds tbh

virgil dresses like how I will dress when I'm 40 and running a failing publishing house propped up by government grants

wew laddeh

Felix just focusing on posting like a true poster.

Ansari is the poster boy for Reddit nerd masculinity so anything that harms his career is good.

Was it consensual?

Can Bugs Consent?

He hasn't made a new joke in years
I don't understand how he's considered a comedian still

Correct take.

Shameful mustache.

Will rockin the Farrah Fawcett mullet. Pro move tbh.




Man I love stav

I get that Chapo is a low effort cash grab that stopped being funny, but there's no reason to be so mad that they make fun of virgins.

fuck off

Do not insult Nick Mullen

They have a youtube channel now

Amber bought mint flavored Cheese. taste test or some shit? They uploaded it today


This. Honestly we need to kill the whole "poor oppressed incel/nerd" meme altogether. Anti-social and ill adjusted guys are almost always closet reactionaries and cannot be reasoned with. By mocking them though we can help them to stay marginalized and outside of the mainstream.

not sure if troll

that shit looks awful

Mint flavored cheese made in New Jersey

i posted this before, but after the chapo live show in brooklyn she was hanging out in the bar and i nearly fainted from the overwhelming desire to pick her up and fuck her (also nearly fainted from being retardedly drunk)


kind of sad tbh

Amber is an animorph. Sometimes she looks fat, sometimes she looks incredibly skinny, sometimes she looks like a frog, sometimes she doesn't

She's a walking illusion, her angles are all fucked up somehow, like accursed geometry.

This is worse than all the thirsty twitter chicks who lust after Felix


She seems kind of slutty honestly.

Amber is exotically ugly so she can look pretty hot at times. Felix just looks bad and is only being worshipped because of the show.

Felix is being worshiped because he's funny, has charisma, and you can't get mad at him for having more friends than you, I'm sorry

I mean who would not let Felix cum on their ass after he hot dogs you

Felix is funny and confident though

I want to fuck both and also Nick thank you very much.

Not even true 2/10

Just listened to some of Matt's stuff on vidya and I hate to say it but he has a good point.


How can you say this

Looks like every other late 20s early 30s jewish guy out there. Not judging. Seriously come over to NYC if that's your thing.

all the roasties ITT jealous of Amber

He's built like a tank though


I mean besides me.

Her "hatebase" does seem to be fairly female (though it is hard to tell how cis they are.)

A good Matt gamer hate deep cut is his appearance on No Cartridge, of which I shamefully do not have a link

speaking of which, will the gaming debate be livestreamed or recorded?

Maybe it's on twitter or reddit?

is this it?


Matt's argument's are very good, but I'd rather hear them from someone who knew more about games and could provide specific examples.

damn it I did the gratuitous apostrophe thing I hate sorry

Amber is lucky she is a semi fuckable woman in a male dominated environment. If she weren't she wouldn't be able to say half of the stuff she says about idpol.


Amber looks sooo much better in video

Amber has no good angles, but if kept in constant motion they average out to a normal face

He looks like a hipster meathead, two bad looks he manages to make even worse by combining them.

Objectively wrong.

German economists and central bankers were reading neoliberal fringe literature long before and worshipping it by the late 40s. Considering that this type of far right-wing economic discourse did not make it into the mainstream in the English-speaking world until the 70s I’d say that says something.

Hot take: Felix and Adam Kovic are long lost brothers.

Hi pol

Nah, she seems like she fucks. Her confidence is attractive and I would love to fuck a girl like her.

lets take this outside

There's a Dead Pundits with Amber and Nagle out.

Chapo premium ep's up, the talk about The Post.

Movie episodes always so good fuck.

I only smoke weed. I think cigarettes look dumb.

This thread contains like half of Holla Forums's PPH.

So if everyone's a troop now do I get to demand that people respect me for my service in trolling 14 year old maga chuds? I mean I suffered tremendously protecting everyone on this board from bad takes

So is Amber against having kids or what? She seems to dislike children.

This shit is fire!!! Technology is evil, it pollutes your life.

I will only respect you once you get new tomoko pictures

But his argument that videogames are specially alienating because of the environment they encapsulate you in is good.

Just end my life

Is Matt married or is he incel?

Married failson

What's wrong?

Good talk, though Matt probably overstates his case. With single player especially games are nothing like the rewards you get from interacting with other people. You might plow a lot of hours into it because you are fine being amused by yourself, because of the rewards mechanism, but it's nothing like what you get from other people. Hikis and other people who isolate themselves don't typically do it to game single player. I suspect Matt is not that familiar with introverted people who prefer not being with people all the time.

The real threat of games is multiplayer, because here people do get their social needs met, but in an unhealthy, mediated way (kind of like imageboards). You interact with real, other people, you even talk to them, but so many aspects of real interaction are cut of: nuances of tone, body language, pure physicality, respect for IRL norms of conversation, etc. Which is how you get the kekistani's, unearthly pale and with shrieking voices only fit for a headset microphone.

Why won't Chapo have Wolff on? They both live in NYC, this shouldn't be that hard to set up

so where can I listen to the gaming debate

Didn't Virgil say they were working on setting it up?

I’m not black but I feel like Black Flanders



This is an extremely pessimistic criticism. He even speaks at one point that there is no "good art" at present, since everything is swallowed up by alienation. And it's a good point that he raises, where the structure of the vidya prevents the personal growth of someone in relation to the world. But I wonder, would not we have some game that, like great books and other works of art, does wake someone up to new faces of the world, allowing for growth?

I'll point out Felix's favorite game as an example. Would not the MGS series be using its own alienating media structure to raise and question real-world themes such as patriotism, information manipulation, and war, ironically exposing the player to alienating aspects of the real world?

It is a very incisive criticism, very well thought out, however it would be even stronger if Matt applied it in practical examples. And he should not take an easy example, like any AAA game, but rather things within the "avant garde" spectrum of the media, such as Pathologic or some kind of shit

I would love to hear Matt explain how Portal 2 is alienating.

I haven’t listened to the debate yet, but from listening to Matt’s previous appearance on No Cartridge my biggest problem with his critique of video games is that it is so obvious that he started with the conclusion that gaming is bad because of internet jokes that built his brand and worked backward from there.

I guess Hoochie is a Chapo fangirl or something because she kept banning or deleting people for criticizing podcasters ITT. Criticizing podcasters is allowed.

It's true. Also, I banned most of the people here for shitting on them non stop. I just thought it was shitposting at that point.


Wait, so Hoochie is actually a mod now? I thought it was a meme. Why do you turn a shitposter into a mod?

I was for abut a month and a half already. I'm now. Genius.

*I'm not now

How much do Matt's anti gamer rants just come down to lazy anti-incel rhetoric?

I don't want to make a big deal out of his argument ideologically, but in terms of performance, he's basically just taking the easiest route possible.

Like, yeah, gaming """alieanates""" you from the real world, and real effects of capitalism, but what form of popular art doesn't? And who is going to look wrong arguing against those evil nerds, responsible for things like gamergate etc.?

It's kind of disappointing that this dude, who would by all accounts be just a typical neckbeard minus gaming, is so ignorant of social capital and the value of being an insider.

These mediocrities (Will and Matt expesially) preaching against oppressive hierarchies while living in Brooklyn, snorting tonnnes of cocaine, and being the mouthpiece for a huge chunk of the democratic party are the height of irony. Can you imagine any of the Chapos as PoC?

Also, Bernie Sanders was on the Majority report on Friday. Check it out.

It was a Beria situation. I could get the job down well, but now I've outlived my usefulness.

Shut up.

She was.

IDK why you'd think they're immune to criticism. They're just a bunch of radlibs doing coke in Brooklyn right?

Matt needs to read Walter Benjamin.

Felix and Amber could be

PoCs sell out to the dems all the time though. I don't see where you are going with this.

Like you aren't a radlib and you wouldn't do coke

Hoochie banned me once for talking shit about those chapo guys

It's almost like you support banning for petty reasons

Virgil is literally Asian, Amber looks nonwhite, and Felix is Jewish.

his argument is that gaming is simply the most effective form of the spectacle. gaming simply has the most effective anti-revolutionary tools out of all pop culture.

what we need is videogame détournement tbh

Jews aren't a race tho

They all look and would largely be treated as white in burgerland especially given their ties to Silicon Valley venture capitalists

I banned you for one or two days, not knowing you were a volunteer, for not posting it within the thread itself. You made a separate thread for it, which is always obnoxious to deal with and it all becomes shitposting anyways. I swear you're the boy who cried wolf.

Go moan about the moderation on leftpol now that I am gone, ya fuck.

Meh, you're a hypersensitive tranny.

rated best mod by the better business bureau actually

Explain these ties for me

New chapo

Not a great one. Didn't have any Matt in it. Plus, that part about Chelsea Manning was patronizing as fuck.

It really wasn't that patronizing. Framing it as not holding someone who was tortured in solitary confinement for 7 years for just exposing US war crimes to such a high regard that you dismiss basically anything about her humanity or forget she was put in solitary for seven years, you're going to be disappointed by some of her actions.

Like running for US Senate, or caving to neoliberal shit; I really agree that people are missing the mark by yelling at someone who just a year ago we were supporting for finally getting out of US custody.

It's a bunch of hysterics that misses the point.

The problem is people make her out to be something more than she really is and are fawning over her like she's irreproachable. The truth is we don't really know a whole lot about her politics aside from the fact that she thinks socialism is government healthcare. I think people should be cautious with getting too enthralled with her at this time.

Yeah that's my point.

But that is patronizing. "She was in solitary - she knoweth not what she does." Fuck that. It rules out that there is actually a potential for a fundamental disagreement. Chelsea is of wikileaks fame, they are big on free speech, maybe she really does believe there is value in going to even a rightist event in her commitment to that belief. Saying that she does dumb things because she was imprisoned denies her agency in this regard. Maybe she does have deeply held radically liberal beliefs that the CTH simply does not agree with. At that point you don't say, poor dear she doesn't know any better. No, you respect her enough to admit, I disagree with you. And, depending on how you weigh it, still support her politically regardless.
So no fawning, no excuse making. Take her for who she is, warts and all.

That's not really what I'm saying here.

I said you can disagree. They said you can disagree. The point is not to get hysterical about it to the point you overlook her actions just to call her a piece of shit, that's going overboard for the sake of theatrics.

….that's exactly their point and mine

To expand, when you don't describe why you disagree and go overboard, you're going with the tide of liberals offended by everything who dismiss her actions as that of a "traitor", it basically just all piles up into a blob, in my opinion.

We shouldn't be associated with liberals who want to burn her at the stake for leaking US war crimes in Iraq. We should make our disagreements known and quite separate from that, and know that she served about 7 straight years in solitary confinement being tortured by the US Government.

It's complicated.

Fair enough. Long as the acknowledging "was tortured for seven years" does not become, how to say this, something that obfuscates. Which I do thing Felix was doing in his rant - his thrust was "she has been tortured for seven years, so she will be making mistakes".

Two new zero books episodes:



The explanation Felix gave seems a bit convoluted but honestly, I'm willing to chalk up some early campaign gaffes to inexperience alone. Combined with the fact that she probably has no comms support from the party means that she has to do this shit alone.

Hopefully Chelsey will get some staff and a fundraising operation going soon.

someone redpill me on Platypus Affiliated Society

The president seems ok.


I didn't know bugs could be interviewed on Israeli television

I'm glad we live in a world where the phrase "Cum Town" has been spoken on Israeli news

It's always great to come up with theories about huge parts of the population based on a handful of assholes that annoy you. (I don't actually believe that gamers have a huge right-wing part, this is a niche phenomenon. In the big picture, voting Republican is something that old people & older people & and super-old people do, and that hasn't changed with Trump.) I think what he says really only makes sense with a particular type of game, which he didn't specify. Maybe it's because I'm ancient, but to me, the core of gaming is the old arcade-style experience, and everything after that is added fluff: stuff like Space Invaders, which always ends with the aliens winning, or Missile Command, which always ends in a nuclear holocaust. Or Tetris. So, when people talk about wish fulfillment, power fantasy, male gaze etc. I don't feel I'm being addressed. (You can keep your analysis of the true meaning of the dong piece in Tetris to yourself, thank you very much.) I also tend to cluster games in my head based on what skills they put to test, and theme I see as the surface. So seeing people cling on theme so much when they talk about games in a way that is more fitting for TV shows strikes me as very superficial. Games can be single-player or multiplayer. I have not the faintest doubt that reading novels is fundamentally a more anti-social activity than gaming, and synthetic replacement addressing your need of social interactions is something that people get rather from soap operas than games.

He mentioned GoldenEye. Is that game a replacement for the corresponding real-world activities? Is a rocket to your face your fetish? Take a game like Street Fighter. Is that wish fulfillment? Do you think the diehards play that for the story? It is a fundamental fact about competitive games for two players that one side loses and one side wins. The people who gather playing them have to deal with that, whether you play high-level or casual, losing happens half the time, that's how it is. That looks pretty much at odds with having a fantasy world that caters to just you individually, which finally brings me to the type of game that he seems to be thinking about. Games as a single-player experience, and prolly not something like Silent Hill, but specifically, the type of game that is a heroic journey where you just get stronger and stronger and everybody wants to bone you and so on. I like games where you just select your fighter or car or whatever, and then you win or lose and your opponent has the same choices, it's all about what you do. What I absolutely loathe about RPGs is leveling up, the character just getting better and better, to some extent it's the game playing itself. With RPGs, you have this unclear blending of character and player that I don't like, this guaranteed progress just for putting in time, giving you the illusion of gaining competence. (And isn't that the type of game that IM Cheong likes? He used to post on RPG Codex.)



Richard Spencer BTFO by Jewish bug

chapo trap house: now endorsed by ben garrison

Gibe link

Top hue

How does this gay bug keep getting away with it

I'm kind of sad Will didn't investigate the full Mark Steyn
He has Christmas disco albums

Will we finally get a Ben Garrison rendition of the panel? Can't wait. I hope there are strong sexual overtones with a kind of Trump domination going on.

Very much agreed, I want to see where this goes.

After reading this I'm leaning more towards "she's not that bright"

more like the Chapo critics hurt your feelings

I'm really starting to see why Amber doesn't like these people.

If you read thinking, man, I wish this cyclical thread about podcasts would turn into a butthurt gamer blog, I have good news for you: I'm back with more wisdom.

Christman compares gaming with other hobbies like watching movies, and because of how intense gaming is in comparison, he sees it as more dangerous. But let's put aside enjoying movies, TV shows, novels, comics and look at all the other hobbies out there. And then you realize something: Almost all hobbies have something to do with putting your skills to test, maintaining them, improving them. Whether it's rock climbing, baking, knitting, making model trains, playing guitar, you name it, it can get insanely hard if you want that. There is a hobby that is all about making mudballs with your hands, and to make them really round and shiny, and it sounds silly, and I guess it is, but it can get really exciting and satisfying for some people.

Christman's perspective on the whole thing is fundamentally upside down, inside out. The extremely passive type of hobby appears to him as what a hobby normally should be like, and how sad is that. Basically, despite his age he brings something like a demented boomer's mentality to the debate, dressed up in radical garb. Well anyway, looking forward to replies by chapo fans.

In non-shit rpgs the avatar doesn't just "get better and better," but develops the skills the player chooses to devote attention or focus to. You swing a giant sword around, you get stronger. You study runes and spells, you get smarter. Various games and systems deal with this with varying levels of complexity and abstraction.

Which is part of what disgusts me about modern Final Fantasy games. That sphere-grid system is lazy bullshit that creates the illusion of character development and customization but its as complex as a rope tangled up in on itself. It looks complicated but for all its twists and turns it's still just a linear treadmill of tedious monsterfighting that gives you new skills to fight new monsters which gives you new skills to fight new monsters which gives you new skills to fight new monsters and yet never a skill to let you identify who's male or female.

You're not wrong. I get the idea Matt's view of human species being is simply that we are social animals. And in this he is utterly wrong. What people look for to establish when our species made a jump into being more than just another kind of social animals are complex tools, art, and indications of rituals. Man is the creating animal: he creates complex tools, and representations like cave art. All the stuff and spectacle that is piling up around us is very much who we are, the exact thing that puts us apart. It's a lot less arguable than a connection with the divine or Reason or whatever. To the degree that you build a character, a party, or a civilization in a game, you're funneling your urge to create into a representation, and why not?

… what?
I don't understand your point. Could you further develop your opinion?

Also, Matt's criticism is directed at the alienating power that a video game has in creating a virtual reality. It is not the passivity, but the disconnection with the rest of the world that one would have when only being surrounded by games. That's his point.

Matts new episode on the Weather Underground is one of the best episodes of chapo period


Does anyone have any Dead Pundits "B Side" episodes?


what happened with the gaming debate?

seconding, I want to watch it



I heard so much of myself in the Weather Underground guys as a 20 year old college freshman, this is the first time I've felt shame since I became numb off these anti-depressants. It's some David Foster Wallace type of breakdown. But now I guess I'll just have to read more books and hope things go okay, and do whatever it is that I have to do and maximize my potential to do so, be a soldier, so none of my children have to be. It's both in my selfish material interest and it's because I'm an upper middle class rube who grew up watching Star Trek and playing GameCube who can't let go of some kind of Jean Val Jean complex or something. I'm actually kinda fucking devastated for being so hopefully naive and having fun with these role playing fantasies of being on the front lines along with everyone else united in an unstoppable force for the benefit of mankind to everyone. Have any of us no potential to affect change as one organelle, one cell in this great humanistic body?

I'm quite aware that Matt doesn't know this, but a lot of games simulate the whole experience of achievement:

I don't give a fuck anymore. I laugh on the bus to tube jokes now
Would still be in a pickle if I lived with my parents though

that is a scorching hot take

the dollop's episode on fred hampton is a nice complement to the matt's weather underground ep


chapo idiots:


New premium chapo is awesome and I have a new respect for Matt's ability to explore topics and connect them to broader trends in leftism
I'm working on a larger response to the episode, which in a roundabout way connects with Matt's gamer hate

I'm pretty sure that's Matt's whole argument. The achievements in games aren't real, but the simulation keeps you from doing anything meaningful.

Right, but I was countering the argument of the guy I was replying to who was saying that even apparently meaningless tasks can prevent a challenge for you to improve at them. The video I linked shows that many games deliberately increase and decrease the difficulty level at strategic moments to help the gamer win while still letting him believe that he accomplished the victory himself.

Couldn't watch it on my connection, but I already know that stuff is in some games and I hate that. It's not really a killer argument against gaming in general because plenty of games don't have that at all or have it in such a crude manner that even young kids wise up to it after a while, and it's just a variation of the point made about why RPGs suck.

In some of the Mario games (Wii and newer, like Yoshi's New Island on 3DS), when you suck an