Vermin Supreme 2020

Well, I guess this is a good time to bring back the /ourguy/ thread for 2020. General Vermin Supreme talk and *contentposting.*

Vermin Supreme is a great candidate to raise awareness of an alternative to two-party politics as usual. He appeals to the masses with his humor and defiance while also actually being coherent and having good ideas. We only have so long until 2020, and we need to use every moment of this time to set the course for him to challenge things.

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He's a fucking meme. Nothing is going to happen. He makes a satirical statement about American politics and then will be tossed to the dustbin of history. >:P

You are no fun at all


He has a sense of humor, and his actual politics lean towards anarchy.

Not everything people like is actually bad.

Something is always going to happen, the only question is what. Inaction is a surrender of influence over this.

Except that statement has impact, and how much impact it has can be changed. We can get him up on stage debating Hillary (or whatever shitty candidate they want) on free ponies. Think about that. Even if he loses, it's a statement which will attract people away from ineffectual, rigged liberalism into lefty politics.

How toothbrushes and ponies are coherent and good ideas?


it makes more sense than mexico wall and corporate tax cuts

Pure americanism.
Bringing down the political conversation to memes is worse than anything else.
"ironic" candidates are the memes and "protest votes" are wasted.
Controlled opposition. Watch black mirror 2x06, read chomsky and debord.



Vermin is a good choice because Vermin specifically doesn't suck.

Hes cool, too bad the Resist Marxism folks were boring pussies

Vermin Supreme is an AnCap and seems to do this to show an anti-democratic stance. AnCaps hate democracy. Stop pushing this.

So he's an crypto-ancom running as a libertarian or a crypto-libertarian running as an ancom?

there's a clip of him somewhere saying at the end of a talk he was giving "peter kropotkin told me to tell you all to become social anarchists!!"
someone else can probably find it for you. but he's just a meme, i think he's at least humorous

here actually: it's at 2:25 or something

We must stand with the democratic party against satirist imperialism.

What's the point? Converting young libertarians to ancoms with ponies?

You don't want an army of autistic faggots spreading your ideas?
i don't think there is much of one, and i'm much too apathetic to even try and make the claim that there is. i do find his character funny though

also since when do we have SAGE! appear now? i don't like that, haven't been here in a while

Wait until 2019 or 2020 or so this is way too forced right now especially with you making threads about it all the time without new content

There will be new content! You just gotta believe!

But, no, waiting until the year or 1 year ahead isn't something we can afford with such an underground candidate.

That only confused me more what his actual views are.

Anyone else feel like Trump channels his inner Patton sometimes? Maybe he was able to buy Pattons personal notes or something

I think meming in someone with actual policy is more effect at telling people what you want.