Quick Rundown

Basically, a rogue mod claiming allegiance to /leftpol/ has gone and deleted all the posts on the board except stickies, a massive slap in the face for posters on this board. The BO was not online at the time of the mass deletion. The rogue mod is still active until BO is online again and removes him.

The board is still operational and users are urged to continue posting and discussing on the board. Moderation is still active and on the look out.

Possibly, the Holla Forums administration may restore the board posts if they decide to.

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Yeah Holla Forums admins hate us. They'd probably delete the entire board if they wanted to

a bloo bloo bloo
QQ fgt

ty4update based rundownvol

Nobody likes leftpol

The Rogue mod was BO using a volunteer account they created. they left the Polish thread to symbolize they they are a Holla Forumsack faggot. This was their attempt to burn down the Reichstag.

No it was not.

If this board goes down I urge the users to go to getchan.net/ as a refugee

Nobody likes you fucks anymore, 800users and descending.

They can restore boards?

I don't care which fucking side did it, I just want BO to step the fuck down because this is outright unsustainable.

Are they ever online when anything happens? Considering that we're likely gonna have to wait a week or so for anything to be done, what do we do right now?
Yeah, I had a lot of good posts here tbh, and I'm pissed they're gone. But this split was almost entirely B.O.'s fault and they've done nothing but throw fuel on the fire. The Volunteers were clearly divided, tension was building, and it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Fuck this shit.

Because of this fucking fiasco done by a salty Leftpol user.

So what? Threads die every day, fam.

Or, as a BO endorsed alternative, they can go to


Leftpol has 100 users lol.

Bo is occasionally online but now he must be getting some Zs
Do you part and make a thread or try to post on the existing ones

nah getchan

So basically a Holla Forumsyp crawled into the volunteer moderation team? They are always discussing about infiltration to leftist organizations and shill here constantly.

I believe this is the case as well.

Obviously not a Holla Forumsyp.

proofs or gtfo

Deleting all the threads sucks. I don't dispute that. But it's undeniable that this situation exists because of the B.O.'s actions.

Why not?

I'd support BO stays, but perhaps what BO needs to do is to give control over to a trusted vol who is also willing to be more responsive to posters. I don't know what that will entail, but at the same time I don't want people to think that the next occasion that some mod disagrees with BO, they should nuke the entire board. What a fucking travesty.

And? They didn't delete the threads, action to reaction is still action is still more of a problem.

Yeah, and leftypol had 1500. You retards and your shenanigans have put 600~ off leftism. That's almost half. Retard.

Because this mod has been shilling for /leftpol/ for weeks.

Leftpol has 100 users lol.


It is in my opinion that leftpol is a Holla Forums false flag

Oh and this sort of disruption doesn't put people off?

Oh so you're an idiot.

I would post on /Marx/, GETChan, or Bunkerchan, instead of leftpol.

I have no reason to believe this isn't the case.

this scenario is pretty interesting because it bypasses the Global Rules that make it illegal to make your own board un-usable, by assigning blame to a vol, BO is not punishable for this as long as they used a VPN for this there is no way to prove wrongdoing.
I still think it was a Holla Forumsyp that slipped in through vol recruiting, because of how fast it got to halfchan.

Make your case then.

And I'm fucking upset about it. This sucks. I wish shit were back to how they used to be before their spergout. Honestly, it's not a hard fucking job and they screwed the pooch badly.


Still the vols fault. I smell something rotten about the vol.

If the conviction of self-proclaimed "communists" here amounts to posting on an imageboard and if questionable actions of BO means that they stop being "leftists" forever than it is clear that they never had the stomach for it. As long as they believe that capitalism needs to make way for socialism than it is still a net gain. Your splitting really wasn't that conducive either.


I'm not saying that it wasn't the Vol's fault, just that this situation sucks and that the B.O. needs to either step down or make amends.




You forgot to change your flag fam.

I think you're significantly overestimating the capability of Holla Forums while ignoring Holla Forums's history of shit mods like prickly cactus or that tranny who went on a banning spree over pronouns.

Because I think this board is worth fixing and those are the most obvious ways to do it.

Because 4chan discovered it quickly it must be a polyp? Whatever dude.

I don't understand the logic here. If you don't like Holla Forums you can fuck off to /leftpol/. It's a nice board. No reason to try and ruin Holla Forums,

I have my suspicions.

Look you mong this happened 1 hour ago. BO hasn't even been online since.
What kind of proof do you want?

I have my suspicions that you're trying to confirm your suspicions without using any kind of rationality.

I'd rather not have to. I like it here and I want to see this board do well. A pointless split does nothing for anyone. If you've got a problem with the demographic composition of this board why don't you fuck off to another board?
But the B.O.'s actions are ruining Holla Forums, you dense fuck

Damn. This is going to seem really silly in a year or so.

They didn't claim "allegiance" to /leftpol/, they just redirected people to it.

The reasoning is that the BO created this situation. Of course there are far better reasons for the BO to step down.

I don't post on either.

Shut up you dumb faggot, I'm one of the people you put off. The fall of this board has circled the internet and I came back just to watch people sperg out.

No, the retardation here is how it is working with people in real life. Stop being a dribbling spaz all your life. I used to read stupid shit like this all the time posting here.

What? What the hell is your point?
I am user.

Is this the same mod who stickied that thread about BO a while ago with an OP image of AZN porn?

Fuck this /leftpol/ autism tbh.

My point is that leftypol has always been full of people dissuaded by the retarded actions of a control clique of people and then some faggot always responds "HURRR NOT TRU GOMMUNISDS". Fuck your tiresome shit.
This is why you're dropping users like flies. You're all too fucking stupid and cucked by BO to realise the people that used to post here just outright hate your fucking souls now, and won't be interacting with anyone like you again, save for laughing at your stupid shit, mind.
Fuck you too buddy. I hope the users of this board choke. I really, really fucking hate you people, and I find it ridiculous to think I once liked you all. You're all fucking scumbags.

but where are the proofs?

You're a known false flag poster. Your opinion is irrelevant.

The future generation trusts you. Oh wait.

You're legitimately autistic.

that shit is absolutely infested with virus software



The next generation will be anarcho pritimitivist



Refer to:

t. still posts on shit leftypol with 800 users
You can't call anyone autistic you spergy fuck


Typical response from new leftypol.

See what I mean? You're all fucked in the head. You're a bunch of shut in burgers too retarded to go outside that consider yourself too radical for the Democratic Cops of America. You're not anything. You're autistic fucking idiots arguing over whether leftypol is better than leftpol. You're fucked. You're retarded. You're witless mollusks pretending to be real life people.

There's more

Pure autism

Shut up already


A bloo bloo bloo kiddos

Boy who would have guessed

They aren't wrong

Shut up

Just forget you were posting and stop being autistic, go to sleep.

Fuck off back to /leftpol/, red liberal

Two of these don't even have images they just are calling you dumb.

At which level will this board reach True Communists? 500? 300? 7?

Shouldn't you guys be used to political purges by now? They've been part and parcel of all left wing political groups since there was such a thing.

I don't like /leftpol/ I just agree that anarcho primitivist mandatory education with horse and buggy is the future and a good idea.

But you are the dumbfuck here complaining that leftypol has been destroyed after every user of merit has left, you thick nigger.

So the hardcore r*java red liberals have decided to try and ruin Holla Forums after /leftpol/ failed to take off as fast as they expected? Wow great job guys.

But that's your argument, not mine.

BO pls

This board has been being slowly co opted by liberal antifa faggots since the election.

I'm still here :)

Yes, my argument was that every remaining user was thick as pigshit. Correct.


Right because right wingers don't purge people at all. They just assassinate them for banking interests. I guess that is sort of different.

You are a remaining user

So basically

Reminds me of Kronstadt but in reverse.

Stop throwing a tantrum for leftpol, you aren't making it look any better right now. As a leftpol vol, I urge you to desist.


You commie fucks deserved it.

there were more posters responding to LTV threads on the last few months than there were in the other half of the year.
Your standards are too high.

If everyone who thought the BO was shit just left to another board, how badly would the userbase be fractured?


No, I came here because you've all shit yourselves that much I came to laugh. I'm by no means someone that uses the board in any real sense beyond looking on in disdain.

Kill yourself nigger, I don't like either of you. I'd say you're not a leftpol vol but you're a meddling illiterate so there is some basis to it.

Fuck off tank this shit is not "the last few months" and everyone with your flag is a lying little cunt anyway.

I'm on your side dumbass, you aren't making it look better.

So you're saying you just are here to be as obnoxious and grating as possible

I hate your posts they smell so bad omg

How mad do you even have to be about American bases in Syria?

Yeah, because I don't like you. What part are you not getting you leftyovers dolt?

Removed the volunteer.

Assuming you're genuine: it's waaaay too late for any of that. The phantasm was codified before any of this even happened.

Good job. Now step down.


The creepy thing is I'm pretty sure you're quoting something I said in that very thread rn.

I've never engaged in any falseflagging.

Jesus christ guys. Is R*java all that matters now?

KYS faggot



Why don't you link the thread, rather than cherrypick the one post which was saged to boot: >>>/leftpol/3040

eat a dick tbh


Really nigga?

another quality argument from thew namenigger


Hoochie was confirmed to be a mod ages ago. Ignore the fat ankled retard.

Holy fuck I'm a mod?

It's bad because communists don't have it and never will. Read a fucking book.

What's funny is, I actually made an email account to ask to be a mod when they were asking, and BO said if I was willing to stop with my silly shit she would strongly consider it, I never got back to whoever they are because I forgot all about the email account I made.

I was about that close to being a mod though, and I would probably have banned you.

eat a dick tbh

Read a book.

Why should we let fascists have it when we don't? You sound like a liberal.

prove I haven't or back to your drunken shitposting

I'm completely sober right now, what a rude assumption!

wtf comrade harrell will collectivize the snacks


Make your case then.

ok now i know at least some of these /leftpol/ people are Holla Forumsfags

read your email

why are you never transparent with your userbase you utter retard

wtf can I get an email too?

Are we going to be able to have the deleted threads restored?

Fucking wreckers.

ok, so you just came to autistically post over and over again and make 0 arguments? cool. you definitely don't sound mad as shit in all your posts

Hoochie = BO

everything makes a lot more sense now

About what? The board logs are up. The rules are listed.

Doubt that's possible.

Ask Ron to restore the server back-up.

That will only bring stale old threads

Don't fucking do this.

make new threeads for fuck sake!!


Jesus Christ nigger just shut the fuck up if you expect arguments from someone that admits openly at the beginning to want to rag on you. Fucking spergy cunt.

Still, it's possible. Depends on back-up time, etc. Personally don't think it's necessary as the threads have been archived anyway.

thinks activated

Seriously, this isn't hard.

your shit decision making? why you decided to add stupid wordfilters the userbase hates? why you decided to add 200 character rule for OPs and leave clear spam and shitposts up while deleting real threads that are under 200? why when we check the ban log we see things like this? where is the transparency in this ban? what rule was broken here? where was this rule posted? why haven't you handed the board over to someone more competent?

Indirectly supporting Isreal is bad. Stop doing it.

you have schizophrenia

Eat a lot of brain force plus.

At least I'm not a zionist.

Wrong leftypol


all christians are zionists

Why don't you just step down? You don't like this board anymore, you don't like being BO, and you know you created this situation through your stubbornness and autocratic behavior.

Who is this?

Probably hoochie becoming a vol. Who better than one of the shittiest, most disliked posters.

Why do you think this?

Next, you should try to remove the dicks from your mouth

Not that user but Nguyen is a common Vietnamese name

Because: >>2264016 and

Tell me again the BO isn't actively sabotaging the board.

That's a bit of a reach.


It might just be spite at this point.

How is that a fucking reach when you said you applied, BO told you to read your email, and a vol position is open after the rogue was removed?

Sure it is, honey.

welp it's been fun

Alright fuck /leftpol/ I was happy to ignore it but now I actively hate it.
Splitter faggots get the fuck out and leave the board with an actual population alone

i aint clickin that shit

I wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 did it.

guys I have a pic of the rogue vol check it out

Nah I think it was genuinely a rogue. There's really no reason for BO to do this.

BO straight up said they were idling as BO purely out of spite (of course in a now deleted thread).

right just like there was no reason for the asshat character minimum, the filters, the removal of flags or the shitfit about bunkerchan in April. Nope no motivation whatsoever so it was just a lone nut :^)


Those can all be explained by a retarded motive like improving thread quality, being a funny faggot, being lazy, and being paranoid. Nuking your own board doesn't have any motive.

Good night Holla Forums
please be well

Let's hope pic related happens soon

Did you read my post at all? Do you see the pattern of behaviour here?

Ya, and the things you listed have a understandable reason that's not solely sabotage.

Honest to god just go back to leftpol. You have your own board. Stop giving leftypol shit and just go…

I didn't do the mass delete. The vol who did it has mod actions going back for weeks, which proves it wasn't me, because I'd be too lazy to create some sock volunteer and then actively mod with it for weeks on end.

No one's giving Holla Forums shit, only the BO.

I believe it.

How about to prevent something else retarded like this from happening you remove the char limit, the sectarian wordfilters, and the imperialism rule. We can go back to the good days where there was no board drama and people thought you were chill.

You sure it wasn't just a BO meltdown again, like the ones we had before?
Are you using that now to stir shit?

are you Too lazy to edit the HTML of two entries to say "Deleted"?
anyway who is Nguyen?

You guys been swarming the place with damage control since the fucking ball dropped. We KNOW it's a rogue mod. It wasn't you guys even if he sympathized with you so just leave it. I am tired of you guys spamming hotpocket shit everywhere and shilling for leftpol. BO has been a dick and people get it. But a lot of us don't want to leave and that's that.

Post with your capcode pussy. It's embarrassing how desperately you want to cling to power.

Which image in this thread proves that?

other vols can confirm it if they want.

Why not? Do you people have Stockholm Syndrome or something?

I've only saved this. It's better than fucking "hurr durr BO falseflag 9/11"

Fuck off bitch. How bout your rewrite and repost every lost conversation this board had because of some fucker due to >muh leftpol v. leftypol shit.


what the fuck is wrong is you?

why must the left need a strong man type to not fall into the same old trap of cannibalizing itself?
asking for a comrade

wtf BO.

volunteers can't see usernames, if that were true, they would know who purged the board
3rd time: Who is nguyen?

The audacity to make an error riddled post like while you clearly have no handle on the situation is astounding. The BO has been promoting /leftpol/ from the start.

Get some perspective.

so is it valid to report people for being Holla Forums (or looking damn close to it) and arguing in bad faith (oldcti) because i don't know if they ever get deleted or not

I don't think now's a good time for that.

Why do you do this?

if you cede that it might have been sabotage, I cede that it might not have been sabotage, at least in lieu of conclusive evidence one way or the other. It just seems sketch as fuck to me.
BO and mods are pushing the lone nut narrative hard but without much evidence, just repetition of the narrative. You'd think if they had conclusive evidence they'd post it since that would clear things up. They have yet to.

They're boards, m8, not cities. I can be on both at once.

off to a great start
one small, censored screencap =! conclusive evidence
talk to the person we're bitching to and fix the shit we're bitching about
haven't done that. Most of the people here telling me to go to /leftpol/ do so when I disagree with them, the same way Holla Forumsyps tell everybody who disagrees with them to go to Holla Forums
nice noncommittal, open-ended mea culpa lol, Jimmy Swaggart would be proud

yeah but this thread is fast so i feel like i'll get a yes/no quicker than if i ask in the mod thread that might not exist anymo–actually i think the board got restored?

lol the deleted guy is even here.

We had a real fucking nice thing going here for over a year (or is it two now?). Jesus Christ resolve this situation already. BO either: A) make a heartfelt apology with a long essay about why you were wrong, B) resign and give control to someone who isn't burnt out and wants to continue facilitating and open leftist discussion forum, or C) the rest of your grow a fucking spine and move elsewhere already


The mod thread's been up for like, half an hour, mate.

I was just reacting to his overall attitude. He just seem to not give a fuck about what happened.

yeah well my plane leaves in less then half an hour

He wants people to leave. He wants people to go to /leftpol/ (or anywhere that's not Holla Forums). He has contempt for his userbase.
Regurgitating from the horses' mouth, all of it.

He was talking about the pirate flag, mate.

I suppose this is the only choice.

What do you mean?

Oh no, not leftypol. Boo Hoo. However we will live?

What a fucking cunty reply. Go fuck yourself. Saging a sticky because fuck you.


Can't believe this shit. Things have been really down for Holla Forums lately and I don't mean to be the "oh Holla Forums has gotten terrible" guy but damn has this board hit a few bumps recently. I don't want to leave because this place is comfy and has good discussion. I don't want to migrate again I've already left 4chan I guess we just have to pick up the peaces. People really don't want this board to succeed. The anglos are really trying to shut it down


Why is this drama even happening? Is the moderation team full of 15 year olds or something? This is some shit you see in a high school club

One mod just went rogue over some bullshit.

BO gets mad and does some biased modding/wordfilters. A rogue mod (or BO which I don't believe) decides to wreck leftypol's shit.

you read The protocols of the elders of Zion?
it's like that, but with IRCfags instead of jews.


I don't get why the B.O. doesn't just fucking apologize and stop their asinine bullshit. For Christ's sake, how fucking hard would that be? I don't understand why they wouldn't just stop this drama right now.

BO is the no Lowtax confirmed. Beware all non-goons who post here

They're on a pretty blatant power trip, but hey it was just one mod and that's the whole problem, right?


Getchan still has pedo shit

Why do you need an apology? What would that do?

The B.O.'s power trip hasn't ended yet, boy-o. There's sure to be plenty of autism yet to come.



kekkity kek

I don't personally need an apology, but an apology would certainly bring most of the splitters around on this shit. It would help fix things probably

becus ur gay, and he didn't shit, this was thing in Holla Forums

and nothing of value was lost
Holla Forums is for shitposting
/marx/ is for theory

that's why I don't care about all this drama and BO faggotry
if some mod has a problem with me, it is his problem, because I always have my VPN ready and you can go suck a pee pee

when /marx/ was wiped it was really a blow
revisionism thread alone was worth more than your "theory" threads combined together

but I gotta give it to the administration
200 character requirement on a shitposting board? just wew pic related way to ruin all fun



My exact thoughts

Yawn(Nobody will ever love or miss you, congragulations for your only post. )

Does anyone have that language analysis that an user did on Holla Forums vs Holla Forums? If Holla Forums is retarded then Holla Forums is braindead.

If the BO wants to retain any dignity, they'll need to hand the reins of the board over to someone else rather than crash the board with no survivors.

They didn't.

Yet here you are.





BO pls

Between the BO's malicious behaviour towards communalists(seemingly random bannings, targeted wordfilters, removal of PissPigGrandad's flag), the minimum character count for OP's(there have been plenty of worthwhile discussions here that flourished from low/no-effort posts), flag-related shenanigans(renaming the anarchist flags so they're all over the place, removing a beloved designated shitposting flag and the aforementioned PPG flag when people are still waiting on a Posadist flag), and the continued maintenance of wordfilters set up in the midst of a drunken stupor are all examples of the board being destroyed from within.

If that isn't malice, than dousing a building in gasoline and throwing a burning matchbook into the gas is not arson.

ban in 3… 2… 1…

remember when everyone was asshurt because Holla Forums was neglected when boards were being restored after a hack and the admin was considering leaving the site to avoid being picked on further but he didn't because of preschool tier stubbornness "that's exactly what they want me to do"?
maybe should have gone with your first gut feeling there tbh
this kinda thing will keep happening and you're gonna lose everyone before you're able to get them to follow you to someplace else

I only recall the IRCirclejerk that tried to force the migration being asshurt over that

The useful dating advice anons gave now its gone.
fucking hell, even the user count is really low at the moment.
any way.

Documenting the "200 chars" spam:

The 200 chars spammer were banned for 0,5-1 hour depending on spam severity:

The rogue mod re-stickies and cycles the /leftpol/ migration thread, posts "this is the death of leftypol":

Another vol's response:

Rogue mod's sperging spree starts, first reports of thread deletions:

Rogue mod advocating for exodus before his removal:

A post history sample of the "BO/leftypol vols did it" narrative:

Leftypol BO:

still not proof

Proof of what?

I was one of those anons, if you mean the recent posting in the trash thread. Here's the new one, we can pick up where we left off, if you like.
Get dem digits from her, comr8. :)

He even deleted daily news from newsAnon. why are we infested with silly drama fuck i just wanted to shitpost and read theory with fellow comrades

Shit, I just realized I still have that thread up since I haven't refreshed the page. I'll see if I can get some screenshots for you, user.

Also thinking about this more; fuck, I knew this shit was the same crap that other fags tried to do with /furry/ back in the day and made/tricked/forced everyone to /fur/ to make the board start over and be less active or popular so it won't be one of the top boards.

Bait pls go

Most people are going to remain here, so there's not much to worry about in the popular board dept.

The proud poster who spams "it was an inside job" in every related thread here: >>>/leftpol/3169

No crap, but i'm saying.
On a other note; hope that things will be going smoothly soon tho, and hopefully now with the traitor mod gone now, sine the active raids and bait that was going for a bit now (when the mod was around).

bait pls go

I'm just an user who's been spreading sedition in regards to the /LEFTYPOL INSURRECTION DON'T STOP TILL THE B.O. DROPS/ and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me

rogue mod sleeper cell comrade >>/leftpol/

Fuck back off to halfchan. No one's buying what you're selling.

I hope this helps. If you want your responses capped I can do that, too.

wow you are awesome!

thats because you're on the last chan with a large userbase that hasnt been entirely co-opted by liberals and the left in general
when you have nearly every corner of the internet to exist on you come to the place that overwhelmingly vehemently opposes you and your presence drags the same reddit/tumblr tier trash that drove the creation of this place in the first place

>>>Holla Forums hates their own mods why would they become one?

Anytime, user. :D

It's only swinging one way, kiddo.
You nor your beloved B.O. can stop this any longer.

lol stop ur scaring ming :O

Leftists fucking up each other, history repeats itself.

>LeftistsHumans fucking up each other, history repeats itself.
This isn't something relegated to the left, only. Tbh this just seems like a more personal clash between a select few individuals. Most users here are just witnessing the spectacle. Things will die down again, as they inevitably do when there's drama.

Reminder that Holla Forums was created in part to solve the problem of corrupt board owners

Make the jump

Refugees welcome!

Go back to reddit.

/liberty/ delusion every now and then is always satisfying

Don't know whether to cringe or laugh. Daily reminder that Pinochet was a puppet dictator, installed by the CIA, by overthrowing a democratically elected socialist, just to further capitalist interests.


That's like 90% of Holla Forums.

Kinda like most people hated Moot but still fell back to halfchan for some reason.

BO Maoist self-criticism when?

Btw I didn't mean to be so rude in my comment. I appreciate if you were giving an invite on good faith, so that shouldn't be knocked. I just disagree politically with ancaps, as most do here. Just wanted to say that.

There’s always a better way of posting.


and not a single source was found that day

look you disingenuous cunt, this place is far from perfect, but it's not at the level of arguing over an imaginary network of pedophiles, or pissing about the ZOG Occupied Government, or complaining about being cucked by women who we have never met in our lives. Your only here to kick shit because of the nuke, thinking you can kick us when we are down. Go back to your anti-intellectual echo chamber over at /r/the_pol

A volunteer sacrificed herself to carry out a cultural revolution, wiping out all traditions and reified thoughts, allowing us to start afresh from a clear slate, and all you faggots did was repost the exact same shit threads that were posted before.

You deserve this shit board.

Declassified documents proving the CIA purposely destabilizing the Chilean economy to undermine democratically elected Allende, just to halt a socialist government.
Economic collapse:


How do you know the rogue vol is a girl?

Because everyone is a little girl on the Internet. Or because user thinks the rogue vol is a tranny.


The board was actually in the process of regaining some quality, due to the 200 character limit, there was less spam. Obviously some volunteer got salty about /leftpol/ dying. I don't know how anybody could possibly blame BO for this. I'd rather have a grumpy ML who's only fault was to do a wordfilter but enforces a "hands off" policy than an anarchist or a leftcom. Every online community led by anarchists or leftcoms has turned into an absolute authoritarian, censored, passive-aggressive dumpsterfire and circlejerk, I really want to continue Holla Forums the way it is with the 200 character limit.

/leftpol/ really is prove of what ilk of people left. Zionists, imperialists, NazBols, proto-AnCaps, etc. - it's becoming clearer that the people who got upset about BO were indeed only interested in openly shilling for imperialism, and no, that's not a strawman when I see people advocating deportation of Palestinians because of Israel's "progressiveness", as it is consensus on /leftpol/.

A mod that sabotages the biggest leftist community on the internet that isn't a reddit echochamber for ideological reasons is certainly a good mod, yeah. Fuck /leftpol/.



Wait, Hoochie is a mod now?

no the 200 char limit was fucking trash

I want the populists to leave.

we know


Don't you mean "shitposts on"?

If you can't be bothered to write two sentences instead of one you are part of the problem. What's the point of opening a thread below 200 characters on a board that has 5 posts per 10 minutes? It doesn't make sense to have a dozen "Read Bordiga!!" or "tfw no gf" in the catalog considering this pace.

Muke is an asshole. I don't know if there is any person I could think of that is more unsympathetic than this cunt.

No, I mean deleting the entire catalog. Is that not what happened? The volunteer is very likely still be a volunteer on /leftpol/. As long as /leftpol/ doesn't bother to purge someone like that, I don't see a reason to trust them at all.

Hoochie wasn't the mod that did it; that's who I'm talking about. It seems he wasn't even a mod until today, after the nuke. Earlier in this thread here BO says he axed the culprit mod.
I hated Hoochie at first but they've since calmed down a lot from the earlier days. Now they're actually a decent poster, imo. At least we know they've been here long enough & seems to care about the board, no matter how passe they act sometimes.

Burden of proof friend

This is why I've been beating the UNCENSOR THE FUCKING BOARD LOG drum for over a year now. Fuck it, I'm done.

How cucked do you faggots have to be to not go to /leftpol/ at this point

Do you guys believe me now that BO is literally destroying the board on purpose?

Other way around. It doesn't make sense to slow down and already slow as fuck board.
Some of the sub-200 char posts were liking to videos and pieces and shit. Some of them were even asking full questions and just didn't hit the 200; it's more than you think.

It wasn't a /leftpol/ vol, and BO here already confirmed that it was a native vol that's been removed

I believe I've lost a lot more hope for this board now

BO has been a dick since the April fool's hack, so it's nothing new. We're just along for the ride & things were getting better. There's been many bumps along the way here & things usually return to normal until the next drama.

You guys freaking out over Hoochie is pretty funny to me, tbh. She's been here longer than a lot of you. We tolerate it. I'd rather Hoochie than some rogue mod or Holla Forums dick sneaking their way in. BO should've modded me though. I'm still salty about that. This nonsense nuking is exactly why.

The sooner everyone dries their tears the sooner we can get back to normal. If Holla Forums gets fucked, then we have a back up, now.

quality over quantity is the way of diamat

Holy shit.
Btw /leftpol/ is full of liberals and redliberals. Fuck them

The evidence keeps on mounting. We've been targeted for subversion by r/socialism.

My god it all makes sense.

Honestly yes. I think that we had an invasion of people who got banned from r/socialism. Think about it. Since cville this board is full of reddit shit. Antifa americans redliberals invaded the fucking place.
There are unironic americans here that think that punching fascists and reacting to the rise of "fascism" is more important then fighting capitalism

Please, anything but Hoochie as a vol. I'll purge all the kurd supporters you want, just don't give Hoochie any power.

It's too late, Holla Forums will now uphold Hoochie-Dengism, the final stage of socialism before we become a spacefaring species.

I unironically think this is a good idea.


This man is right. Hoochie has no place as a vol on Holla Forums.

She should be the BOARD OWNER of Holla Forums.

The reddit imports are MLs and most antifa "support" isn't coming from them.

t. Hoochie

Huh, I guess namefaging and atention seeking on image boards does work.

Not true. Most M-L on this board are not supportive of liberal trash on r/socialism.
Most of them are borderline actually reactionary too. Think of every M-L post in every thread where gays are mentioned. r/socialism is an ideology of their own

Lol is this a Hoochie Ban Message?

The older socially cuckservative MLs are Holla Forums converts who liked the soviet aesthetics and the newer ones are from reddit. This could be deduced from the new MLs spacing and frequent use of literally. The "antifa support" is just thinking smashies punching nazi larpers isn't going to doom the communist movement, I've seen very little uncritical support for antifags.

It sure does on dying boards.

Agree with the second, the first one is classic leftcom retardation.

The Alunya thread is gone

It's absolutely true and was true since the time leftcoms were one guy with facebook memes. I've been here since late 2014 and for whatever reason ML attracted more disaffected Holla Forumsflakes than other tendencies.

/leftpol/ did it.

Because ML is and always has been the standard. Following this reasoning ML cannot exist IRL.

I have no idea what you're trying to say here fam.


Maxism Leninism has always been the standard. The first idea of communism you are exposed too are ML ideas (soviet union ecc.) the most famous and proved ideas are the ML ones. Following your reasoning every ML is an ex fascist. /marx/ is a board of Holla Forums converts? ML irl cannot exist? That's not true.

Do you have Stockholm's syndrome or something?

tankies confirmed for illiterate retards

Isn't it true? Go to the first guy in the street and ask what is communism and he will say that is the soviet union. I'm not saying that this is correct.

ok, you get one.

By that standard then our first "ideas" of socialism we are exposed to would be "when the government does stuff" and it would then "naturally" follow that we shouldn't deviate from that conception using the same logic

So apparently /leftpol/ BO concluded that it couldn't have been one of their vols since the rouge mod didn't consult with him before going batshit. Not very convincing, if you ask me.

ideology begins at conception

Not quite. /leftpol/ BO concludes that it wasn't one of their vols based on "talking with a bunch of Holla Forums mods on TOX" and THEN makes an aside that a Holla Forums mod who hasn't been in touch with him shilling his board is a weird thing

You can't scroll down even after I spoonfeed you, user?

So being a trip fag and being despised by everyone gets you places

No I didn't say we should the deviate retard I was explain why so many Holla Forumsconverts or recent converts in general everywhere are ML


That's not leftpol's BO.

I'm not having this same discussion with you on both boards.

No, I specified "socially cuckservative MLs" the guys who say "homosexuality is bourgeoise fun so kill all trannies" as being ex-Holla Forums, not MLs as a whole. Holla Forums is a small board and I would be shocked if MLs here accounted for a whole percent of MLs, as such the demographics of Holla Forums MLs are a poor indicator of the demographics of MLs.

I want America to be turned to radioactive ash

This wouldn't be a problem if batko was in charge

quantity has a quality all of it's own.

sometimes short questions are a prompt to interesting discussion
sometimes long questions are someone discussing a black hole topic like gender issues, or some "i'm Holla Forums but let's argue in good faith (i will proceed to argue in bad faith)" dickhead.

if you want quality strangle bad posters, don't try and enforce arbitrary shit like character limits.

How long has Hoochie been here?

Since a bit before the US presidential election thread, back when Checkers was the village bicycle for lol milking. Gadsden and Afro just don't measure up as cows.

Long enough to still be a newfag.

AnFem's baiting was absolutely legendary though.

Hoochie wasn't the first or the best anfem.

I have no idea what you are talking about, nigger.
I know your delusional narrative requires a dose of persecution complex but this is simply ridiculous.

the story checks out

tru-dank for BO

this is the kind of stupidity that convinces me that only Pol Pot had valid praxis

Just imagine the kind of total void that exists between those glasses-mounting ears. Just sit and try to comprehend what kind of storm of electric nonsense is necessary to interpret the sensory data from the world in such a fashion as this, to come to that kind of a conclusion about the state of the world. Even if we are to accept the most charitable interpretation of 'liberal' and 'left' we can't extract anything valuable from this.

The only thing that could make one hold off on a bit of the old S21 is the knowledge that their sensory perception is warped enough that they may interpret it as a pleasurable experience.

Epic false flag xD

fake and gay

This x1000

Worst community on the internet.

lol no

Absolutely, and the responses to that post more or less prove it. You're insufferably smug, dipshit pseudo-intellectuals, and you deserve to be mocked.


I am a cuck

Do you think we care about the poor little reddit colony mocking us?

t. DEFINITELY not leftpol

Yes, it is implied this didn't happen.


You're right it's a mystery

If that's the only evidence you have in light of evidence suggesting the contrary on the board log, I'm going to just have to trust the BO over you.

I think the message is clear. If anyone misses my hot takes you can find me on /leftyweebpol/ from now on.

"/leftpol/ isn't a bogeyman"

And especially:

There is no "split" you dense fucks: the majority of posters on /leftpol/ are part of the greater Holla Forums community. Of course people who were banned here - no doubt many who were banned unfairly in one of BO's tirades - go post there, that's how it goes, but the communities still very much overlap. Nothing is preventing you from posting on both boards and the BO even wants you to move.


Hoochie makes a great mod so far. Unironically.

what a shock

Yeah but to be honest, NutSacs are still Socs.
I say that as someone who's always been economically leftist, but who's swung hard to ethnocentrism because I was tired of you assholes calling me evil because I was born European.

Your run of the mill capitalist, libertarian, ancap etc, those other people you consider right wing? They don't purge. And they're not on the same page as people like me, so it would benefit you to stop conflating us.

I don't think they're the same person but they have the same stated goals, so "supporting" one of the other is pure retardation

Great story, do you have time to tell it again?

so Pinochet killing nationalist military generals who didn't like the way he was selling his country to the USA was not real conservatism?
And the military couping itself dozens of times like happened in Turkey, Brazil and dozens of other countries in Latin America and Asia weren't either?
Fratricide obviously doesn't count too, even if it's often by done because of competing economic factions in the aristocracy.

or you know, hostile takeovers and other such things that happen in private bussinesses, heirs of wealthy families killing their paretns…

Disagree.it started with lies and ended up with corporate sponsorship


Didn't you say in another thread that you were only staying because it pissed people off?

Sounds kind of sexy.

I don't think any of us would do that. That's identity politics. We bitch about identity politics all the fucking time
But hey, welcome to leftypol nutsac

Looks like this is the beginning of the end for Holla Forums. Too bad. I used to like coming here.

hello /leftpol/

who the fuck are you?

It's because of this comment on the Daily Cal's website, the newspaper of the University of California:

What a fucking normalfag.

well, looks like we have to pack our shit up to /leftpol/ any way, it was a fun ride, until the Holla Forums hack and you sperged out.

Let me guess, the mods over at /leftpol/ are OK, because… reasons?

Know Your Meme provides a solid meme archival service. Memetic scholars would be foolish not to use it.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Holla Forums is the Fifth International!

I vote for a new Sixth International.

I said it from the get-go and I say it again
/leftpol/ is a Holla Forums puppet


Feeling comfy, I thought I'd just let you all know.

liberals were a mistake

I said from the start /leftpol/ was payback for /ggrevolt/. Divide&conquer at its most obvious. But it doesn't really bother me that polyps and baizuo would try to sabotage. No, the worst thing is that other leftists did. Meaning they betrayed their colleagues for the pettiest reasons, or they fell hook, line and sinker for the incessant divisiveness that always plagued the left, even in fucking Sumatran civil engineering mailing lists. One of the 3 or so leftist communities in the Anglophone internet that hasn't fallen to idpol, and still there's a salty cuck and/or gullible idiot to ruin it for everyone else.(USER WAS BANNED FOR DISRESPECTING THE DARK CARNIVAL)

I agree, it's a damn shame how divisive the BO has been over the past few months. I think she's controlled opposition.

Or maybe brocislists can’t into cooperation

What if I'm the spy

Or you

I wish I could say that being punished, online or IRL, for trying to warn people of an oncoming trainwreck triggered me, but it's the history of my life. By now it's an occupational hazard.

Okay, this was nicely subtle.

Why were you banned?

They're 9 years old. How intense is your assburgers?

The state of Holla Forums is absolutely HILARIOUS!

It is time to become the USSR.

Nestor, get the Tachanka


Just what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Talking shit about Juggalos.

Horeshoes were no longer comfy

BO should make a poll on divisive questions as 200 character limit and word filters, votes are only valid if posted with at least 4 theory books with timestamp (some strands of hair over timestamp make it even better) or a 1500 word effort post about leftism.

i think the jeans photo is all i have of hoochie, i would let her fuck me with a strap on not even joking

No need for a strap-on, user.

I didn't even talk shit about them, I just used a pic of them to attract attention. At first when I read that ban reason I thought it was a joke ban that lasted just a couple of minutes or something, but nope, 7 days.