This is just proof that both sides are bad

We don't know which side nuked the board and that's the problem, it could just as easily have been BO as a leftpol-friendly mod.

We need to create a democratic board that's free from powertripping faggots on both sides, run by the users and not the moderators. Things can't go on like this.

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Srsly though yeah this

Who could it be now?

wow it really could have been anyone, we may truly never know lol XD :^)

So like leftypol discord ?

I told u about mods dawg

I said without powertripping faggots, and include me in that if you wish, I just want leftypol back without all the drama. Moderators can't be trusted.

Every time I tried to create something like this it fizzled out so I'm not even going to attempt to do so again (let alone because I know nothing about chan ownership), I just hope someone who is actually level headed can do this.

A ☭TANKIE☭ would never #DoAnythingWrong LMAO

Make sure to post #EffortPosts to

Hey you stupid furfaggot, stop bawwing about discord and realise nobody gives a shit about that crap.

You might not care about it but I'm 99% sure the same people are involved in this split/coup considering it's the exact same modus operandi

Come to >>>/leftyweebpol/ for weeb discussion.

too surveillancecucked

Yeah no shit. Try being alive a bit longer until you see this pattern everywhere instead of your retarded chatroom shit, which was clearly your first dose.
Holla Forums says its a rogue mod and they are having keks at our expense.

Who cares what a bunch of troglodytes think?

Did they forget that one time moot caused a shitpost hurricane on their board?

Stop being dramatic, we'll see what happens. Things will be fine.

How will they be fine? We lost so much good content and created yet more ill will and now BO's paranoia will only get worse. Things aren't going to get better if we do nothing.

It wasn't the /leftpol/ BO

Stop being histrionic. Things will be fine.

I know who did this. I know BO's true identity, i have seen this before, it's the eternal Schnitz. He was not content with just splitting the Holla Forums discord so he went for the big one.

Support comrade Marxist Media in his struggle against board mod imperialism.

Okay, now I posted on /leftpol/ when they just formed, but the name is shit. Should we get some sort of centcomm for twitter? I can't be arsed with a fractured leftypol either way, no matter who wins.

Yeah, this immediately reminded me of Schnitz's discord coup.

No, they're both just ☭TANKIE☭ opportunists. I feel like a dirty armchair now.

It's just an incredibly common tactic. Anyone with political nuance and the power to do so can pull it off.

exactly what I said as soon as I saw it happen

FYI I don't even want power I just want my board back. I know I'm nowhere near an eceleb, I don't have the 'fame' relatively speaking to take this over myself

Sure it's possible but considering the core leftypol userbase is a few hundred people it's hardly unlikely for the same power climbing sociopaths from the leftypol discord to be responsible on leftypol

Look, idiot, this is how shit is done in the real world. People grab power and fuck each other over. The fact you saw it first in one place related to the second place you saw it doesn't mean that it's the same people. That's just the way the world works. You'll see it happen with your own eyes one day, and it may not even be related to anything other than the timesheet in your workplace, but that's just how the world is.
This is my first time back here since, and I dislike the initial attitude of the leftpol BO which tells me the same will happen there. But you need it drummed into your head that this is how politics works, at any level.

Oh yeah, unnecessary division fostered by Holla Forums caused this dick-measuring faggotry, so clearly the solution is to unnecessarily divide more. The let sure doesn't do that often enough, no sir.

Well this is the perfect time to hit the hay. If I come back tomorrow andd you fags falling for yet another obvious Holla Forums divide-and-conquer tactic, I swear to fucking God I'm travelling to San Francisco, breaking into the server building, stealing all the leftist boards and handing them over to /r/socialism mods.


There are only a relatively small number of players who are both capable and interested in power plays on this board, despite the users' delusions of grandeur telling them otherwise. It's perfectly rational to say "hey maybe these are the same guys as before".

Back to reddit friendo

Yeah, the board is very tiny and we're all an elite circlejerk that are very important. Which is why we're down over a thousand people from peak and a coup has happened. It's the coup leaders fault, and they're probably the baddies from earlier on which affected my incredibly tiny world of a hundred or so people.
I'm not saying it's impossible, but the fact that the coup is blamed on anarchists and has sympathies to the softer side of leftypol when the discord coup is fucking Schnitz makes me think it's babba's first political outing.
Get your fucking head screwed on straight pal. It's just a common tactic used against leaderships that are difficult to unseat through typical methods. In both cases the leaders were required to act like retards repeatedly, which is a common instigator of coups at all levels.

Maybe this will help solve the issue

See, it's shit like this that makes your false-flagging so clear.

rip in peace this board

Stop using the same images and we woudln't suspect you on Twitter.

Most Janitors are not on either side. We want to stay on leftypol, and we want the BO to step down.


You're really all over the place here. Are you against the coup or against it "being blamed on anarchists"? Because the latter makes it sounds like you're actually ok with BO being removed.

Do your fucking job, and stop asking questions


I'm not on twatter, what are you on about? lol

Imagine being this mentally ill. Absolute State.

Don't you have some shilling for Israel to do on your own shithole?

I'm "Get a grip on how the world and politics works you stupid cunts"

Because he said so?

Stop replaying your own personal spazzy arguments as grand narratives of the Holla Forums userbase

He's consistently claimed to not be a Holla Forums mod starting at least a week before the thread purge, I think his claim is more likely than him being a 3d chess master.

Stay mad you stupid fuck. People like you have destroyed this board and it has begun its death spiral. leftpol won't work and this place is dead, and you're a retard.

A. No shit, the mods are much like most people here, dumbasses.
B. No mods means more vulnerability, once Holla Forums hears and places that are into causing outright havoc like the remnants of Holla Forums learn about this the board will be flooded with shitposts and idiotic posts (except these are intentional) to subvert any progress and discussion, the serious discussion will not be able to balance the shitposting and we will collapse once more.

Make me supreme elected leader of the board and I will literally fix the universe in 2 milliseconds.

There it is

I remember him claiming that he was a mod. Nevertheless it can all be solved by BO publishing all the actions of every moderator, and not their post history like they seem to think.

Yes, retarded folks. The slow in the brain. The hard of thinking. Idiots like yourself.

Stop replaying your own personal spazzy arguments as grand narratives of the Holla Forums userbase

Wow I can't believe how rational and not mad you are.

You're the vol.

Got me

Vol mol you cannot hide, we smell you!

600 next week

:) I know

Lol what are you gonna do about it? I deleted all your faggy soyboy threads cry more :)

He never claimed to be and even cautioned mods against doing stuff like the purge. I find it easier to take his word instead of thinking this was a calculated move in 3d chess or some shit.

That doesn't even make sense fam.

I'm in contact with the BO right now. We're considering banning anyone who mentions leftpol, keeping the post limit, and making a small team of 5 critical Volunteers.

t. former vol

am I banned

You should be

No I'M in contact with both BOs and every volunteer and also their entire extended family's and we're training an elite mod team that will wipe you off the face of the earth. I already have 5 dozen bans on both boards in the last hour alone, you are powerless to stop me

That's retarded.
So let the board drown in shitposts.

Volunteer here. We're not going to stand for this anarchist upstart state trying to bully this board and my feelings by making my drunken and hormonal decisions the stuff of jokes. I am a volunteer, and me and all the people that are replying to me in approval are not me. Praise Stalin.

t. BO

As I said, we are conducting an internal investigation and making sure we get actual volunteers, and making the background checks more proactive.

It will start with 5, then more.

But what is agreed is that all posts mentioning leftpol will be banned on sight as spam, for at least 8 months.

I approve. Good post.

I love the retards in this thread screeching impotently about who ruined Holla Forums while endlessly falling for weak bait. Absolutely no self awareness

By the way I'm totally not BO trying to make it look like people like me. Which they totally do.

Are you calling other people paranoid?

What else did you expect from Holla Forums? Competent discussion?

Quit the paranoia, nobody is doing that.

This. We needed to resolve this bullshit in April but we didn't and now it's built up into a bigger problem.

I had a weird hope that since shit went down and people started leaving then at least it might be the shittiest posters. But that's never how this shit works so I don't know who I was kidding.

You are, aren't you?

Isn't this whole story about the vol being an anarchist mad at BO?

Yes. And it is what happened.

We can always just leave this board, convince the idiots we're in that board and then once they come, run back here.

So, just to get this straight, the vol is definitely in this thread defending the BO and also on a crusade to oust the BO.



We already know you're the vol, faggot. Stop defending the BO


The /leftpol/ thread that was pinned immediately after the deletions.

could also be BO trying to frame them.

No one said this. The claim made by several people ITT right now is that one single volunteer wiped the board as part of a scheme to oust the BO, and that this one person simultaneously is in this thread defending the BO. What other volunteers believe doesn't really factor into that.


No it isn't

Stop being stupid you dense cunt.

Vol :)

t. BO

I don't think the BO is competent enough to pull that off.

It's more likely /leftpol/ was started by a over a dozen US military bases in Syriafag pissed at the word filters ad hoc than as part of a carefully orchestrated plot to destroy Holla Forums. I don't see the autists here having the patience or capability for the latter conspiracy theory tbh.

Have we seized the means of board ownership comrade?

Intelligence is bourgeoisie.

I agree, I don't think it was leftpol BO, but you saying it wasn't because he said it wasn't is just silly.

This board has been retards calling other retards retarded for a while now. Too bad BO's shitty moderating and now this boardwipe will activate the extra-retard instincts of every sperglord on this board

It's relevant to the thread so I posted it.

I heard I was need and came as fast as I could

Sorry guys, but I've already started making banners for the other team. I guess Holla Forums is BTFO forever?

Eh. Doesn't have the same ring nor do I think it is accurate. But maybe it will be true.

I'm doin' the best with what I got, man.

if that's true, why haven't you posted proofs? could it be your full of shit?

That's a molecule, not a DNA you retard

I don't even have a smug enough anime face for this kind of retardation

Give me a quick rundown on what is happening.

all is dead all is gone
this is just a purgatory and BO here is to test us
are you worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Most of us are trying to figure it out, too. Just read some threads. Someone nuked the board & we're waiting to see how BO responds, basically.

What do you mean "someone nuked the board"? I thought only BO or mods can do that?

A /leftpol/ diehard fucked the board in an attempt to force an exodus to their own board.

Fuck the rogue mod and fuck whoever he supported. I hope he suffers crippling alienation. I hope his species-essence is ripped out of his fucking chest and is scattered to the wind. I hope that he will grow fat due to poor diet and get fucked over by bad healthcare. I hope his country sufferes underneath the boot of imperialism. I hope he has family and friends who are shot by pigs. Fuck him tbh. Fuck him hard.

Well, yeah. We're just not positive on which atm.

I guess the video of that shitty tranny blowjob was posted too much so they had to shut down everything.

They're just imageboard threads m8, they're supposed to be ephemeral.

You have no proofs of that and the pattern of BO behavior suggests a falseflag by them. Keep pushing your narrative tho kiddo.

You have absolutely no fucking evidence of this fucktard. This is the post history of the rogue mod. There is no evidence it is BO and yet who is pushing who's narrative you fucker.

When does this shit started? Man, this is so much more interesting story than Justice League

No one has evidence of anything beyond someone nuking the board.
The way the BO's acting right now really isn't helping.


You mean just lately or actually right now? If BO has made any statements about this particular incident yet, please link to it, because I'm curious as to how they'll respond & handle it.

read the stickied thread

I wouldn't call this an official statement, but here.

lirbra pls go back on watch parking in the south

Thank you! Don't know how I missed that, I was checking the catalog regularly. Maybe since it was stickied it slipped by me. Thanks again, anons.

the problem with democracy is that Holla Forums gets to vote

Prickly Two: Electric Boogaloo

Schnitz 2: Revenge of the Furfag

I think someone should lure BO in here by posting some CP. And then we can interrogate him

yes that's right it's a molecule of mod dna

Just bumping to remind everyone that, exactly as I said, we're crawling with SJW and Holla Forums skinwalkers using blatantly obvious divide-and-conquer bullshit. Add to that the fact that anyone who has been in Holla Forums more than 5 seconds knows that every fucking board has people trying to take down its owner for little to no reason, and even a blind man could see this was a set-up. Yeah, calling for BO's head and declaring "let's all go to /leftpol/" fucking seconds after the nuking? Nothing suspicious there, no sir.

Fucking hell. You would think being right all the time would be great, but my whole life it has gotten me nothing but headaches because no one ever listens until it's too late. And afterwards they only listen in order to hurl insults at me to mask their own fault.


Also we've been inundated with children that can't distinguish between websites and personal communities and take superfluous changes they don't like as personal attacks against themselves and their imaginary "community." These need to fuck off back to tumblr.

There is such a thing as false flagging, and BO is literally trying to destroy their own board, they even admit it. My point is there's no way to tell if it was a rogue mod or not and that's the issue, nobody would think the BO might have done this two years ago.

They aren't trying to destroy the board, you are just expendable as a poster.


People have been mad at BО and supporting leftpol for weeks before this happened. Have you been living under a rock?

It's still suspicious to me in context.

This is another user btw, not the one you were initially responding to.

I wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧?

Hmmm… no fun allowed, b0?

Who is this very twelve year old looking boy?


Uh, you dont get to bring shitposts

No really. Who is the boy.


BO owns both boards and is nuking this board in an efort to move people to /leftpol/ for 2 reasons.
He knows Holla Forums will stay here and he prefers the name.

BO isn't that smart fam.

Are you literally fucking LARPing Marx right now?

I could make another chan on my server if you like? Problem is is that it's a RPi3 and has slow bandwith.

No, the fact that both of us are/were right about everything is just a happy coincidence.

It's a real shame that someone seems to be going around telling good posters to go to /leftpol/. It's probably Hoochie or the BO.

What I gained from this event is that we should create a new board called /leftistpol/.

Are you simple? It was a /leftpol/ wrecker, obviously and uncontested even by the splitters themselves.

/radcenpol/ when

/leftypool/ when