Is this the first time Holla Forums has ever actually need BO to intervene? Lmao at the state of this board. We need a hero ASAP. Is this board wipe supported by the BO?
Seriously trannie please fix this

I sincerely doubt the BO was at fault here. 8ch is a pretty shoddy site.

The BO has a bit of a hate boner, they rightfully so want more MLS on this board. I wouldn't be surprised if they did this drunk or something.

that excuse only works so many times, Miss Piggy. It burned out when your mangled ass used it when you fucked shit up in April

Either way this doesn't look well on BO's part and is a perfect case as to why BO should step down.

You don't get to be BO batko stop.

it was a vol who posts on /leftpol/, unless we have to wear tinfoil hats for this, which isn't necessary because it'd still be the bo's fault.

You should get to be BO Bat'ko do it you sick cunt

I also would be okay with this

Saved this from the mod thread.

So how long till the rest of the site notices we've been nuked?

just what we need, more autistic spammers.

4/pol/ noticed already kek

we're their biggest bookieman. Of course

They're bashing their heads against the wall in happiness

kind of funny how 8/pol/ cares far less about us than 4/pol/ who are completely obsessed

What else is to their life

glad someone saved the photos I found :)

We all got plenty

8/pol/ and cuck/pol/ already know

I know who did this. I know BO's true identity, i have seen this before, it's the eternal Schnitz. He was not content with just splitting the Holla Forums discord so he went for the big one.

we need to archive these for future pol spam

I think you might be onto something

prove it

It's painfully clear that you're new. You should know a board before trying to troll it, kid.

too bad we keep getting nuked

Stay off pol you fucking soyboy cuck, I'm sick of leftypol's bbc bait threads. You wonder why your board is a laughing stock? suck my cock like your fat tranny faggot BO

Lmao, how dense are you? Those bbc bait threads have been happening there forever, yet you blame us, your most recent boogeyman? The projection in your post is palpable. You don't even realize how silly you look, by not knowing anything about our board, yet bitching about it. 90% of Holla Forums troll threads are from bored Holla Forumsacks or people from shit-stirring boards. We couldn't care less about 4chan/pol/ in general; they're a bunch of older reddit pedes pretending to be young & young people pretending to be over 18.
Also spoiler your porn. Then you can complain without getting banned for something so easily preventable.

no, most of the threads that got shoa'd were our bait thread >:(


We don't care enough about you to waste time on your board. See

nigger that's neogaffe among other groups. that doesn't excuse the shit you have pulled on /r9k/, Holla Forums, and /his/ and many other neutral boards.

Holla Forumsyps have zero self awareness. Like Hillary Clinton levels, lmao.

no thats you. you fags are all in discords and chat groups trying to bring political shit to hobby boards. get fucked

You're serious? You can't navigate many boards without Holla Forumsyps bringing up niggers or SJWs consistently, whether related to the topic or not. Holla Forums also routinely tries to dox users here, all while crying the victim card. If you've been here for any time at all, you'd see the huge difference between Holla Forums & Holla Forums content.
Honestly I couldn't give a shit less about Discord either, user.

Proofs? Calling people niggers is part and parcel of 4chan culture.

We do it because you are insufferable

4chan Holla Forums is still good quality, you just have to catch it at the right hour, aka when it is being shilled by the gorrillion interest groups like yours

Not calling people nigger, nigger. :^) But finding a way to bitch about black people at any opportune or unrelated time is extremely bothersome when you're not Holla Forums. I don't even go to many other boards anymore & especially not 4chan. But I see screencaps posted regularly here & I'm sure someone who crossposts can post some for you. I posted on 8/b/ & 8/n/ often more recently. Those boards were always inundated by Holla Forums nonsense. /n/ here got so bad that Hotwheels nuked it for good, iirc. gif related from that time. It's actually how I found this board in the first place. Holla Forums's screeching about this boogeyman being so terrible peaked my interest. The day I checked out Holla Forums on my own was the day I found a new home, a couple of years ago.
Lmao, not even denying that one at least. But you'll never see those dox threads here. That's hypocrisy at its finest, you have to admit. If you haven't been here long enough, stick around & you'll see that's the case.
I dunno, man. Too many teenagers for me. Once I was banned enough on 4ch I came here & forgot all about it. When I do see some crossposters here & they mention any happenings, sometimes I'll pop in, but it's always just meme after meme rather than actual political conversation. Serious discussion is much more welcomed, here, so that's where I stay.

Where do you think Holla Forums emerged from? Are you a newfriend?

Only where the topic on a particular board intersect with a Holla Forums topic. There is a whole world of difference between that and proselyting, shitty psyops, and ruining board quality that posters from Holla Forums have engaged in since late 2014/ early 2015. There were regular raid threads directed at /r9k/ and how to influence them going on for months.

With good reason, we have far better opsec. We aren't retard idpol fags that leave avenues open for exposure.

no it isn't. Most wouldn't even care if it wasn't for the raiding and slide threads ect ect much in the same way Holla Forums didn't report videos on youtube until baktos vids were taken down by reports.

be the change you want to see in the World. It's important to educate teens too. vital in fact considering the next readjustment of capital is due soon.

No it isn't. The only thing this place is good for is a specific style of reading recommendations.

I'm talking about 8/n/. So you're agreeing that's the case, but you don't care because it's your ideology/board?
Where do you think Holla Forums emerged from? Are you a newfriend?
Again, "it's only ok when we do it"
Holla Forums does this. They even got that long time /a/ mod canned because those crossposters sperged out so hard, pic related. You're also getting misinformation. There was a battle that we responded to because Holla Forums, for no reason mass flagged one of our YT creator's channel. We retaliated only for that. That was a special case because Holla Forums took their autism too far, for no fucking reason, again. We tolerated their shit for too long & it finally bit them in the ass. That drama only lasted for a couple of days, though. Another pic related.
All I saw was a couple of anons who happened to crosspost on /r9k/ from here; no "raid threads". Just like you excuse Holla Forums for doing that, you won't excuse that small minority just because they're leftist?
Yes, it is. You dox us & we don't retaliate, yet tolerate it. You claim we're the ones doing it & cry everywhere, when we're not. That's hypocrisy.
Nah I'm good. I left 4chan for a reason & most would rather meme at you. If they're ready to be serious they'll find their way here, like we all did.
Lmao, ok. You're delusional if you think otherwise. There's too many reddit users, teens & shill/liberal mods on 4chan to allow for any decent conversation.

ignore the weird copy/paste:
Where do you think Holla Forums emerged from? Are you a newfriend?
Right above that is my response to it:

And why do you think 4chan /n/ got canned? Because it turned into Holla Forums. This is a repeating phenomenon. Irrespective of what you think the causation is.

Nick land predicted it imo, it's an inevitable process of neoliberal capitalism and deterritorialization: "As liberal decency has severed itself from intellectual integrity, and exiled harsh truths, these truths have
found new allies, and become considerably harsher. The outcome is mechanically, and monotonously, predictable. Every liberal democratic ‘cause war’ strengthens and feralizes what it fights. The war on
poverty creates a chronically dysfunctional underclass. The war on drugs creates crystallized super-drugs and mega-mafias. Guess what? The war on political incorrectness creates data-empowered, web-coordinated, paranoid and poly-conspiratorial werewolves, superbly positioned to take advantage of
liberal democracy’s impending rendezvous with ruinous reality, and to then play their part in the unleashing of unpleasantnesses that are scarcely imaginable (except by disturbing historical analogy).When a sane, pragmatic, and fact-based negotiation of human differences is forbidden by ideological fiat
,the alternative is not a reign of perpetual peace, but a festering of increasingly self-conscious and militantly defiant
thoughtcrime, nourished by publicly unavowable realities, and energized by powerful, atavistic, and palpably dissident mythologies. That’s obvious, on the ‘Net."

No, there's an important distinction to made here that you are missing. I (and most others) don't care if you make a post that is relevant to the subject at hand on an off-topic or non-political board. What we take issue with is slide threads on Holla Forums and discussion threads that are in bad faith. The truth does not fear investigation after all.

We get mods and jannitors shit canned because there are infiltrators that ruined our board and our ability to organize effectively for example the Holla Forums safety squad threads would get autosaged due to a Holla Forums sperg. Those threads were in a response to a disastrous fire that killed people. Mods deserving this treatment has been obvious since gamergate if not earlier.

You've misread what I posted, that particular incident was started on 8/pol/ and was autosaged and called out by most people iirc in the thread. Before that point barely anyone on 8/pol/ cared about Holla Forums and there are many groups that are in direct opposition such as trs that have direct interest in causing such conflict. The point I was making was that baktos videos being taken down was unjust just as the regular slide threads on 4chan Holla Forums is and that in response both boards retaliated.
the people raiding .pl were the youtubers tbh

No, not cross-posting that wasn't the issue, there were threads discussing how to physiologically manipulate and force robots to be class-conscious. This lead to a major decline in the board culture. I was there at the time.

because you can't. We do it so you will stop lowering the quality of 4chan Holla Forums. Holla Forums have to my knowledge never doxxed anyone.

Then meme better. You misunderstand the underlying precepts that make 4chan and particular Holla Forums great and a force to be reckoned with.

Now why would anyone want to shitcan mods? :^)