What do we do about the NEET problem...

What do we do about the NEET problem? It seems to me that theres been a lot of pro-NEET propaganda being posted on leftypol lately by NEETs themselves and I think it needs to stop. NEETs are the scum of the earth who leach on the hard work of workers and aren't part of the labor movement so they are parasites on our cause, NEETs are mostly reactionaries as well and even if they do embrace left wing ideals sooner or later they'll go back to their reactionary ways.

lifelong learning

Ignore them until revolution and then send them to forced work camps in siberia.

I really don't think they're nearly as big of a problem as you're presenting them as. Work under capitalism is incredibly shitty and unfulfilling a lot of the time, so a lot these people probably wouldn't even be NEETS in a socialist society.

Fuck work tbh. One of my main inspirational drives for socialist revolution, is the dream of a utopia where I wont have to work. Like a modern Cockaigne or Abbey of Thélème


No true revolutionary condemns people for not wanting to work for this rotten society.

t. bootlicker

You are the problem, not NEETs. The entire point of Socialism is to stop the exploitation of workers you fucking idiot. Capitalism is shit and working under it is shit, and some people have realized that it is shit and instead choose to leech off the system so they can, over time, destroy it. Communism is not intended for its workers to work harder, they're supposed to be happy and if not working at all makes people happy then so-be-it, as long as they contribute something (theory, a personal project or something of that nature) then their existence is a fucking net positive you bourgeoisie Coke™sucker.

NEETs are leaching off their parents and the state (workers). How are they better than capitalists, exactly? They're gulag tier.

nice one boss!

Oh boy it's 'NEETs is de debbil busywork good FALC bad' thread #47318509648-470893174690161654

Tell me how you survive as a NEET without leaching off your parents (workers) or the state (workers paying taxes) - go on.

you're right he should just go get a job™ and start applying himself™®

you don't, that's why you have to press your tongue against boot leather

I don't like capitalism but yes everyone should get work for a living, socialism is just workers owning the means of production it doesn't mean we stop working.

Just admit that you're no better than a capitalist.

Do you think people can actually physically choose to not do anything their entire lives? The effects on the human body's health are something in itself but the effect of doing nothing all day actually has tangible negative mental health effects as well. Even NEETs don't choose to do absolutely nothing all day, most if not all have hobbies or do SOMETHING with all their spare time. It is LITERALLY NOT IN OUR NATURE TO DO NOTHING. Why do you vehemently defend wageslavery when people will do work regardless? Human Nature™ does this already, without you and your opinionated ass-kissing. People should be able to pursue their own interests, even if those interests involve very little work, but let's be honest nobody can actually live doing nothing at all, so why the fuck are you complaining about NEETs? Fuck off lad.

And if there are more people than jobs (which is inevitable given automation, and in the first world, outsourcing) the excess population should go starve? Or just get a job digging and then filling holes or some other malarkey that if anything is less productive than having free time to learn a skill?

I'm not the one who's saying that people should starve if they don't work, which is literally what capitalists say, mantain and enforce.

Regardless of how they manage it, NEETs found some way to avoid being exploited by capitalists. You are arguing that it is their socialist duty to report to work for the capitalist and earn money for him. So how exactly are you better than a capitalist?

"If revolution does not occur almost immediately, and I say almost immediately because technology is making leaps (it made a leap all the way to the moon), and if the ruling circle remains in power the proletarian working class will definitely be on the decline because they will be unemployables and therefore swell the ranks of the lumpens, who are the present unemployables. Every worker is in jeopardy because of the ruling circle, which is why we say that the lumpen proletarians have the potential for revolution, will probably carry out the revolution, and in the near future will be the popular majority. Of course, I would not like to see more of my people unemployed or become unemployables, but being objective, because we’re dialectical materialists, we must acknowledge the facts."
– Huey P. Newton (1970)

Man, if someone walked up to me and offered me something interesting to do that I can do for a living I'd do it, but I'm a NEET because
a) I can't put up with bullshit from glorified diploma mills and I resent having to build a resume/portfolio to convince people I can do what I can do
b) I haven't found much I can do that can be readily monetized, at least not without losing my remaining dignity
c) I'm not going to waste months "job-hunting" for the opportunity to stumble upon someone willing to even let me beg them to hire me
d) wage slavery is fundamentally soul-crushing and I'd prefer not to

On the one occasion when someone gave me a chance without asking to see my nonexistent resume, I was quite productive and widely appreciated by the boss, the coworkers and the clients (seriously, they were literally making me blush with how much they were complimenting me, pretty sure I was in the top 3 on everyone's employee ranking) and got an unexpected 50% raise a few months after starting, sadly the company was also a poorly managed shitshow and the business model was a pile of glorified scams, so it was unsatisfying and I'd have quit even if it hadn't crashed and burned.

The world is on strike against capitalism, NEETs around the world united in the common goal of making life fair for everyone, and here you are, a filthy scab.

I do all this shit and I envy anyone who has found a way not to. Having money is nice though, even if it is at the price of your dignity and soul.

Having money and working is nice but what's even nicer is abolishing capital and killing porky tbh fam

Abolish capitalism. Had I no marketable skills, I likely wouldn't bother working for a pittance to enrich some wealthy master.

When I last worked a shit job (prior to Uni, on a gap year), I exposed all of them to socialist ideas for essentially the first time, and the whole shop floor became full of radicals.

i wumdor wgo gould be behind this boast..

Checked tbh

ITT: NEETs exploiting their parents and other workers money complaining about muh capitalists

Get the fuck off my board bourgeoisie scum.

My parents are perfectly free to kick my ass out onto the street and I don't take NEETbux from the gubment.