Left-wing girlfriend

Is it worthwhile to try and find a far-leftist girlfriend, or should I just get a liberal gf and hope I could somehow, over time convince her from "impeach drumpf" to read Bordiga?

Here in eastern europe, finding a liberal gf would actually be an improvement, considering most people in eastern europe are either spooked conservative nationalists or milquetoast centrists, but even counting this, I'm gonna hear awful lot of "lol garl margs starved 100 million peeble"

There's lots of qts in the chapo crowd or Democratic Cops of America, it'd be easier to be with one of those than a liberal who thinks Hillary was a divine savior.

I mean, if she's a true socialist, then go for it. But searching specifically for a girl that has the same views as you (which almost no does in eastern europe) AND also you like here for her personality/looks? That might be a bit tough. I say try finding either a liberal or apolitical gf and then do your best to convice her to come to the red side

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watch out for spectacular failure. find someone you both feel good spending time with, interests and opinions are secondary and are not set in stone as much as your character is.

This is what you're up against.



I didn't say it anywhere that I am desperate for a girlfriend. I am single and I'd like a gf, but my life is not completely falling apart if I don't get one by tomorrow - I'd like to think of this as a long game, and perhaps invest more on self-improvement and getting a better job in the next year. This thread is purely speculative.

Good advice, I'm tempted to agree, but can't we still speculate on this topic, such as what is the probability of even meeting a left-wing gf? Ε½iΕΎek seems to have done this three times with playful ease.

I unironically see alt-right chicks who dress just like SJW's except that they spout alt-right memes on their social media profiles.

I mean here in eastern europe at least

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You're already not gonna find a lot of people who give a shit about politics in general. On top of that leftists make up a pretty small percentage of political people. I would rate the odds of finding a lefty gf pretty slim

Cant you just find a girl with a normal Autism Level and hit her in the head?

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if a girl has an anime avatar 99% chance she's ugly

I'm contemplating this for certain career-related aspirations, I'm never going to do self-improvement because of clean-your-room man or wimmen. Doing things for self-interest is not spook, there are /swoleleft/ threads here from time to time.


What is this supposed to achieve, to release the evil spirits trapped inside her skull?

Can confirm, 99% of qt's who happen to like quirky hobbies usually include at least one profile image of their real selves.

Nasu is Rebel

of course, I was just trying to give the best advice I could. I see this kind of stuff on chans a lot and I genuinely think a lot of people ruin their lives by looking for partners that will inevitably disappoint them,

it depends entirely on what kind of people you hang out with and what places you go to. if you never leave your tiny poland countryside village where nothing ever happens and everyone is a petite booj christfag then you're gonna have a hard time. if you're near or live in a big city there's a good chance you can look for a leftist org or club or whatever, albeit tiny. there will be other people there and some of them will possess vulvas that they might be willing to use recreationally. once you made first contact i'd say you have as much chance as with any normalfag girl.

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Find a far-right gf and dom her until she turns leftist.

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That is harsh, I think she looks pretty. Stop comparing realistically existing women to female actresses.

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