Your body should go to the state when you die so they can use your organs to help others instead of adhering to some...

Your body should go to the state when you die so they can use your organs to help others instead of adhering to some bullshit
semitic death ritual tb h(USER WAS BANNED FOR NOT HAVING AT LEAST 200 CHARS)

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But that would mean I have to give up drugs. Prohibition is bad, drugs give us a new view on life that helps with breakthroughs. DNA was discovered because of Acid, lots of creative types like weed. Alcohol has been in history since nearly forever. Your forced organ harvesting is bad, and will lead to a tiered healthcare system in which the politiburo gets the best organs and everyone else has to deal with less than optimal drug-addict organs.


this makes no sense

lol thats like saying more doctors and hospital will lead to people getting worst care what the fuck are you talking about

Nah, bodies should be put on a hill for birds to eat.

nooo dude no


Correct. Bodies should be used for science and to train med students.

this is true.

this is some 'free healthcare means enslaving doctors' tier shit.

used to play as him

what the FUCK

didn't bother with the add-on civs even if they'd be more ideologically pleasing.
and now that ideological interest would actually spur me to do something if i still played games i can't get over their research penalty. No WHITE HEAT OF THIS TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION, no sale.

Why do people give so much shit about what happens to their bodies after death?
I remember when I was 16 and got my drivers license, my mom freaked out that I had the "organ donor heart" on it.


it's the case in France since recently
you are automatically considered a donor unless you state not wanting so


same in greece
i'm afraid that they'll let people die if they are compatible with rich in need of transplant

I'm afraid you're a bit of an idiot.


because if they did theyd break the hippocratic oath and lose their jobs


if they're caught
you need to have faith in the system that these things will be checked
also plenty of doctors break their oaths
many require payment to get you medical attention

to add to that, most rich recipients arent usually waiting for organs that would require killing a man for.

The oath is not legally binding. The oath is not taken by all doctors.The oath is not required. The oath varies depending on who's doing it.

Indeed, we should all be returned to the protein bank when we die.

I want to think that he was trying to imply that governments would be incentivized to ban drugs and other lifestyle vices so they can get more usable organs, which makes some sense if revenue from organ sales/exports become significant.
It's still a pretty weird thing to consider. Can't make sense of the "only the elites will get healthy organs" part either, that's what's happening right now and I don't see how putting more organs on the market would make less organs available for the 99%.

Nigga your scenario is much more likely to occur before rather than after the whole population is signed up for automatic harvesting. Demand for organs is fucking fierce right now and there are literally people getting whacked and their organs stolen to fulfill it. Once enough countries join in the scheme there will be more than enough healthy organs to fulfill the demand. Sure, maybe if Bezos needs a 1-in-100-million donor one day they might let some poor guy die faster, but it'll be vanishingly rare.

You heartless Rafiq-tier niggers, get informed.

unoriginal remakes are lame tb h


That's what happens when you leave it up to private companies to scam their way.

In my country they take organs without asking so have a polite sage.

people who parrot this selfhelp book crap need to be publically guillotined

you shouldn't be

Well that's just unfortunate

Bodies should be placed in a community owned tower of silence so people can take organs whenever they fucking want them you fucking bootlicker

What book is this batshit sci-fi society you describe from? I don't recognize it

idk if there's a book about anything similar. I was referring to Zoroastrian body disposal