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I've always thought that calling it "anti-work" makes it sound like you'd promote people to avoid working at all. Maybe call it "anti-job"?

The misconception isn't uncommon. The way I understand it though, is that work != labour.


Don't be retarded. We will have enough tendies for everyone once we abolish scarcity

I'm not living in a commune, I'm totally dependent on industrial first world things, I'd die in a commune. Maybe 10 year old me would be ok with it,and growing up in a commune would have been healthier for me

… You're aware the the basic unit of Bookchin's politics is the municipality? You do love in a city, right?



Universal Basic Income.


So what now? The only thing that keeps me from the monotony are drugs that keep me into said monotony.

How do you afford drugs on NEETbucks?

Well for one thing, you don't work, but are the means of your subsistence taken care of? Or are you dead broke and do you have to live like an ascetic? Secondly, I'd say you should do all the things that work holds you back from doing, devote yourself entirely to self-improvement and the enjoyment of sublime and aesthetic pleasures, learn philosophy, learn science, go outside, travel, exercise, make friends irl, go fishing, go hiking, play vidjya, do drugs, go to concerts, learn how to sail a boat, read poetry, the sky's the limit. Now if this all seems unfeasible to you because it all costs too much, then there you go, that's the whole issue with money, wage labor, and alienation in a nutshell.


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How would this not just end up looking like NeoLiberal "gamification" of workplaces? I've always found the implications of this premise, even as it exists in the earliest Utopian Socialists, deeply dystopian.


It's definitely not inherently incompatible with capitalism or neoliberalism. Hence why it necessarily must be included with revolutionary socialism. But as long as we're actually abolishing capitalism, there's no reason why necessary labour can't be made more joyous.

anarcho-primitivists get the rope too

I don't do expensive drugs like cocaine and I also get drugs for free because I stash them.

Money isn't an issue ,I actually have about 5000 euro's in the bank that I saved up over 4 years of NEET and being semi-NEET. I don't feel like I live like an ascetic, I often buy fast food and rarely cook budget food like rice or potato's.
Here's how that goes for me;

I'll probably never get around to reading these, but can anyone tell me if the authors are making the case for gradual abolition of productive labor as efficiency gains produce abundance? Because that doesn't seem like a very controversial point, Keynes argued as much and a majority of the Left would probably agree with this.

OR are they trying to argue some refutation of Marx's conception of labor and humans acting on the environment, and arguing for the abolition of ALL productive labor? Because that sounds both ridiculous and fantastically utopian; intensive human labor will be necessary to maintain civilization at any reasonable population and total AI-tier automation is so far off into the future that it's not really worth speculating about.

How do you do that exactly?

How do you mean, where in my apartment I stash them?

Yeah, where do you stash them? Also, what's your address?

-The right to be lazy
-In Praise of Idleness

It's more a critic about productivism, getting rid of "bullshit jobs" that are not really useful for society.
-The abolition of work
-Manifesto against Labour

I did not read the rest.

No I mean where do you get the drugs? Do you grow it yourself?

Just try a station near you.

I'm friends with a dealer, he uses my fridge and storage closet and I can take what I want within reason. I don't grow myself because I don't find it worth the risk, ventilation is tricky in an apartment and I'm skeptic about advice like using waterfilter or cutting a hole through the wall to make it connect with ventilation.

Never do a grow if you don't know exactly what you're doing and never let people who tell you they know exactly what they're doing use your house for it.