There is at least one thing ☭TANKIE☭s and leftcoms can agree on right...

There is at least one thing ☭TANKIE☭s and leftcoms can agree on right? Market socialism sucks and is basically just capitalism but you get to kill your boss and exploit yourself and fire yourself. We can agree on that right?

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Market "socialism" is prob a million times better than the capitalism we live under today. Still not socialism tho

Yes. Leftcoms (bordigists) and ☭TANKIE☭s aren't that far removed from each other, leftcoms just simply don't have the guts to accept responsibility.

That, and being a sperg about doing anything whatsoever and being completely detached from the real world by telling some exploited as fuck worker from Romania in a Nokia factory to "do away with the law of value and to abolish the present state of things".

If they'd drop that attitude I could work with them. In practice a Leftcom wouldn't have done much different from Stalin, I mean Bordiga was actually less democratic than Stalin. Leftcoms don't realize Marxist-Leninists are on their side.

yugoslavia was cool but on the whole their marksoc gimmick seems to lack any significant advantages over a social democratic framework.

literally anything aside from free marke bourgeoisism is better than succdem tbh fam

don't make me get out the charts buddy

Remind me which revolutions happened without some degree of use of markets during the changeover to smooth things along? Better the markets are under the people's control than the control of the private owner during this time surely

The market can't be under anyones control because the law of value listens to no one.

there hasn't been a revolution since the end of feudalism

Everyone but titofags agree on that fam.

Democratic worker ownership of the MOP is objectively a step forward from capitalism.
I was going to rant at you but then I noticed your flair. I shouldn't expect you to know any better.

I was going to reply to you in pretend good faith talking about the IMF but then I noticed you're fresh off the boat from Reddit.



And you're fresh off the boat from Brit/pol/

This is always so funny.

on the one hand i'm petty enough to hunt the internet archive for my posts to make a point (i am very petty)
on the other hand i don't want to make the job of e-stakers easier in future.

have some irrelevant cringe.

I used to be an unironic Brit/pol/ poster, tbph. However, after reading Capital with a view to "debunking commies" I essentially became radicalised and consumed loads more Leftwing literature.

It's really tremendous how viewing things in terms of class struggle can erase feelings of racial animosity.

Kek, we should bait more Holla Forumsyps into doing this. Seems like quite decent praxis.

Titoism is not traditional market socialism. It was still a planned economy with market elements.


Yes, marksuccs are mentally ill, read Zizek.