The Fate of the revolution

either collapse outright or devolve into Dengism or NazBol
Never had a revolution
Sit in an armchair and purity spiral
Sit around in the wood doing jack shit as the "peoples war" moves into its third decade
Survive a few years advertise themselves as "actual working Anarchism/Lol-Soc then collapse

Am i following it right

Wipe your ass with your hand and wait for Porky to drop dead

Cuba holding on ok for an ml state


Cuba stopped being ML a long, long time ago.

Cuba never was 'ML', it only ever claimed to be socialist in order to court aid from the USSR, and the USSR only gave aid in order to secure an anti-US ally in Latin America. The Cold War makes a shitload more sense when you see it as a straightforward competition between imperialist powers.

S-shut up!



it's closer to socialism than literally anything leftcoms have ever done


Based Kim

I wonder $$$who$$$ is behind this post.

Dude, poor people in marginalized communities working with what they have to make a better life for themselves and resisting imperialist policies rather than laying down and dying is deserving of support and solidarity. Of course it's not socialism and only a fool would claim it was, but it's an embryo of something different and can be a source of inspiriation. The struggle is a long and arduous one for every single one of us, don't be a fucking dick. Are you going to denounce every single strike action that doesn't have immediate goal of complete world-wide expropriation. Anyone should be well aware that they are in no material position what so ever to transcend capital, but shitting on them for that is just bad materialism. Daily struggles for better conditions should always be defended and supported. Or you can shit on people for doing what they can to avoid starvation. Your call.


I wonder what damaging circumstances in life lead you to being this thickheaded.

Glass houses

Read Peter Hitchens.


Everything works out and it will literally be the workers utopia. After few decades of economic success they have the wealth, technology and industry to implement full communism.

You can't escape the contradictions of capitalism just by making everybody a petit bourgeois shareholder.


Absolutely reactionary


Market socialism would be transitional stage to communism which has planned economy and no commodity production. Its a way to achieve economic success after revolution which is important when you compete against capitalist countries for hegemony.

Market socialism is capitalism but bosses aren't needless cruel.

Socialism means that the workers own the means of production and worker owned cooperatives are in direct ownership of the workers. They decide democratically who is the boss and get full value of their labour as profits that the cooperative produces.

They are still forced to exploit themnselves as to invest in labor saving tech. The more they invest the less they can pay themselves. They are also forced to fire themselves in the company isn't doing so good. The market directly forces them to do to themselves all the bad stuff bosses do to them.

It is no transitional stage as it leads to the exact same shit as capitalism, such as falling rate of profit or monopolization. It could only be considered a transitional state when it operates under different laws as capitalism, such as a the law of value not determining production.
It's outcompeted by neoliberalism or social democracy easily. If it was economically successful, then why don't we see more cooperatives? Many corporations are already having most of their stocks distributed amongst their employees, all you want to do is to redistribute stocks.

How is this possible considering they still need to make a profit?

Eh Hitchens has changed in the last few years, he has kinda reneged on his views on New Labour (especially after the progcon-liberal-blairite EU remain campaign) in the sense of them being the actual left and he is strangely fond of Corbyn:

Leftcoms and ☭TANKIE☭s unite against market socialism

This photograph was taken after attempts to channel the spectre of communism, known in popular culture as the spirit of 69, ripped a hole in the fabric of society.


All the previous attempts didn’t collapse, they were put down. over a dozen US military bases in Syria is still standing, for now.

Take IMF loans and fail to pay them so your country colapses in a civil war orchestrated by the US and NATO.