How was Russia able to remain an anti-imperialist nation after their defeat in the cold war and their transition to...

How was Russia able to remain an anti-imperialist nation after their defeat in the cold war and their transition to capitalism? formerly socialist countries like East Germany, Romania, Poland, and Bulgaria all became imperialist after they lost the cold war.

on a peripheral note, can you tell me if Finland, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland are imperialist? I think it's clear Sweden is imperialist, but I'm not familiar with the other countries

Not by choice, there were a few attempts for Russia to join NATO for example.

I don't understand. wasn't it Russia's choice to defer NATO alignment?

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This but unironically.

we must critically support the german nazis in their struggle against british imperialism


Russia categorically cannot be imperialist. learn the definition of imperialism, it doesn't mean capitalism you don't like.


here is a handy chart to help too

But if we're talking about the USSR, do you not remember Afghanistan at fucking all?

don't you watch the news?

Damn those evil commies for aiding a government that wanted to abolish feudalism and fundamentalism in Afghanistan

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Damn those evil 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Brits🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 for trying to civilise the darkies

Funny how ☭TANKIE☭s sound like fucking neocons when trying to justify "their" imperialism. Next you're going to start talking about white man's burden

shiet, nearly half a million civillians died for a coup. wew laddie anti imperialism at its finest. i dont give a rats ass if it was for the greater good, look at what it fucking cost everyone, and its ideological impact.
no side is defendable for what went down.

Imperialism is about economic domination and exploitation. Going to war is the last resort.

The radical centrist has spoken.

Funny how you talk about imperialism without understanding what it is.

Russian is stupid imperialist. For fucks sake, they glorify when they were a literal empire. I don't get why they're let off the hook for shit burgers would get assblasted for.

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having dumb movies and television shows about the Tsars isn't imperialist. regardless of what they glorify, They're still saving the world from American Imperialism in the Middle East and Central Asia.

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>if you don't agree with my definition of imperialism you don't know what it is, and rather than educate you or reveal I don't know what I'm talking about I'll act smug about it

Imperialism = Wealth Extraction + Power. Learn this equation, and maybe you'll be allowed at the big kid's table.


maybe I just prefer not murdering innocent civillians over the "soviet cause." they can look at my post history, I'm just critiquing what should be called Russian imperialism over how it was handled. are you seriously defending every Soviet action in afghanistan as not a part of economic influence? really?


even if this is true (which it isn't, fuck off with your selective definitions) Russia today indisputably wants to become an imperialist power the same way that America is today. There is nothing to gain from defending the Russian government.

It is as much about military and political domination, even if they're interlinked. Reminder that Russia literally annexed Crimea from Ukriane to use as an external naval base. But I guess they where just doing it for the common good, not military might and control over the local oil pipelines


Hey, since you guys know about Imperialism apparently, can you answer my question? How was Russia able to stay the predominant Anti-imperialist, even after their defeat and subversion by Yeltsin and the West? what were the important names and vents?

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right, like those regions of Finland that got annexed after the USSR failed to conquer them outright and succeeded in drawing aggro from the West

we know

They didn't. Consider suicide


All those Bright Green landmines the Soviets Dropped of Afghanistan sure could tell the difference between innocent civilians and Mujahideen.
Or are you implying that the civilians deserved what they got because many of them were fans of the Koran and sympathized with the Mujahideen?


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if you're so buttmad about fundamentalism, enough to fucking invade a country and not at least focus on soft influence why not every other fucking country in the ME? their war solved nothing, face it.

yes I'm sure Russia was thinking only of the poor oppressed wymxn, but when Bongs and Burgers invaded they were soley interested in plundering and murder, because every Russian is pure and good and every Burger and Bong is pure evil incarnate

Russia literally did nothing wrong in Georgia. the people in Abkahzia and South Ossetia want the Russians there, the Georgians are the aggressors. go read the wiki article about the conflict and see if you can say this isn't true.

Same goes for Ukraine, but they shouldn't have shot down that plane.

the swine! how dare they?!
inb4 fucking Leningrad

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Like this isn't true. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 controlled and exploited the Middle east for most of the 20th century?


truly the most stunning upset I've ever witnessed

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Yes, unironically. The Taliban attempted to surrender, which US refused. Then US murdered randoms and Taliban got popular again. Meanwhile CIA is funneling drugs out. Afghanistan producing 90% of world's heroin supply is just sheer coincidence.

Finns already had relations with the Nazis before the winter war, and there are a fuckload of letters that prove they would've invaded. If Stalin hadn't stolen Vilipur from them, it's likely Soviets would've lost the Battle of Leningrad. The finns shouldn't even complain about that, Stalin offered them more land in Karelia in exchange for their 2nd largest city, but they were too proud to accept the offer.

And I explicitly said no side was defendable, the Soviets funded a coup that didn't last, enforced ideology as though there would be no backlash whatsoever. U.S. played their fight communism game per usual, and of course no one defends active religious fundamentalists.All I'm saying is that war was not a good tactic to settle ideological change. And was a definite imperialist action even under the guise of the Soviet good, to enforce economic ties and their unfluence over government.

As opposed to controlling and exploiting central Asia and Siberia.

keep connecting those horseshoe ends! c'mon you're almost there!

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Tankies like you settle my feelings towards MLs any time I get a little Soviet feeling in my heart.

>these papers that I don't show or link to prove it, nobody can possibly make phoney correspondences with Eastasian Spies under the personal direction of Goldstein
right like all the evidence that Poland was going to invade Germany which justified Hitler's preemptive strike against them. Y'know, the one where Saint Stalin made another gutless land-grab once it was clear that resistance was pretty much crushed already?
Like clockwork. They would have lost Leningrad if the Finns had pushed past the original border after they retook that, and into Leningrad like Hitler was begging them to. Russia was at its weakest and the Finns didn't invbade Leningrad, but clearly they were just playing 249-dimensional ping pong and still had ebul imperialist aims on it.
first I've heard of it, sauce?
'hay guise sell out and piss off your citizens for some worthless frozen tundra you don't have any interest in'
'whaddya mean fuck off! stuck-up assholes!'

Posting trash such as
in relation to Soviet intervention in Afghanistan will get you called a liberal idiot very quickly.

This is obviously a Holla Forumsyp false flag at this point.

It wasn't a coup, it was a revolution against Daoud and the bourgeois in power.


That's not what he's talking about, when the Soviets were called in for aid, they started backing assassinations of communist party members so they'd be replaced with individuals more loyal to Moscow and more willing to sacrifice on their behalf.

watch The Finnish Bolshevik.

We need to recognize "anarchists" for the Black Fascists they are.

Not even anarchists post such liberal garbage.

Agreed, Comrade.

They are a huge counterweight to US imperial hegemony. There is everything to gain.

there are somethings to be gained, but not everything to be gained.


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Yeah except the Finnish government moved forces in the Karelian isthmus and agreed with the Nazis to seal off Leningrad and starve it.

even if you use your front pocket change proxies people can still tell dear

how dare they shorten the front?!
I'm not up on that, did their role consist of 'don't let Soviet supply columns through your front lines to reinforce the army of the country that invaded you and took your land a few years back', or was there more to it?

moot point, The Finns attacked the Soviets first in 1939 with artillery. The soviets only attacked in Self Defense.

Right, just like the US was only defending itself after the Gulf of Tonkin :^)

Find me one Soviet source saying the Golf of Tonkin unquestionably happened, and then they will be comparable.

Reality doesn't work that way, and you don't seem to understand sarcasm. I'm saying both the US and the USSR manufactured those respective incidents as an excuse for their imperialist wars.

The Soviet union didn't manufacture shit. Since the Soviet Union isn't imperialist, there is no way they could manufacture an excuse for imperialist wars.

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I'd say both, the Finnish army was hesitant to attack Russia, yet they joined the German invasion and helped cut off Leningrad.

we aren't fighting US imperial hegemony, we're fighting capitalism.

It isnt


This is your brain on anti-imperialism.

How was that imperialism? Everything that the soviets did prior to WWII was for strategical purposes against fascist aggression.

What is Molotov Ribbentrop?

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Prior to the M-R pact the soviets offered France and Britain an alliance against Germany. Poland protested and had it blocked. Prior to that, the soviets offered Czechoslovakia military protection should the Germans invade. Britain protested and forced the czechs to surrender to the Germans. It is absurd to pretend the M-R pact happened out of thin air, and not after the soviets had done as much as they could to stop fascism in Europe and prevent a major war.

Sauce? Also why didn't the Soviets just send advisors and equipment to Czechoslovakia like they did in Spain? Why did Britain stop them there but not in Spain?

Because Czechoslovakia didn't want to go to war, and Britain and France signed the Munich pact instead.
Spain was at war to begin with, different situation. And if I recall correctly, the Royal navy let Franco land in Seville.