What will the gaming industry look like under communsim?

After the world revolution and when the big game corporations have been expropriated, how will gaming differ from today? No drm? No chargeable DLCs? No console exclusives? Will we be able to play Overwatch on Steam?

why would any of this exist in a moneyless society?

Gamers will be shot and the precious material used to create games and game-related products (rare earth elements, plastics, etc.) will be devoted to more productive purposes.


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That's why I'm asking. I just wanted to start a discussion.

does this offend you?

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Small groups of passionate developers will be able to create similarly small-scale games without risking their material well-being, as they do today. If their works are particularly good they might even get more materially wealthy because people will recognize what they did and be more willing to give them favors than the average bloke.

In addition, due to the elimination of intellectual property, the resources they would need to create games will become much more available to them.

However, I'm not really as sure as to the fate of productions large enough to need managers. In many cases, Triple A stuff isn't actually good, but in many cases it is; in those cases, I guess what would happen is a "crowdfunding initiative" by experienced creators who attempt to gain the material required to engage in the endeavor. This wouldn't be substantially different in nature than any public work, but for the case of only providing aesthetic rather than material value. These large works would likely be much more uncommon than they are today, but they'd still exist to some degree.

Obviously under Communism physical copies of games would cease to exist. You'd of course still need shelter, food, electricity, internet, and a computer to produce a game, but the demands given for those resources wouldn't really be very intense.

As far as multiplayer games go: you'll have one game of each genre
Too much manpower goes into remaking existing games, keeping them alive and convincing the population that they are better than the alternative

There would be no Overwatch, Paladins or other crap in communism, only TF2

tf2 is not a viable alternative to overwatch

paladins is a clone

they are fundamentally different and there is no reason for both not to exist

There is no reason for both to exist under communism
It would simply be a waste of human labor

yes but consider demand for both

can you just not fathom why a person would want to play one but not the other?

what is your definition of useful human labor

Demand is capitalistic

All games will be free and everyone will use Linux. Consoles will disappear

But will we have games like dark souls?

what circumstances will prohibit me from spending my labor on overwatch as opposed to tf2

If you can get a big enough dev team together with the right tools, you can make literally any game, even "AAA" games. The reason free games are often small is because people need money to live, and so they can't devote that many resources to a project that doesn't make them money. When all IP and licensing is abolished, and when people no longer need to labour 40 hours a week or more to make a living, then people can devote as many resources as they want into making larger games like Dark Souls

What does take you into the position, to decide what should be produced and what not? After your definition, every kind of cultural activity has no societal value. You have no arguments.

Oh, let me add something: I assume you must be some primitivist, right?

There will be no gaming industry under communism. Video games are late stage capitalism cancer designed to keep people as zombies.
They do give th eilusion of fun, but they provide no such thing, they instead destroy the human brain like heroine, cocaine or booze.
Video games is an addiction and gamers will receive help for their issue, because nowdays giving that the vidoe game industry generates too much profit it has become a very powerfull lobby which has prevent every possibility of studies showing the destroyed brain of an average gamer.
In communism video games will be destroyed, forgotten by society and replaced by traditional and board games, because unlike video games, these games help people connecting with other and making friends.

Don't fool yourself, because i know that in online games is basically everyone insulting and hating on each other.

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read Engel's preface to the Poverty of Philosophy

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That depends if authorship is abolished too because an author may not necessarily want his work to get distorted with authorship removed. Digital space has very limited control so for authors more advanced forms of copy protection are also useful.

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TF2 gets the bullet too.

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demand is created, not inherent. You have to fill your time somehow. I would much prefer it was in Tropico or watching a nice BBC Documentary about flower arranging.

i am the state.

videogames are neoliberal managerialism transmuted into electronic form
who does the work? mario
who takes the credit? you.

People will make games because they want to. Not because they have to make money.