ITT: We come up with names for ideologies based on their flags. I'll start

ITT: We come up with names for ideologies based on their flags. I'll start


Black Powerism

Le interacial fisting flag

International Brotherhood of Locksmiths

good one

People for the Ethical Treatment of Snakes

Obviously Anarcho-Centrism

Flat Earth Society

an asian man fisting a black girl and a native american girl at the same time on a grassy field? Presumably in a Maoist protracted people's war? link me that shit on pornhub dude

Racist fidget spinner club.

Cutlery and Surgical Equipment Department of the Klingon Empire

People Endorsing the Discontinuation of the Oppression of Snakes

made me lol

I dunno, but sign me up quick.



The League of Study for Siamese Twins.

Cummunison, cumrade!


This is the most evil looking flag I've seen, I don't even know what to call it but I'll try…
The Democratic People's Republic of Supreme Leader Sauron.


Isn't that some flag for an ancient Japanese kingdom?

It's the flag for the Buraku Liberation League

That's more like the Christian Anarcho Syndicalists, one crown of thorns for bureaucratic elitist centralism, one crown of thrones for reactionaries.


I'm somewhere between the party of the protracted people's war in honor of the martyr Qaddafi and triumph of the eco-Maoists, new democracy with bookchinite focus on the environment.

the violent worker's party

The Feminist Alliance Dedicated to Period Relations.

Someone try their hand at coming up with a name for the fucking four flag

The Knights of the Combined Worker's Guilds

The party of getting fucked by exposing your ass


Underrated band

mercedes pride

toddler drawingism


the sideways triangle gang

United Federation of Florists

International Dragon Preservation Society

Society for murdering Roses

Translators and Cartography Union

Books and Hos Revolutionary Gun Club

Anarcho-Communist Machete-ism


Federation of People Who Don't Really Get Along With Each Other

Original flag of the 12 American colonies

Flag of fireworks tbh

the flag of socialist computer coding

Lmao good one


Not sure you understand the thread friend. You're supposed to post a flag with a name.

I'm not witty enough to come up with anything funny. Any attempt of humor from me would have just been cringe. I'll leave it to others to come up something good.


a literal baby blanket

more like "hammer guy gets fucked by the (night of the) long knife"



Druidic council of the moon


Loggers League United

Nazbol with Chinese characteristics

Revolutionary Bourgeois-ism

Flag of people who can't read

Pedos Anonymous


But thats a US flag user? :)

The haunted realm of Darkness

Argentine Jacobinism

Water & Power electric company of Korea Town


Gay Illuminati Smurf League



United states union of self-harmers


Pacifist federation of cannon thieves

Spurdoist NZ

"Is Pepsi alright?"

"manticore best waifu"

"Ohio is for lovers"

The Turkish Celestial body reverence society.

I 'm on shrooms and this made me laugh for like 5 minutes

Quite funny. The rest of this thread is shit though.

I don't see you contributing

Republic of blue berry hot cross buns


I like this man.

Naval exploration committee

The working class math teacher's union


Glad to be of service, enjoy your shrooms

Souplus Value Federation

International Chaos Mages Guild

it's Catsup you revisionist

Accidental Amputee Association of America

The Bookhouse Boys

South American Phrygian Hat Lovers Association

Jordan Peterson's Clean-Your-Roomvolution


Red Cross

Red Cross: Ground Force

Red Cross: Night operations division

Red Cross: Aero-Naval squadron.

Nation of Helicopter Landing and Parking Lots

Thulean Perspective

Society for those who haved been kinged in draughts.


United Kingdom

The Organisation for the appreciation of David Bowie's "Starman".

Society of Tiger Spotters

Socialists for the Return of the Gold Standard

Cultural Marxism




The Albanian society of urban exploration.

Bizarro England tbh

society for historical negligence

Any ideas?

Democratic Republic of Inefficient Reaping

Emblem of the society of wheat killers