Drunk/High or alone, come here

I just popped another benzo, bringing it up to a dose of 6mg xanax. I am on my second glass of sparkling wine. I have no ´"real" friends to talk to rn, besides if I did I would just sound fucked up.

So Im thinking we make this a fun saturday evening drinking thread???

please responds comrades

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Last time I took benzos and alcohol, I took about 3 ativan and some vodka. I ended up blacked out on the floor of a friends place, repeatedly asking "what did I take?"

What's up? About to go to bed, feeling kinda melancholy, a little sad about the future, and how I kinda wasted today.

Xans are even more bourgeois

Im not alone technically im at a party with friends at my place but im depressed af and have been having an awful time living at school without killing myself and im leaving for a semester in west africa next month and am gonna break up with my gf before i leave which i told her and she was not happy about but i want to stay on good terms because i do love her and shes good to me but also being away for months at a time across an ocean does not work and i kind of want to break up anyway but i feel bad cause shes also miserable and all she has in life is work, this relationship and the dying grandparents she lives in a trailer with. I know she'll be alright but it still feels like shit to leave someone in this situation

I just feel like a fucking mess in general and am behind on my schoolwork, completely broke and cant find a job out here, hate everyone i go to school with and the school in general

I resent this veiw, xanax is the soma of the proletariat, hindering us from facing the horrors of our society and capitalism, u could say its counter revolutionary but it sure as hell isnt bourgoise

IM a prole and when life gets too paiful I welcome the benzos

t´was a CHristmas present from my bougie grandparents

dont go to sleep yet

aight, I have another similar thread on half pol /sp/

Wish I could do the few crumbs of PCP I have left but I have an essay to submit

feelin pretty good rn thanks to the drugs lol

sorta failing my studies in philosophy in FInland, but I still enjoy the courses

besides dont one waste every day?

tell me about your life comrade

with some slight experience benzo + alcohol become a brillaint combo

especially if you suffer from anxiety

it dissappears and the alcohol heightens ur mood

Italian here. Just finished 3 bottles of 68€ wine. Americans are pussies. I don't give a fuck. Money I spent on alchol is literally groceries money. Fuck yourself /deadbeatleft/

why is everybody speaking ebonics in there

Is grass and beer sufficiently proletarian? They're what I'm up to at the moment. Life's not going so hot for me. Not the worst shit ever but almost all the shit of any import that's happened in the last month or so has been bad. Whether it's personal shit, family shit or the shit going on in the world, all the news has been shit.

Sorry to hear that man. Marxspeed, noble worker.

Only have a couple of beers left need to buy more. GF always gives me shit but I wouldn't make it without beer. I'm not even necessarily an alcoholic its just after working 10+ hours a day 6 or 7 days a week I like to have a beer to come home to.
Careful with the benzos OP. Those things can fuck you sideways, been there. Stick to the booze if possible.

Xanax is lumpen in character and cheap as fuck. Where from are you getting this idea? A more bourgeois drug would be like, cocaine or other expensive stimulants, expensive booze and maybe opioids.

Not much to tell really, can't sleep right now, not been feeling so hot today in general. It was a day off and I wanted to play overwatch with my friends so we did that for a bit, I was playing Rebuild 3 as well but looking back on it I realize I wasn't actually having fun per se while I was doing that even though I did it for hours.

I would like to learn to draw so I can make art for my YouTube channel and leftypol maybe. However even before I start I know my depression and perfectionism is going to get in the way of me actually doing it, I'll just get frustrated and quit like I did several years ago. It's a similar story with my airfix modelling hobby I haven't touched in months.

Tomorrow I have to go work in a grocery store (4 days a week), it's not a great job, obviously, but I suppose it could be worse. It's better then when I was on welfare anyway. I'm just feeling a little sad about things. For example, I'm worried that leftypol will die due to this BO drama.

Drinking coffee and riding high on the adderall. Marx bless that little pink pill. I don't think I'd be able to get through school without it. Pic related is a current project for typographical design.

Currently learning all Porky's tricks to use against him. Advertising is seriously a fucked up course and a fucked up field full of fucked up people.

I know m8, a lot of friends have destroyed phones and gotten wounded on benzios

I'm pretty experience with benzos tho so I know where to draw the line

I once destroyed a party tent on benzos lol

but I enjoy em in smaller doses as they remove the anxiety that I often feel in everyday situations

feel left out that i don't do drugs and drink sparingly.

Same for me, it's alright, video games and anime are our drugs I'm guessing

Proletarian drugs: crack, heroin, PCP, meth, alcohol

Bourgeois middle class pussy drugs: MDMA, LSD, prescription drugs, marijuana, ketamine

Shit taste my man, weed is the most prole drug


This is my life homie you decide yours

those are drugs of sorts, seriously

the experience of getting immersed in an anime and getting drunk/high is not too different

both serve to nmake you forget/stress about the external world entirely

just started watching anime, saw Death note, tehn Bacanno (brilliant) and NGE (brilliant) as well as just as brilliant pseudo anime Neo Yokio

oh also have been playing FO NV as well as mgs 5 recently

both very great

Oh and if you meant it the other way


this is an extremely good list

try it again with smaller dose, its great

will reply properly soon

ket is p prole

DPH + DXM should be proletarian. And inhalants

Yeah you're probably right. It's all escapism in its own way right. We're all equally bored in life it seems.

Just wish I could use my time more productively. Well, I wish a lot of things. For example, be nice if I didn't have to work tomorrow, but on the other hand I have two weeks off coming up.

Holla Forums, wat do?

there willl always be comfy lefty spaces online I promise

sounds like you are living a life you are not fulfilled with or bored about. You need to realize that a big part of arthistic endeavour is failure and you will never achieve perfecture and just perform something, that is most important, even if it is bad

if you have anyone you can talk to irl about your artistic ambitions it is even better, even tho I obviously am here for you

take 3 grams for a solid trip

save 2 g for nother day, 5g is too much for one trip anyway

best trip i had was ine g shrimms

Prepare the ritual and gather wood for the bonfire. In the dead of night say The Words and make thy sacrifice, then ready thyself to speak with Veratyr. He will show ye the way to Mimir's well, whither ye must drink deep the draught whether ye find it bitter or sweet.

watch a field in england

Dank u comrade. I suppose it's at least worth trying to draw a bit. I want to do more modelling too but it's just hard, sitting at my pc or laying in bed is always psychologically easier than actually trying something and having it not turn out how I want.

Oh well, I guess there's nothing else for it.

I'm intimately familiar with that feel my dude. I'm only just getting past it myself.

I'd like to encourage you to keep at it though. I recently did this for class and everyone lost their fucking minds over it. It's still on display in the art building.

If you manage to stay with it, you'll find that few things feel as good as genuine praise. You've got to make peace with imperfection though, not just because you've got to in order to get better, but also because with art you've got to be willing to try crazy things that often don't work, but sometimes produce results you couldn't have predicted by that have a great effect.

I know it can be frustrating. I've struggled with depression, and it feels especially bad when you try something like art where you can often see in your head what you want to make, but your hands just can't, or for whatever reason doesn't turn out how you want it. There's nothing for it though, no way around it. You've just got to draw and keep drawing and keep drawing, often the same things over and over hundreds and thousands of times, until your body and brain learn to do what you want them to do.

Just keep in mind that part of your frustration is that you can recognize what's good, and with that in mind you're going to get better. Part of the problem I had was that I viewed my ability as something innate that I was somehow not using correctly instead of something that needs cultivation and lots of time and effort to grow. I was a merciless critique of my own work, and I let my frustration tear it up by the root instead of giving it the time it needed to mature and flower.

I don't know you or your circumstances but that's how it was for me. I hope it helps. Depression isn't an enjoyable state of things, but achievement and admiration can help quite a bit.

We're actually going to do that. Thanks, comrades!

Is this from a black metal album or something?

Godspeed lad! Just stay away from the sparkling wine or else you´ll have a big head-ache tomorrow

btw the best trip I has was .5 grams and watching a stupid movie with friends

we were tripping in a subtle way, but only enough to makr our banter brilliant

disappointing i know, drink the occasional rum and coke.

just never got into drugs past alcohol and caffeine i guess.

Guess it's because I'm middle class but they are unironically better drugs (except coke, fucking shits way overrated). Alcohol is cheap here and easy to get. I've done meth and snorted heroin once, didn't like the high of downers. Pain killers and pills are pretty prole but I've seen that shit fuck up my friends and family so I stay away. I honestly want to try PCP, dissociatives are dope My drug of choice is weed mainly because it calms me down and helps my stomach. Good MDMA is hard to come by since it's either cut or bath salts. I've loved psychedelics since high school and while I don't do them as much as I used to they're still my favorite drugs. There is definitely a time and place for them though. Wish I had some fucking k tho, would've been a nice night to zone out, read, browse all while snorting k and smoking weed. Alas, I am just high tonight.

I don't do drugs, I like being sober. At most I would drink some beer purely for the taste.

Take care of your mind lad really, it´s one thing to take drugs as recreation and another thing when you can´t live without them. The real prole drug is just glue in a bag and a big sniff to forget about living in the streets, mine just always in Jupiter or something. So don´t stress yourself





Having done 3 out of 5 of those drugs I can’t help but disagree with you. They will sure as fuck turn you poor tho

LSD is pure magic, more beneficial and influential to me becoming a leftist
Drop acid and radicalize my friends


I agree, using Microsoft software is bourgeoise whether it is emulated or not.

High on marijuana but conservative and free market supporting.

Yeah, drugs are a big crutch for me, especially weed. It helps with escapism but it can only so far. We all live a short life so might as well explore different plains of consciousness before we die. I try to enjoy life in spite of my addiction issues. I can do without alcohol but weed is my vice. Helps me sleep but it kills my motivation sometimes. I probably need to quit soon because I need to find a job, sucks but oh well.

Yes you can last time I checked.

Source on Video?

Sounds like a nice night. I'm not really into pills or alcohol as of late. It's been shrooms and shrooms alone.

The user who posted probably lives on the west coast. We don't get powder here.

Nice dude. It is hunting season. I picked some psilocybe azurescens last night.

5g is a lot but not too much. The most I've taken at one time was 6.9g and that was pretty fun. I did it alone in my room though. I wouldn't want to take that kind of dose if I was out and about.

You actually picked some mushrooms? How'd that work out for you?

Hell yeah! I live in Washington state and go to school in Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is a paradise for mushroom pickers, and right now is the time of year to be out!

It's been an alright season so far. The azurescens where my first actives. I went out out of the last two nights, and will probably try going on a hunt while tripping tonight =)

Pic related is what I found on the first night. I didn't find any actives, but I've been picking and taking spore prints of whatever I find regardless, in order to hone my identification skills.

That's fascinating. I wish I knew someone as into that as you are.

If want to learn more, shroomery.org has good information and an active community of hunters and growers. This is my first season so I am a newfag compared to most of the guys on there. Some have been picking for 30+ years.

Here is the hunting and identification board:

I dont really have drugs. I probably could use some self medication for my mental problems.

There must be certain species safer than others for identification in event of misidentification. Not sure what that would be.

Indeed! There are hundreds of species which one cannot definitively identify without the use of a microscope. However, we can determine the genus of any given mushroom using physical characteristics, a spore print, and deductive reasoning.

Some genera contain poisonous mushrooms, others do not. Some genera contain psychoactive compounds, others do not. For this reason, I only consume mushrooms which I have determined to be in the genus psilocybe as this genus does not have the potential to be poisonous. This means I have to pass up some mushrooms which I am 95% certain are psychedelic if they share a genus with a potential deadly mushroom.

There are also many common lookalikes to psilocybe mushrooms, such as the deadly galerina marginata, which looks a lot like psilocybe cyanescens to the untrained eye. However, enough research and spore print should always be enough to distinguish the two.

Pic related is the spore print of a different sample of psilocybe azurescens found in the same location as the ones above. I was very excited to find these, as they are quite rare and are (controversially) the most potent species of active mushroom. On average, they contain almost three times the amount of psilocybin as do psilocybe cubensis (your archetypal ""shroom"").

Ever poisoned yourself on accident?


in your nation maybe. Here drinking wine is one of the most normie things you can do.

I want anglos to leave.

Lifestylist morons like you need a high speed baseball bat to the fucking jaw.

"Don't have nice things! That's bourgeois!" as if the only thing that you want proles to have is suffering and shit.

I genuinely hope you choke on the "proletarian" roadkill you try to cram down your throat you worthless moron.