Read this short short story in class

And now I find out Vonnegut wrote it as a satirical piece to highlight a ridiculous criticism of leftist politics in the anti-soviet climate he lived in. I feel cheated

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That's obvious to anyone who thought even slightly about the work when reading it, which just proves how retarded American education is when even (especially) the teachers supposedly teaching literary analysis get all their conclusions from Sparknotes.

Now you can watch Kermit the Fraud read it!

It would take a lobotomy to make us equal, OP

Unsurprising, but just because there are no decent right wing writers doesn't mean it's cool to appropriate leftist authors, you just make yourselves look like asses quoting Orwell all the time

i wonder who should be lobotomized though

Jesus Christ Kurt Vonnegut is rolling in his grave so much right now that his body has become an infinite source of energy

Read Celine´s Journey to the End of Night, Vonnegut is just an ass-hole


Quickest way to turn kids off literature is to populate the reading lists with old timey romance novels and have female incels teach the material. The way burgers handle literature is like if they did sex ed by playing 70s pornos.


it's a fictional short story where the main character spontaneously learns how to fly

Why are rightists so damn stupid?

because the far-shite actively courts brainlets

Dang I always forget writers I like probably have short stories I should be reading. Somebody give me a pdf.

You're right, it would take a lobotomy for OP to be as much of a retard.

Thank you buddy

just don't watch the movie, it's crap

Oh shit I remember I also read this back in high school now that I've read it again. I wish I could remember anything about what the teacher said but I was a terrible student.

It seems like it's less shitting on anti-communists and more shitting on people freaking out about the civil rights movement imo.

Kinda like how the Onion would make an article mocking feminist, and a year later you'd see feminists doing more extreme than what was in the parody article.

Funny how the nazis can make fictional books about the "glory" nazism. But I've never had see a communist fictional book.

Are you kidding? They’re out there but the writers are smart enough to be subtle so brainlets don’t catch on to the real message.

This comic is unironically funny. Holy shit it is so silly, if only it wasn't unironic.