Be honest. You're becoming a class traitor the day you get an opportunity to move up in the capitalist system...

Be honest. You're becoming a class traitor the day you get an opportunity to move up in the capitalist system. Are you going to pass up this chance for a calm and comfortable life? If you climb the ladder, are you going to risk everything for another's benefit? How committed to the class struggle are you really?

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what do you want us to do exactly?

Absolutely, if I become bourgeois I fully intend on betraying my fellow bourgs.

A single individual's commitment to class struggle doesn't matter. Class mobility virtually never happens so it makes no sense to worry about people betraying their class for that reason.

Capitalists are just like any other dictators, working 70hr weeks at mundane control freak tasks. There's nothing particularly "calm and comfortable" about it. It's a lifestyle only a very small minority of society's most mentally damaged sociopaths are capable of carrying out. You are beyond naive for taking bourgeois notions of "quality of life" at face-value.

Really made me think, OP.

If you become a capitalist then you class interest has changed, you're on the other side of "class struggle". You're speaking as if political philosophies ought to overcome the class divisions and cleavages among society, which is pure Idealism.

There are of course a few isolated examples of people on the other side who had their own reasons to stay commited to a proletarian cause (Engels, Parvus) but for the most part we should tell people to think of their own self-interest and explain how Socialism is the articulation of this self-interest if you're a wage-earning worker. It's a lot better than preaching the idea that we ought to sacrifice ourselves for others or for a larger cause, which is far more likely to be converted into a defense of the status quo.

Describe a situation where I have the chance to become a class traitor and I will answer yes or no. It is hard to guage if I would or wouldn't be. If I had to sacrifice my family, it is very likely I would be a traitor. I'll be here for the next hour, most likely.
It is impossible to say how committed I am, as an opportunity hasn't arose to prove myself and I am unaware of an opportunity to be taken. Unlike my commitment to physical exercise, which has been shown to be nonexistent.

I would try to analyze which countries are the most viable for revolution and fund whichever group seems the most competent.

Personally i would love to destroy capitalist mexico.
Imagine how insane america would go if the soviet union had been on the border

Bourgeoise faggots have: Better mental health, better physical health, less chance to be imprisoned, less chance to be victims of crime, more free time. Their lives are better in every single way. The idea of the work addict bourgie seems to be a myth. Work addicts are found among people of every socioeconomic status, it's just that bourgies don't HAVE to do the work if they don't want to. So they have no stress related to the work, it's literally just for fun if they do work.

Joke's on you, I turned down a promotion just because I didn't want to sell my soul to the machine.

I actually got a scholarship to a (non-US) military academy, which I figured was the only way I was ever going to be able to afford a University degree.

Co-incidentally, today is actually my first day as a freshly-discharged civilian after serviang out my contract for 8 years service. I can say without a doubt that class traitorhood isn't worth it, and being a military officer was not the job I was meant for as a child of working-class parents. I was good at it, I got good performance reviews, but holy shit the bourgeois atmosphere of Officering just set my teeth on edge.

I will never again be a boss, manager or autocratic leader, if I can possibly avoid it.


I already live a comfortable life, I don't want to see capitalism destroy that, either through a massive crash or ecological catastrophe

please read more Marx.


I wonder who's behind this post

There is solidarity among bourgs when it comes to protecting their class interests, namely preservation of property. That say Bezos and Musk may clash with Adelson and Koch does not mean they wouldn't work together to defend their property against a socialist force.

Jokes on you because I'm never going to be able to move up the career ladder anyways.

I come from a bourgeois family and am in law school, I already am a class traitor. We'll see if I grow out of it, but I doubt it tbh.

pic related, two bougie lawyers


You're fucking right I'm selling out. Until Americans get their heads out of their asses, I'll be happily practicing intellectual property law.

Is capitalism calming or alienating? Can't have both OP!

The Zizek quote about how the perfect capitalist is not a hedonist would be perfect for this thread. Does anyone has it?

class mobility is not real

that's fixable



Unlike the liberty-loving Americans… 1942
Oops! I meant the liberty-loving anarchists–
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shit, wrong again.

It doesn't count as class treason when you become a proky. Class is about your relation to the MOP, not a personal characteristic. If you get put in a position where you can live comfortably of the labour of otters, you are simply in a different class.
Class treason would be more like scabbing, and that usually does not lead to a calm and comfortable life.