Hard-ons for the Romanovs

Why is it that a majority right wing autists and former (genuine) Socialists often love the Romanov family, especially Nicky getting a lot more love than most of the other Tsars.
Nicholas the Second was a retard and if you were right wing you'd hate him for being so incompetent allowing his country to "become communist", yet so much of the far right want to suck his executed dick.
Why is it they love the Romanov family so much?


Monarchism is a right wing ideology.
There are ultra fringe elements of the far right that are legit monarchists and want to return to a pre enlightenment, pre liberal, pre democracy world.

That was a good read. I'm hard now.

I guarantee you, that absolutely noone had a hardon for Romanovs in the particular era of war and revolution, monarchists (as few as they were) included. That can also demonstrated by how unanimously the monarchy was abolished: the working class and bourgeoisie rebelled, the aristocracy launched a coup (not much of a coup as noone was defending the emperor), the army, including designated watchdogs of the regime, the cossacks, disobeyed the orders.

Very few people in Russia have a hardon for him too, but whoever does, mostly due to Nicolas becoming a symbol of white immigration. As for the foreigners - well - being hated/having a conflict with communists is a reason good enough.

Being a monarchist is one thing, but Nicholas II was one of the most incompetent monarchs to ever rule.

is this a rafiq-post?

>But as Communists we recognice the innocenc of children. This innocence does not absolve tactical necessities, however. End of story.
That's literally the worst thing you could say to somebody who is already spooked about communism. Rafiq is an autist.

That's not all he said, context matters.
Someone who's "spooked about communism" and cries about the Romanov children needs to be ridiculed for such disgusting hypocrisy.

Edgy bro
he is right tho

well i said its ultra fringe. Monarchism is basically the far right pre enlightenment and pre science.

In the old days they would say "I am superior because god has blessed me with royal blood and it is decreed in the divne right of kings i rule over you peasants"

Now the far right is all "according to this science my Autism Level is higher than you negroids and that is why you should all die/let me rule over you faggots"

Why do I always get the feeling that rafiq has some mental disorder

"I should like to make something very clear for all users in general with regard to the 'alt-right' and the 'dark enlightenment'. We should not be intimidated by them per se. The threat is not them and all the means by which they identify themselves. While we should consider them our enemies, we should despise them, as tangible individuals responsible for their filth, this filth is irreducible to them. It is not even the ideas in and of themselves which are the threat. It is their context, it is that these ideas correctly approximate a general orientation immanent even to conventional, ordinary thinking. That is why it is a threat. Their ideas by the standard of conventional thinking are perfectly reasonable ones. They are not the intruders, '''WE must be the intruders who shake the foundations of 'natural', 'common sense'. We must introduce madness where before there was sanity. The present mode of sanity's logical conclusion is this fascism. We must be the insane ones.
It was said before that if one doesn't talk critically of capitalism, they should keep quiet of fascism. Today, if one isn't willing to mow over, ruthlessly, every and all sacreds, if one isn't able to engage in ruthless criticism to the point where it is indeed scary, where the margins of 'sanity' and 'madness' close so far that one begins to fear they are going insane, one should be quiet about the neo-Fascism. We can no longer be at peace. This threat is real, and it is growing. It gains prominence in Silicon valley and among powerful individuals not because of a preordained particular interest which makes this an elaborate conspiracy, these ideas come off to those in power as very reasonable, common sense ideas that appeal to their otherwise assumed 'politically correct' sensibilities. Here is where we should start thinking like a 'conspiracy theroist':''' Just imagine individuals like the Eric Schmidt, even Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, imagine the kind of ideas and views they harbor, but do not disclose because they do not want to create scandal. We already know that the open adherents of this filth include Peter Thiel, who sits on the board of facebook, and help founded paypal with musk, who is active in the valley and so on. Think about the kind of world view these individuals have, which they aren't yet willing to admit for fear of politically correct backlash."

In another context, and more concisely:
"That feeling of sanity you have, which you juxtapose my lunacy to, is nothing more than a qualified psychosis, just as much if not far more of one, and in addition, it is the expression of your complacency within the existing order."

Which they themselves recognised to be the spooks for the said peasants, but not for the nobility itself.

Moreso, the era of Enlightened despotism stated, "I'm not radically different to the rest of you, but our society is the best possible form for everybody in the long run, so it is in your interest for me to be your sovereign"

Holy shit that was glorious I must read more Rafiq. I am also on shrooms.

Read Rafiq on transhumanism vs. ecology.

The people that defend Romanov's incompetence are still not as bad as le edgelords who think mutilating children beyond recognition with bayonets was some sort of noble act.

Who here even said that, you fucking embarrassing idiot? And holy shit, you sure have a strong opinion on this huge fucking strawman.

It was my turn to rule Russia!

By the way, you disgusting fuck, Romanov's incompetence consisted of mutilating, torturing and exterminating millions of untold lives domestically and internationally AS A NOBLE ACT. And this reply does not even capture the totality of de.generate barbarism that was Tsarism and Tsar Nicholas.

I like Rafiq, he's the living embodiment of the marxian subject; a neurotic mess, screeching and wailing in his technological enframing.


Please explain what you're talking about before you shitpost again, Holla Forums, you usually say nothing relevant to leftism.


I will, but first I need to go find more shrooms.

Literally nothing of value was lost.