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What can I do to carry on the proud legacy of my family, Holla Forums?

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Read Zizek instead of being a soviet LARPer.

So cool he was


Every Romanian I know has nostalgia for Ceausescu

This, but Bordiga too.

So he's just class-collaborationist/nationalist idpol, then?


not Vee


Tbh help organise the movement for the abolition of the present state of things. Also perhaps try organising DiEM25 in your country: for the classcucked areas of EE it may be the best hope for at-least a shift towards the left.

Also out of interest, are you ethnic Estonian or Russian? even though ethnic identity is a spook

You can continue the communist struggle your fathers fought for.

Interesting about finding out about that DiEM25 event. Are you involved in organizing something for DiEM25 yourself? Also, I'm estonian by ethnicity.

Yes I could, Titobro, just need to find a way.

Isn't Žižek the one with Stalin posters in bedroom "as a joke"?

Nah I'm a britbong so a pan-Euro leftist (albeit pretty reformist) party, while exciting my titties, means jack all in terms of my country's political future. Tbh I only ever saw it as a Varoufakis front until I saw Loach and Zizek were behind it: that indicates it is more of a real deal.

But yeah, DiEM25 has the possibility of tying a leftist movement to teh EU and thus dissociating leftism from the history of the USSR in the eyes of many in eastern europe: could finally help rebuild some burnt bridges.

Who fucking cares? Nothing noteworthy, much less admirable.
Jesus, stop LARPing you fucking retard.

His contribution to communist theory p. much can be summed up as a toolkit to avoid the 20th century socialist disaster. He wrote hundreds of pages criticizing the Stalin period.

I dunno man, that sounds pretty cool.

Go to capitalist military surplus store. Buy glorious soviet Mosin. Invade evil U.S. HQ.
Mission successes.
Just read theory, there is a theory thread with good books. Here are some pdf.

But wait user, you put Zizek in your OP?

But yes, he does it to troll liberals and conservatives. Zizek is basically a living meme who happens to be one of the greatest philosophers of the 21st century. He also happens to be hilariously fucking funny.

Thanks, I know already about Žižek but I agree he's a cool dude.

I'll get to reading at one point, thanks.

Why are you so offended by my thread, I was drunk anyways when I posted it yesterday.

So he's basically a kekistani..


No because he is actually an interlectual.

No one is more concerned with the thoughts of other people than this board's "egoists."