Leftism is about economics, not culture

The sad part is most people here subscribe to this chain of thought.
Racing along a cratered dirt road, and we are -


Three Hooded Men guarded by East European Militia. A third
Militia drives. Next to him is a nervous, bespectacled man.


An airstrip overlooking a grey city rocked by artillery
fire. A bland CIA Operative, flanked by Special Forces Men,
stands in front of a commuter plane. CIA Man watches the
Land Cruiser pull up, hard. The Militia Men jump out of the
vehicle .

The Driver shoves the bespectacled man in front of the CIA
Man .

2 .


Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.

Dr. Pavel nods, nervous. CIA Man hands the Driver a
briefcase .

He wasn't alone.

CIA Man, confused, spots the Hooded Men. He turns to Dr.
Pavel .


You don't get to bring friends.


They are not my friends.


Don't worry, no charge for them.


Why would I want them?


They were trying to grab your
prize. (Smiles.) They work for the
mercenary. The masked man.


Bane ?

The Driver nods. CIA Man turns to his Special Forces Men.


Get 'em on board - I'll call it in.

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We just like to focus more on the base

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Economics as a base only leads to mistakes.

I explicitly said this isn't shitposting.

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So, the material reality of how we handle production and distribution in society holds no control over society?
Truly made me ponder


If you live in a materialist world you will never get out of that materialist world.

Shouldn't leftism concern itself with both?
I mean, wouldn't we like to have good influance (at least for us) on others?
Whether so as to propagate and nurture virtue, decency, proper work ethic, passion and insightfullnes, intellectualism or what not. Hell even swaying people from being shallow in general would make quite the differance and make things easier, not that the task at hand is easy itself.

Yes but people almost entirely isolate economics and never view culture as a factor out of fear.

Any clue as to why that'd be the case?
Unless we're talking particular kind of people and a particular fear at that, in such case what would both be..

Except Communists argue for the complete abolition of the current state of affairs. On both the "left" and the "right" you can have opinions that are fine with capitalist production.

Except we live in a Materialist world. I have not seen any hard evidence that pixies are real yet?

Because the left has been beaten down into centrism out of fear that they will no longer be able to attract other centrists, they're scared of being called "SJW's" and actively try and attack them as well to try and seem like "the average man." "Wer're not like those guys haha!"

And as I said, you choose your life, choose to live in materialism.

So why is it that I cannot fly? I will myself to fly, but nothing happens?

Yes, and materialism delivers. Can you deliver, i.e. give me what I want with better guarantee and less effort than materialist means?

You don't have hard enough of a will, man had the will to fly and after years built the plane.
You do not have to conform to the world, you choose to.


Materialism simply means, that whatever works - works. Whatever works is truth. Whatever doesn't work isn't even worth looking into. It's a good strategy if you want to get what you desire without wasting your time and effort in vain.

So I take it you are just shitposting at this point? Cause this is honestly weak.

Well, please, proceed then.

Then you may as well just revert back to naturalism and have a world limited to family and food, nothing beyond men fighting for women with sticks, raping them in a cycle.

I explicitly said this isn't shitposting.

I will.


That isn't what I meant at all but I gotta go now and the threads dead so who cares, trying to change you people is harder than trying to change Holla Forums

And why would I, or most of any materialists, do that?

If you say so, buddy. In the meantime, I won't be counting on that, assuming you to be delusional or trolling.

Best of luck to us all in realisation and manifestation of that particular flavour of left I guess, socio-economic or not.